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May 21, 2018, 05:55:22 PM

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Author Topic: Em's Marvel Mayhem (DM plays M+F looking for M for plot and fun!)  (Read 489 times)

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Offline EmpressTopic starter

The Marvel Dollhouse

Wish to RP with me but want to do so in another setting than the Marvel Universe? Click here!

1. When sending me a PM like a good little boy: HAVE AN IDEA OF WHAT SETTING YOU WANT TO PLAY!(Having five possible settings is not good, but having two or three puts us on the right path)

2. When sending me a PM like a good little boy: HAVE AN IDEA OF WHAT TYPE OF CHARACTER YOU WANT TO PLAY.(Images are not mandatory, I like finding them for you if needed, but PLEASE be ready to produce a character idea, I build my worlds around your character after all so it is tremendously important.

3. When sending me a PM like a good little boy: BE PATIENT, I AM BURIED IN PMS SOMETIMES!(One thing that I can guarantee you is when I start an RP, I make sure that I love it. It may take time to set up an RP, and if we do not hit it off, I may just not start it at all. I am fiercely loyal to my partners if they fit my tastes.)

4. When sending me a PM like a good little boy: IMPRESS ME, YOUR FIRST PM OR TWO IS WHAT WILL MAKE ME WANT TO PLAY WITH YOU!(I am not trying to be an elitist or something, as I said, I receive a lot of PMs so whenever one really impresses me, it will stick with me and I will try to push to RP with you.)


Yikes, what a bitch-fit!

This is pretty much copy pasted from my other Wanted thread:

My ideal Roleplay:

What I am mainly looking for is a longterm roleplay over Private Messages. I will repeat for safety measures, I will only RP over Private Messages over Eilliquiy or Notes on F-List, which are technically the same thing but simply on another site. I like playing the DM or GM, playing a whole host of characters around the protagonist(you!). Your character's opinions and decisions will influence the story and perhaps even the world that is crafted by both of us. I am very open to many settings, I will be stating some that I am prepared to do, but you definitely gain bonus points if you have setting ideas that I do not have listed. Also, the main protagonist(played by you!) will have a chance to be intimate with many of the characters I will play, both male and female. The RP will of course be a healthy mixture of both story and sex. Also take note that though I can play in canon-sounding settings, all the characters I tend to play are original, so it is mostly alternate universes with the same basics, but a different cast of characters. Interested? Read on!

My ideal Partner:

You may say that I am difficult. My reply would be : GUILTY! If you do not feel up to being my ideal partner, I would rather you do not waste both of our times, so please to read this section attentively before contacting me. Alright, so here is the rundown, I am looking for a male who wants to RP longterm and over Private Messages. Who is willing to play promiscuous and bisexual males. My favorite body types are the muscular and masculine ones.The type of man who is comfortable with his masculinity and just knows he is the epitome of what it is to be a man! I am always open to helping pick out images to go with my partners' characters. So yes, if you are not open to male/male scenes(every third or fourth sexual scene would be a male/male one) then I suggest not contacting me. I am difficult, but I've been said that my stories are worth it. Still interested? I might be able to do something with you then, keep reading!
For Marvel, my interest would be the types like Wolverine, Colossus, Warpath, Hulk, Captain America. Then types that are a lot more physical. The warriors in modern times are what I really prefer. I use real life pictures for my characters, and I will gladly offer you a few options if needed.

My kinks(Ons and Offs):

For a better idea of what I like sexually, check out Ons and Offs thread, you can find it in my signature! My F-list is also linked on my O/O thread!

My Marvel World
I actually have more than eighty characters all stashed up in hidden F-list profiles. These characters will all be used in the different RPs I will have in my Marvel world. I also have several more ideas for even more characters.

The Avengers:
No heroes have marked and changed the world like the Avengers have. They are the world's first force against any external force that would do us harm. All of them are regarded as legends, especially the original group consisting of Admiral America, Armor Man, Horus, Fairy and Doctor Olympus. Over the years, their ranks grew, some left, some returned, the Avengers team has always been a breathing, living thing. Each era of superheroing seems to be linked to one of the many formations of the group.

An unknown to the public event pushed the Avengers away from each other recently. Little has been known what happened to Earth's Mightiest Heroes but one thing is for sure. They will not stay down for long.

The Fantastic Four:
If the Avengers are Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the Fantastic Four are the first super family. It all started when a small and young group of scientists were sent to the space station for research. This was a chance of a lifetime for such youth. What happened during that trip to space though, was a different thing. On their second day, the scientists' space station was hit by powerful solar radiations. Several of the life support systems malfunctions, only the men and woman who would go to become the Fantastic four, and the man who would grow to become their worst nemesis survived, as they had simply been at the right place at the right time.

They waited, in a small room that had just enough air, for a week. Rescue came, and upon their return on Earth, they realized that they had been changed on a genetic level. The Fantastic Four grew to become some of the Earth's brightest minds and most powerful team of superheroes. While the Latverian man who had been with them grew to become King Doom.

The X-men:
The original five X-men, now all around the age of 26-29 have been fighting for mutant and human coexistence since they were 14. Mentored by Henry Xavier, their numbers grew over the years. At first it was only a small student body who became a superhero team. As the students matured, more members joined. In time they opened the school to the New Mutants, a group of six young mutants who they are tutored and mentored into superheroism. Several years later, the school opened up and welcomed a lot more students, having a big student body, the X-men, having grown and learned at Xavier's Institute of Higher Learning now working on the next generation of mutants. Three years ago, Magneto, head of the Brotherhood of mutants, vowed that his fight for mutant supremacy was finished and instead founded a mutant nation on the island of Genosha in the Indian ocean.

It was a year and a half ago that tragedy hit the X-men in a way that they could never have anticipated. Their mentor and leader, Professor Xavier was chose in the chest during a peaceful mutant rally. When he had come upon the podium to inspire the masses before him, he was shot without mercy. The killer never found. Helios, field leader of the X-men, and Xavier's first X-man disbanded the X-men. It was during their hiatus that he started looking through his mentor's memoirs and found the man's next project. X-Corp. Mutant embassies all over the world that would grant protection to mutants on the run. The younger of these mutants would then be sent from the X-Corps to the institute.

After a genocide on Genosha that claimed a million mutant lives, Helios revealed the project, instituting teams of mutants all over the globe in the different X-Corp buildings. In a way, he wanted that the countless deaths within the mutant nation would not happen again. And X-Corp was in part one of his ways of dealing with that. He always came out to the public, revealing that Xavier's Institute was a mutant school, and that the X-men team had always been the teachers and faculty members of the institution.

In the shadows, Helios also assembled a team of killers he named X-Force. This team's sole goal was to take out threats to mutants before they could take out mutants. This shadow team is known to nobody save for Helios and the actual members. It is highly illegal but deemed imperative if the mutant race is to survive.

And at the heart of Mutant Town, the highest hub of mutant activity, is X-Factor Investigations. A private investigating firm that deal with the population of mutants in the city. Though Helios has approved of the leader of the team, he has no control or say in the matters of the firm.

The Slot System
I will try to explain this as easily as I can so that it is clear and concise. Sometimes I go over the top, or explain things with so much words that it gets too complicated. It seriously does not have to be, so here it goes:
There are several slots available for my Marvel world. One partner can take one slot. A slot simply means that you have a spot in this world, that you RP in it. In each slot, there are two, three characters. Yes, I ask that my partner play more than one character. You will not play them at the same time. That is my job. Instead, the story will jump from one protagonist, to the other. This is a writing technique I have perfected for a while now, and it is great for cliffhangers. So the story will at one point follow a character, then jump to another. Fair enough?

The Available Slots 5/5
The X-Men

Slot 1: Available
a)New member of X-men(possibly tied to Weapon X)
b)New Student
c)Rogue Mutant(possibly brother or former friend of New X-man, hopefully also tied to Weapon X)

Slot 2: Available
a)X-Factor Investigations Leader
b)X-Force Leader

Slot 3: Available
a) Member of X-Corp Paris
b) New Student

The Avengers

Slot 1: Taken
a) New Avenger
b) Young Avenger
c) Supercriminal

Slot 2: Taken
Veteran Avenger
SHIELD agent

Want to suggest other slots? Other combinations? Let me know!

Other things to know:

This will be a constant work in progress, one of my plans is adding more fleshed out settings when I get clearer ideas of what I want to do in said settings. Of course I may also flesh out some more the settings I have already listed as well. This is also my first Request thread on this site so go easy on me! But I don't bite, seriously! But please when you contact me, bring your ideas, show me that you are interested and don't want me all to do the whole thing on my own. Impress me and I will impress you! Oh and if you are a girl, we can still be friends? I can brainstorm over the Elliquiy chat, but RP will be kept to private messages please.

You do not need to have a character idea for all the characters in your chosen slot. But having one(the a of each slot) is recommended. Let's play already!

Contacting me:

A private message or a post in this thread should do the trick! So come on boys, come out and play!
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Re: Em's Marvel Mayhem (DM plays M+F looking for M for plot and fun!)
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Alright, two of my Marvel ''Slots'' have been taken! The two Avenger RPs are no longer available!