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Author Topic: Looking to GM fantasy game for F  (Read 443 times)

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Looking to GM fantasy game for F
« on: February 07, 2014, 04:32:46 PM »
Plot blurb:

[Your name here] has returned to the town of her birth after having set out a few years earlier to find fame and fortune. Tales of her adventures have made their way back to the kingdom, and she is given a hero's greeting as she meets the townsfolk.

Because of her bravery and strength, she has now been given an important task- once per generation, the town's tribute to their harvest god must be brought deep into the mountain forests to the ancient tree that stands there. Not all heroes have come back from this journey, but it is a great honor and none have ever refused.

-I'm looking for someone to play a strong, confident, mostly good-aligned female adventurer. Someone who can take the initiative in getting herself out of trouble and who doesn't break easily.

-The setting will be medium fantasy- monsters and magic exist, but most people haven't seen them personally.
    -Elves are very fae-like. They're immortal, use glamours to disguise themselves, and are known for causing not-so-harmless trouble.
    -Dwarves live deep under the mountains in ranges where humans seldom tread.
    -The world is early-feudal; most kingdoms are small in size and there is plenty of unexplored, unruled world.
-There will be lots of non-con, bondage, and physical abuse.

-The game will be on the darker side in tone. To explain my feelings on 'dark': Telling a dark story isn't about making everyone and everything in the world ugly, cruel, and pleasant. That just breeds apathy and disgust toward the setting. There needs to be enough light to give the dark context. It also isn't about torturing the characters in the extreme, but about letting the pain the characters do suffer have a sense of weight and reality.

My GMing style is to give the player/players a lot of room to go in the direction they wish. I prefer to keep my plans broad and loose, and I like running with things when my players present me with good ideas or opportunities. Of course, one of my favorite kinds of opportunities is having players face the consequences for their actions.

Some things of the questions I'd have about your character to start off with:
-What were her previous adventures? Encountering and killing a monster would be a huge deal in this world, so even having one kill under her belt would be a lot. 3-4 years of adventurers would be appropriate for the plot I have in mind.
-What is her sexual experience? I'm comfortable with anything from "virgin" to "promiscuous", but I'd prefer to avoid a nympho who will enjoy being raped by any character who gets his hands on her.

Here is the opening post (can be adjusted based on your character):
It's nearing sundown as you see the end of your journey drawing near. The tunnel of trees that encloses the long road through the Elren forest opens, revealing the valley that has been farmed for generations by good, peaceful folk. You see the wheat and potato fields, the grazing cattle, and the gentle stream that you grew up playing in. After four years of being out in the world, you're home again.

The small village seems impossibly quaint now. Wooden cabins and mudbrick houses huddle together. There are no roads or streets other than the one lead straight through, going west into the forest and the mountain pass, and east toward Halbrock, the city where from King Tulvrin rules over the couple dozen towns and villages that make up the Tul kingdom. Everything looks as old as it is, most of the dwellings older than your grandparents. It isn't even large enough for a real tavern or inn- old Miss Tawren has a spare room where she can board travelers for a little extra coin, and when the men get together for a drink they do it in Suloh's barn.

As you pass the simple wooden sign announcing the name of the village you see the farmers coming in for the day. It's sowing time, one of the two great busy times of year for these people. The first to spot you is Hoahel, the aged blacksmith that makes and cares for the tools that keep the village running. He is a tall man, still strong and broad despite his years, with graying hair and a great white mustache. He bellows out to the others, heralding your homecoming with the strongest set of lungs still in the village.
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Re: Looking to GM fantasy game for F
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2014, 10:05:43 AM »
Added some detail on the tone of the story and GMing style.

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Re: Looking to GM fantasy game for F
« Reply #2 on: March 26, 2014, 02:27:46 PM »
Added sample opening post.