[FxF - World of Warcraft] Duskwood: True Liberation[Concept]

Started by LauraV, February 28, 2014, 10:11:49 AM

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Ravens of Death, The Dying of Duskwood
The wavering influence of the Lich King left the four riders and thus the Scourge within Duskwood boundries with a mind of their own under the leadership of an undead Warlock by the name of Raven Hills; inspired by the existing Raven Hill as that is where he regained sense yet no recollection of past memories.  Without further delay a stratagem was set in motion whereas the remaining Humans were slain and turned to fortify numbers, whereas others fled the Scarlet Order also perished and several among their undead form refused to live as such and ultimately ceased to be in any form.  With no ties to the Forsaken, tales of the Dark Horde traveled to their rotten ears as several trolls of the Crimson Valley sought to gain strength by recruiting within Stranglethorn vale yet instead found potential allies within Duskwood. 

Coalition of Scarlet and Defias
Rumor is there is a hidden cavern which hosts the refugees and remaining living, there is yet hope for them should they be able to reach out successfully to the Alliance.

The Worgen and Kal’dorei
Within the region dwelled ferocious Worgen which were joined by Worgen who committed wrongs to the Elven kin which sought to do right. Thus the might of a clique of wardens, a Kaldorei Encampment  is provided within the province with permission of the Grand Alliance.  A Satyr holds the Scythe of Elune which is leading them.

An unstable coalition broken; The severity of Duskwood blamed upon the Forsaken, albeit formerly Alliance territory. Hatred of old alongside disgust forced Sin’dorei to steer along the Azeroth Shores and venture from Stranglethorn into Duskwood to establish a base and claim the region their own.  The element of surprise having secured a position within the province and a potential foothold against the Grand Alliance in the future whereas the Alliance itself remains dealing blows against the borders.

Meanwhile a group of the Circle of  Druids, Tauren in specific follow the Sin’dorei as to cleanse area.

Many greetings,

With good and evil existing within the province, either roleplayer is allowed to tell story whilst playing one or more main characters.
However, this can be discussed and an arrangement can be met. What I expect is adventure, war, drama aswell as erotique.
Thus that said, characters can be chosen albeit I first had thought to play a household existing out a Draenei Matron potentially
being the Mayor of the settlement and her daughter and the youngling's lover whereas also a servant.

Should you be interested then feel free to PM me.
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