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Author Topic: Adventures in Nymphomania (Erotic Pathfinder)  (Read 1873 times)

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Adventures in Nymphomania (Erotic Pathfinder)
« on: January 31, 2014, 03:43:46 am »
I am looking for a long-term descriptive co-writer to either GM or Co-GM an Erotic Pathfinder campaign.

As far as description goes, I tend to average around 3 paragraphs per post, sometimes less sometimes more and I always try to match what I am given.

My Ons & Offs can be found in my signature. My main Ons are Teasing/Foreplay, Dry-Humping, Sex while mostly/fully clothed, and Public Sex. While my major Offs are Scat/Urine play, Anal, BDSM and vore.

I believe the following two options would work the best, but am always open to ideas. Of course this is just a simple outline of both options and they both will be expanded upon.

1. I write for two to four characters while the Co-Writer GMs

2. I write for two characters while the Co-Writer also writes for two characters as we take turns GMing quests/adventures within the campaign. This is my preferred option.

The two characters I would most likely be using are my favored characters, two half-elven sisters, sisterly incest would indeed be involved as the two of them would be sisters with benefits.

PMs would probably work best for discussion while the campaign would be most likely done within it's own thread/s.

I am always open to discussion and will always reply even if not interested.

Setting preferences are Traditional Fantasy along the lines of Lord of the Rings, Forgotten Realms and Golarion.

For posting rate, I usually try to post at least every other day and at the very least once every three days.
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Re: Adventures in Nymphomania (Erotic Pathfinder)
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2014, 07:16:43 pm »
Here is some character information(copy & pasted from elsewhere) for both of the sisters, the characters I would prefer to write for. I've used them before in a couple of campaigns. Of course adjustments can be made.

Character Information

Dawn Anathitae

Ons: Loves "dry" sex, teasing/foreplay

Art inspiration(NSFW, scantily clad)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Real Life References(NSFW, nudity)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Model is Eva(Iga) Wywral

Stephanie Anathitae

Ons: Loves breast sex & breast play.

Art Inspiration(NSFW, scantily clad)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Closest I've found so far, pretty much spot on except for a few things: wrong type of bodysuit, no chain shirt, modern setting and Russian theme.

Real Life References(NSFW, nudity)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
  Model is Michelle Marsh

Backstory: They grew up in a loving family, raised by not just their parents, but grandparents & relatives as well, including close family friends. They lived in a small Wood Elven town settled in an old fey forest, it was not an uncommon sight to see friendly fey around the town, centaurs, satyrs, and dryads were common place. The town's primary Diety is Aaluaran.

The High Priestess is a Nymph, their grandmother, her grove is the town's temple grounds and place of worship. Their mother is a Half-Nymph Woof Elf, and like her mother, a Carnal Mage of great skill. Their father is a charming Human Rogue who favors daggers & acrobatics. One of their parents' former adventuring companions retired to live in the town alongside them. A Changeling Bard who shared her friends' love of Aaluran, and is also a talented seamstress. She has been like an aunt to both Dawn and Stephanie, gifting them each with an identical magic item that would allow them to change their outfits on a whim, their imagination being the only real limit.

As young girls they were taught and spent time with each member of their family. Early on Dawn showed an intense fascination with arcane magic. She was overjoyed when she awoke one morning with purple hair, having had a dream about changing her hair color with a spell. Her mother and grandmother began her training immediately. She was eager to learn all she could, not just about arcane magic, but nature, and Aaluran as well(of course some information was saved until she came of age).

While Stephanie always enjoyed watching her mother and grandmother use arcane magic, she was far more interested in testing and challenging herself. She seemed to be a natural acrobat, spending entire days in the tree-tops. It did not take her long before she was asking her father to teach her those cool dagger tricks he always showed people. Her father handling most of her training.

Even after their training was complete, they stayed around the town for several years, putting what they've learned to good use by helping where they could. Eventually the desire to see the world got the better of them. With plenty of heartfelt "goodbye, stay safe"s and well wishes, they left their home town to start their days of adventuring. Intending to help make the world a better place while sharing Aaluran's teachings with those interested.

Shared Ons: They're both voyeurs, they love to watch. And while Dawn may not be as big of an exhibitionist as her big sister, she enjoys wearing teasing and revealing clothing. Not to mention that both of them are always looking for an opportunity to do something naughty in public.

Shared Offs: No Anal(this doesn't mean no cheek play, hotdogging is highly encouraged), No Scat/Urine Play, No BDSM, No Vore

Edit: And of course when I say Changeling I'm referring to the 3.5 race, not the new Pathfinder race that is the off-spring of hags.....apparently.
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Re: Adventures in Nymphomania (Erotic Pathfinder)
« Reply #2 on: February 01, 2014, 06:43:41 pm »
Here is some homebrew that I would like to use for the two sisters.

Carnal Mage(Modified Beguiler) - Updated for Pathfinder

Spells: To cast a Carnal Mage spell, you must have an Charisma score of 10 + the spell’s level (Cha 10 for 0-level spells, Cha 11 for 1st-level spells, and so forth). The Difficulty Class for a saving throw against a Carnal Mage’s spell is 10 + the spell’s level + the Carnal Mage’s Cha modifier. Like other spellcasters, a Carnal Mage can cast only a certain number of spells of each spell level per day. The base daily spell allotment is given on Table 1–1(Beguiler, PHB II). In addition, you receive bonus spells for a high Charisma score

A Carnal Mage needs a full night's rest and regains her spells through having sex for an hour(this can occur before or after resting). Masturbation does not count as sex for this purpose. This would use the mechanics for Perform: Sexual Techniques in the Book of Erotic Fantasy.

Class Skills (6 + Int modifier per level): Acrobatics, Bluff, Climb, Diplomacy, Disguise, Escape Artist, Intimidate, Knowledge (Arcana), Knowledge (Local), Linguistics, Perform (Sexual Techniques), Perception, Profession, Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand, Spellcraft, Stealth, Swim, Use Magic Device.

HP: D8

BAB/Saves/Spells Per Day(Aside from 0 level): Same as Beguiler

Cantrips: 0 Level Spells are cast like any other spell, but
they are not expended when cast and may be used again.

Eschew Materials: The Carnal Mage gains Eschew Materials as a bonus feat at first level.

Orgasmic Renewal (Ex) (Replaces Trapfinding): The Carnal Mage can convert the sexual energy produced by an orgasm into magical energy to renew spell slots. She can only do this once per day at first level, gaining an additional use every-other level(3rd level, 5th level and so on for a total of 10 times per day at 19th level).

Masturbatory Renewal At first level, the Carnal Mage can renew a 1st Level Spell Slot by achieving an orgasm through self stimulation.

Sensual Caresses At fifth level, the Carnal Mage can renew up to a 2nd Level Spell Slot by achieving an orgasm through the sensual massages of a partner's hands

Oral Bliss At ninth level, the Carnal Mage can renew up to a 3rd Level Spell Slot by achieving an orgasm through her partner's blissful application of lips and tongue.

Erotic Delight At thirteenth level, the Carnal mage can renew up to a 4th Level Spell Slot by achieving an orgasm through the delightful joining of her partner's genitals with her own.

Complete Ecstasy At Seventeenth level, the Carnal Mage can renew up to a 5th Level Spell Slot by achieving an orgasm through her partner combining Sensuality, Bliss and Delight to induce pure ecstasy.

Distracting Tease (Ex) (Replaces Armor Proficiency and Armored Mage): Often a good distraction can provide an effective defense. A peeking areola, partially exposed southern cheeks or the subtle press of puffy petals against thin snug fabric can be all it takes to cause an opportune loss of focus. At first level the Carnal Mage gains a bonus to her Armor Class equal to her Charisma Modifier.  This ability functions only when the Carnal Mage is wearing revealing clothing.

Cloaked Casting (Ex): Starting at 2nd level, a Carnal Mage’s spells become more effective when cast against an unwary foe. You gain a +1 bonus to the spell’s save DC when you cast a spell that targets any foe who would be denied a Dexterity bonus to AC (whether the target actually has a Dexterity bonus or not).
At 8th level, you gain a +2 bonus on rolls made to overcome the spell resistance of any affected target.
At 14th level, the bonus to your spell’s save DC increases to +2.
At 20th level, you become able to automatically overcome the spell resistance of any affected target.

Surprise Casting (Ex): Starting at 2nd level, when you successfully use the Bluff skill to feint in combat, your target is denied its Dexterity bonus (if it has one) to AC for the next melee attack you make against it or the next spell you cast. You must remain in melee with the target, and the attack must be made or the spell cast on or before your next turn. The target is not considered fl at-footed and therefore can make attacks of opportunity against you if you do not cast defensively. Surprise casting can also be used when engaged in a sexual act(including masturbation).
At 6th level, you gain the ability to feint in combat as a move action instead of a standard action. If you have the Improved Feint feat, you can now feint in combat as a swift action.

Advanced Learning (Ex): At 3rd level, you can add a new spell to your list, representing the result of personal study and experimentation. The spell must be a sorcerer/wizard spell of the enchantment or illusion school and of a level no higher than that of the highest-level spell you already know. Once a new spell is selected, it is forever added to your spell list and can be cast just like any other spell on your list. You gain another new spell at 7th, 11th, 15th, and 19th level

Silent Spell: At 5th level, you gain Silent Spell as a
bonus feat.

Still Spell: At 10th level, you gain Still Spell as a bonus

Carnal Mage Spell List

0 Level Spells: Depliatory, Daze, Detect Magic, Ghost Sound, Grope, Message, Prestidigitation.

1st Level Spells: Block the Seed, Charm Person, Comprehend Languages, Disguise Self, Expeditious Retreat, Hypnotism, Mage Armor, Obscuring Mist, Share Sensation, Silent Image, Sleep, Undetectable Alignment, Visions of Exquisite Pleasure, Whelm.

2nd Level Spells: Daze Monster, Detect Thoughts, Disrobe, Fog Cloud, Glitterdust, Hypnotic Pattern, Invisibility, Magic Probe, Minor Image, Mirror Image, Misdirection, See Invisibility, Silence, Spider Climb, Stay the Hand, Touch of Idiocy, Touch Me Not, Unseen Lover, Whelming Burst.

3rd Level Spells: Arcane Sight, Clairaudience/Clairvoyance, Cursed Orgasm, Deep Slumber, Dispel Magic, Glibness, Halt, Haste, Hesitate, Hold Person, Inevitable Defeat, Invisibility Sphere, Major Image, Nondetection, Phantasmal Lover, Privacy, Reverse Gender, Slow, Suggestion, Zone of Silence.

4th Level Spells: When Needed

5th Level Spells: When Needed

6th Level Spells: When Needed

Spell List Tradings

0 Level:  Dancing Lights for Depliatory(BoEF pg 102), Open/Close for Grope(BoEF pg 106), Read Magic for Prestidigitation

1st Level:  Color Spray for Visions of Exquisite Pleasure(BoEF pg 117), Detect Secret Doors for Block the Seed (BoEF pg 101), Rouse for Share Sensation (BoEF pg 115)

2nd Level: Blinding Color Surge for Magic Probe(BoEF pg 111), Blur for Disrobe(BoEF pg 103), Knock for Touch Me Not(BoEF pg 116-117), Vertigo for Unseen Lover(BoEF pg 117)

3rd Level: Displacement for Phantasmal Lover(BoEF pg 113), Crown of Veils for Cursed Orgasm(BoEF pg 102), Legion of Sentinels for Privacy(BoEF pg 114), Vertigo Field for Reverse Gender(BoEF pg 115)

4th Level: Coming soon, when needed

5th Level: Coming soon, when needed

6th Level: Coming soon, when needed

Nymph Blooded Template

Captivating Beauty: When looking at the individual in their full glory(nude or mostly), Will Save or Dazed for one round. Can't suppress or renew.

Nature's Grace: Wild Empathy(As Druid ability) with +2 Racial Bonus(Nymph is +6 racial bonus, roughly one-third nymph, one third the bonus, heh). Knowledge (Nature) and Survival always considered class skills.

Nymphomania(Flaw): Certain parts of the body are more sensitive than normal, usually breasts(for women) and genitalia that are affected. This causes the individual to become aroused rather easily depending on the body part and level of increased sensitivity. Along with increased sensitivity are intense periodic cravings of certain forms of stimulation, usually a form of stimulation the individual hasn't experienced in awhile.

For men this problem occurs about once a month, for women it tends to take affect right after their normal monthly cycle. The effects between both genders are the same however, depending on the type of stimulation, certain parts of the body will begin to tingle and itch differently. It will be very minor at first, eventually growing into a full on aching need after several days. This is the first clue to what their body is craving, the second is that soon after their period starts(even the first night), they're treated to increasingly vivid and intense erotic dreams. Once their nymphomaniac period begins, each masturbatory orgasm becomes less and less satisfying until they find that they can no longer bring themselves to a climax with self stimulation. After a couple of days this problem starts affecting other forums of stimulation until the craving is fully satisfied.

The intensity of the craving and resulting effects gets worse and worse with each passing day until the craving is satisfied. While the first day may not be all that different aside from being constantly horny, the fifth day has their bodies in a never ending state of full arousal.

So that's pretty much the fluff. as for mechanics I'm not sure how exactly to handle it. Thinking a table for the type of stimulation craved(which would go along with the character's kinks and limits, for example; if the character did not like anal, anal stimulation wouldn't be a possibility). As well as a cumulative penalty/bonus for each day that passes without having the craving satisfied. Penalties would likely affect most skills(especially those that require concentration) due to the distraction of intense arousal and desire. This would also affect spell casting, and maybe even attack rolls. However, bonuses would likely be given to diplomacy(only when seducing) and to Perform: Sexual Techniques.  Thinking that the penalty would be increased by one for each day that passes. First day(start of the period) would be -1/+1, the fifth day being -5/+5, and so on.

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Re: Adventures in Nymphomania (Erotic Pathfinder)
« Reply #3 on: February 03, 2014, 02:20:49 am »
Added Setting Preferences as well as Posting Rate

Please note that the posted characters are just one version of the characters I wish to write for/play and that things can always be adjusted to fit the campaign we set up. Other than the characters I'll be playing, everything is pretty much completely open and free for creativity. For example, the only thing that has really been decided about the world is that somewhere in it is a good sized forest inhabited by good-aligned fae and wood elves, other than that it's a blank slate ready for us to mold.

Please do not let the fact that I've already chosen which characters I'll be writing for, keep you from voicing your interest. With everything else undecided, it's easy to make things fit.

I am looking for a co-writer who would like to GM(or preferably Co-GM, taking turns running adventures/quests while also playing however many player-characters as we're each comfortable with) for my two characters in an Erotic Pathfinder System Campaign.