Happily Married... Sort of.

Started by Jester, February 10, 2014, 08:25:51 AM

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The couple in question have been married for many years and are extremely close. Having raised two children and been best friends since childhood there is little they do not know about each other.

There is only one weakness in their marriage. Sex. Neither of them are adventurous and both realise that they do not satisfy the other very well.

This story will investigate their sexual awakening. But from different levels.

The setting will be a suburban house and the couple will be middle class and both professional. One day though the husband suggests they have an "open" relationship...

Together we shall set up various scenarios for the couple and explore

1. How they feel before.
2. The sexual acts and their feelings.
3. How they feel afterwards.

I would also like to explore the reactions of friends and family of the changes in the married couple.

Suggested scenes could be...

1. She goes on her first date with another man.... (we explore both their reactions to before and after)
2. He goes on his first date with another woman... ditto

We can then move onto threesomes, moresomes, watching each other etc....

We can discuss more if you like the idea.

I would like their to be a transformation in the wife and for friends, family and colleagues to notice. I want her to feel and become sexier.

Please let me know if you might be interested.