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September 26, 2021, 03:55:30 pm

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Author Topic: Catching Pokejin [any/any, variable con, looking for multiple responders]  (Read 662 times)

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Forgive the formatting... I was going to do this in the 'One Shots' area, but considering how much I'm putting into it... I'm just copy/pasting here. These RPs may be short, and I'm looking to play a few different of them at a time.

Content: Non-Con to 'bonobo love'. Pokemon: specifically pokejin (think 'cat girl' only Pokemon). m/m, m/f, f/f. Indirect bondage/slavery (background themes).

Scenario: Pokemon AU. In this world, rather than Pokemon being what amounts to different creatures (like, say, an electric mouse) they are 'Pokejin', human-like beings that have various features that match the standard universe's Pokemon (like, say, a human with yellow hair, pointy ears, a lightning shaped tail and the ability to control electricity).  In this world, there are still trainers, who still capture these Pokejin. Only... it isn't a fight that is used to weaken other Pokejin; they use sex. They also use Pokejin sex for competitions and when trainers 'battle'. But this story will only consider capturing.

This can be played non-con, of course. That's easy to see. But I think it would be more interesting on the level of 'bonobo love'.
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For those who don't know, the bonobo is a primate that resolves all of their problems with sex. Two are having an argument? They have sex. One hurts another by accident? Sex. Someone's excited at what they just found? Sex. Thankful for another taking care of your young? Sex. You get the idea. The way this would work is similar, but a bit more aggressive. Still, it would be natural for even wild Pokejin to solve issues with sex. So a wild Pokejin appears! It fights back with sex 'cause of course that's what it does. And after being captured it's happy to use these skills for their new master. How good of a life this is for them is approximately the same as Pokemon in the standard universe.

Oddly enough, when left at the daycare center, some Pokejin will fight physically, and somehow an egg will appear. Where it came from is a mystery to them.

Some more world notes:
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Pokejin have human-like intelligence for the most part, and speak a language common to their type (to humans it comes out as them saying their names, but it's a thing of inflections, really), as well as any types the Pokejin previously had. If a Pokejin is part of a Trainer's collection (in the same box or part of the Trainer's active team) and they spend time (box or team) with another Pokejin that knows one of their languages, they'll share all languages they know. Woo, weird world building... for some reason! While Pokejin are intelligent in what they are capable of doing, they are a little simple. They rarely have much will besides being with their own kind, eating... well, sex. They don't have many ambitions. This can change, though, when they are captured.
Anyway, what I want to do is run some 'catching Pokejin' scenes. Simple stuff. I will (momentarily) play the trainer and then play the Pokejin that I want to use to capture the Pokejin you are playing. Of course, if need be, the trainer can send out multiple Pokejin to weaken the wild one. Once weakened, a Pokeball is used and might succeed. That will be discussed outside of the game.

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Able to deal with the fact that I'm trying to get back into E and might struggle. I may have a hard time doing really long posts. You'll have more success with short posts. Mind you, a short post is like... half a paragraph? Who knows, I might explode with creativity with this one. Beyond that, have some knowledge of Pokemon. I'm not expert, of course, and I don't know the two newest games (though I could research it enough for it to work), but as long as you know some part of the normal universe and certain Pokemon fitting that part of that world (ie, you are familiar with a particular game, be it Red/Blue, Ruby/Emerald, etc.) you'll be fine.

I plan to play the trainer Pokejin. I could be easily convinced to play wild Pokejin, but I am not interested in doing so if the trainer is male and I'm to play a female wild Pokejin. Any other combination of gender and role is fine.

Other info:
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The 'anthro' level is up to the other person, but I'd rather not go full furry. I am flexible on if skin is a standard 'flesh' or similar to the Pokemon the Pokejin is based on. I may even be okay with fur, scales, and spines... but no snouts. Faces are human shaped. Hands and feet are standard human, unless there is compelling reason (I could be alright with a ghost Pokejin with no legs at all).

Here are some inspiration images. Some are NSFW, but nothing should be explicit.

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These are just examples, you aren't limited to these. And obviously, those playing male Pokejin aren't really shown here.