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How to better use RAM(Memory) ?

Started by Xenphir, February 07, 2014, 01:25:06 AM

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I keep crashing on games due to running out of Memory. I only have 3.5 GB usable RAM until I can afford a new RAM stick. (And until I get off my lazy bum and see what kind I already have, since the new one must match the old one)

Sooo I've already tried lowering graphics to the bare minimum, but I still keep crashing a lot. I've tried playing Single player games but still ones with higher graphics like Skyrim. Heck, I crash just playing single player Minecraft! The issue is always the same, Running out of memory.

To the point: My question is, is there any way to free up more memory on my PC that can go towards games? I've checked the programs running and have already tried closing any background program I didn't need open, and it didn't help at all.


If you have 3.5 gigs of RAM it means you have 32 bit windows and that is the most you can have.

Still, getting OOM errors on a standard minecraft run is pretty crazy. What is running in your task manager?


Tasks are usually just the game I'm playing.

Processes are:


and then the taskhost/taskmgr.exe

If you need more info I can get it.

I didn't know 32bit limited you that much. I was already thinking of getting 64bit but even the 32 bit was given to us free by a friend who no didn't need it. Just about this whole PC was free. I paid my friend about.. three 8 oz tubs of homemade fudge for it. (He's a really nice guy, even if it's not the best it's still a lot for being free) But for a gamer like me it's always having issues. x.x


Back when I was a gamer I used to shut down a few computer processes so that I could run the games of the day a little faster. 

There are free "accelerators" available for download that automatically shuts off services and processes to give your machine a speed boost.  These accelerators, then, according to theory, restart the services and processes when you're done gaming. 

I've never tried them.  Personally, I'd recommend you look a little deeper.  It could be malware.  There are free online checkers to supplement your own.  Maybe one or more of your drivers aren't quite right and you have a big memory leak someplace.  It might even be some bizarro problem with your HD (or at least your swap file, though that seems less likely).   You might also have a faulty stick of RAM. 

Then you might give PC tune up software a try.  I like Ccleaner and Glary utilities.  I also on occasion use Puran utilities.  These are all free, and are intended to clean up and fine tune a windows install.  All of them should be used with caution and care.  Though they can really help, they do have the potential to hose your machine. 

Having said that, I've used Ccleaner and Glary for years, and Puran for months without incident.

Check a reputable freeware site, such as Snapfiles or Major Geeks for the aforementioned software.

Final words: if you're feeling insecure about most of the above solutions, it might be time to make some fudge.

Have your friend over and have him troubleshoot.

Good luck!
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Thanks, I'll try Ccleaner :o I've used it before but that was a long time ago. Worse comes to worse, yeah, I'll have to make a lot more fudge xD