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Author Topic: Dark Storylines (Queenwolfs Requests)  (Read 610 times)

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Dark Storylines (Queenwolfs Requests)
« on: February 18, 2014, 04:48:04 PM »
This page is currently in the works, I will be listing my desired pairings and as time goes on, you may see plot ideas thrown next to them, if you see a pairing you want though, ask me.
Most of my ideaís include N/c and some form of abuse/torture. That does not mean Iím not opposed to other roleplays, I just have weird desires for that. So talk to me.

Ok! So I am Open.
Hello everyone,

Iím going to try and make this short and sweet. At least the basics part.

My rules:

1.   I like communication. I like for my partner to talk to me, plan and discuss what we like and donít like. I also like it when they talk to me during a roleplay. Iíve had a roleplay going for over a year due to the fact that my partner and I became good friends. I like that.

2.   I donít appreciate, nor enjoy one line roleplays. So I prefer at least 3 paragraphs to a post, however, there are times when less is needed and better and I have no problem with that. I will always do my best to match my partner.

3.   Respect my limitations, I donít have many.

4.   If you need or want to leave the roleplay, put it on hold or anything else. Just let me know. I wonít get mad.

5.     I only do M/F roleplays but I don't care what gender you really are.

Please review my onís and offís via my profile page or eventually my Onís and Offís thread.

Level of Desire:

<3 : Iíd be happy to do this
<3 <3 : your becoming awesome
<3 <3 <3: Youíre the best person everrr
<3 <3 <3 <3: Shall I drop to my knees right here on the floor?


Harry Potter; 2/3
This plot is open to a lot of changes and twists.

Your character: Male Slytherin

My character: Female Gryffindor.

Kenna is the Gryffindor princess, who is full of fire and is always quick to be there for her friends. She is a descendent from Hermione Granger and Ron Weasely. After a few generations, her bloodline isnít exactly pure but sheís no halfblood either.  Most still will look down on her regardless of being very high up in the class. The Gryffindors look up to her and praise her, while the Slytherins dislike her.

Your character is a leader of Slytherin, the future dark lord. He can have a hatred towards my character, a obsession with her, or a desire to claim her for his own to become his dark lady. What better revenge against Gryffindor than to make their princess his own Dark Lady? Even if she never does become cruel and dark, just having her is enough.

Dark Peter Pan: <3 <3

If you have seen Once Upon a time, youíve seen their ideas for Peter Pan. I want that, but him to be an adult. This one is currently taken so I wonít put any plot ideas up for it. If it is something that catches your interest, let me know.

Ideas that came from Rise of the Guardians:
Jack Frost:  <3 <3

Jack is an invisible entity beyond some of the other mythical characters. Heís enraged and pissed off that no human can see him. He gets off on causing them suffering, due to the fact that he himself has suffered. Mostly, he torments children since adults cannot see him.
Riley is a very special 18-22 year old. Sheís always been able to see things that everyone canít. She can see mythical creatures that no one else believes exists. This includes mr. Sandman who likes to provide sweet dreams. How else do you think sheís always managed to get a good nightís sleep? They were good friends! One day, she bumps into Jack frost and he realizes, an adult can see him. A beautifully sexy adult. Well Jack decides to take his cruelty to a new level, he has a bit of fun with the younger woman.

Pitch:  <3 <3 <3

Well heís the boogeyman and heís won. Heís taken over and thereís nothing the guardians can do about it. They are his slaves, his little toys to do whatever he wants with now. His favorite is the tooth fairy (sheís different from the video). Wait till she knows what he has planned for her. Maybe heíll even let her sweet lover Jack watch while he slowly breaks her down.

Reign:  <3 <3 <3 <3

Genevieve has been sent from Scotland to England to possibly marry one of the two princes there. She was a princess of her own country but, sheís not significant. Her older brother is the heir to the throne and so her betrothal is simply a means to an end, an alliance. Her duty is to marry one of the princes, which seems pretty easy. She remembers one of the young men from the time they were children and she believes the two of them will marry. What she doesnít expect is the older brother wants her for his own, regardless of the love between her and his brother. While his brother and Gen are trying to get married and convince their father to engage him, he is whispering in his fatherís ear about him and Gen. He will have Gen, even before they are married, he will torture her in all sorts of ways and thereís nothing she can do about it. After all, she canít tell anyone sheís no longer pure and being manhandled by him now can she?

The 100: <3 <3 <3 <3

This storyline can go in so many different ways. These can be OCC or Canon characters. Canon characters include Octavia, and Bellamy. They will not be paired together. Contact me for this one!

Some Random Ideas:

Human Trafficking/ Master x Slave; There is so many ways this can be done but here are some ideas:  Basically, my character goes on a vacation and gets kidnapped. Sheís brought to a slave trainer to be broken and trained. She is his to do with whatever he wants. The only thing he wasnít expecting when she showed up was that heíd actually want to keep this slave for himself. <3 <3


He is looking for something new, something that will satisfy his sadistic side and a friend thatís involved in human trafficking suggests he gets a slave. At first, he just wants a pre-trained slave, one that will obey his every will. Then, he saw her and wanted her. She had spirit, she was wild and she reminded him of a horse that needs to be broken. He wants to break her. He has money, time and lots of repressed desires, what better fit than for him to choose the wild girl they simply cannot sell due to the fact no one can handle her. <3 <3 <3

DragonX Dragon (can shift from human to dragon and back again)
Dragon X Human
Vampire x Vampire
Vampire x Slayer
Demon x Slayer
Werewolf x Werewolf
Vampire x Werewolf
Vampire x Witch
Vampire x Mortal
Werewolf x Mortal
Demon x Mortal
Abuser x Abused
Friend x Friend
Teacher x Student
Student x student
Tutor x Student
Dr. x patient
Therapist x patient
Boss x Worker
Boss x Inter n
Enemy x Enemy
King/Prince X servant
Prince x Princess
Knight x Knight
Royal x Knight
Knight x Squire
King x Knight
Stalker x Stalked
Kidnapper x Kidnapped
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Re: A wolfs begging's (Queenwolfs requests IP)
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2014, 12:53:24 AM »
The werewolf X mortal idea, sounds good to me :).

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Re: Dark Storylines (Queenwolfs Requests)
« Reply #2 on: April 30, 2014, 08:50:33 PM »
A slight bump. The 100 is a new and largely craved roleplay