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Author Topic: The Order- Fantasy story [BON-E] [NC-E] [MUL]  (Read 956 times)

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The Order- Fantasy story [BON-E] [NC-E] [MUL]
« on: August 17, 2008, 09:09:37 PM »
SUMMARY FOR THOSE WHO HATE TO READ: My character's mom used to be a human servant of an order. She got pregnant with one of the leaders of the order. It was a disgrace for him to have a half human child so once the child was born, she was sent to live with the humans. The child's mother was than killed. Years later, Slayers (evil gross creatures) come to kill the order and have killed many of the order's wives. Their numbers are thin.

So your character comes to bring her back in to the order, after the philandering leader is killed. Their numbers are growing short.

I added this because I realized how long all this is below. I'm sorry when I'm thinking up ideas I usually write a lot.

Ella was an orphan growing up. She didn’t have much, because a lot of her life was spent on the streets of New York, begging and dealing with the dirtiest of people. She had managed to escape foster care and was now 19, working at a bar, called ‘The Electrik Chair’. The Electrik Chair wasn’t known for the most unsullied crowds, but the tips were descent as long as you didn’t mind flashing a little skin, and it was the one of the few bars that didn’t check ID’s of its patrons but more importantly its employees.

One night, however, a sketchy-looking man came in. He was tall, and imposing. He wore a dark suit, that made him look almost like he had some cash. But not like the regular dealers or pimps that flitted in and out. No.. He seemed different. Ella couldn’t figure it out right away.

So I was doodling with this and I really like where it’s going. Basically here’s the storyline. Ella is poor, but has learned to depend on herself completely. Foster care and her own mom didn’t take care of her. So she learned to just deal with everything herself. She was paying for her own apartment or at least sleeping on the street since she was 14. Now, at 17 she works at a bar in New York.

She’s strong. She had beat up a shit load of guys who weighed about double what she weighed. However, unlike the regular grunge kid, she’s smart and oddly conservative sexually. She had never let a man touch her. Never the less been with one. She didn’t intend to start any time soon. She was on her own, as always. (MAJOR trust issues)

But than, one night, a vamp/werewolf/fallen angel/your pick walks in, and he tells her something that changes all of it. He lures her out of the bar. (not with some stupid one liner or flirty attitude. She doesn’t go for that) and captures her and finally reveals what happened to her mom.

He had known her mom, who had been a servant for an order of vamps/werewolf’s/fallen angels/ your choice that he belonged too. Her mom had apparently gotten pregnant with one of the [YOUR MYTHICAL CREATURE CHOICE HERE], who happened to be the order’s leader. It was a big shame to the order. Her mom was human and he was a  vampire/werewolf/fallen angel, and the leader at that. So she gave birth to the half human/ half whatever child, who was than abandoned to live with the humans. Her mom was than executed.

However now, the orders family is dwindling. A group of shades, a terrible gross looking creature with oober strong magical skinizels(sorry for the description.. I’m tired) take over and are threatening to kill the order, and have already killed many women.

Their numbers and strengths are dwindling. They need wives and children. So, Anai, even though, she’s not pure had to be dragged out of the human race, to be with [your character’s name(YCN)]. He had chosen her and had been following her for some time now.

Now instead of being on her own, she has to depend on [YCN]. She’s not strong enough to stand up for herself in the order, or against the shades. And he tells her she needs to participate in some ‘wifely duties’ that she’s sure as hell is not keen on doing. But he promises he’ll make it worth her time. <-----------Anai. Different clothes and different setting but basically she looks like that.

I also, would like a lot of physical play in this. It would seem fake if, a strong independent girl was to just roll over and be like "yes, sure. I'll totally serve you, master' with in the first five scenes, without any signs of struggle.

Message me, or reply here if your interested. Check out my O's&O's to make sure your cool with all of that, as well. I'm new here, as well. So, hi!  :P And I pre-apologize for any typos in this. I've just been, like I siad doodling with this idea, so it's not like concrete or well written, yet.
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Re: The Order- Fantasy story [BON-E] [NC-E] [MUL]
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2008, 08:36:19 PM »
*still patiently waiting*   ;)

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Re: The Order- Fantasy story [BON-E] [NC-E] [MUL]
« Reply #2 on: August 20, 2008, 01:29:53 PM »
I might be interested in this. If you don't mind giving some more details and brainstorming long-term plot.