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Author Topic: Sand and Glory - Gladiator RP  (Read 274 times)

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Sand and Glory - Gladiator RP
« on: February 13, 2014, 02:10:20 PM »

In a world very much like our own, there is an Empire. Named the Centurum Empire, it's armies are famous. Well organized, strong, powerful, with great numbers, there hasn't been a single country whose roads have not been touched by their marching beats. Invincible, some people whisper. And so far, they are right. Expanding from their originally small peninsula of an country, they have expanded north, south, east and west, stopping at the great desert wastes to the east and west, the icy wastes of the north, and the great ocean to the west. The Capital of this great Empire is Maro. While there are many great cities in the Empire, this is the greatest, the finest, the most lively and decadent.

Countries all over the known world are under the heel of the Centurum Empire, either conquered, under the control of Centurum Governors, or allies, paying heavy yearly taxes in gold, food and slaves to maintain such independence.

Maro is ruled by a council of patricians, old scholars that have lost all touch with the real world, preferring to placate he people of the city with games and festivals than face the real problems. Above them, the rulers of the empire as it were, are two, man and woman, usually brother and sister, elected by the council and maintained to be the Children and Living Embodiments of the Gods Hessen and Hama, the creators of the universe. Once these die, they are risen to the Status of Gods, and a new two are elected.

Even though the cold wastes of the north and the deserts of the south and east have stopped the legions of Centurum from expanding their empire further, annual attempts are still made on each frontier, and while they still fail, raids on the armies amassed by the barbarians that live in these retched areas bring form many riches in gold, silver, precious gems and, most importantly, slaves. Women and children, for the most part, and working men, not very imposing, sold to the highest bidder, with little thought cast towards their well being other than how it will, affect their work.

But some few slaves rise above such a status. Many indeed, rise above that of a Centurum citizen, rising up to the title of the Gods themselves. These are Gladiators, warriors to fight in the Three Arenas of Maro, honoring the places of worship to Area, the Goddess of war, with spectacles of blood and gore, violence and depredation. Gladiators against Gladiators, Gladiators against beasts, either of nature or magic, fighting to arise far above the avarice of gold, comforts and pleasures of the vulgar crowd. They fight for one thing, and one thing alone: Immortality!


As you may have noticed, this RP will be heavily based on Ancient Rome. Also, we will be having Female Gladiators (Gladiatrix) who will be training and fighting alongside the men.

The story will be happening in a Ludus just on the perimeter of Maro. The owner is a former Gladiator himself, awarded his freedom for pleasing the crowds, and continued fighting until his injuries forced him to retire. He used his amassed fortune to build his Ludus, and along with several friends, specialists in each of the Gladiatorial Fighting Styles, are beginning to train what will be the finest gladiators in the Empire. This RP will be following the lives and training of their first 20 recruits, brought in from all corners of the Empire, to train and fight in three month's time in the Twin's Festival, lasting a fortnight, five days of which will be of games, 20 fights per day and a battle on the fifth of 100 gladiators. They must be prepared before then.

The Players will be the 20 Gladiators that are in training, their six trainers, and some slaves in the Ludus.

Thanks for reading!