Korean Webtoons RP [ M Seeking f.]

Started by violelia, February 25, 2014, 01:03:22 PM

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Welcome, to Violelia's Seeking thread!
Please read my O/o's before contacting me to check if we're compatible.
None of the stories are set in stone, most if not all could be changed and or discussed!
Kind of wondering if anyone would be interested in starting a RP based on one of the Webtoon universes.
For now, I'm primarily interested in Tower of God and Noblesse based stories.
Both of them could be existing characters or OC (s) in their respective universes.
Do pm me if you're interested!


For TOG.

Climber x Climber.

- The story of two climbers meeting on a certain level and their journey together to the top. Action, adventure and eventually romance, what's there not to like!

Climber x FUG.

- The story of a climber meeting a member of the FUG. An idea would be your character or mine rescuing a member of the terrorist cell who was inches away from death, without knowing his/her actual identity. He/She'll be targeted by other cells who mistook her as his comrade and he/her will have no choice but to protect the other.

Ranker x FUG.

- Could honestly be anything at all. It could work with the above storyline, it could be that the FUG needed something from the ranker and tried blackmailing / kidnapping him or her, it could be that both of that ended up working together due to some unforeseen circumstances.


Both of our roles could be easily switched up in all the plots, I'm actually just pretty interested in playing a bad ass FUG member that has zero compassion and spare no mercy.