Girlfriend's Best Friend and variations plus others[m/f m/m m/futa f/f f/futa]

Started by traci80, January 31, 2014, 04:45:49 PM

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  [A]. A boyfriend and girlfriend are 16yo and have been together the good part of a year. Their relationship is still solid, but word has gotten around that they haven't gone past kissing. A number of girls have crushes on the boyfriend and have been hoping for the two to break up. Since that doesn't seem to be happening on it's own so, the girlfriend's best friend starts offering him what the girlfriend isn't giving him.
  Variations could be a another boy or futa in the best friends place. The boy would be mildly sub and I would prefer you to be the boy.

  . Would you be interested in a pairing of 16yos? You are a girl who has her eye on the new boy in your neighborhood who goes to a different school. He is a bit of a shrimp for a boy being about your size. But he is so fucking CUTE! Never would you have guessed that he was actually a she. She hangs out with, acts like and dresses like a boy right down to her boxer-briefs. She uses a binding under her hoodie and shirts to hide her perky, little tits under her shirt. You flirt his ass off. Then one day you go to watch the girls basketball team to go and play the team from his school. And what do you know? He...err she, is the guard on the GIRLS team.
  I can play either girl.

  [C]. Would you be interested in a pairing of 16yo boys? They
have a bromance thing going on which irritates the fuck
out of their girlfriends. The girls are always complaining
that they don't get enough alone time with their guys as
the boys are always with each other [The girls would just
be NPCs]. Our boys much prefer to be with each other than
with their girlfriends.
  The boys play drums in the pep band at school. They
skateboard, play video games and just plain hang out
together. They are cocky and a bit too cute for their own
good. That and the their success with girls sometimes
makes them target of a few bullies. The boys are about the
same size and just a touch smaller than most of the guys
their age. Their cocks are in the 5 to 5 1/2 inch range.
  They are not jocks by any means, but they outdraw most of
them with the number of girls chasing them with their
flirting ability and being so damn cute. They pussy-tease
the girls into thinking they have a chance with them [even
tho they have girlfriends]. If they're lucky the boys
might kiss them.
  The boys think of themselves as straight. With girls
they have a lot of experience kissing. Beyond that they've
received a few hand jobs from their girlfriend's and a they
both had a poor BJ from a girl named Megan. It wasn't that
good, but it was nice too cheat on their bitchy
girlfriends with her.
  Tho they have fooled around with other boys a lot more
it hasn't gone beyond the playing stage as yet. The most
popular activity is laying on top of each other with pants
pulled down and humping off together. They will go farther
slowly. They might pimp themselves out and get in deeper
in the future.
  My guy will be more aggressive sexually, but otherwise they will be equals. Any ideas you would like to add, or
maybe change.