Literate Plots; MxF, MxM (modern, historical; romance, horror, psychological)

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About me:

I am a highly-literate, detail-orientated writer seeking collaborators for well-balanced, plot-focused stories. I primarily write modern, historical, and/or horror fiction, and I like my tales to be well-written, with coherent, believable characters and a good balance of plot and sex.

I am 29 years old, male, and due to a somewhat busy schedule I am not looking to start too many stories, but I shall be dedicated to those that I do. I average around three paragraphs per post, though I often write more (particularly if my partner is voluminous in output) and occasionally less (this is usually due to the constraints of conversation, or other character interactions which require a response from my partner).

I write characters of all genders and sexual preference, and will write with a partner of any gender.

My O/Os can be found here:



(All character images are just suggestions, and may be changed if you so desire)

A Crack in the Casing (MxF; Female-on-male non-con; Light bondage)

This idea is partly borrowed from another user and partly influenced by the film May (, described on IMDB as a 'psychological horror about a lonely young woman traumatized by a difficult childhood, and her increasingly desperate attempts to connect with the people around her'.

Setting: Modern city.
Characters: Summer (21, pic)—a sweet but mentally unbalanced female—and Darren (28, pic)—a confident, non-submissive male.
Looking for: Someone to write the part of Summer.

One of the most difficult things about growing up with a strict, controlling mother is that her death does not bring immediate freedom. Nobody knows how Summer's mother died, because nobody really knew who Summer was. Her mother never let her leave the house or hang out with friends, because she herself was touched with the crazies, and had all too strong a fear that her only daughter would come to harm if let wander the outside world by herself.

So it was that the quirky young girl grew up with only her dolls and her over-bearing mother for company. She never learned the social skills that most of us possess, and when her mother died she was left alone in the quaint house in which she had grown up. She was now free to wander the streets and do as she wished, but she found that she never could connect with other people the way she could connect with her dolls. When she met a handsome man who seemed to have the patience to deal with her idiosyncratic insecurity, she was instantly smitten. She would wait for him after work, and she called him frequently... perhaps too frequently, but how was she to know the difference?

Darren finds May to be sweet and attractive, but her behaviour quickly becomes too much for him to handle and he begins to avoid her. Her obsession is rather unhealthy, and when she sees him with another woman she becomes stressed and panicky. How many women will it take before she finally cracks?

I would like you to bring your own flair and ideas to this, but I imagine the two most likely routes are that Summer either breaks into Darren's house, or that she drugs and kidnaps him. From that point on, the story is open-ended. Can Summer make him love her, or will it all end in tears—or even death?

Notes: Preference will go to anyone who feels that they can balance the visage of a sweet young girl with the creepiness of her mental imbalances; the dolls (or a doll) may be helpful in pushing the creepiness. They are—after all—her only friends, now that her mother is dead. I'll leave it up to you to decide whether or not her mind needed to replace the over-bearing influence of her mother.

Echoes of War (MxM; Cross-dressing; Romance)

Setting: A fictional representation of the war-torn Balkans.
Characters: Ljubos (24, pic) & Yehven/Lana (19, pic 1, pic 2).
Looking for: Someone to write the part of Ljubos.

The Balkans have been rife with war for years now. Two years ago, Ljubos was stationed amongst occupying forces in the small town of Sava, which is now but a dot on the map; only rubble remains where the town once stood. Whilst in Sava, he fell in love with a local nurse—a mother in her late thirties named Svetlana, whose husband was murdered by your countrymen—and helped her and her son, Yehven, to escape before the townsfolk were put to the proverbial sword.

Svetlana and Yehven fled to Beograd, but the situation there was dire. They struggled to find either accommodation or work, and worse still, any young, unemployed men were immediately rounded up and sent to war. To protect her son and save herself from the heartbreak of losing the only family she had left, Svetlana convinced Yehven to disguise himself as a girl. Save for the occasional attempted rape, the ploy worked a charm, and the pair survived together until Svetlana let slip her heritage to the wrong person, and was murdered for it. The experience shattered Yehven, and showed him that if he were to survive in Beograd, he must erase from memory his past. Whatever helped him to survive in the big city must be embraced, and thus, Lana was born.

Our story picks up when Ljubos returns to work in Beograd, having received an Other than Honorable discharged from the army for refusing a commanding officer's instructions (and consequently serving a short sentence in military prison). He happens upon Lana, and is immediately struck by her resemblance to the woman whom he freed out of first love.

The Horror at Exham Priory (MxF; Supernatural horror)

This story is influenced in part by H.P. Lovecraft's fantastic short story The Rats in the Walls (, though the plot is rather different. I have this one well worked out, and as such it is not as open-ended as my other ideas.

Setting: An old, Victorian-era mansion in a modern time.
Characters: A young couple—Annabelle (24, pic) & Edward (25, pic)—and the owner of the mansion, Mr. Vincent Delapore (~35, pic).
Looking for: Someone to play the female.

Over recent years, no place has aroused such fear and fascination in hearts of superstitious believers as Exham Priory. Once the home of a well-to-do family, the estate has fallen into negligence under the ownership of the reclusive descendent of the de la Poers, Mr. Vincent Delapore (who rather famously—amongst the locals, at least—adopted an Anglicised spelling of the old French name). Perhaps due in part to the failing state of the once grand mansion, curious stories have accumulated over the past ten years or so regarding Exham Priory. They speak of supernatural goings-on within its walls, and on occasion draw allusions to numerous missing cases in the area. There are those who will link any sad story in the press to an unnamed evil residing in Exham, but yet there also those who pish-posh it all as groundless superstition.

Whether truth or lies lie behind the rumours, Edward and Annabelle—both writers—decide that a stay at Exham Priory would be beneficial to the horror story which Annabelle is penning, and its location is more than manageable for Edward to pursue his own ends; he is writing a book on haunted houses and other locations about the country, and aside from residing in Exham for a time, he shall also be free to travel from the mansion to other sites near and far to research tales and rumours of mysterious occurrences and would-be hauntings.

During their stay in Exham, they shall be hosted by the reclusive Mr. Delapore, whose shrouded reputation is a far cry from that of his illustrious ancestors: barons, baronesses, explorers, businessmen, artists, and highly respected social figures one and all. What Edward and Annabelle find within the walls of his once great estate will chill them to the very core, and they will be lucky to escape with their lives.

As I have said above, this story is less open-ended than my other ideas, but the ending itself is certainly not set in stone. I myself do not know whether Annabelle and Edward will come out of this with their lives, though I would like for at least one of them to live through it all. Whether that is the case or not is up to us, and—in part—to the story we write. I will do what I can to make this a chilling account of a trip gone wrong, and there are numerous things which I will leave undecided for now, but which we may discuss. For example:

I am aware that Vincent Price (whom Vincent Delapore is of course styled after) is fucking awesome. Should you decide that you would like your character to sleep with him on one of Edward's trips away, that can certainly be arranged. For the most part, he will be a mysterious character—possessed of strengths and flaws, warmth and cold, but very definitely human in personality.

The details of Edward and Annabelle's relationship are also up for discussion: whether they call each other by their full names; what their sex life consists of; whether either or both of them truly believe in the supernatural or whether they are sceptics.

You are also free to suggest anything which may contribute to the horror aspect of the story. I thought that one device we could utilise is for Annabelle to suffer from nightmares or some form of parasomnia while residing at Exham Priory. Perhaps she sleepwalks; perhaps she could initiate sex with Edward while asleep, only for it to turn ghastly at the end (perhaps giving the impression that she is somehow possessed, or speaking in tongues, etc.).

To Blossom by Night—A Casablanca Lily (MxF, MxFxM; Infidelity, Polyamory, BDSM, Threesome)

Setting: Modern city.
Characters: Tosin (27, pic), a writer; Gloria (22, pic), Tosin’s girlfriend; Alex (25, pic).
Looking for: Someone to write the part of Gloria.

Love is tricky business. For what else would you sacrifice your dreams, risk everything, and move to another country? For what else would you embrace such a beautiful sadness? Gloria has known this for too long now, and the very love she bears for Tosin is now under threat. She truly does love him, but she can take no more of his obsession with his work; it is said that love is a two way street, and of late it seems that all of the traffic has been flowing upon her side.

In her frustration, she begins to explore the city by herself, and one night meets a man with whom she clicks instantly. He is handsome, charming, and his sexual interests—which come up in conversation with surprising ease—are all too interesting. He likes to tie women up, to blindfold them, and to gently push their boundaries and encourage them to explore new ground. For her part, she opens up to him about her relationship, and it feels so good to finally have someone with whom she can talk to about it all.

Suffice to say, she soon finds herself in his bedroom, and when Tosin eventually finds out about her infidelity, he is distraught and angry. They fight, Gloria leaves, and alone in the night-covered city, she calls Alex. He comes, but only in time to see her set upon by a group of youths, an encounter which leaves her fighting for her life in a hospital bed. Alex calls Tosin, and while the doctors fight to save the young woman, it is Alex who comfort Tosin, and the writer’s entire view of their relationship comes sharply into focus. Gloria has slowly been slipping away from him, and even if she lives through the night, there is no way to know that he will not lose her anyway. Only when she is released from hospital will they be able to mend their broken relationship, but when Alex arrives at their apartment, Gloria’s options are laid bare before her.

This story basically has three sections: in the first, her relationship with Tosin comes under increasing strain, whilst that with Alex blossoms, fuelled by carnal exploration. During this phase, I would like an element of light bondage, anal sex, and if there is anything else you would like to involve this can be discussed via PM.

After she almost dies—an experience during which Tosin realises how valuable Alex has been to his girlfriend—she finds herself sleeping with both men at the same time. We can discuss what happens during this phase with regard to sex, but if given my preference, I would like to explore all combinations of penetration: vaginal/oral, anal/oral, and anal/vaginal. I don’t imagine Tosin as being open to M/M sex (Alex may be), but we can discuss this via PM.

The conclusion to the story is completely open. By this stage all three characters will be well-fleshed out, and the ending should in effect write itself. Gloria may side with Tosin, Alex may step back, or the couple could realise that their time together is over. We could also leave this phase out, and leave the ending open and unwritten.


A sample of my writing:
Taken from 'Red Rain'

Maximilian pulled up the collar of his heavy black overcoat as he stepped out into the harsh boreal cold, a biting wind causing him to narrow the lids of the two pale, blue eyes which peered out from beneath the fur that lined his snug-fitting winter hat. Behind him the bar's repugnant neon lights spelled out the name of The Beaver Dam for all to see; before him, the town of Big White stood shrouded in freshly fallen snow, the blankets growing steadily as white flakes continued to drift downward from the pitch night sky. He strayed a little from the entrance of the establishment and stood awhile, reluctant to leave alone. Purveying the scene about him he noted that tonight was a sleepy one in Big White and nearly five minutes passed before a slender young man emerged from The Beaver Dam, tugging his neck gaiter up over his mouth and nose. Max waited for the man to reach him before excusing himself and asking if he wouldn't mind him walking with him.

"I hope you don't mind," he said apologetically, "I'm a little drunk and these disappearances have me spooked." The other man gave him a quizzical look and Max noted the queer colour of his eyes; deathly pale they were, almost anemic in appearance. He had an amiable look to him all the same and the kind of face that almost compels one to trust another without so much as an introduction.

"Disappearances? Hysteria, more like," replied the young man with grinning eyes. "Nothing ever happens in Big White; a lynx or a wolf kills one guy and anyone who hasn't been home for a few days is declared missing by the media. But yeah, walk with me if you like. I'm not going far though."

"Well..." Max replied sheepishly, "you can never be too careful, can you?"

"I guess that's true. Now come on, it's not standing around weather."

Max laughed and the two went on their way. The stranger - Dave, he said his name was - had the right of it. The night was cold and though the wind blew only intermittently it did so with animosity, cutting right through layers of clothing so that should one pause for longer than a few minutes it would set your teeth to chattering. They conversed spasmodically as they walked, united by little but that their respective destinations lay in the same direction. Dave claimed to work in construction - though his build did little to support his claim - while Max responded that he himself was between jobs; even Alaska's remoteness offered little escape from economic strife, it seemed. The epicentre of the town dropped away behind them and the more distance they covered, the more distance that began to appear between the buildings they passed. Contrary to the name, Big White was not that big and soon the area about them was littered with open spaces buried beneath pristine drifts of white snow, dully reflecting what little of the moonlight made it through the overcast canopy of the night to the earth below.

"So can I ask if you're always so cautious?" the young man inquired after they'd been walking a while.

"Not really... I just don't understand violence amongst men; it disturbs me. Most species survive by co-operating with each other, yet men seem to have a penchant for violence which I don't get. Call me soft-hearted," he replied with a modest smile, glancing at his companion. Dave was about an inch taller than he was and his eyes looked as though - like the land around them - they were covered in snow. Max wondered jokingly if there weren't colour hidden beneath his pallid irises, waiting for the thaw of spring to set it free.

"Violence is part of nature too," came the reply, after a moment's pondering. "Look at monkeys: one tribe of monkeys co-operates but if a rival tribe intrude on their territory they'll chase them off or beat them to death trying. It's like the yin and the yang."

Max's lips shrugged in supposition, though in truth he found Dave's answer unsatisfactory. Monkeys lacked the kind of immediate global communication which man alone was privy to and with one part of the world's population relying on economic balance and the rest starving, it seemed to him that the race had enough worries without creating dangers within their own ranks. Humans were capable of great love, yet often they chose to pursue senseless violence in its place. And then...

"Where... where are we?"

Two eyes squinted through quickening snowfall, whirling amidst untamed gusts of wind; two ominously pale eyes as blanched and colourless as the land which engulfed them. Max turned his head and scanned their surroundings but their location seemed alien to him. Then again, this was nothing new; in many ways Big White had seemed alien to him since the day he first set foot in the town. Foreboding whispers chased each other on the breeze and manifested in the young man's mind; dark thoughts which were not his own.

"I don't know," came the reply, a voice as soothing as siren's deathly song. "The snow... there's so much snow."

"But... we've been following the road. I... I feel light-headed... Did someone spike my drink?" The speaker's world span, all was white interposed with darkness and reality became blurred. Dave stopped, pressed his eyelids together and opened them but to no avail. How long had they been walking? "No, I don't think so." Max's voice, somewhere... somewhere. He heard movement - boots whispering softly against the snow - and through the haze two pale, blue eyes ringed in crimson appeared before him. The young man had only time to whimper pathetically as Max's left hand gripped him by the face - the other clamping down with absurd strength on his shoulder - teeth closed around the skin of his neck as two razor-sharp fangs sank bit into his flesh and with a violent twist of his head the vampire tore his throat out. A crimson rain speckled the snow at their feet; blood gushed forth from ruptured arteries and stained the skin around Max's mouth as he gorged himself on the undead-preserving nectar. Darkness became Dave's world until the end. The pain did not last long; consciousness slipped away like sand through open fingers and come the morning there would be one more disappearance - one more mysterious death, should the snows not cover the body. All around Big White the snow was falling fast.
Harry Haller & The Magic Theatre, not a Magic Carpet Ride.


Harry Haller & The Magic Theatre, not a Magic Carpet Ride.


A Crack in the Casing is taken, but I may be open to running a parallel if you really want to. I have another plot in the mix which shall be up shortly, and I'd really like to find someone for The Horror at Exham Priory.
Harry Haller & The Magic Theatre, not a Magic Carpet Ride.