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Author Topic: Steampunk and time travel plots. UPDATE 9/19 [VAN] [UN]  (Read 627 times)

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Steampunk and time travel plots. UPDATE 9/19 [VAN] [UN]
« on: August 14, 2008, 02:53:54 AM »
As new as I am to this lovely little forum, I already have ideas floating around for stories I would like to play out with someone. I'll start off with the two that I've eben thinking about a bit lately:

1.) Escaped "Homo-Felidae" slave[/s]

Yes, I just made that up. I don't actually have any experience in biology, so make fun of me if you wish. :P

I see mention of cat-girls on this forum, or nekos, but all the pictures I have seen in reference to these cat-girls show a mostly human figure with ears and tail of a cat, and various behavioral qualities and some not-so-apparent physical ones. The type of feline/human character I play, however, is not quite this, nor is he the standard anthropomorphic variety, with the more exaggerated physical features that are closer to that of actual felids. The type that I play is human in body, with the standard ears and tail, but actually has the fur as well.

That said, this story would take place in a Victorian/Steampunk setting in which, you guessed it, felinoids (fancy terminology, I know) are legal to keep as slaves. This particular felinoid male was in the 'care' of a rather frazzled old, rich widow. She liked to hide inside her mansion and be alone, but knew she would need simple tasks done eventually, and so brought him up from an early age so as to mold him properly for her purposes. Her mental oddities, however, led her to seclude him from any other female, and restrict his knowledge of anything sexual, so as to avoid the possibility of him breeding and leaving her with more responsibility than she needed at her age. Over the years she became angry, however, and instinct kicked in one evening after a particularly bad episode with his owner, leading him to escape in the dead of night. So afraid was he of being recaptured, that he would end up running himself to exhaustion. Little does he know that his collapse would leave him in the middle of a farm field. Sometime the next day a young woman living only her father would be alone at home, as her father would be in the nearest town for the whole day to retrieve some supplies. She would find him, nurse him, and perhaps one thing will lead to another, and he will be taught... heh, many things.

Whether or not we play out the escape can be up to you. It might be fun, and could add some very nice detail to the story. Obviously a tale of innocence, it will be lacking of anything... too out there. Although, I am a flexible person, and should someone provide an interesting idea as to how the female role in this story could be different (perhaps a little wicked, in some way?), then I am all ears.

2.) Time travel gone wrong<-----

In the near future, time travel is discovered to be quite possible, and so much easier than previously expected that the corporations are allowed limited privileges to research the possibilities in time travel tourism. Company X has taken it upon themselves to allow their group a little more leeway with the given privileges, and do more "field research". During one of their "routine" exercises, a team of scientists has traveled back to ancient Egypt. A young scientist has wandered away from his group and is peeking over a ridge to watch some of the natives mill about. The assignment is to simply watch certain events and report back as to the accuracy of the world's history books. One young scientist has sneaked away from his group and is peeking over a small ridge to watch some of the natives, when he notices something very wrong. He recognizes a young woman who is supposed to be an aid to a priest of the current pharaoh, but according to his notes she should have been assisting with gathering provisions for a ceremony that evening. At that moment, however, he sees her being hauled away by several guards. This obviously appears very wrong, and his instinct says he should look into it, or tell someone.

This story will be mainly about him saving this woman, against all principles one learns about time travel. The potential behind this little plot line could mean it ends up being a much larger story, and could even require more than two people. Hey, if there's enough interest in it, I wouldn't mind that at all!
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Re: Steampunk and time travel plots. Inquire within. [VAN] [UN]
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2008, 01:13:39 AM »

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Re: Steampunk and time travel plots. UPDATE 9/19 [VAN] [UN]
« Reply #2 on: September 19, 2008, 12:49:06 AM »
Topic #1 is in progress. Topic #2 is open and I am certainly still interested.