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Author Topic: Fallout - Project: Fresh Start [M Seeking F]  (Read 329 times)

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Fallout - Project: Fresh Start [M Seeking F]
« on: February 08, 2014, 02:22:25 AM »

War, War Never Changes.

It may never be known the full extent the Vault program reached in the days before and immediately after the bombs fell. It was common knowledge in the year 2277 that many of the vaults weren't just ways to ensure survivors of the atomic war but many of the vaults were designated for social and scientific experiments. These experiments often had horrific results but there was one piece of information about the experiments that few overseers knew - and those that did know had one mutual thought.

For some reason, the computer systems always gave priority to the demands and needs of Vault 200 and whatever was going on the overseers who knew of it also knew of the experiments - and they all pitied the poor souls involved.

And they were right too. Vault 200 wasn't advertised and only the best of the best of the scientific crop was invited for Project: Fresh Start. A radical departure from the normal vault, Vault 200 had a different goal in mind. To take everything they learned from the other vault experiments and apply it toward creating a new human race from the genes up. The idea was to creature machines and processes that would wait quietly in the dark until 200 years had passed when the radiation had come back down to safe levels, then growing pods would kick in to create genetically sculpted human beings - free of defects, superior in genetics, and from them they'd create a new society that revered VaultTec and the Enclave like Gods. A race of superhumans whose superiority to any other creatures of the wastelands and to any other survivors would only be matched by their loyality to the descendents of the very people who caused the war to start with.

200 years passed, and the machines kicked on to begin their work but things went wrong. Machines degrade over time, most of the pods simply failed to function either wasting their genetic material entirely or creating little more then a pile of dead tissue. On top of that the Vault Dweller, the Lone Wanderer, the Courier - legends of the Wastelands came forth and by the time the genetically augmented and mentally programmed humans were ready to hatch from their pods the gods of these Homo Superior were dead.

The goal was to make 200 hundred of these Homo Superior, but few pods produced results and fewer still could mentally handle the burden of knowing that the beings they were literially born and bred to serve were dead. Of the surviving specimens most would end their lives rather then go on. In fact, after all was said and done, there was only one male Homo Superior - the only male whose survival instinct was stronger then the despondence at the existential crisis of his life.

But one male can spread his genes and propogate his species so very well when motivated...

OOC: A tribute game based on the Fallout games with an E edge.

Basic Premise - Vault 200 was secret even by Vault standards as it's goal wasn't to save its inhabitants but to automatically create genetically augmented humans dubbed "Homo Superior" 200 years after the bombs fell when radiation levels would be safe again. The idea was that these men and women would be superior to normal humans, subservient to the Enclave, and in time replace normal Homo Sapians. However, things didn't go as planned and instead of a colony's worth of "Homo Superior" they got a small handful at best including only one male. [Whether he's the only "Homo Superior" or there are a few others but they are all female is something we can discuss.]

Hoping for heavy smut but by no means all smut, say 50-50, as he basically has two goals now - to impregnate as many normal Homo Sapian women as he can with his Homo Superior genes and obviously to survive in the Wastelands. What it means to be Homo Superior exactly can be discussed, as well as if we use some sort of system to cover this.

Either way, this should be fun.

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Re: Fallout - Project: Fresh Start [M Seeking F]
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2014, 09:32:35 AM »
Bump given when this was posted so late last night - and thought I'd give what I was thinking. Obviously this is just some idea tossing, everything is negotiable.

Homo Superior - Essentially a Homo Superior, also known as an Augment, would be a human being if you went in and re-sequenced the genes in an attempt to maximize their attributes. They aren't Super Mutants but the research that went into the Forced Evolutionary Virus and into the Genetic Augmentation has similar roots so there are similarities.

The differences between an Augment and a Super Mutant stem from how the enhanced genes were introduced into the system, a Super Mutant got their better genes from a viral infection while an Augment was built from the ground up with the better genes in mind. The genes are put together with more care with aspects like their appearance and pass-ability of the genes kept in mind.

As a result in many ways you can think of an Augment as a weaker form of a Super-Mutant. Like Super-Mutants they are stronger, tougher, and when unencumbered faster then a baseline human but an Augment is usually only maybe half-again with those attributes. They do tend to be taller and more built but not inhumanly so, maybe 6 inches. They also are far more resistant to radiation and disease like a Super-Mutant but not to the point where they seem to be completely immune. They also heal significantly faster then normal humans as well - but Mutants are theorized to heal so quickly that they even undo the damage of cellular aging. In theory, Super Mutants can only be killed by extreme injury while Augments regenerate much slower - their aging processes are about 30% to 50% that of a normal human but they were hatched as adults and they are still aging. At least in theory, nobody actually knows how an Augment ages in practice.

Then there's the obvious differences however, and they are big ones too. Mutants tend to have green or grey skin with inhuman bulk and disfigurements on the skin. Augments can pass for normal-if-unusually-tall humans. The average Super-Mutant tends to display intelligence significantly lower then normal human, while an Augment actually tends to be about 30% smarter then the average human. [Though in the defense of the mutants, their intelligence varies wildly and on paper they're actually at least double human intelligent. Most mutants are barely above animal intelligence but there are recorded cases of mutants having at least human level intelligence with at least one known case of a higher intelligence mutant in the form of the Master.]

The most dramatic difference between Augments and Super Mutants in the long term effects they'll have on the Wastelands though are their fertility. Super-Mutants are sterilized upon infections with the FEV, Augments are not. In fact Augments tend to actually be noticeably more fertile then normal humans. Which gender benefits more is up for debate but the effects are easier to see with the males, where according to simulations a single male who truly dedicates himself to the task can be a one-man baby boom all by himself...