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April 27, 2017, 07:41:23 PM

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Author Topic: Hogwarts-esk (mostly seeking F/F Boys have to wow me)  (Read 233 times)

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Offline Magical Mistress MaggieTopic starter

Hogwarts-esk (mostly seeking F/F Boys have to wow me)
« on: February 14, 2014, 06:04:21 PM »

Yes I do know that there's a whole section on Hogwarts. . . However I'm looking for something a little more adult. Perhaps you didn't realize from the name that I play Domme. My character ranges from loving top to bat shit crazy, forceful, mind games, Domme, it all depends on what you want.

Maggie is very much a talented and brilliant girl, however her attention isn't always on school work as it should be. Perhaps if she applied herself to the cariculum like she does to her "extra cariculum activities" she would be head of her class. As it stands she scores barely above average in her classes just on raw intelligence alone. What she excels at and devotes herself to are things of a more sexual and dominant nature. On a broom she's overly aggressive but lacks artistic and acrobatic flare, she's also a top notch duelist, and is rarely bested in a witch fight with her peers. Her physical abilities are nothing to boast about, however her physical appearance is rather appealing. 

Very open to transformation, mind control, bondage, I could go on with a giant list so maybe it's best if I just list stuff I'm not into. Vore, scat, and gore are hard limits. Blood is something I can do in moderation, death if its for the sake of story (I don't get off to it), I know elliquiy has a no beastiality policy but I'm unclear as to if that extends to mythilogical monsters however I kind of limit this to tentacles, maybe a little flexibility here. Mostly I like to take my top kinks and my partners top kinks and run with those until I get bored and branch out. Not a huge fan of butch or over weight, however I could do a very feminine girl that cross dresses (wears a boys uniform but doesn't hide the fact that she's a girl)

Maggie is primarily slytherin, and totally evil, but just how evil is up to you. The more your character resists and refuses the more Maggie pushes and forces. Also if you have a minimum Maggie domme aspect I can still go over the top even if your character is fully willing, just let me know.

Usually I plan the story with each player to tailor our adventure to preference. So please be super willing to communicate the plot OOC as we go. I can vary from mostly smut to more adventure/romance depending on my partner.

Bit of an OOC you'll rarely see me on late at night, my work has me up at ungodly early. The Needless to say shall be said, I'm on during the day if you want a session, but if you're a night owl I don't mind leaving posts not unlike sticky notes.
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