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Author Topic: Ember's Pairing Requests for Various Group Games  (Read 544 times)

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Ember's Pairing Requests for Various Group Games
« on: February 18, 2014, 12:17:33 PM »


This is the place where I seek out partners for group games. Something like one-on-one requests and ideas within specific groups. You may find this different, but hopefully not all together strange. I tend to be more active, faster and better with groups than I am with one-on-ones, even if what I am taking part in is essentially a one-on-one within a group. As silly as that seems. So, actually, groups are a good choice to write with me.

Now, the following are sections of different groups I'm in. Within each section I have put up specific requests for my characters. If you are interested in any of them, simply pm me. If you are interested in the group and writing with me, but not any of the characters I have listed, PM me. I have extra and backup characters for many of the groups.

The Indigo Kingdom

Character: Farlin Sennit
What I'm Looking for: Farlin is a romantic at heart with a sweet and laid back personality. He's not going to be into anything kinky, and the relationship would have to build a foundation. He's had a couple of other near relationships end in disappointment before, so that might me him a little wary about opening his heart to somebody again. That being said, a nice interesting girl wouldn't have trouble earning his heart. 


Robin Hood (2010 film)

Requested for: Mulan
Fandom of origin: Mulan: Rise of a Warrior
Request: Robin Longstride (Russell Crowe version)
Plots: Thefts around the village are becoming more rampant. Mulan takes it upon herself to go investigate and bring the thieves to justice. What she finds is a band of thieves yes, but she soon realizes that there are women, children, the poor, the lost, there as well. Stealing not for the point of stealing, but to help others. Confronted with their leader known as Robin Hood, instead of bringing him to justice like she planned, she decides to maybe help.
Posting: Once a week, give or take
Other notes: Exact layout of the plot can be discussed and adjusted to suit needs. I'm looking for this to be a romantic relationship once they meet and gain a liking. Not a rough or D/s type thing.

I have some other characters on the wishlist, some I have plots for, some I don't. Not all of them are requested for 'pairings' (so don't think that and flee when you see Dr. McCoy :P). I do have a few of things I'd like that are not listed. Among them a pairing between Tiger from BBC's Sinbad and Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time, one between Eowyn and Faramir from Lord of the Rings (which is actually cannon in the books and hinted at in the movies), one between a Lord of the Rings elf OC of mine and Legolas, and a possible pairing (if they don't kill each other :P) between a evil Heroes OC of mine and Skylar. If interested in anything, just mention it to me.

Vampires and Blood Dolls

Female Arcticfox For for Male or Female Vampire or Shifter

Requested for: Tatiana Conley
Characteristics: Somebody who is a little rough around the edges like Tatiana herself might would best. But somebody who wants to dominate her will not. While not necessarily a domme in the sexual sense, she is a very strong willed woman whom has had her fair share of the rough life. I'm looking to make a mutual connection here. Not to say some rough stuff won't happen in the bedroom when it gets to that. However, with that being said, starting the relationship with a one night stand is possible.
Plots: Open to discuss.
Coven: Alaska
Posting: Once a week, give or take
Other notes:  A human would be fine too

Female Black Jaguar for Male or Female Shifter or Vampire

Requested for: Sirena Novia
Characteristics: Attitude and dominance isn't going to go over well with Sirena. Not to say the character can't have a somewhat dominant personality. But Sirena isn't going to be told what to do. On the same note, somebody who is super subby isn't going to work either. Sub is fine, but not total BMSD style sub. Something in-between will work best. But there needs to be some sort of emotional connection there. Sirena has had a hard life, she's gonna going to be randomly interested in just anybody
Plots: Open to discuss.
Coven: California
Posting: Once a week, give or take
Other notes: A human would be fine too

Female Ringtail-cat for Male or Female Vampire or Shifter

Requested for: Zeeta Ross
Characteristics: Somebody who is good humored and can put up with her hyperness. They'll have to be to at least somewhat keep up with her energy, even if they're not so hyper themselves. Somebody who is somewhat quiet might also be nice, as Zee is a talked not a listener. But she will listen to her friends. She's kind, super cheerful, and very friendly. So she won't be hard to befriend so long as the character befriending her isn't a big grumpy meany head.
Open to discuss
Coven: Louisiana
Posting: Once a week, give or take, preferably give
Other notes:  I'm not looking for a D/s type thing here. Zee wouldn't put up with that. She just needs somebody she can get along with on equal and friendly footing. A human would be fine too.
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Re: Partners Wanted for Various Group Games
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2014, 01:34:04 PM »
Edit: fixed the link to my O/O thread and a few typos. Sorry about the link not being right! It is now

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Re: Partners Wanted for Various Group Games
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Updated everything!

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Re: Partners Wanted for Various Group Games
« Reply #3 on: June 05, 2014, 05:59:47 PM »
Updated and bump

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Re: Ember's Pairing Requests for Various Group Games
« Reply #4 on: July 10, 2014, 01:10:49 PM »
Updated with new greeting. Some plots removed.