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May 13, 2021, 01:29:10 am

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Author Topic: league of Evil Redux Freeform/NC/EX (Still Accepting Characters)  (Read 3440 times)

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Offline Cold Heritage

I'll just refrain. Sorry to take up your time unduly.

Offline Foxy DeVille

I'll just refrain. Sorry to take up your time unduly.

Booooo... you had some pretty nifty ideas.

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Offline Urbanzorro

Come back Lone Ran....err...Cold Heritage! Come back!

On a side note I'm really quite excited for this game :-D

Offline Kadigan

Throwing in last minute. Character tech and image based on the always fun Jonni Future, from the Tom Strong comics.

"Normal" Name: Leanne Prumble 
Gender: F
"Normal" Appearance:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Sexuality: Bi
Personality: Once you get past her rather cruel and vicious streak, she can be quite fun and bubbly. Almost to the point where one could forget about the things she’s done. She’s just at home going to a movie or out to a club as she is swooping around and firing blasts from her
Villain Name: Nikki Nova
Villain Appearance
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Powers: No Inherent Powers
Special Equipment (& function):

Flight Pack: Allows for flight both in and out of the atmosphere of any planet. Generates null gravity field rather then propulsion. She can use this to escape the gravity field of any planet.
Ray Gun: Standard Weaponry of the year 3248 can be used to kill, stun, cut, weld, or disintegrate.
Translator helmet: Allows her to understand and communicate with any known language, as of the year 3248.
Energy Shield (From Gauntlets: Allows for an adjustable sized force shield to be generated from her right wrist gauntlet.
Scanners: Her left gauntlet contains a scanner which has a variety of uses.

Weakness: Her technology is advanced, though she is still just a human beneath it. While the weaponry and tech are self sufficient and repairing, she lacks any knowledge to create more or speed up the process’ to repair it, or to do so should it become fatally broken. The shield can only withstand so much force before faltering, and the energy field the flight pack generates can only sustain her in space for 3 hours before it needs to recharge.

 Nemesis: No real nemesis in the present yet, but has made enemies of entire species in the future, some with advanced technology
Brief Bio: Leanne grew up in Queanbeyan Australia, reaching the age of 18 during 1976. She had a fairly normal childhood by all accounts, enjoying playing with her friends, and loving music. She attended the Sunbury Pop Festival 2 years in a row, before it stopped, and fell in love with music, intending to follow her dreams into that before she was taken.
   Leanne was taken, disappearing in a flash of light one night from her bedroom. She awoke to pain, pain and confusion and horror, as alien creatures, too grotesque to ever be mistaken for human, experimented on her. Questions went unanswered, her world for the next 5 days consisted of horrifying pain, confusion, and humiliation. It was only when a team of humans rescued her, and other prisoners from the ship, that she was made aware. She had been transported to the year 3248. By the time she learned the full truth of the abduction, she was beyond caring about the meaning or the why’s.
   In the late 2700s, humanity had nearly been obliterated by an alien species in their first contact scenario. On the brink of oblivion, humanity overcame, adapted, and pushed the monsters back. But then they kept pushing, the survivors hard and vicious now, kept pushing ever onwards. Soon, humanity was conquering for the sake of conquering. The aliens who’d conquered her were technologically advanced, but militaristically naïve and on the verge of being decimated, had used their advanced tech to search through the past for humans to experiment on, to find a toxin, a plague that could wipe out the humans of now. It was far easier then abducting a human from the future, who were all chipped and could be tracked, or initiate their own suicide. Earth had long been abandoned, a dead husk, and the aliens had thought they were safe. They were not.
   After recovering from her ordeal, Leanne learned the ways of the future from her rescuers, and initially motivated by revenge, joined into the Universal Defense Initiative. Despite the music of her child hood preaching good times, love, and peace, she soon found she enjoyed warfare, combat, and grinding aliens beneath her boot heel. She spent over a decade in the future, though a harsher place, she built a new life with friends, loves, enemies, and possessions. Her last mission in the future had her Drop Squad on yet another ship of the same aliens that brought her to the future, The mission was seek and destroy, which she did too well. She was caught in an explosion of a machine that she never knew was there, and the shockwave sent her back to the present day.
   With some bits of future tech that she still had, and the style of dress (modesty in the future was a much different thing) that bordered on obscene, she began to lash out at a world she didn’t understand anymore, in rage over a life that had been stolen from her twice.
 Crime that gained you entrance to the League: She disintegrated the Prime Minster of Thailand, who one of her squad’s rivals once bragged they were a direct descendant of.

Offline Foxy DeVille

Throwing in last minute. Character tech and image based on the always fun Jonni Future, from the Tom Strong comics.

I love Jonni Future! Wish more was done with her.

Offline Baalborn87Topic starter

@BarbaraGordon She looks cool. Accepted

OOC and Character thread are up (in the first post). Post your characters in the character thread, feel free to add a little polish if you feel the need. Otherwise we are getting close to unleashing the League on the unprepared world! (insert evil laugh here).
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