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Author Topic: Life In The Ludis:Just about full, could use one or two more house slaves.  (Read 6100 times)

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Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

So Far...

The Flavius family has a proud history within the city of Pompeii, their ancestors were amongst the first lanistas to establish a ludus within the city and their gladiators have been featured in many historic and epic contests throughout the years. But poor management and incompetence has brought dark fortunes to the name Flavius. What was once a exceedingly wealthy, and influential family with several ludi under it's control is now but a shadow of it's former self. Now, with the death of his father Titus, Lucius Flavius finds himself the Pater Familias of his family and it's remaining holdings.

With but a single ludus to his name and scant few gladiators Lucius and his family are facing the brink of total collapse. But there are many ways for a man to make his fortune and many paths to greater glory, for those who would have the courage to walk them. All hope is not lost for the Flavius name. Lucius still knows how to train superb gladiators, he still has a loyal family as well as loyal servants, and the most recent batch of slave purchases contains several slaves who seem to possess the potential to be great gladiators. So long as he can maintain control of his house, and his warriors do well in the arena there is a chance that Lucius can save his family's future....

The Place
Pompeii is a city of greatness, it is rich, secure, and its people are true loyal Romans. As one of The Republic's larger cities, Pompeii boasts a massive population, a constantly growing economy, and an ever growing hunger for entertainment. In order to better sate this hunger the city boasts a magnificent arena where anything from gladiatorial games to chariot races can be observed by both the lower and the upper classes of the population.

The Villa
Standing just outside the city, the Flavius family's home is composed of the villa where the family itself lives, and the Ludus where it's gladiators are trained. Both the villa and the ludus were both built to the highest standards. The villa contains bedrooms, an expansive kitchen, two large baths, a single private bath, and several other rooms meant for aiding in a privileged lifestyle. While the ludus boasts cells for the gladiators, open areas for training, a small medical office, a rudimentary kitchen, a single moderately sized bathing room and even the capacity to erect a small mock arena for more formal practices.


So, this is my attempt to get a gladiator game started up. The game itself will focus on the lives of the Flavius family, their slaves, and their gladiators. As they all try to better their lots in life. It should be noted that this isn't going to be a 'slave rebellion' game. But rather a game focused on playing out and portraying the intrigue, lifestyle, pleasures, and sufferings of 'typical' Ancient Roman people, slaves and gladiators. That's not saying you can't play a gladiator or slave who is disobedient/etc. It just means that you shouldn't expect to get away with gathering a bunch of unhappy slaves together, grabbing some swords, and storming the Romans. The game will ideally contain scenes of training, plotting/planning, smut (obviously) and real gladiatorial fights. The setting I'm choosing to use is a SLIGHTLY dramatized version of the late republic (for us history buffs). I'm trying for an air of relative realism here (think Rome from HBO rather than Spartacus from Starz). That having been said there are some liberties taken with some historical facts such as the specific's of the gladiatorial matches(we are ignoring most of the rules/regulations said matches actually had), and a few other things (such as us having slightly more common female gladiators). Below is a list of the roles open so far and a very brief description of where they stand at game start. The roles listed in BOLD are those I'd consider needed to start the game. The others are optional.

Also please bear in mind that the list a rough draft so if you have a specific type of character or a take on one of the roles in mind that you don't see listed please feel free to let me know and we will see if we can work it in.

Pater Familias: Urbanzorro as Lucius Flavius
Wife: EndofDevine as Aurelia Flavius
Eldest Son: SGTDan as Brutus Flavius
Son: Vanetias as Galvius Flavius
Eldest Daughter BarbaraGordon as Livia Flavius
Daughter Another of Lucius's daughters. Being prepared for life as a proper Roman woman
Daughter Another of Lucius's daughters. Being prepared for life as a proper Roman woman
Head House Slave Foxy Oni as Illyria
House Slave Whtbitch4u2own as Amethyst
House Slave One of the many enslaved servants within the Flavius house hold.(may be male or female)
House Slave One of the many enslaved servants within the Flavius house hold.(may be male or female)
Doctore Kcrunch55 as Marius
House Champion (Gladiator) IrishWolf as Conchar
Full Gladiator GnothiSeauton as Ada
Full Gladiator TheLegionary as Julius Flavius Severus(pending required edits)
Full Gladiator A fully trained gladiator of the house Flavius, these warriors have completed their training, earned the mark of the gladiator, and now serve the family in the arena. (may be male or female)
Gladiator Trainee Odanrav as Vissius
Gladiator Trainee Bubby as Ryann ap Elim
Gladiator Trainee An as of yet untrained gladiator to be. Whether they succeed or fail in their training remains to be seen (may be male or female)

Here's the character sheet:
Code: [Select]
[floatleft][img]Your character's image link goes here[/img][/floatleft]
[glow=red,2,300][i][font=georgia]Character Name Here[/font][/i][/glow]
by [u]Player Name Here[/u]
[b]Role[/b]: Are they the wife? the daughter? son? slave? gladiator? etc? Yes females can be gladiators too.
[b]Gladiator Type:[/b] If they are a gladiator what style do they fight in? (list of styles provided later in post)
[b]Age:[/b] How old is your character?
[b]Gender:[/b] Are they male? Female?
[b]Orientation:[/b] What is your character's sexual orientation?
[b]Appearance Details:[/b] Anything about how they look that isn't included in their image. Such as scars, birth marks, tattoos, piercings, etc.
[b]Personality:[/b] What are they like? how do they behave?
[b]Bio:[/b] Who are they? Where are they from? What has their life been like up till now? How did they get here? etc.
[b]Character's Ons:[/b] What sort of sexual elements does your character enjoy
[b]Character's Offs:[/b] What sort of sexual elements does your character NOT enjoy (not to be confused with your offs)
[b]Player's Ons:[/b] What sexual elements do you hope to get your character into in this game?
[b]Player's Offs:[/b] What sexual elements do you not want to happen to your character in this game?

If you're interested in playing a gladiator here is a list of the different styles of fighting which you can choose to have your character be trained in. Please keep in mind that you can only choose one and that they aren't permanent (you can ask to have yourself switched around OOC and we can make it happen IC). I've tried to keep them as accurate to the actual historical styles as possible while still keeping them 'cool' Also, yes there are female gladiators in our setting if someone wants to play one.

Gladiator Types
Cestus: Armed with plated/spiked gloves and boots. As well as metal gauntlets and shin guards. Wearing little to no armor the cestus style relies on natural strength and speed. In order to have success on the sand a cestus must focus on closing the distance with their opponent as quickly as possible, getting within the opponent's guard and using the shorter distance and time it takes to deliver a punch then the swing of a sword to their advantage. This style's strengths lie in offense at extremely close quarters where speed and raw power can make all the difference, and weapon type becomes less important.

Cestus gladiators rarely wear any form of armoring for their chests or heads and are expected to rely on their own skill and speed for defense from an enemy's attacks.

Armed with two swords and also lightly armored. The dimachaerus style focuses on skilled use of the blade for both offense and defense. A dimachaerus must learn to know when attack, when to defend, when to advance and when to fall back. A skilled dimichareus is a master at knowing where to move and when to move there, as well as at countering an enemy's mistake to the fullest advantage.

For protection Dimachaerus gladiators often wear a Manica on one arm and can also wear a small chest plate. These items emphasize the style's reliance on the reaction speed and skill of the fighter in order to be made useful.

Armed with a one handed spear, a short sword, and a small circular shield in what is considered the 'Greek fashion" gladiators who fight in the Hoplomachus style are considered to be heavily armed and heavily armored. They are trained to advance cautiously, taking full advantage of the superior range their spear provides in order to force their opponent on the defensive. The best hoplomachi learn to instantly recognize when the time comes to abandon their spear and switch to their short sword.

The wear helmets, grieves, a manica, an occasionally a small chest plate for protection, making them one of the best protected gladiator fighting styles, though all this armor often comes at the cost of speed.

Armed with only a lasso and sword, to the observer with little knowledge of the gladiatorial arts the laqueraius may appear disadvantaged against other styles. However much like the retiarius the laqueraius is trained and equipped to strip their enemy of his advantages and delver a killing blow to an opponent who eventually finds themselves with no weapon or defense against the laqueraius's blade. The style is focused on maintaining proper distance with their opponent and using the lasso to either disarm or trip their opponent, thus opening the path for the laqueraius to charge in with their sword and claim victory.

In keeping with the style's focus on movement and the laqueraius often only wears a manica for protection.

Armed with a whip, short sword, and small shield. The style of the lorarium is similar to a highly aggressive laqueraius. However where a lorarium uses their lasso to entangle their opponent the lorarium uses their whip to throw the enemy onto the defensive, forcing them behind their shield or to attempt to block the whip with their blade as the lorarium advances in order to finish the battle with their blade. A skilled lorarium will attempt to force their enemy to block or grasp at the whip in order to disarm their enemy or force him off balance with a quick pull of the whip once it has been caught.

For protection the lorarium must rely on their shield and speed, as this style often wears little to no armor.

Armed with a sword and large square shield in 'legionary fashion' the murmillo is equally effective on defense as on offense. A murmillo can advance slowly behind their shield or charge in to close the distance quickly, as the situation calls. A skilled murmillo knows that their greatest strength lies in their ability to switch from offense to defense at a moments notice in order to blunt an enemy's attack or take advantage of a weak defense.

In addition to a shield murmillo gladiators wear a manica on their sword arm, large protective helmets, and a grieve on their forward leg.

Armed with a net, trident, and dagger the retarius is a style which focuses on forcing their opponent to the ground in disarray in order to delver the killing blow. Their greatest asset is the net and its ability, when used well, to entangle, hinder, and trip the retarius's opponent. The combination of net and trident allows the retarius to be most effective at long and moderate ranges while the dagger allows them to avoid being totally defenseless in close quarters.

The retiarius wears a manica for protection when attacked.

Armed with a sword and a specialized weapon unique to the scissor fighting style. An effective scissor must make use of their specialized weapon, taking advantage of it's hooked blade to tie up the weapon of their opponent while the design of its grip insures that the scissor will not be the one who is disarmed by such a situation. Scissors are trained to trust and block with their scissor blade while reserving the sword to parry a well placed strike by the enemy or deliver well placed strikes of their own when they have successfully tied up their enemy's primary weapon.

To accommodate the style's reliance on being attacked before being fully effective the scissor is heavily armored, often wearing a manica on the arm not protected by his weapon, a helmet, a and chest plate.

Armed with a small shield and curved Thracian sword. The thraex style has much in common with the murmillo, but focuses on further balancing speed as well as attack and defense. The key to a successful career as a thraex is to know which opponents must be met with defense, aggression, or evasion. As the thraex style is equally suited to any such attempt.

Like the murmillo the thraex also wears a large protective helmet, a grieve on their foreleg, and a manica on their sword arm to aid in the use of their shield for defense.

Armed with three throwing spears, a short sword, and shield. With similar weapons to a legionary skirmisher the velites style is meant to use its ability to attack from range to its advantage, throwing its spears at the opponent in order to injure or weaken them before closing in for use of their sword and shield. The velites focuses on quick movement and accurate tosses of the spear.

In keeping with its light style the velites wears only a light helmet, which many gladiators choose not to wear at all for what little defensive ability it provides.

Magistri Belua
Armed with a short sword and assisted by trained animals, a magistri belua is considered quite exotic and is often a rare sight within the games. The key to the magistri's success is proper training of what ever beast they will take into the area and knowing how to exploit the distraction said beast provides in order to advance and delver the finishing blow with their blade. The most common animals used by a magistri are dogs, and birds of prey, but other more exotic animals have also been known to be used.

The magistri belua makes use of only a helmet for protection.

Non Orthodoxam
Armed with their own native/cultural weaponry. Those gladiators classified as Non Orthodoxam are warriors who's native fighting style is considered interesting or exotic enough to warrant being displayed in the games. They can be anything from marauding celts, to numidian spearmen.

O.O.C. Thread

I.C. Thread

If you have any questions/comments please feel free to post them (as well as characters if you'd like to play)
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Online IrishWolf

Re: Life In The Ludis:Ancient Romans, Slaves, & Gladiators OH MY!!
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2014, 09:49:01 pm »
I am so down for this! I don't think I'll have time for a character sheet tonight but I'm going to aim for full gladiator or house champion, which ever is still opening tomorrow afternoon. I'm feeling a Celtic  Non Orthodoxam

"The appearance of these naked warriors was a terrifying spectacle, for they were all men of splendid physique and in the prime of life." ~ Polybius

Offline Kadigan

Re: Life In The Ludis:Ancient Romans, Slaves, & Gladiators OH MY!!
« Reply #2 on: February 06, 2014, 10:21:39 pm »
Being a big fan of both Spartacus and Rome,  I would be rather interested in the Eldest Daughter, though it may be a few days before I can put together a profile.

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Life In The Ludis:Ancient Romans, Slaves, & Gladiators OH MY!!
« Reply #3 on: February 06, 2014, 10:57:32 pm »
Looking forward to seeing both, as soon as you post up your character/they are approved the roles are yours :-)

Online Foxy DeVille

Re: Life In The Ludis:Ancient Romans, Slaves, & Gladiators OH MY!!
« Reply #4 on: February 06, 2014, 11:46:49 pm »
I got a character idea...

by Foxy Oni
Role: Head House Slave
Age: 34
Gender: Female
Orientation: Pansexual
Appearance Details: Illyria has rings in her nipples, clitoris, and labia. She also has a large "F" branded into the olive skin of her left buttock. The dark-eyed brunette beauty stands 5' 4" and weighs 126 pounds.
Personality: Highly protective of her position in the household, Illyria is submissive and sycophantic towards her masters and their guests. Conversely, she is very domineering towards the slaves under her. Her primary goals are her own safety and comfort. If these are threatened Illyria will do whatever it takes to keep them. As she gets older, Illyria becomes more and more jealous of the younger servants. Illyria was born in Pompeii and tends to look down on slaves born in foreign lands.
Bio: Illyria was an orphan on the streets of Pompeii. Caught stealing when she was thirteen, she was sold into slavery. At first she was quite rebellious against her new masters in the Flavius family. One such tantrum resulted in the branding she still has today. Eventually Illyria realized she was better off in the household than in the alleys. She became the ideal slave, willing to do anything for her masters. Illyria has served the Flavius family for over twenty years now.  She has started to feel some anxiety over the family's declining fortunes and her own aging, although she remains a very attractive woman.
Character's Ons: Anything. Illyria is willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy her masters or their guests. Over the years she has grown a fondness for the more deviant acts.
Character's Offs: While not really a turn off, Illyria does tend to get jealous when another slave is getting more attention than she is during lovemaking.
Player's Ons: Just about anything, the kinkier the better.
Player's Offs: Not too fond of scat.
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Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Life In The Ludis:Ancient Romans, Slaves, & Gladiators OH MY!!
« Reply #5 on: February 06, 2014, 11:54:49 pm »
@Foxy Oni: She looks good and is approved.

Offline Vanetias

Re: Life In The Ludis:Ancient Romans, Slaves, & Gladiators OH MY!!
« Reply #6 on: February 07, 2014, 01:45:25 am »
Can I play as one of the sons?

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Life In The Ludis:Ancient Romans, Slaves, & Gladiators OH MY!!
« Reply #7 on: February 07, 2014, 09:50:42 am »
@Vanetias: Sure :-)!

Offline Lockepick

Re: Life In The Ludis:Ancient Romans, Slaves, & Gladiators OH MY!!
« Reply #8 on: February 07, 2014, 10:26:58 am »
I would be interested in joining, but like with all group games, I'd need another gay dude that was willing to write with me. If any out there see this: I'd be up for pretty much any role/archetype, though I'd prefer to be the submissive of the pair.

Offline Odanrav

Re: Life In The Ludis:Ancient Romans, Slaves, & Gladiators OH MY!!
« Reply #9 on: February 07, 2014, 01:31:59 pm »
I'd like to express a level of interest in this as well. If I had to say now what role I would choose, I'd probably go with a gladiator trainee, but not necessarily a raw or inexperienced fighter. I'm unsure if it fits the timeline of this story so I'll just ask if I could be a character of mixed Cartheginian descent?

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Life In The Ludis:Ancient Romans, Slaves, & Gladiators OH MY!!
« Reply #10 on: February 07, 2014, 04:45:33 pm »
@lockepick: if you find someone interested feel free to send them this way

@Odanrav: sounds good

Offline Kadigan

Re: Life In The Ludis:Ancient Romans, Slaves, & Gladiators OH MY!!
« Reply #11 on: February 07, 2014, 05:24:07 pm »
by Barbara Gordon
Role: Eldest Daughter
Age: 22
Gender: F
Orientation: Bi
Appearance Details: Livia has a scar along her arm, usually hidden by a bracelet, due to a horse riding accident from her younger days.
Personality: Livia has a shyness about her, perhaps from the past 4 years of playing the dutiful daughter. She speaks softly, though when speaking to a subordinate she speaks firmly. She is not afraid, however, to go after some things that she wants, can occasionally be a bit rebellious and often dreams of life beyond the walls of the ludus.  Every so often she enjoys finding a quiet spot to simply..observe.
Bio: Livia was born to a life of luxury and ease inside the walls of the ludus, to her father Lucius and her mother. A sickly child at birth, it was feared she would not see her second year, though amazingly struggled onward, growing ever more healthy as each month progressed. As she grew older, her father indulged her love of horses by allowing her weekly riding lessons, presuming her studies went well. She actually became quite skilled at riding.  Occasionally she found herself drifting off during lessons with her tutor, which was rewarded with a firm rap of the cane.
When she turned 16 her parents began to seek out eligible suitors for her, rejecting a few that they considered unworthy. However, as time went on, and her family’s fortunes dried up, so did the suitors. Now, at the age of 22 she fears she may never find a husband, though more because she feels that not doing so would let down her father.
Character's Ons: She enjoys what appears to be genuine affection, strong and dominate partners.
Character's Offs: Dirty things, she is not fond of anything that is dirty or filthy.
Player's Ons: I’m open to most anything really. Except…
Player's Offs: Scat, underage,  and mutilations.
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Re: Life In The Ludis:Ancient Romans, Slaves, & Gladiators OH MY!!
« Reply #12 on: February 07, 2014, 07:32:53 pm »
by GnothiSeauton
Role:  Gladiator
Gladiator Type:  Dimachaerus
Age:  26 years old
Gender: Female
Orientation:  Heteroflexible
Appearance Details:  At five foot ten, Ada is a gladiatrix who prides herself on her body and abilities.  Light and nimble on her feet, she is strong, muscled, yet still carries an air of femininity to her.  Her body is scarred from her combats in the arenas and training, yet it is her back which carries the most scars and marks, the criss-crosses of the marks of lashes and whips carried upon her back like a badge of honor.
Personality: Ada is a Gladiatrix who prides herself on being a headstrong personality.  Whatever mercy she once had left long ago in the arena, killing without hesitation her opponents.  She is not the type of woman to take an insult lightly from fellow gladiators or slaves.  At times she keeps to herself outside of the fighting pits.
Bio:  From a tough life she had been hardened and trained into a fierce gladiator.  For most of her life, she had known nothing but the life of a slave, from being raised to be a house servant, to being turned into a gladiator.  Seeing her family torn apart, whether by death or sold, has made her cold and headstrong.  Being a slave and gladiator, being the possession of another, has been all she has known in her life.  At times her strong personality and disobedience has earned the ire of her former Masters.  Her last Master was a man who liberally used the whip upon her body before finally selling her off, unwilling to deal with the headache she could be.  All of her heartache and misery in life has been channeled into her actions in the arena, while dreaming of an uprising.
Character's Ons:  Rough sex, Dominance against others, wrestling/fighting as foreplay.
Character's Offs:  Being “used” by her Masters and those in power over her.
Player's Ons:  Pretty open.  See listed On's and Off's in Signature
Player's Offs:  Scat

Offline Vanetias

Re: Life In The Ludis:Ancient Romans, Slaves, & Gladiators OH MY!!
« Reply #13 on: February 07, 2014, 08:05:37 pm »
by Vanetias
Role: Youngest son of Flavius
Gladiator Type: n/a
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Orientation: Hetero
Appearance Details: His 7-inch member
Personality: He is friendly to everyone he meets, especially to children and elderly. This includes his slaves, whom he treats them tenderly, yet firmly, to show the power of the Gordon household. He is also somewhat a pervert, and has slept with the head house slave, Illyra, a few times at the past.
Bio: As the youngest son, he had the same training and education as his eldest brother, though, he was a bit more free in that he had time to home his other skills of trade, while his eldest was homes to become the head of the family, like hunting and ranching. This helps him to gain a good amount of money, both from hunting kills and wool ranching, though, it didn't help the family's dwindling fortunes, as all of his money went to his father's fortune. He met the head house slave when he was 10, whom he wasn't allow to see till she became more obedient to the household. As he grew older, he soon was able to slept with the women of the household, which he focused more on the head slave first, as to safeguard the other slaves. At most, he tries to avoid the drama that surrounds the family, and has some ideas for the gladiators to help the fortunes of his family.
Character's Ons: Breasts, Vaginal, -jobs, Exhibitionsim, stripping, public sex,
Character's Offs: Scat, Watersports, BSDM, Bestality/Furry, Inflation, Really odd fetishes(Vore, inflation, etc), Anal, incest, non-con
Player's Ons: Breasts, Vaginal, -jobs, Exhibitionsim, stripping, public sex
Player's Offs: Scat, Watersports, BSDM, Bestality/Furry, Inflation, Really odd fetishes(Vore, inflation, etc), Anal, incest, non-con
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Offline Odanrav

Re: Life In The Ludis:Ancient Romans, Slaves, & Gladiators OH MY!!
« Reply #14 on: February 07, 2014, 08:22:01 pm »
by Odanrav
Role: Gladiator Trainee
Gladiator Type: Murmillo
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Appearance Details: Vissius stands a solid 6’0" and 210 lbs. with already surprisingly well trained musculature and endurance. Small scars dot his torso and legs showing a long and bloodied history. The most notable mark is the remnants of a burn wound suffered just above the right shoulder blade nearly the size of a palm across.
Personality: It seems as if a smile or grin is always etched across his face. Vissius has a very carefree, or perhaps just inattentive, outlook and takes very few things seriously. He’s very vocal in his dislike of Romans and often mocks his fellow gladiators. For just a new trainee he possesses a odd amount of confidence, or cockiness depending on the perspective.
Bio: In the mountains of Sicily, Vissius and a band of nearly one hundred other escaped slaves from nearby cities were cornered and caught by Roman scouts. Before that the enigmatic mans origins are known only to himself, and getting him to speak of his past is a nigh impossible feat. Soon after his capture, Vissius was sold to a slave trader from Demascus and then brought to Italia. He was bought by the house of Lucius Flavius in the hopes of turning him into a gladiator. Vissius claims his mother was a Cartheginian slave and that his father was most likely her Roman owner.
Character's Ons: Carefree, no strings attached sex. Women who are “hard to get to” and seen as a challenge. Witty and intelligent characters.
Character's Offs: Intimacy and the notion of falling in love. Possibly something Vissius gets over in time. Character’s who take themselves too seriously.
Player's Ons: Refer to my O/O’s page, most things are open. I would greatly enjoy seeing Vissius in some taboo situations with a  daughter of Flavius. Maybe he builds a connection with another slave as well. Just spitballing.
Player's Offs: Refer to O/O’s page, nothing else to add here.
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Online IrishWolf

Re: Life In The Ludis:Ancient Romans, Slaves, & Gladiators OH MY!!
« Reply #15 on: February 07, 2014, 09:29:48 pm »
by IrishWolf
Role: House Champion (Gladiator)
Gladiator Type: Non Orthodoxam (Gallic Warrior)
Age: 27
Gender: male
Orientation: Straight
Appearance Details: Like the rest of his Celtic brothers, Conchar towers above the shorter Romans, the crown of his head reaching six foot, three inches mark. His torc and bracelets were taken from him when he was captured, leaving a interesting scar around his throat, from legionaries trying to yank the twisted gold from around his neck and from attempts to cut the close fitting jewelry away. However, once he joined the ranks of the Flavius Ludus, he was given a new "torc" or at least what these Romans think a torc is, to keep him looking looking the part of a marauding Gaul. As such, he also wears nothing in the arena, other then his torc, "warpaint" and a swordbelt of linked metal rings.
Personality: A proud and until just a few years ago, free Celt, Conchar is unhappy and uncontent being a slave and only the fact that he remains a warrior has made life bearable. He seeks escape and waits for the right opportunity to return to his homeland. He holds firmly to his position as House Champion, both for his pride and to keep himself fit for his escape. While his Latin still isn't the best, he knows enough to be able to carry a conversation, at least for a while and he has picked up a smattering of Greek, along with other languages. Like his Celtic brothers, he believes that the soul resides in the head and tries to collect the heads of those he kills in the arena.
Bio: Born to the Lemovici tribe in Gallia Celtica, Conchar was raised in the warrior caste, trained his whole life in the arts of war. As a young man, he joined raids on nearby tribes, stealing sheep and cattle. When he was almost twenty-two years old, he joined with a large band of other young men and traveled south, to raid the Roman Colonists in Gallia Narbonensis. The raid went well but they were caught on the return by a patrol. Skirmishing with the patrol slowed the band down enough for a pursuit force of legionaries to catch up with the raiders, leading to a pitched battle. Conchar was stunned by a sword blow to his head, his helmet saving his life and was taken prisoner after the battle.Transported south, he was sold as an exotic warrior, to those who had never suffered a Celtic raid or had any fear of such. For just about five years now, he has worked his way through the ranks of the gladiators, earning his position with a river of blood.
Character's Ons: Conquering strong women, oral, dominating submissive women, public sex, rough sweaty sex, teasing others.
Character's Offs: Scat, golden showers
Player's Ons: Pretty open, see my preferences
Player's Offs: Scat, golden showers
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Re: Life In The Ludis:Ancient Romans, Slaves, & Gladiators OH MY!!
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Characters are coming faster then I thought

One of the sons should be up sometime tomorrow

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Re: Life In The Ludis:Ancient Romans, Slaves, & Gladiators OH MY!!
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@BarbaraGordon: Approved!

@GnothiSeauton: Approved!

@Vanetias: I only have a small issue with your character's history, your mentioning him having a greater financial stability than the family isn't in keeping with the setting, Roman son's didn't really have private property in the sense that we do now, all the things someone owned/earned/etc were by Roman law and tradition the property of the Pater Familias. As such they would have been mismanaged away by Lucius's father just like all the other portion of the family's money. If you can deal with (and correct this) I have no other issues with your character, thanks.

@Odanrav: Approved!

@IrishWolf: Approved!

@SGTDan: Can't wait to see him.

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Re: Life In The Ludis:Ancient Romans, Slaves, & Gladiators OH MY!!
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by Whtbitch4u2own
Role: Are they the wife? the daughter? son? slave? gladiator? etc? Yes females can be gladiators too.
Gladiator Type: Not applicable
Age: 24
Orientation: Heterosexual
Appearance Details: Apppearance: Height/weight: 5’8/120 lbs . Amethyst has a clean body, without a scar, and blessed with smooth silky skin from her head to toe. Branded with a mark of the house on her upper right hip.

Personality & Bio: Personality: Amethyst has accepted this sort of lifestyle and wasn’t forced into it like many other slaves. She was a happy girl and enjoyed her freedom very well before she surrendered herself to the king of her region, Leonid. There were many reasons why she took that big step of her life. Her parents had an enormous debt owing to the king because of the land they borrowed from him. In the beginning, the land gave loads of grains so they made plenty of money for a common man his status. Unfortunately the land became useless after three rainless consecutive years, during which time; her father kept sinking in debt year after year. He reached a stage where he couldn’t even pay taxes on top of what he owed the king for the land.

One day, he was called in along with his family. Her father, mother, her younger sister(12 years old) and she (17 years old) stood in his court as the king suggested that if he can’t figure out a way to pay his debts then he either will have to let go his wife or his daughters. They will be taken as part of the payment and kept as slave. King was generous so he did allow him one more year to turn submit some form a payment but nothing turned up. End of the year was approaching and she very well understood what was going to happen. Even at such an age, she had qualities of a grown woman. She couldn’t see her mother being separated from her children and her husband as well her little sister snatched of a motherly love at a young age if the daughters were taken away. She didn’t want her younger sister nor her mother to suffer and after giving it a lot of thought she left her house to go to the king’s castle.

She pleaded the king to take her in as part of the payment and her family shall not be harmed in return, her mother nor her sister. Fortunately, the king agreed and took her in as his slave. She worked hard not to disappoint and even warmed his bed many times as the king demanded. She hated it and still hates it but some part of her learned to not feel the pain brought on by harsh treatment but the slight pleasure it brings along as well. She was serving food when the king Leonid had Lucius Flavius as his guest. Upon seeing Amethyst, he commented that she should be in his collection of pleasure house with a body and face like hers. She was 18 when the old king Leonid took her in and at 21; he gave her away as a token of gift to his good friend Lucius Flavius. The old king told her not to disappoint his friend or her family will pay. It’s been three years at the new house and she’s grown to like it and live without a complaint. A girl who existed few years back was now repressed deep down somewhere in her memory as she took on a new personality which’s sole purpose is to serve. All men that came in her life were cruel and wanted only one thing from her; the reason she hated those filthy men. She tried not to remember her past since it brings pain so she learned not to live in her past but live in her present. Learning to love what comes her way.

At the ludis, her duties are whatever the Lanista commands; either pleasing him or anyone else for that matter apart from her usual chores of cleaning and cooking. She gets along well with other slaves and everyone else in the house.

Character's Ons: Satisfaction of her superiors.
Character's Offs: Being treated very harshly
Player's Ons: Everything but
Player's Offs: Scat, mutilation

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Re: Life In The Ludis:Ancient Romans, Slaves, & Gladiators OH MY!!
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@whtbitch4u2own: Approved!

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Re: Life In The Ludis:Ancient Romans, Slaves, & Gladiators OH MY!!
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Re: Life In The Ludis:Ancient Romans, Slaves, & Gladiators OH MY!!
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Brutus Flavius Full Name: Ignatius Brutus Flavius
by SGTDan
Role: Son, Employed in the Roman Legio II Legio Martis of Gallia Cisalpina  as a Decanus
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Appearance Details:
Brutus stands roughly five foot six with a strong well built build toned from the Roman Legion's rigorous training. Black hair matched with a pair of light brown eyes makes Brutus less then striking at first glance. If anything he blends in with the numerous gritty scarred faces of the Legionnaires and he prefers it that way. Usually he wears his hair cut extremely short as to not interfere with his helmet while maintaining mostly a clean shaven face, sometimes marred with stubble depending on mood and location. Underneath the usual Legion adornments that he wears one would find a body scarred with the memories of numerous battles. On his hands is the symbol of his Legion (Right) and the Roman Army eagle (Left) while on his chest are two pieces of ropes intertwined together in a small knot.
Quiet,reserved but extremely observant Brutus doesn't talk much preferring actions over words. Leaving the long winded oratories to the senators he prefers to let the sharp end of his galdius do the talking. Many back in Rome would say this mans time in the barbaric lands up north have uncivilized him however to Brutus it is the fact that Roman life tires him. All the fancy machinations of day to day Roman life to him is a waste of time and effort. One would say he is a woodsman or a barbarian but he just scoffs. If any of those people knew what he knew they wouldn't be preaching their rhetoric.

While he may appear timid Brutus is far from from such, in fact his quiet nature allows him to observe. Taking in the surroundings he is able to strike when people least expect it. Cautious when it comes to everything he is tempered by war. He knows that a slow patience approach is the key to success. Letting your anger get to you will only lead to misery. In speech he is to the point, far from a silver tongued diplomat. In the noble class where he is supposed to belong he stands out but among the common soldiery he is just another man. This suits the unassuming Brutus just fine but he is cursed with the family name. As such he is often burdened with the expectations that one would expect of a noble Roman. Such expectations don't last long in his company though.
One would believe growing up in a rich noble Roman family,located in Pompeii of all places, would mean a child wants for nothing. Education,money and privilege are all provided with a dozen doting servants. However Brutus's life wanted for the one thing he desired more then anything; adventure. Early in his life everyone was grooming him for taking the position of head of the Flavius family. Between his desire to do more then sit in libraries reading and the fact he despised the life of a noble. Rebellion was common in the young boys early days. Tantrums when forced to stay inside along with numerous groundings. Despite his teachers best efforts, parent talk's and everyone else the tipping point came when the boy was caught trying to stow away aboard a ship on the docks. Fed up his parents took a new route, letting the boy go hoping the enthusiasm would wear off. 

Fifteen saw him jumping into the Roman Army with not much resistance from his parents. They just hoped by the time his service was up Brutus, he long since in an act of rebellion shirked his given name, would come back wanting the post. Some of the boys first years were awe inspiring, he took to the training with a intense fire and conviction. If anything it would appear he had a natural aptitude for all things martial. Marching around Rome and Europe failed to sate his lust for adventure much to the dismay of his parents. Continual letters from their far flung son told of amazement,wonderful sights and the thrill of protecting Roman citizens. Each year that passed hardened the teenager slowly whittling away the boyhood wonderment as the number of battles he fought in grew.

Eventually the letters told of a young man who had grown out of his lust for adventure. Sadly the letters also spoke that he had found his duty in life, that he never truly felt the same way about the family. This was devastating news however Brutus didn't care as the battlefield was where he belonged not in a villa surrounded by decadence. Out on the borders of the Rome though he soon found the second love of his life. While on patrol his centuria ambushed by a bunch of Celtic barbarians. Outnumbered the men fought tough but were soon overwhelmed as Brutus took a axe to the side. Blacking out he didn't remember how he woke up in a small village of barbarians but he did know that the red headed woman who tended to him was of striking beauty.

For the next few days he stayed in the village recovering from his wounds. Learning about the "barbarians" from the woman, named Brietta Sadbh, said that it was a Celtic village. She along her friends found him barely breathing near the ambush site then brought him to the village. When asked as to why she simply shrugged but never answered. As strength returned to his body he took up many duties around the village to keep himself in shape. Those days changed his view on Rome and the world. By the time he found himself packing to head back to Roman lines Brutus had under gone a transformation and fell in love with Brietta.

On his return Brutus was hailed a barbarian killer after his lavish tale of barely surviving amongst the barbaric lands. Deep down despite the promotion to decanus he felt that he could never return to the life his father wanted him to. Even if he wanted it, the things he had learned couldn't simply be ignored. More importantly he knew that he was in love with a barbarian, something taboo in Roman society. One night in front of the fire with his contubernium Brutus decided that once his twenty five year service was up he would settle down with Brietta. This conclusion he kept from the family but it was something that he felt was right. More of his assignments to the borders often included with clandestine meetings late in the night. Each and every night only enforcing his conviction to Brietta and weighing his heart down with grief of having to leave her.

Suddenly Brutus found himself getting orders that the cohort he was in was being sent as a garrison force in Pompeii. Despite the fact that a majority of the Legio II was meant to do border duty they claimed a lack of men. To Brutus though he knew what had happened halfway on the march home. The hours of teaching that was spent on him wasn't completely wasted as it gave him a good look into the politics of the Empire. Long ago he had already come to the conclusion that politics was a waste of time however also being far more dangerous then the sharpest gladius. Using the knowledge gained from his younger years Brutus could avoid most politics to focus on being a warrior. To his dismay though it would appear that this was one political move he couldn't avoid, his father had pulled strings to get him back home even briefly. Suspecting that the true purpose of this was to wrangle the wayward son back into his supposed place in the world.

Bitter, frustrated and angry Brutus arrived in the city a few days ago. His contubernium being put up in the families villa after what is assumed to be more strings being pulled. The days were mostly spent dodging his father and attending to garrison duties while his men enjoyed the luxury of their commendations. Suspicions proving true as to the purpose of the cohort being dispatched here. In fact the surrounding Legions were more then able to handle the defense.  All this was his fathers damnable machinations to corral him back home but little did he know that his son's heart wasn't in Pompeii anymore.

O/O: For the sake of simplicity just assume the my character's ons and offs are the same as mine.


Smallest unit in the Roman Legion, the contubernium is composed of 8 Legionnaires and 2 servants attending to the men's equipment and mule.

The 3 names listed below follows the picture left to right
-Legionnaire Nero Titianus
Second in command, Nero is the comic relief of the group. When they are all grim faced coated in dirt from a battle they can always count on Nero to come up with a clever quip to raise morale. Of typical Roman stature he hardly seems striking from simple outward appearances. It is his cheeriness despite all odds that makes him remarkable. Currently among the most trusted of Brutus's friends and comrades.
-Legionnaire Regulus Aurelius
-Legionnaire Julius Severianus

-Legionnaire Camillus Pontius
The strongest and biggest of the men in the tent, Pontius is the same stature as a Celtic barbarian.  On march he happily carries the heaviest of the equipment without complaint. Although he is an intimidating presence on the battlefield Pontius is actually very soft spoken and calm outside of battle. One of the longest serving Legionnaires in the group he treats his fellow comrades like family, going to great lengths to protect them. If there is surely one way to invoke the giants wrath it is to mess with his comrades.
-Legionnaire Horatius Aetius
-Legionnaire Decimus Germanus
-Legionnaire Cato Claudius
-Legionnaire Marinus Varinius
-Adiutor Gnaeus Herminius
-Adiutor Priscus Octavius
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Re: Life In The Ludis:Ancient Romans, Slaves, & Gladiators OH MY!!
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@ SGTDan: Approved!

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Re: Life In The Ludis:Ancient Romans, Slaves, & Gladiators OH MY!!
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That was a lot of hard work

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Re: Life In The Ludis:Ancient Romans, Slaves, & Gladiators OH MY!!
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Which region of Gaul was Brutus serving near and what tribe is Brietta from?