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Author Topic: D20's Story ideas (Writer Gender irrelevant)  (Read 411 times)

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D20's Story ideas (Writer Gender irrelevant)
« on: February 05, 2014, 09:45:36 AM »
I'm looking to start a few threads and thought I'd throw out a few ideas of my own. I'll update it as time progresses.

Feel free to PM me to further discuss an idea or offer one your own! Check out my On and Off thread to see if our interests connect too.

I'm looking for any pairing, gender of my writing partner is irrelevant.

Without further ado, here's the story ideas:

Not your typical game session -

A mash of modern and fantasy elements.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A group of gamers spend a Friday night at the tabletop. They are the odd, introverted types and far from even a 5 or 6 in even the looks department. Their characters on the other hand are things of perfection, both physically and mechanically. A freak thunder storm and a funky d20 draws them into the game they are playing and into their character’s bodies.

As their characters they must finish the quest, but after slaying the monsters and looting the dungeon, what do they do now? Try out their sexy new bodies, of course! They eventually return to their own bodies and then have to deal with what happened in the fantasy world.

[The idea has a lot of possibilities, including swapping genders and having to deal with themselves in the real world after it all. At the very least each writer would have at least two characters, the mundane player and their fantasy character. More specific ideas can be hammered out between the writers.]

Plainville (Urban Fantasy with some horror/supernatural elements)
Plainville was just another bustling city that grew up around the local University, Plainville State University, or as most liked to simply call it, PU. No doubt if it hadn't been for the collage the city would have been nothing but a little hick town in the middle of no where. As it stood, it was still in the middle of no where, but the city had a large population that continued to steadily grow with each passing year. Some called it luck, others called it divine guidance, still others said it was some kind of black magic, at least those old enough to remember the city's real roots.

Regardless, despite its other wise boring name, Plainville was a rather attractive destination for college goers and others looking for a place to settle down and grow some roots of their own. Despite the University, the city boosted a whole host of companies and corporations, situated in the gleaming towers the middle of downtown Plainville. Big business had sunk its claws into the city in only the recent decade or two, but they had made a sudden and drastic change to what had once be a rather quiet life in the city. With the corporations came money, and lots of it, but they also brought a fair number of jobs as well. The city continued to grow and for the most part everyone seemed content.

That was how life was suppose to be, wasn't it? People grew up, went to school, learned a trade, a skill, got a job, got married, squeezed out a few kids, bought a house, got those white picket fences and watched their little spawns grow, mature, and follow in their footsteps. That's the way it had been for some time, for some people it had been all they had ever known, few could remember a world without the multitude of modern conveniences, cellphones, the internet, cable TV and fast food.

Few people ever thought about how things should be, they just went along with the way things were, the way things had been, the way things were suppose to be by those in the proper positions. Like little sheep they were lead along by their Shepard, blindly following along on the predestined path.

People said ignorance was bliss. Sometimes, they were right.

[So far the idea is completely general and nothing is set in stone. I'd love to discuss ideas that blossom from this. I love urban legends, ghost stories, and the supernatural. Any element could be used here, from a cabal of spellcasters protecting innocents from things that go bump in the night, sightings of Bigfoot that are too real to deny, to signs of the chupacabra. Of course there should will be an erotic element to it, perhaps a Succubus is on the loose in the 'party district' of town, hunting for it's next victims in one of the bars or strip joints. ]

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Re: D20's Story ideas
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2014, 01:44:43 AM »
Updated new idea - Plainville.

Gave existing idea a little reformatting.