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May 15, 2021, 05:48:12 pm

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Author Topic: An idea I'm craving! f for m!!  (Read 412 times)

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An idea I'm craving! f for m!!
« on: February 10, 2014, 06:39:13 pm »
Okay I have a plot in mind I’m dying to play out! I would like you to play two male’s, her father and her best male friend (I might be convinced to make it her brother however but I would prefer it to be a best friend) anyways this is how I would like this idea to go. Starr (my character) mother just died and she had to step up and take the responsibility to take care of her father who has now quit his job and become a drunken bastard to her. She does everything she can to keep their family together however she has missed so much school due to her family situation she was kicked out. this angers her father to the point he becomes very abusive in his drunken state. that’s when her best friend, lets call him vincent (you can always change his name, no worries). comes in. She calls him up for help and to get away from her dad. Starr is secretly in love with Vincent and he loves her aswell. I want him to be very protective over her. they will eventually confess their feelings for each other and there will be a relationship. this story is pretty much about young lovers. Starr will have to figure out what to do about her father when he become progressively worse… maybe even rapes her or atleast tries. anyways here is the first post to this idea! PM me if you want to give it a try!

STARTER POST! (which I can always rewrite if we change things around!)

Starr awoke to an repetitive, obnoxious beeping from her alarm clock. Starr slowly opened her heavy eyelids with a light rub to her eye sockets after groaning a bit due to she didn't want to wake up. "Morning already?..." Finally Starr flipped from her back to her side so she could press the snooze button of the annoying clock. She looked at the digital numbers reading 8:00am she sighed in disappointment. she was already almost an hour late for school that started at 7:15am. Starr was still a Jr. in high school. She used to be in the top of her class but after her mother died in a car crash not too long ago she just couldn't stay in focus on her studies. Her family was falling apart and she felt that it was her job to keep them together as best a possible.

Starr stumbled out of bed and to her clothes closet so she could figure out what to wear. It didn't take her long to grab a light purple spring dress from the hanger and threw it on. The dress did wonders for her hour glass body however, most clothes did. She may only be 16 but she was an early bloomer of her womanhood. Just like her mother was. Starr got her looks from her mother, she looked a lot like her. Finally Starr dragged herself out of her room and to the bathroom next to it. She did a very quick job on make up not really putting much one, she didn't really need it anyways. She had natural beauty.

she began to walk down stair and to the kitchen deciding to cook breakfast for her . Once she fired the stove up and got all her cooking tools ready to use cracked open an egg, slapped down some bacon and started to brown the sausages. This was her normal routine for the morning to cook her and her father breakfast before school. She took it up from her mother, she was the one who started up the tradition of breakfast. THough Starr knew if she didn;t cook for the man he probably just wouldn't eat. Once the food was done she made two plates, one for dad and the other for her brother. She munched a bit while cooking so she didn't make herself one. She placed her father's food on the kitchen table knowing the smell of the food already woke him.

She knew he was in a lot of pain and just wanted to do what ever she could to make him feel betrer, then grabbed her school bag, She was now almost two hours late but she knew she had to go to school anyways. Once she got down stairs her father just stared at her while eating his food. That's all he seemed to do to her lately... Stare. She said good bye before leaving to walk to school..

Once she got there she was sent to the principal's office. "Starr I know it must be hard with the loss of her mother and me and the entire school am sorry about it... she was a wonderful person." the principle spoke "But you've missed so much school and your grades have dropped dramatically.... I'm sorry I have to tell you this but you kicked out of this school due to her absence." After all was said and done she walked back home knowing her father would probably just freak. This was not her day...

Once she arrived back at home her father was already asking why. She explained to him what the school had told her and grew very angry. you could see the anger on his face. "you're telling me you got kicked out of school?? " She began to bring his voice up into a yell "you're such a disappointment... Go get me a beer and make yourself useful.." She did as he asked without argument. Even though he was talking cruelly to her she was just glad that he was speaking to her at least. Soon after she walked upstair into her room leaving her door cracked sighing before sitting down and placing her face in her hands.