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Author Topic: Blue Silver's Stories  (Read 342 times)

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Blue Silver's Stories
« on: February 21, 2014, 05:17:14 AM »
* Hello and Welcome *

Please take a moment to get to know my O/Os before you message me, as I will do the same for you if you do decide to message me. All plots are up for discussion, so please bring any other ideas to me if they come to your head while you are reading through below. I Tend to work around my partner for all things related to the roleplay, including post length and frequency.

* My Ideas *

A bond in blood

Vanessa's crystal blue eyes tried to focus, looking around the dark room slowly, finding no moment. Her hand came to her forehead, then moved to in front of her, her eyes focusing on the crimson red as it drowned out the pale skin of her hand, and as she felt the blood trickle from the wound on her forehead, her attention was snatched by a scream from the bedroom. Clenching her eyes shut, she pushed herself back up the drywall, holding her hand to her head. As the blood dripped from her blonde hair to her silky white dress, a large thud came from the bedroom up the hall. The blue curtains caught the breeze through the open window as Vanessa leaned against the wall, holding the gash created from hitting the table on the way to the floor. Squinting, she focused on the large wooden front door, which was still wide open. Another thud shot her attention to the other side of the small lounge room, just up the hall.

"Stop fucking clawing me you dumb slut!" the fat man boomed, doing his best to pin the young blonde down on the bed with one hand, the other pulling and tearing at her shirt as she fought hard against him. His weight and size had him overpowering her easily, and the look in his eyes was bad news. Feeling her clothing finally give, the cold wind rushed over her exposed breasts, causing her to thrust her hips up and then have a hard punch straight to her eye socket. Crying out in pain she submitted, going almost rigid as his hand grabbed and tugged at her nipple, her arms not strong enough to break free of the one hand he restrained her with.

Then there was a click, and everything stopped. The man's eyes moved to the corner of his eyes, to the right. He could see the figure there, and was suddenly made aware of the circle pressing in to the side of his head. "Get off her" Vanessa demanded, though the voice barely reinforced it. And she shook, with tears and blood running down her face. The man laughed, slowly moving his hand off the other blonde. "Or what?" he asked, with a smirk. Vanessa closed her eyes slowly, feeling the tears pushed from them as she did. She pushed all the breathe from her lungs, and just before she drew a breath, the gun went off, and the man fell off the other side of the double bed, landing on the carpet with a final thud.

This story is about two girls. Either sisters, best friends, whatever. They live with just each other in a one bedroom apartment, going to school/work/whatever. The scene above depicts the moment the roleplay changes, as they are attacked by their landlord for owed rent. From this point, the girls dispose of the body, and aren't caught. After some time, the girls become vigilantes, or perhaps the opposite.

Give you my all

The room was dark, still and silent. Only brief sniffles cut through the air, the large cupboards against the wall looming over the single bed in the middle of the small room. The mirror to the dresser reflected the darkness outside the window, only moonlight pouring in to illuminate the room. The lion print mink blanket spread across the soft bed in the room, which was currently occupied by a small form directly in the middle, laying on their side. Her black hair flowed across the pillows, her green eyes peering through almost closed eyes. Her small, soft pink lips were wet and slightly parted, trembling from the emotion in the girl's mind. Her top half was covered by a plain white shirt, and a pair of pink boyshort panties were all that covered her bottom half, her long shapely legs sprawled across the bed. Focused on the text message, the cursor flashed in the same spot as she read over the message again.

Danny, I know you want someone in your life. I can see you are so lonely and I hate it. I've always wanted to tell you that I love you. More than just your little sister. I want to be with you, and give you everything you've ever wanted. You are the most amazing guy, you have been the best older brother, but I want more than that.

The phone clicked as she locked it instead, deciding against sending it. She dropped it on the pillow and climbed from her bed. She pulled off her shirt, and crept out her door. The carpet pushed between her toes as she walked through the house, finding her way to her brother's room. Hand on the doorknob, she froze. This was how she was going to tell him? Shaking her head, she knocked lightly, and twisted the door handle, before she got a chance to rethink.

This roleplay is about a girl who is insanely in love with her older brother. She adores him, obviously. He can be any age between 18 and 30, and he can have whatever profession you'd like to play. He shouldn't want it at first, though always gives in to her from a mixture between lust, and an inability to say 'no' to her.[/font]