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Author Topic: A few fantasy ideas im really looking to try out :)  (Read 784 times)

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Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

A few fantasy ideas im really looking to try out :)
« on: January 29, 2014, 10:35:38 pm »
I am looking for anyone interested in a few unique fantasy setting stories.

take a look at my ons and offs and hopefully we can make something of these.  Said stories are not set into stone so if you have any ideas you'd like to add or change dealing with these ideas, feel free to toss them out there. :)

Read on!

loving the blind (MxF, maybe MxFxM)
Sevryn Salryn

Race: half-elf
Age: 43 (which is young for a half-elf)
Class: Fighter
Alignment: Neutral

Sevryn grew up an orphan for as long as he could remember.  The head of the orphanage knew of Sevryn's father, a grand warrior in the lands, so when the older man came to town with a child in his arms he begged and pleaded for his sons safety, he had matters to attend to. The warrior left the town never to return, and soon the years passed and Sevryn grew older.  Sevryn wasn't the strongest and most nimble of children, quit frail actually, and he was often picked on about his slightly pointed ears.  This often resulted in many fights which lead to many different disciplinary actions, and a subtly resentment of authority.  However, all in all, Sevryn wasn't a bad child and the taunting just made him a more resilient half-elf.  That was till the night of the fire.

Sevryn was 17 when a massive group of demons invaded the town decimating many things in their path.  One of these things was the very orphanage the half-elf called his home.  The came in the night, and shrill shrieks soon drowned the screams of terror out as they went about killing.  Sevryn wouldn't have any of this, so with a few other kids, they stood their ground against the small band of demons.  This of course didn't end well, and soon the building was blazing with flames as blood decorated the walls all about.  Sevryn, badly injured, attempted to make his way out of the building but was soon stopped with a clawed foot on his chest.  He closed his eyes knowing this was the end,  however as he did the building collapsed and all went numb, silent and dark.

Morning did come as the raid was sent scampering away, and search parties were organized for the living.  Sevryn was found, unconscious yet still alive, and after days of sleeping and healing he awoke.  Life wasn't as grand as it seemed though, when the half-elf woke he found himself scared with burns and gashes from the fire and the demons. Yet above all he couldn't see, somehow the mixture of heat, blood, and ash permanently blinded the boy.  He lived for years afterwards begging in the streets and finding what odd jobs he could to survive.  When souly alone he would train and practice as his heart felt only vengeance on the creatures that hurt him.  He found an old abandoned farm house and with some old farm tools he did the best training a blind man could. 


The Dark God Returns (MxF, maybe MxFxM)

For the better part of 4 decades the Continents of Loradia have wared over territories, wealth, love and power.  However, in the last few years, something dark has appeared in the northern ilse of the Draconian Principalities.  A relic, more like a pillar of eminating blackness, appeared out of nowhere.  The Dragonborn, lords of the north, chosen of bahamut, were slowly being corrupted, and in a few short years the once peaceful isles became that of nightmares.  The pillar poured deeds of evil into the dragons and dragonborns minds and soon war broke out across the land.  Humans, dwarves, elves, and all other intellegent creatures alike both good and evil wanted the pillar and its secrets.  The long era known as the shade wars began and this is what it looked like.

Shade Wars

This is where he, Rokyn Vistrum, steps in. 

High Knight to the Human king of Kelmore, he was an experienced warrior and a shinning soul in the face of the darkness that rose from the north.  Cladded with metals and honors, madens and daughters alike drempt of his hand in marrage in the early days of the war.  Years of fightning passed on and millions died.  Alliances were created between evil and good as they both feared the darkness within that relic.  Durring the winter months of of the 13th year of the Shade War, Rokyn found himself leading an army north to the pillar to end its influence and end the war.  Master warriors and Mages alike fell quickly, and finding himself on his knees in a pool of blood, Rokyn, begged, for the first time in his life, he begged for pardon.  That is when his eyes glazzed over, and the doom tides came.  His soul now belonged to the pillar, and with his skill and knowledge of the opposing side the darkness led him to slaughter more and more at the pillars will.

Human Rokyn Vistrum

One hundred years of war passed as the world and its inhabitents were plunged into darkness.  However where the pillar came from was beyond any magi's or priests comprehension and soon the gods got inviolved.  The truth behind the pillar was during the early ages of the gods, a god of true evil was locked away by both good and evil gods for fear of total enihalation.  This Pillar was just a warning, a threat of what things might come to be.  As the fear reached the heavens, Bahamut himself soone ended these wars.  By decimating his own people the dragonborn and dragons soon became nearly extinct leaving only small bands or dragons about the world.  This is where Rokyn found himself begging for mercy. 

As pentance, a punishment, Rokyns soul was flung from his body to one of the fallen dragonborn, his mind a haze of what went on.  Born anew, Rokyn found himself atoning for his actions forever stuck as one of the monsters he once controlled without knowing such.  Centuries passed and soon the wars became lore and the world as it always has and always will, kept spinning and today, Rokyn finds himself as a scavanger finding relics and oddities from the old world selling them as he goes or taking on missions to find certain items.

The New Rokyn

Meanwhile, as the world turns on, a darkness is brewing in the ruins of the draconian kingdoms of the north, a darkness not scene for 300 years, a darkness thought to have been locked away. 

And the third is just an idea.

A pirates life (MxF, maybe MxF)

Tristyn Talys was an orphan turned sky pirate in search for a father who abandoned him.

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Re: A few fantasy ideas im really looking to try out :)
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2014, 10:20:07 pm »
one taken
one in the works
and one still open