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Author Topic: Superhero Ideas. Arrow, Batman, Superman, and more! M for f  (Read 1233 times)

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Superhero Ideas. Arrow, Batman, Superman, and more! M for f
« on: January 31, 2014, 09:13:53 pm »

1. Arrow Year One:

This one is a little less ironed out. I would like to do an Arrow story between Oliver/Green Arrow and Felicity Smoak. It would be in a similar setting to the TV show Arrow, but an original creation. Basically, Oliver returns from the island with physical skills necessary to clean up his home, but five years on an island have left him with little to no tech skill. He needs help to find the people he wants to bring to justice. He might appear to Felicity as the Green Arrow the first few times, asking for her help, and eventually she becomes his full time partner.

2. The Coming of Ares

Themyscira, the home of the amazons, has long been hidden from the world of men. The two worlds have been separate for so long that few men even believe the amazons exist. Still, there are men who know of magic, and those people are as much a threat to amazons as they are to humans.

Exactly one year ago, the amazon Queen Hippolyta had a vision of a coming threat and left her people in order to confront it. She never returned. Her people have no idea if the threat was stopped or if their queen is still alive. Hippolyta's only daughter, Diana, has finally run out of patience and has left the island to find answers.

Meanwhile, in Metropolis, a series of abductions and museum robberies are pushing Superman to his limit. The culprits call themselves the cult of Ares, and they believe they can use human sacrifice and ancient relics to allow the Greek God Ares to walk the earth once more. Superman doesn't believe in any of this, but he can't ignore the damage and loss of life that the cultists are causing.

This would be a story of the first partnership between Superman and Wonder Woman. She knows the magical side of things, but he knows how to find things in Metropolis. As they work together, they can start to appreciate what the other one has to offer and find a love that just might unite two worlds.

3. Love and Betrayal:

 The flying vigilante has been operating in Metropolis for roughly a year now, and while the press has dubbed him Superman, little else is known about him except for the fact that he is extremely powerful and seems to be trying to help. That doesn’t stop people from wanting to learn about him though. The Daily Planet, which is owned by Lex Luthor, is encouraging anyone with information on him to come forward, and is pushing its reporters to use any means necessary to find the truth about the man of steel, promising a huge cash reward for the person to pull it off.

Lois Lane is determined to be that person. She stages an attack on herself in a dark ally, hoping Superman will show up to save her. The risk is low, since everyone knows Superman doesn’t kill or injure people. He just stops the crime.  The fake attack goes off without a hitch, and Superman shows up to save her. She manages to talk to him for a minute before he rushes off to help someone else.

Rather than print the little she learned and lose Superman as a source, she starts to place herself in potential danger. It quickly becomes clear that the man of steel is attracted to her, as he always shows up, and he tends to stay for a little longer every time.

What I want to explore here is a Lois and Superman relationship that is based on a lie. There are a lot of questions to answer. What will happen when she starts to develop real feelings for him? What will happen when he learns that he has been manipulated for the sake of a story? What happens if Lex discovers that Lois is Superman’s true vulnerability, and starts manufacturing his own danger for Lois to keep the man of steel busy?

4. A Pair of Bats:

Bruce Wayne is 22 years old and just returned from years spent overseas. Unknown to the public, he spent that time learning everything he could about how to inspire fear and fight crime. Now he is back in Gotham City and has been spending his evenings fighting crime as the Batman. While he has been shaking things up in the city's underworld, he is finding a number of holes in his operation. Spending years over seas taught him how to fight and avoid detection, but his computer skills are severely lacking and he is struggling to be everywhere at once.

Meanwhile, a number of people are being inspired by the Batman's activities. One of the people inspired is Barbara Gordon. Her father considers the Batman a dangerous vigilante, but Barbara thinks he is exactly what the city needs. As Batman continues to make headlines, she starts to wonder how much good a Batgirl could do in addition to Batman.

Batgirl quickly makes her way onto Batman's radar. She is smart enough to hack Bruce's communication network, skilled with technology, and proficient at using her access to the police station to find crime. However, rather than see her as a asset, he sees her as an untrained liability. He tells her time and again that she needs to put a stop to this, but it may already be too late. There is a new player in the Gotham underworld who calls himself the Joker, and he believes that the best way to get at the Batman might be to target his unwanted partner.

I'm looking to do a retelling of Batman's early years and create a romantic relationship between Bruce and Barbara.

5. Partners

Lex Luthor is a canidate for President of the United States, and barring something unexpected, he is assured to win. Lois Lane started out researching him for a puff piece, but she found some irregularities in his history that she couldn't explain. As she dug deeper, she found connections to organized crime, illegal experiments, and worse, but she couldn't prove any of it. Her publishers ordered her to kill the story, as it was going nowhere, but she continued to dig. She was sure she was close to something, she just had to dig a little deeper.

On the way home one evening, she is attacked by a few masked men. She realizes at once that it is a hit. It will look like a robbery gone wrong, but her investigation into Lex will be silenced. Instead of finding a police officer or good Samaritan, she finds 'him.' The vigilante in blue and red has been protecting Metropolis for months, but he isolates himself from people. In turn, people fear his superhuman powers, and most consider him a menace in the making. When Lois looks at him though, she just sees his kind eyes and concern for others.

I'm looking to do a retelling of the Clark/Lois romance. I'd like to develop a long term relationship, where Lois gains a partner in her investigation and Clark gains a connection to humanity and an outlet to start to gain the world's trust.

6. Titans:

With the emergence of superhuman beings like Superman and Wonder Woman, the government has started to put together a plan to control them. If the Justice League or a rogue meta human were to move against the government, the government wanted a way to take them down.

The government’s most promising initiative is a clone of Superman, grown from a sample of his blood that was recovered after a battle. The “Superboy” has been aged at an accelerated rate, giving him the body of an 18 year old man and a wealth of information, but no real world experience.

The government’s plans to install safeguards that would allow them to control the clone are disrupted when a mysterious power outage allows the Superboy to escape his cell. He destroys his cell, incapacities the guards, and does considerable damage to the facility.

On the way out, he uncovers another captive, one kept in suspended animation to stop her from escaping. M’gann M’orzz is a refugee from Mars who was captured for study. The Superboy frees the martian and the two of them make their escape.

This would be a story about the relationship between Superboy and Miss Martian. They would be hunted by the police and government, perhaps even the Justice League if the government could convince the League that the Titans represent a danger. They would have to find a place in the world, and deal with whatever forces acted to free them from their prison.


Clark Kent/ Chloe Sullivan
Green Arrow/ Canary (not based on TV show Arrow)
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Re: Superhero Ideas. Arrow, Batman, Superman, and more! M for f
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2014, 07:07:31 am »
Updated and modified.

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Re: Superhero Ideas. Arrow, Batman, Superman, and more! M for f
« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2014, 10:53:46 pm »
The Coming of Ares was added.

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Re: Superhero Ideas. Arrow, Batman, Superman, and more! M for f
« Reply #3 on: February 09, 2014, 12:14:57 am »
Interesting! I've never seen a solo game thread advertised here before. I hope you find what you're looking for.

I'm into Superheroes as well (got a group game starting up in the Marvel universe) so I'll bookmark this for later.

Good luck!