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Author Topic: On High Seas: A Game of Pirates, Captives, Sailing, Adventure, Battle, & Booty!!  (Read 6477 times)

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Offline Juggtacular

I'd like to apply for 1st Mate. I can have a sheet up in a bit if that's alright.

Offline bubby

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I'd like to apply for 1st Mate. I can have a sheet up in a bit if that's alright.

1st Mate has been held for me.

Offline Juggtacular

Didn't see that. I'll have to come up with something else then.

Offline Chreestafer

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

@xSnorkleRainbow: Accepted! ;D

@Chreestafer: I'm going with a slightly romanticized/popular conceptualized version of actual roles aboard ship. In our game the job of insuring crew discipline is going to fall more to the master at arms. While all officers would be expected to enforce the captain's authority but the actual responsibility for discipline would be more for the Master-at-Arms, while the insuring of correctly done work etc would fall to the Boatswain. Though I can see the Quartermaster being tasked with splitting up crew shares of loot when/if we get as in depth as that. Hope that's a satisfactory answer?
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Offline xSnorkleRainbow

@xSnorkleRainbow: Accepted! ;D

Awesome! Thanks so much! ^-^

- Rainbow ♥

Offline Chreestafer

@xSnorkleRainbow: Accepted! ;D

@Chreestafer: I'm going with a slightly romanticized/popular conceptualized version of actual roles aboard ship. In our game the job of insuring crew discipline is going to fall more to the master at arms. While all officers would be expected to enforce the captain's authority but the actual responsibility for discipline would be more for the Master-at-Arms, while the insuring of correctly done work etc would fall to the Boatswain. Though I can see the Quartermaster being tasked with splitting up crew shares of loot when/if we get as in depth as that. Hope that's a satisfactory answer?

So other then the driver and navigator do I hold any other sway (pun intended  ;D ) aboard the ship?  Is he considered an officer or normal crew? Either is fine for me, just hoping to play my character to the best of his abilities :)

Offline Juggtacular

Tyree "Ty" Barrington AKA "The Baron"
by Juggtacular
Age 25
Gender Male
Orientation Heterosexual

Appearance Details: Ty stands at 6'3, making him a giant of a man in comparison with many people; he's also very muscular due to a life of pirating and physical exertion. He has several dozen tattoos, all with different meanings.

Position Weapons Master

Personality Maybe it's due to his Caribbean heritage, but Tyree is a very charismatic individual, and seems to be able to charm the pants off of anyone he so chooses. He's also rather good at getting people to open up and talk about themselves. On the inverse, he himself doesn't like to talk about his personal life much, and people tend to view him as mysterious and aloof when it comes to that topic. He's fine with it though. On the matter of business however, he takes a different approach.

He knows that pirates are a hardy bunch, and you can't be soft when commanding them, so when it comes to drills, making sure the weapons are treated with respect, and all the things that come with his job, he can be a hard ass when necessary. Sure he'll still joke around and have a bit of fun, but he has a job to do and he expects others to do theirs as well. Some people tend to be distant with him due to the fact that he worships the Loa, especially the Loa of Death "Baron Samedi"; and they believe if they cross him, he'll put a voodoo curse on them. When it comes to combat, strangely enough he acts much the same as normal. However he is cold hearted and has no qualms maiming or killing anyone in his way or anyone his Captain says needs to die.

Biography Tyree claims the entirety of the Caribbean as his home, because he was born at sea, and aside from a few landfalls every couple months, he lived at sea. His mother died giving birth to him, and his father raised him as only a pirate knew a pirate. He grew up learning the ins and outs of life under a jolly roger, and he came to love it despite the hard work. But his upbringing gained him valuable skills like how to fight, how to swindle, how to pilot a ship; even how to move around the ship with the grace and ease of a dancer on stage. All good things come to an end though. His father was injured during a raid, and with no other family, he needed someone to take care of him.

 So Tyree regretfully left the crew along with is father and a nice share of loot when he was just 17. The place they retired to? Port Royal, Jamaica. For several more years, Tyree helped take care of his father until one day infection reared it's ugly head. He only lasted a few more months before he passed on, leaving Tyree without a family and all alone. The only reason he'd stayed on land as long as he had was his father, as his place was by his side. However, his home was the open sea and with nothing holding him there anymore, he went straight to the docks. He wasn't that old, but he had a literal lifetime of experience and was good at what he did, nor did he have a problem proving it. So when the Vendetta pulled into port, he found himself before Lucky Max. He secured a spot on the ship and worked his way up to Weapon Master through a mix of dedication, loyalty, and just being goo at what he does.  And his position is a position he loves just as much as the feeling of being on the open ocean; and a position he'll defend to the death of him.

Weapons/Equipment Tyree is a melee specialist and likes hand to hand combat more than weapons, but he's not stupid. His main weapons are a twin pair of Dao Swords he took off the body of a Chinaman. He also keeps at least one pistol on him and a dagger in his boot.

Character's Ons: He likes all the normal things, and in the bedroom he's a bit dominant.
Character's Offs: He doesn't like the extremes, like overt bodily harm, mutilation, water games, etc...
Player's Ons: There's a long list. I haven't made it yet, but it's there.
Player's Offs: As stated above, nothing too extreme like scat, bondage, etc, etc...

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Offline Aphe

Hi! I'd love to join in if I could. I can have a sheet up shortly, though I'd like to play a captive - a lady in waiting perhaps taken along side another character or part of the 'loot'.

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

We are still wide open, now to review our new character

Also @Chreestafer: I essence yes, he would primarily be the driver/navigator.

Offline Chreestafer

Tristyn Bailey
by Chreestafer
Age 23
Gender male
Orientation straight, (yet if drunk enough might find himself in a group situation)
Appearance Details: On his left pictorial he has a tattoo of a Kraken tangled with a ship anchor.  Across his chest he holds a deep scar, one given to him by the captain (read history)
Position Quartermaster
Personality He's young and naďve yet he has a true fear of the supernatural(read history) He is fun to be with when he isn't quiet.  Yet for the most part he likes to read and often seeks out books in the loot that they find. 
BiographyTristyn Bailey was born in Ireland to a bar wench of a mother and to a father he never knew.  Around the age of 7 his mother passed away due to sexually transmitted diseases (of course they did not know what was causing her illnesses).  Sadly Tristyn was left to an elderly man who took a fancy to his mother and promised to rear Tristyn properly.  Yet his childhood was anything but fun, if anything he became a slave to old drunken man.  The old man was a fisher man for the local village and a well known one at that.  Yet the kids days started early and ended late, only surviving off the fish he caught for himself to eat.  This lasted for years as he grew to learn how to travel the waters and fish for a living.  One night, around his 18th birthday, however he came home late knowing he was going to be in trouble, upon arrival he found the old man dead, and the shack they lived in was plundered.  He instantly reported it to the local authorities, but as he waited he over heard them looking to blame him.

This is when he ran, he gathered all he could, and took off for the next town over.  He knew they'd be on his tail, but he needed to go, maybe find a ship and sail further north.  Once he arrived in the town though, he found something better, the British Royal Navy.  In Ireland the navy sought out those who needed help in these harsh times, with their words and promises, and the lingering law on his arse, Tristyn enlisted without hesitation. 

His years in servitude to the crown though did not go unnoticed.  The young man took to piloting the large vessels that bore flag of the mainland. His skills and abilities got him noticed as he found steering and navigating these ships seemed easy, though sometimes it wasn't friendly.  Often he found himself in fights with kids who were envious of his skill, this however taught him how to stand on his own. Year after year he found himself piloting larger ships with greater missions, and with in no time he was steering the admirals ship.

A few months after his 20th birthday his skills were set to the true challenge.  He was piloting a smaller ship, entrusted to protect a merchant ship setting sail for the crown, this is where the Vendetta comes to play.  it wasn't long before the pirates attacked, and knowing the mission was failed Tristyn found that he'd rather see the treasure sunk then in the hands of the pirates.  So stealing away on board of the merchant ship he soon took off with the vessel, and after a long and laborious race, the ship began to succumb to the cannon holes.  Water began to leak in and steering became difficult, yet he still kept ahead of the Vendetta.  After hours of chase, the pirate ship caught its bounty, half sunk, but non the less caught it.  Pulling his cutlass, Tristyn was ready to die, yet Captain Maximilian had other plans.  Cutting the young man across his chest sending the cutlass aside he gave the boy two options "steer or die"

To this day Tristyn wasn't sure why he chose to pilot the ship, but he has been at it for the past three years and he is only growing in his skills.  He still has an odd dislike to fog, seeming to steer far and wide from it when he see's it.  something the crew has noticed, yet something he's never spoken of either.

Weapons/Equipment Naval issued Cutlass and Dagger. a pair of flintlock Gunblades he stole on one of his first plundering's as a pirate.
Character's Ons: Books, woman, good stories, good songs, the night skies.
Character's Offs: Being in one place to long (very impatient at times), ghost stories and the dead that roam the ocean
Player's Ons: Ons and Offs
Player's Offs: Ons and Offs

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Offline Arielle

Offline Rave

Arielle, I just thought I'd let you know that your character picture doesn't show up on the forums properly.

(Or my forum is just bugging out and this is just me embarrassing myself  8-))

Offline Arielle

Yeah, I noticed that :/ I went and fixed it a couple times yesterday and it was showing up when I went to bed. Now it's not. I'll mess with it again later xD idk what's going on with it. I probably screwed up the URL or something xD

Offline Aphe

Dulcinea (Dulci)
by Aphe
Age 17
Gender Female
 Orientation Straight/ Bi-Curious
Appearance Details: Dulci is clearly of Hispanic origin, dark skin, dark hair and dark eyes. She is 5’5 and weighs 125 lbs. She is slight, but strong – used to using her muscles to work.
Position Already Captive.
Personality Dulci is a quiet girl. She’d been raised amongst noise and passion and chaos and strove to be the quiet admist the storm. She’s been called ‘cold fish’ on more than one occasion, usually by young nobleman rebuffed in their efforts to bed her. In her eyes, sexuality is a road that leads down only one direction – and that’s the direction she came running from. She’s locked away her passions in a prison she refuses to acknowledge, and instead spends her energy on making right the world around her. She could likely tame a Neanderthal to a prosaic nobleman if given half the chance. She has compassion for those beneath her and speaks with a gentle voice and kind eyes – and while her mothers hot temper lives inside of her, it does not reign supreme and is rarely lost and spent… In her eyes giving in to that depth of anger is just as bad as giving into her sexual nature. It doesn’t matter that she is surrounded by a ship of deliciously virile men – she is bound and determined to keep her modesty and wits in tact until she can find a way back to the life she’s chosen to live.
Biography Dulcinea was raised in a world borne of fire and passion. The very air around her seemed to spark with the ignition of chemistry and tension. Her mother was a Spanish beauty, famed for her temper and passion and lure of men. When she was quite young she secured herself as the life long Mistress to a very influential nobleman – their relationship being no secret to the society encompassing them. Dulcinea was their only offspring – and thusly born into controversy and the wilderness of debauchery. Each of her parents cared for her in their own way – but the girl born of fire and night longed for something more tame and tangible. Her mother raised her with values befitting a young Mistress herself and before long had begun trying to line up gentleman for her to choose to care for her as her father had her mother – But this future left nothing but a vile taste in her mouth. She wanted the structure of society and quiet evenings, she didn’t want to have to perform for affection or a roof over her head. Always, had she raised her own standards well above her mothers – and when it came time to step into her shoes, she fled instead and beseeched her father for support and help. He understood his young daughters wishes, though could offer none of his title or wealth beyond the small stipend he gave her for dresses and baubles (which she was more likely to spend on books) but he could use his influences to secure her a position as a lady in waiting to a house who could forgive her sordid background. She accepted with all the dignity her young heart could muster and threw herself into her new life with gusto. She was everything she ought to be, demure, sensible, quiet, grounded… She performed each of her tasks to perfection – creating a nice, neat little bubble around herself and her new life. She cherished the few years she had in her quiet home and was thrilled to travel with the household wherever they would go. However… her last adventure turned darker than anyone had planned as their ship was seized and pillaged, stripped of anything of beauty and value… Including her. Her deepest fear is that she will be sold into slavery, and end up following her mothers footsteps after all – though without the beauty and indulgence a wealthy man could provide with it. 

Weapons/Equipment She has a single hair pin, with a very sharp end and nothing more.
Character's Ons: She has convinced herself that she is not interested in sex in any way – though secretly the passions of her mother lie within her and under the right circumstances she would yield completely to all the wonders that await her. 
Character's Offs: Promiscuity and flagrant vulgarity.
Player's Ons: I would love to see this girl completely stripped of all her values. She was born of passion and belongs in passion. Public, slight force, girl/girl,
Player's Offs: Yucky extremes, bathroom play, animals, vore.. the icky stuff.

Offline Foxy Oni

Kateri Beuchamp
by Foxy Oni
Age 22
Gender Female
Orientation Believes herself to be heterosexual
Appearance Details: Kateri is a strong-featured young woman with brown hair and eyes. Standing 5' 5" and weighing 138 pounds. She is full-figured with a very ample bosom. Kateri's ears are pierced and she wears handmade jewelry inspired by her mother's Mohawk heritage.
Position Captive, not yet caught
Personality Kateri is used to hardship and has developed a stoic demeanor. She has learned to rely on herself and her faith. Raised Catholic, Kateri is very devout and even considered becoming a nun. Her hobbies are jewelry making and beadwork. A virgin who has had few suitors, she can be a bit nervous around men she finds attractive. French is her native language but she can also speak English and Mohawk.
Biography What's their personal history? Kateri was born in Canada to a French father, Pierre Beauchamp, and a Mohawk mother who did not survive giving birth. As Pierre was a trapper who spent long periods of time in the wilderness, Kateri was mostly raised by priests at a nearby mission. Her childhood was tough. Kateri had to learn to do many domestic tasks like cooking and sewing as well as help her father with his furs. In addition being a "half-breed" made her an outcast. When Pierre died two years ago, Kateri made a meager living doing chores for his fellow trappers. One day she was amazed to receive a letter from the Beauchamp family in France. They had only recently learned of her existence and offered her the chance to live with them. Eager for a new life, Kateri booked passage on a ship.
Weapons/Equipment Kateri carries a knife. It is mainly a tool but she knows how to wield it as a weapon.
Character's Ons: Kateri is ignorant about sex, although she does find herself drawn to "primitive" men.
Character's Offs: Sex is only for the creation of children by two married people.
Player's Ons: Get wild with her, the more evil the better.
Player's Offs: Nothing other than scat.
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Offline AdrianZef

Ooh, I'm interested! Still have room?

Offline Chreestafer

ok character sheet is up and ready :)

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

@Chreestafer: Accepted!

@Juggtacular: He looks good, and is accepted! Though just to clarify when you say Weapons Master I'm thinking you mean the ship's Master Gunner, which would be the man charged with insuring the ship's weapons were kept in proper shape and the man overseeing the gun crews on the gun decks in combat. Am I right?

@Aphe: Accepted!

@AdrianZef: Yes we still have room :)

@Foxy Oni: Accepted!

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Offline toshiue

by toshiue

Age 24

Gender Male

Orientation  Heterosexual

Appearance Details: Jaibana stand 5' 10" and has the muscular frame of a man who is extremely physical. His loincloth does little to hide his dark skinned body. Black hair falls loosely around his face. He paints himself with black ink made from Jagua fruit in order to keep the insects away. Some of designs he paints are quite intricate. He uses carved wooden blocks to make the intricate patterns on his skin. There is a deep scar across his stomach a reminder of why Spaniards can not be trusted. A simple beaded necklace hangs around his neck.

Position Striker

Personality Jaibana says he was born in the water. He takes any opportunity to jump from the ship and swim looking for food. He is skilled with a spear and can kill a manatee with a single thrust from the surface of the water. He is often quiet watching the crew from the rails as they make merry.

When asked about his past or life before coming to sea he becomes sullen and quiet. He doesn't like the Spanish and takes great pleasure in attacking their vessels.

He walks and acts with an air of authority like someone who is accustomed to giving orders and having them followed. However he never balks the authority of his superiors on the ship and is very respectful to the captain and the officers. He sees no difference in men or women as far as positions of authority go and feels either sex can fulfill any role on the ship.

Biography Jaibana was a precocious youth in his tribe and always sneaking off exploring or going to the water to swim. At the age of 8 he took his father's spear and went hunting. He encountered a large aggressive boar that attacked him leaving a large scar on his thigh but Jaibana used the spear and took the beast down.

By his teens Jaibana had already distinguished himself and became master of the hunt. He selected his bride from all of the women of his village and by the age of nineteen he had a son. Soon Spanish soldiers came to the town demanding tribute from the tribe. Jaibana said they had no gold and the soldiers became angry. They killed his wife and his son to motivate the villagers to tell them where the gold was. The Spanish soldiers were convinced they were just hiding it even though Jaibana's people cared nothing for such things. The villagers fought back and killed several of the soldiers but the captain escaped promising to come back with more. The villagers tracked the captain to the coast where they saw a large warship off the coast. They set up camp and waited for the captain to return. He did with several long boats filled with men. The villagers fought but were outnumbered. In the end all of the villages hunters and most of the soldiers lay dead. Jaibana had cut the captain with his poison tipped spear and he laid convulsing on the beach. But the captain had buried his blade deep in Jaibana's stomach. As his vision faded Jaibana saw the Spanish vessel attacked by a band of pirates. Jaibana woke several days later saved by the village medicine man one of the few surviving villagers. As soon as he was able he set out for the coast seeking a ship to join that would attack the Spanish.

Having found himself a crew willing to take him in he takes great pride in providing food for that crew. He has extra zeal for attacking Spanish vessels and has taught a few members of the crew how to use Curare poison to incapacitate and kill their foes.

Weapons/Equipment Spear, bow with poisoned arrows (curare poison)

Character's Ons: Exhibition. (Children in his culture don't even wear clothes until puberty and women just wear a simple skirt and men a loin cloth so he has no problem being nude in front of many people. He tends to be aggressive and dominant toward women and is not concerned about them being uncomfortable being naked in public.) Women enjoying themselves, even if it started as noncon.
Character's Offs: Being cut, being tied
Player's Ons: Passionate situations and dominating roles.
Player's Offs: MxM pairings(just personal not between other characters), scat, necrophilia, beastiality.
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Offline Juggtacular

@Juggtacular: He looks good, and is accepted! Though just to clarify when you say Weapons Master I'm thinking you mean the ship's Master Gunner, which would be the man charged with insuring the ship's weapons were kept in proper shape and the man overseeing the gun crews on the gun decks in combat. Am I right?

Yeah, that's pretty much it. I saw a position called "Weapons Master" on a site about pirate crew positions, but the way it was explained it's essentially the exact same thing under a different name. Made sure the weapons(guns, cannons, blades) were kept in good position, did the test fires to make sure everything was running smoothly, etc... It was basically a Master Gunner with one or two extra duties. I did mean to change it, just forgot, lol.

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

@Juggtacular: No Worries

@toshiue: Accepted!

Offline Love And Submission

Quick question. Who handles equipment on this ship? Normally that job appears to go to the quartermaster but it appears as though the quartermaster only  stares this ship on this vessel?

With all due respect to our dear captain ,  he   must be far too busy to deal with such trivial matters as ration stocking and the evaluation of loot?
Obviously Gold and Silver and jewels of any kind are to be taken but what about artwork ,  clothing or medical supplies?

Plus someone has to go off ship to  buy supplies and  can't be the ships captain can it? What if the ship is attacked in harbor? Or a storm came while he was away?

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

@DTW: I think I mentioned somewhere that the quatermaster would be the one to split up the loot according to each crew man's share when/if that situation actually gets played out in game (as opposed to simply remaining behind the curtain) Ration stocking would be the responsibility of the cook/kitchen staff, loot evaluation would be something the captain himself would do (and I'm sure other high ranking officers would also be present to keep things honest), keeping a stock of medical supplies would fall to the ship's doctor. As far as who goes off to get supplies it would most likely be a different officer each time so as to properly 'spread the misery' of having to put off getting drunk/buying a woman in port while acquiring supplies. IF the ship is attacked while the captain isn't aboard command would fall to the first mate, if the first mate is also not aboard command would fall to the Master-at-Arms, if the Master-at-Arms is also missing then command would fall to the Quartermaster, Master Gunner, & Boatswain(with each overseeing his responsibilities) or possibly one of them who was voted into command by the other two. IF all of them are missing well then hey...we probably don't deserve the ship anyway. Additionally, both the Captain and the 1st Mate would be likely to want to oversee most things, even if that simply boiled down to reviewing manifests/receiving reports before leaving port. Its a poor Captain who doesn't realize his ship is missing something before setting off, and its a poor crew that fails to bring it to his attention/tries to hide it ;D

In a real world ship yes the Quartermaster would have more power, almost as much as the Captain and First Mate (or even more on some ships) but its one of the details that falls under the 'slightly romanticized' portion of the description so as to 'spread the wealth' so that there are more crew members of relatively equal command/importance, and a more clear/less disputable chain of command for IC purposes.
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Offline bubby

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I will have my sheet up within an hour.