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Author Topic: Long-term stories, short-term trysts (F for M/F, F/F)  (Read 630 times)

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Offline MelangeTopic starter

Long-term stories, short-term trysts (F for M/F, F/F)
« on: February 14, 2014, 03:51:48 am »
Hello! I'm Melange and I'm fairly new to E. At times I feel a little overwhelmed, there's so much to see, so much to explore! And I'd like to try it all, almost literally. I prefer long-term, detailed stories with complex characters, but I can't write like that all the time; a short, sweet, and sexy story is what I want, on occasion. So in other words, I'm looking for both long-term and short-term, both plot-heavy and plot-lite, both sweetly romantic and darker and graphic.

Please check my Ons and Offs to make sure we're compatible. I prefer to play female characters in M/F and F/F relationships, but I might be willing to take on a male role. It all depends, my mood and muse can be fickle.

Although many of the following story ideas are written with a M/F pairing in mind, they can easily be changed to accommodate F/F pairings. Stories are meant to be long-term and detailed, with longer posts. Trysts are meant to be short-term (though, if we brainstorm enough and come up with some twists, they could be long-term as well), and I intend to write less, perhaps two or three paragraphs at a time. Should any of my ideas capture your interest, please send a PM so we can discuss them. I will also be very happy to listen to any of your own ideas or suggestions; I'm quite friendly!


Terra Magicus
  • Status: Open
  • Setting: The near future; and the Cretaceous era in an alternate universe
  • My character: To be discussed
  • Desired partner: To be discussed
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
(inspired by Terra Nova, the tv show)
In the near future, human enterprise has brought the Earth to the brink of catastrophe. Pollutants flood the seas; the skies are a gray, poisonous haze even in the most remote wilderness. The polar icecaps are melting, and one by one the great coastal cities have been abandoned. Many species have been driven to extinction, and almost all no longer thrive, including homo sapiens.

Faced with the specter of extinction, a team of scientists pursued the novel idea of time travel, so that they might return to the past and prevent the future cataclysm. Their efforts resulted in the creation of a temporal rift. But it didn't go back fifty years, as intended, or even a hundred years. It traveled some 85 million years into the Earth's past, to the era known as the Cretaceous period.

Since the rift could only remain open for short periods of time, only key personnel have been allowed to enter the portal and establish a colony. The lush jungle is as alien an environment as can be imagined, and the colonists must work together to overcome dangers and obstacles.

But besides dinosaurs, infectious diseases, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and a band of rebels, the colonists must deal with another strange development. Some begin to wield a strange gift that can only be described as magic. It is not the Earth that they know; it is an alternate dimension where magical powers exist. And they are not alone in wielding it, for there are other beings, other creatures, other civilizations that make this world their home.

I think it would be fun to explore this new world with one character as a survival expert or security/military officer, and the other as a botanist or other scientist. Perhaps they're both assigned to an exploration team that begins to notice subtly disturbing things about their new environment, such as the presence of creatures out of legend; one day, an encounter with an unknown dinosaur turns out to be with a dragon. And as they, and other members of the colony, learn to wield magic, they begin to attract the attention of ancient civilizations that see mages as slaves, or as food.

An Imperfect Storm
  • Status: Taken
  • Setting: Medieval Fantasy
  • My character: To be discussed
  • Desired partner: To be discussed
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
An isle is home to two great kingdoms with a history of belligerence between them. Rivals not only in military matters, but in art, and architecture, and poetry, and writing, they are also both home to powerful mages who command the powers of the wind and waves. And as both kingdoms are subject to attack from barbarians crossing the sea, they rely on their mages to call storms to smash the barbarian fleets.

But winds and waves are capricious, and at various times both kingdoms have tried to undermine the other by directing barbarians to land upon their neighbor's shores. During the latest attempt to do so, the mages effectively neutralized each other, allowing barbarians to land in vast numbers and pillage to the very gates of the capitols. When the invaders were finally driven back to their ships, the kingdoms called a truce. A pact was signed, the terms being that both kingdoms would work together to repel the barbarians, so that an incursion on that scale might never happen again.

Of course, kingdoms and mages being what they are, the pact isn't so simple as that.

Perhaps our characters are two mages from different kingdoms who are now expected to work together, but there are forces arrayed against them, and against the pact. Loyalties bought by barbarian gold, or revenge sought by those who lost loved ones in the invasion. Or family conflict, or the simple desire to see the other kingdom fall.

Or perhaps a mage has been taken captive by someone with a nefarious purpose in mind.

I'm hoping to find a partner who can work with me on these ideas and create a compelling story.

The Grave Is No Bar to My Call
  • Status: Open
  • Setting: the Wheel of Time world
  • My character: A Heroine of the Horn
  • Desired Partner: A Hero or Heroine of the Horn
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The Ogier took it as gently as she had, delicately tracing the script with one broad finger. His eyes went wider and wider, and his ears stood up straight. "Tia mi aven Moridin isainde vadin," he whispered. "The grave is no bar to my call."

For most, death is the end of the thread that weaves their life into the Pattern. Not until the Wheel turns, and a new Age begins, will they return. But for some, death is not the end; and neither is it a beginning.

They are the Heroes of the Horn. Bound to the Horn of Valere, they reside in the dream world, Tel'aran'rhiod, until they are spun out into the world to live a new existence.

In one age, called the Fifth Age by some, an age yet to come, an age long past, two ordinary people lived their lives in an ordinary way. Perhaps in a remote village, perhaps in a city. They had always felt a strange connection to each other, though there was no reason to believe anything amiss. But they began to have disturbing recollections that involved the other in some way. A scent might lead to a faraway memory, a sight to the same place in the distant past.

I think it'd be fun to start with some scenes of everyday life, in which our characters meet and go about their routine. And then, something happens. Perhaps some darkfriends have recognized them as ta'veren, and attack, thinking to remove them before they can join the war against the Shadow. And after that, they could take part in one of the many sub-plots within the WoT story, such as hunting the Black Ajah, or confronting a Forsaken or two.

A Memory of Darkness
  • Status Taken
  • Setting: A medieval fantasy world (or other, please see below)
  • My character: A healer, physician, doctor, or shaman, depending on the exact setting
  • Desired partner: A former assassin, who now has amnesia and cannot recall his dark past
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A man stumbles into a small town and collapses. He is badly injured and barely clings to life. A healer is summoned, and she is able to save him.

Some days later, he awakens, but cannot remember who or what he is. But his subconscious recalls things he does not: how to use weapons, how to kill, how to lie, how to deceive. His dreams are nightmares of the past, and certain words or phrases trigger memories of terrible things. And there is a darkness in him. When he and the healer make love, he is brutal and demanding, the experience almost non-consensual. Who is he? What is he?

When he is nearly recovered, assassins arrive in the night for him, and he barely fights them off. When he examines their faces, he knows them. But how? And then, when the king's guardsmen arrive, they draw their blades and demand that he surrender. They recognize him as an infamous assassin, second in command to the guild.

But is he really an assassin? What if he was an agent of the king, posing as an assassin and sent to infiltrate the guild, but was discovered and pursued as he tried to escape? Or was he the second in command, but grew a conscience, and tried to leave the guild and change his life for the better? In any event only he has seen the master assassin's face, only he can help bring the guild to justice and end its reign of terror...

Wheel of Time The healer is a channeler, either a full Aes Sedai or one that did not pass the tests and was forced to leave the Tower. The assassin is one of the Forsaken, reborn after being defeated by the Dragon.

Pathfinder or D&D The assassin is a creature that can take a human form, such as a demon, devil, or dragon.

Modern This is where I must say that this story was inspired by the Bourne Identity. I'm open to using a modern setting as long as we can agree on a country and city and a role for the doctor character.

Sci-Fi I think this would work very well in the Firefly universe, or in Dune.

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Offline MelangeTopic starter

Re: Long-term stories, short-term trysts (F for M/F, F/F)
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2014, 01:13:10 am »

1. Taken  A plot is successful; the emperor is dead. The emperor's son must now ascend the throne. His young stepmother attempts to protect him from danger and guide him along the treacherous path of rulership, but along the way they manage to guide each other into bed.

2.  (Wheel of Time) An Aes Sedai of the Green takes on a female warder. How will she get along with the Aes Sedai's other warder(s), a man.

3. Taken  A lady newly arrived at court becomes the king's mistress. The king's previous mistress, now displaced, is infuriated. But her temper is soothed when she and the new mistress begin a relationship.

4. (based on Revenge, and the Count of Monte Cristo) A woman arrives in a contemporary, historical, or fantasy city to exact revenge upon those who wronged her. But her agenda becomes complicated when she falls for someone related to her primary target.

5. (based on the movie, Dangerous Beauty) A Venetian woman trains to become a courtesan, and rises to prominence. A gentleman has set his sights upon her, but will she ever confess her true feelings for him, or will he ever have to share her with others?

6. (based on the Kingkiller Chronicle, by Patrick Rothfuss) Two students at the university are studying sympathy. When one accidentally draws most of the heat from their body, the other must come to the rescue.
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