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Author Topic: Confessions of a Horny Devil [M lf F, leaning Bondage, Exotic]  (Read 388 times)

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Confessions of a Horny Devil [M lf F, leaning Bondage, Exotic]
« on: February 23, 2014, 12:32:54 AM »
I have to admit that in hindsight, there's an element of humor in all that happened. I'm not going to say I found the whole deal funny, but I admit there's a sort of dark amusement I get out of the whole deal.

So let's start with the basics for the reality impaired. Last year was Armageddon - the breaking of the seventh seal, the sounding of the last trump, and all that jazz. That's what we called it going in anyway, you humans ended up calling it the Curb Stomp War. You saw the news stories of course, last year Heaven and Hell both finally gathered their armies to fight the final battle to end the world with the collective soul of humanity the final wager. Stop me if this sounds familiar but Heaven expected a quick war with them coming out on top, Hell expected a quick war with us on top, about what you expect from powerful people declaring war without knowing what they were talking about.

What none of us expected was that you humans would get as involved as you did. The Army of Hell at one end of the battlefield to end the planet for Evil, so you all joined with Heaven to fight us off - for a while. Then you guys figured out what we knew all along - Heaven wanted to end the world too, just for "Good" to come out on top instead.

You all decided that you'd prefer to keep on living, so you split off from Heaven and formed your own army - and I'm not even going to pretend it happened any other way. You guys, you little naked apes kicked our asses. In hindsight, we should of seen it coming. You guys came to the war with 21st century tactics, weapons, and armor - we didn't. We had the magic mojo going for us, but that doesn't matter a while lot when your tactics and equipment haven't been seriously used since the Dark Ages. Heck, I'll admit it - our armies were lucky to have the occasional being who realized how serious Guns could actually be.

So yeah, we admit it - we expected you humans to just roll over and die. Then you didn't. The Beast Rose from the Pit, and you greeted him with a briefcase Nuke between the eyes. You little bastards, and I use that term with endearment, saw the Apocalypse and responded by killing God and the Devil. The Curb Stomp War isn't a name I like, but I have to admit - its accurate.

Of course, what isn't exactly being advertised too loudly is that when God and the Devil died most of our Mojos went with them. At that point the dumb ones kept fighting for our respective sides while the smart ones surrendered. There's team loyalty - but then there's just reading the writing on the wall. Of course, considering that we all went into a gun fight with knives you can guess how many smart demons and angels there were.

So yeah, there were survivors of the Curb Stomp War among us Supernaturals - but so few of us that we really couldn't even group together and be taken seriously anymore. So what could we do? We agreed to just blend in, we got lives like human ones. Some of us were better then others at blending in, naturally. As for me, I "went native" a long time ago. It's how I survived the war actually, I paid close attention to what human military tech was capable of and planned for my survival accordingly.

My new human name is Nick Brooklyn, and I'm an Incubus. Maybe even the last Incubus, certainly the only one that's open about it. That used to mean that I was a male demon that specialized in sex-related sins. Now, since I've lost most of my mojo, all that means is that I'm the only known exception to the rule that angels and demons don't have genitals. Another secret about us that doesn't get a lot of coverage, all your new supernatural neighbors may all look roughly like we're men and women but as far as I know I'm the only one that isn't hung like Ken or Barbie.

So naturally, I'm going to do what anyone else would do in that situation and start blogging...

Alright, had an idea and wondering if anyone would be interested.

Basic Concept - The a religious Apocalypse has come and gone with an ending nobody expected. The Armies of Heaven and Hell came to give their final, world-ending battle but the human race rose up and wiped out both armies soundly, saving the world in the process in what became known as the Curb Stomp War. To top it off, both Satan and God were both killed in the process so the few Angels and Demons that have survived the Curb Stomp War have all been stripped of most of their powers. Now little more then a loose band of veterans and refugees, the human race as a rule took pity on them and let them live on the condition that now they're subject to human laws and society.

Enter "Nick Brooklyn", one of the relocated surviving demons just trying to carve out a living in New York. Doing better then most at folding himself into human society, he's gotten a fair bit of notoriety as of late with being the first known demon with a blog and a writing contract- where he admitted to being not just a demon but an Incubus. Which means that while demons and angels are usually genderless beings that just kind of look like men and women, he's admitted to having a working penis.

Which can mean all sorts of things. Some people are worried this could mean that he could breed a new demon army if he plays his cards right, while others are curious what its like to have a literal demon in the sack. Either way, life is going to get interesting for "Nick Brooklyn".
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Re: Confessions of a Horny Devil [M lf F, leaning Bondage, Exotic]
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2014, 11:28:42 AM »
Bumping because that was posted rather late. With some content ideas so that it doesn't seem like a waste of a post. :P


The Angels and Demons now living among the human world can be distinguished by sight but one of the least advertised but most notable distinctions is that Angels and Demons, as a rule, have no genitalia. It makes sense in context, the vast majority of Angels were created by God for a specific purpose while most Demons were either Fallen Angels or being similarly created by the Devil for a specific purpose. They may look kind of like men and women but they don't actually reproduce sexually, so they don't have the equipment to do so.

There is are a few known exceptions to this rule though. For the demons there were the Incubi and the Succubi, demons that specialized in sex-related sins. For the Angels there were the Angels of Joy, a faction of God's choir led by the female Archangel Haniel. An Incubus is always Male, a Succubus is always Female, and an Angel of Joy can be either gender. It is rumored that particularly powerful members of either type could switch genders at will, but ever since the Curb Stomp War this ability was lost.

Which leads to the question of half-breeds. In short, yes - if they have the biology naturally it works. Incubi and male Angels of Joy can and according to their respective factions have in the past impregnated human women while Succubi and female Angels of Joy have become pregnant by human lovers before. Both sides forbid the practice, granted, but it could be done. The offspring of an Incubus and a human woman is called a Cambion, the offspring of a Succubus with a human man is known as an Alu-Fiend, and the offspring of a either gender of a human and either gender of an Angel of Joy is called a Nephilim. This leads to the question of what happens when an Incubus or Succubus has offspring with an Angel of Joy. The honest answer is nobody knows, both sides were not only expressly forbidden from such a thing but were told that their body fluids explode when mixed - but the Curb Stomp War proved that wrong.

Its also worth nothing that while both sides forbid the practice of breeding Cambion, Alu-Fiends, and Nephilim the effectiveness of the bans varied. Nephilim haven't walked the Earth since the Bronze Age, the last being that was even rumored Alu-Fiend died from Bubonic Plague back in Medieval Times with the last confirmed Alu-Fiend being even further back. Cambion though, get snuck in once in a while - the surviving demons are pretty sure Jack the Ripper was a Cambion though they can't prove it or point to who was the father.

This was thought to be a moot point either way as for a while there were no known surviving Incubi, Succubi, or Angels of Joy. However, this has change in recent months. First in Italy one of the relocated Angels decided to try her hand at fashion design. "Halo" as she became to be known actually turned out to be a natural at it. A success story for the angel/demon relocation program, a rumored sex scandal circulating in the tabloids led her to confess that she was an Angel of Joy and as such she really was biologically female. Fortunately, the world of fashion seemed to love her all the more for it. Rumors still persist that she's had more lovers then she lets on, one or two even claiming she's not just an Angel of Joy but the Archangel Haniel herself - but these are mostly just rumors.

What really opened these questions back up was "Confessions of a Horny Devil", a blog recently started by "Nick Brooklyn". A relocated demon who has done a better then average job at modernizing, he's gotten work as a contracted Author/Writer who does a good enough job to make a living and survive in New York. In the blog however he's recently "outed" himself as not just a demon but an Incubus that didn't just look male but really is biologically male. So now it's pretty much considered just a matter of time before more Cambion and Nephilim start popping up. Sure, "Halo" says she's on birth control but she and Nick are rumored to not age so it's just a matter of time.

"Confessions of a Horny Devil"

A recent hit on the internet that's gone viral, the world for now seems to get a kick out of the idea that one of the relocated demons has figured out the internet enough to start a writing career. The blog's popularity is nothing short of viral and book deals based on it are already rumored, if its frowned upon in polite society. The fact that in the first entry he outs himself as not just a demon but an Incubus that really is biologically male adds to the appeal. The blog is frowned on by assorted groups and polite society of course, but that doesn't stop people from reading it.

Indeed, he seems to be in a "no publicity is bad publicity" phase where as long as he's not too evil the readers root for him all the more. For example, he's recently started going to Sex Addicts Anonymous meetings to pick up new sexual partners and write about them in the blog. (At least that's what the blog claims, the truth is that while he's not really planning on giving it up he really is considering taking it down a notch to work in with society better.)

Of course, with the increased fame and the book deals comes more attention he doesn't like either. And he may not age or get sick, but he can definitely still die. And ever since Lucifer got fried he's powers aren't dead but they're nowhere near as dramatic as they used to be.