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Started by Google, February 03, 2014, 05:11:50 AM

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Hello, caught your interest I hope, I mean you did click to look inside so I must assume you are interested.

I have some plots in mind thought I hesitate to share them just yet... instead I think I am just going to give some ideas of what I am looking for and if you think that there are some things you would like then I would be delighted to get a PM from you.

First and foremost...
I am only interested in female characters, the male form does very little for me so the stories I crave are going to involve M/F... there could be multiple males involved or multiple females but M/M holds no interest for me at all and I can't right F very well so I am afraid I won't be able to help with any cravings of a good F/F story.

I consider myself to be literate, 3-5 paragraphs is my normal thought I can easily end up going beyond that... I want a partner in the writing who can match me, who creates well thought out and developed characters and puts a great deal of attention into details for the story.

I tend to play Dominant, not only in a BDSM sort of way but sometimes in a just aggressive and take charge Male sort of way, I do enjoy writing with submissive characters but submissive does not always have to mean weak willed... a good struggle can be a great deal of fun.

And finally I do enjoy darker themes and plots, some of those details will be listed below.

Second things in their own time... so second?
Below are some of the things I enjoy in a story, both sexually and plot wise, just because I like them they are not required, if you see a few you like and a few you don't we can still work something out.
Non-con (can be either rough and violent or just some black mail/dubious consent)
Pregnancy (could be in the context of breeding or just unplanned accidental)
Abusive relationships (Can be physical or emotional)
Dark Romance/Twisted Romance
Sexual Slavery/Pet Play
Age gap (within the rules of the site)
Multiple females to one male
Power Reversal (student takes control of the teacher)
A GOOD STRONG PLOT (which of course means conflict and both people contributing ideas)
Feedback from a partner
Inhuman characters (Both playing and playing against characters that are not human, be they a fantasy race, something sci fi... its just fun to work with a difference in species but compatible physiology)
Corruption (Oh I do love a good corruption story where innocence is tarnished for no other reason then to see it done)
Orgasm control/Forced Orgasms
Reverse cuckolding
Modern Realistic, Fantasy, and Sci Fi settings of all sorts

Honestly there is a lot more and I would love to hear anything that you might have in mind.

Oh I do love a fandom story, especially when you take a fandom and peel back the surface to show a darker side to the story... below are listed some I am fond of... if you like the fandom and put a darker spin on it then PM me.

Harry Potter
Hunger Games
Marvel comics
DC comics
Star Wars

Images that stick in my mind
More will come later

Thank you for the time, send me a PM if anything you like links up with what you like.
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(Note... I am a touch under the weather so replies may be slow for the next day or two, I do apologize.)