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Author Topic: The Secret Glade [Fantasy; Dom M for F sub character]  (Read 354 times)

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Offline Alec LifestarTopic starter

The Secret Glade [Fantasy; Dom M for F sub character]
« on: February 10, 2014, 02:49:36 PM »
The small backwater kingdom of Astoria since times immemorial nestles against the Darkhold Mountains, a vast range of endless forested slopes, wild torrents, countless gorges, hidden plateaus and ice-covered peaks separating the Seven Kingdoms from the mystery-haunted and unexplored lands further north for many miles until the only known point from which to venture further northwards, the Red Citadel, seat of the Wizardsí Guild, who for centuries have denied passage to any and all.

Rumour is aplenty with stories of the northern lands, Fairy Lands as the farmers and peasants call them. Tales passed from grandparents to children for generations tell of a fair folk living there in palaces of crystal, capable of many a fine trade and wise in wisdom and knowledge of the arcane as they live their immortal lives.

Little do these stories matter, however, to Rhiana, the youngest daughter of the King of Astoria. With the burden of the succession of the royal line on her elder sister, Rhiana from the moment she managed to walk without falling over has been a whirlwind, eschewing even the few occasions that an Astoria princess would don fine dresses and courtly manner in the simple halls of the realm, and preferring to spend her days roaming the lands dressed in the leathers of a ranger, hunting knife by her side and a bag of provisions on her back, running with the wind, feeling the rain on her face and revelling in the touch of nature.
Growing up, she grew bored with the more tame farmlands south of her familyís seat, and begins to venture into the rough, but beautiful wilderness of the foothills and mountains. Many a day the strong-willed princess spends foraging in the woodlands, bathing and fishing in the clear, hidden lakes overlooking her fatherís realm and climbing the lesser faces of the mountain range, untroubled by the constant chiding she receives for her ill-fitting behaviour as well as coming home late and dirtied.

Knowing the Darkhold mountains better than many a ranger, one day Rhiana sets out further than ever before, setting foot into a grove she has never been through before. Following it for many an hour, she finally emerges into a hidden vale, almost painfully beautiful in its untouched wilderness, and from the sight of the mountains surrounding her, it becomes apparent that she has long crossed the borders of her fartherís realm.
She keeps her findings a secret from everyone at home, and returns as soon as possible only to discover that she is not the only one to have found that secretive place. Finding herself face to face a young man, apparently of her own age, she quickly comes to understand that he bears many traits ascribed to the mysterious folk of legend.
Still, what they seem to share is their mutual curiosity for each other, and despite them being unable to understand each otherís tongue, the just-come-of-age princess and the strange elfling begin to get to know each other, and with the princess long having been restricted from acting on the unspeakable, strange and humiliating desires that haunt her mind when she touches herself at night, and her mysterious new friend seemingly picking up on her feelings without words, they soon begin to dabble and explore in more than just friendshipÖ

This is a short introduction and sort-of in-character-description of my newest idea. I am looking for a player interested in most, if not all of the elements mentioned above so far (naturally) for playing the princess. A few further clarifications on what Iíd require for Rhiana player are the following: Apart from the general description as a tomboy/maybe warrior princess, Iíve no specific ideas for her appearance this time, though it should be clear that sheís not to be a bimbo or doll character. Also, Iíd specifically want a player for her that would be interested in an active submissive role, where the princess would actively help and shape her humiliation and partake in debasing herself for her own pleasure.
Names are interchangeable. Specific kinks Iíd like to include in this are, amongst others, hiding their growing relationship from her family, with sneaking away, covering up and everything, spanking, bondage, Master/pet, kissing and romance.
If you feel tickled by what you read so far, feel free to contact me with any question you have, change you would want to request or idea to add (Oh, please, please add your own imagination and ideas to mine).

Iím looking forward to hearing from you!
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Offline Alec LifestarTopic starter

Re: The Secret Glade [Fantasy; Dom M for F sub character]
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2014, 04:40:11 PM »
Still open and looking for someone interested in this one. You, maybe? Yes, you, [you]?