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((However I will be happy to discuss something for a future story that we could work out. I just don't have the space or time to write more stories right now. If one ends or something happens to cause it to be put on hold, I will be happy to fill that slot with the story idea we have been discussing.))


I keep my A/A's updated frequently with whats going on in my life.  If you have an idea that pops out at me, I will let you know if its something that appeals to me. As a rule I don't like prodding or poking. I don't mind the occasional poke if it seems I may have forgotten. But overall its just unnerving and I much prefer to write as the creativity comes to me. If you are interested in how I write or want to read some of my writing, you can find my stories listed at the bottom of this page, my current writing list is frequently updated on my A.A Thread with where I am, as well as a list at the bottom of this thread and my O.O thread. Again I can't stress this enough. PM me with your interest. Please don't flood my thread with it. Also READ my O/O's before you ask to play a story with me. There are points in there that are important to my game play. I don't like to sound elite or whatever with writing partners, but to get what i want, I have to set ground rules for what -I- enjoy. Thank you.

**With Specific Voiced Exceptions

Desired Ideas

These are a few ideas I had floating around in my head. I'm always open to suggestions and/or comments. And if you think you have something I might want or some desire I can fill, please do PM me.


This pairing.. Daddy and his new girl? Maybe step daughter? Maybe an employee in his business? Maybe a babe he met on vacation? 

Either way you go with it, its a must have!!!

I am 100000000% serious about this one!

If anyone has an idea or is up for some slow moving RP, hit me up! Even if its just a one shot!:


We Found Love in a Hopeless Place


They had met in an online game and had hit it off pretty well. After a couple months of playing together and crushing their opponents, they decided to chat away from the game and get to know each other. It was the first time she had ever really wanted to get to know a guy she gamed with and he seemed pretty awesome so far. It was hard to imagine ever meeting in person, but she was softening up to the idea of getting to know him beyond just his character and his gameplay. It wasn't as if she had never had a boyfriend. It had been a couple years since the fall of the world and she just never had a long distance or online sort of person she was interested in. It was all very new and weird for her. She was so used to meeting guys in person and going on actual dates where she could look at them while they spoke to her and even eventually touch them affectionately. Well she used to before everything happened. Will she learn that sometimes a guys personality can win you over entirely without needing physical affection or seeing them everyday in person? Could she trust that this person was a guy and not a girl or group of girls who were trolling her? There were so many unknowns, but she thought for sure this time, she was going to give it a go and see where things lead. It could lead to love, right?  Or a stalker who found her profile online and thought she was a pretty young thing that could be easy prey? She was tired of being alone and having online friends was one thing. This was entirely different, right? Only time would tell and with the state of this post apocalyptic world, she had all the time in the world right now.

[[ LH/E Post-Apocalyptic Romance ]]
(Possible DubCon much later in the story) 
[FxM or FxF]


Brothers of Destiny
A Tale of two Princes on a Journey to find their Princess and future Queen

A Modern Supernatural/Paranormal Romance
(Though not necessarily all at the same time.)

Hope. She was the key to everything. They had to find a way to convince her of her destiny. Of her part in the great scheme. The only catch was their time was limited. Only one could win or would they leave her torn between choosing one or would she take hold of her own destiny and decide to keep them both? Some might call it selfish or greedy, while others think she's genius. Light and Dark. The best sides of both worlds and she had the privilege and a great deal of pleasure of having both. How would they react to it? Would they give her all the power or take what they wanted? Which would win? Dark? Light? or Hope?

He stood across the street of the clubs parking lot. It was one of those fancy VIP sorts. The car rolled up with its tinted windows and shimmering bullet proof coating. There would be no way to hit anyone from here even with the infrared shades his Fixer had picked up for him. Instead he'd wait it out, squatting in position with the rifle setting on its tripod aimed right for the door way. The scope zoomed in to show the driver getting out and opening the back door. Now he just had to wait. The old man would get out and then he'd be a good one hundred thousand nuyen richer.  The wait was the worst of it.

She sat in the back of her daddy's car and waited for the driver to open the door. It had been a long week and he was now sending her to talk to the Norsetech CEO about their contracts and how they could extend them. She was supposed to take over the industry soon but she never thought he'd send her on such important business. She was much more than a pretty face and she was going to prove it tonight. She doubled checked her lipstick and made sure each hair was in place. Her dress was classy enough for a dinner but revealing enough for the club atmosphere. The door opened within moments and she stepped out with the hand of the driver taken by hers for assistance. She stood up straight and smoothed her skirt before moving further into view of any who were staring and watching.

He looked at the woman and was immediately drawn in by her. Something about her seemed familiar and intimate even. He blinked once and then shook his head. Get your head in the game. We have rent to pay. He looked back at the car again and waited for the man to get out next. But instead the door was closed and there was no one else exiting. He quickly panned the scope over to see her disappearing into the club where a doorman had the entrance open and the ropes closed back off again.

**Again, another story that didn't go but a few posts in and then my partner went afk for RL reasons. Still something I would like to play out, if anyone is interested in some Shadowrun-esque RP**


He was there on business... he didn't know his employer had sent him on a dangerous mission. She was sent to investigate him. Stop him at any cost. Together they may just end up fighting the same threat. But will she abandon her mission for the greater good and more importantly can she resist him even when her heart still hurts from the loss of her brother. She didn't want anyone close ever again. They always died. They always got hurt, either by her or those she worked for. It was an endless cycle. He hoped to break it. To free her.

She didn't seem like she'd ever find love. She was cursed. Every man she ever loved left her in one way or another. The last two just happened to have a more fatal way of exiting her life. Ways she didn't think would ever happen to her or anyone she knew. It was fate. It was karma. It all started that summer when she thought she was doing the right thing. Making deals with devils never ended well. But a lovesick teenage girl was not one to listen to reason or understand the repercussions of such serious dealings. Now she would have to find him. Find that devil. Find the one who could help her rid her life of all the pain and heartache. Where else did she think to start but in the City of Angels.

"He wasn't who I wanted. He had nothing. He was nothing. But I was his everything."

[[Possible NC-BON? Or NC/EXTREME]]


She was ill and her days were numbered until he came along. He was there for her. He took care of her. He was her savior. That piece of miracle that made it all better. He did things that would baffle the medical staff, an illness that was fatal had now turned and hope was on the horizon. Only what did she do to gain his attention?what arrangement did she make for his help? Or did he have plans that he hadn't told her about? There was only one certainty. She was his and they would get through the worst of it. Together.


A Knight between Two Beauties

He was a knight for the Kingsguard. She was the daughter of a nobleman and the Princess' best friend. It had been easy to see the flames ignite when they looked at one another, but it was a forbidden love.
A love that could not be. The Princess had told her friend how she had longed for the knight and that it would break her heart to see him wed to another. What could she do? She could not confess to her best friend how the two of them had shared a glance. A glance so heated she could feel it searing through her dress. It wouldn't be until she was set to go across country with the Princess on a trip to London and the Knight was to go along as a guard, at the request of the Princess of course. On such roads where bandits and thieves often robbed carriages of nobles, they could never tell what they might come across or who the might fall victim to. Would he protect them both should the time arise? Would he choose the Princess over his hearts desire? Would the Princess find out how her Knight wanted her friend instead or would it remain a well hidden secret that could never be told to the powerful royal who was still beautiful in her own rights?

She was a nobody from nowhere. He was somebody and everything to many people. When she stepped into his life, or rather fell into his lap that day her life changed completely. He wanted her. He always got what he wanted. There was not a time in his life he didn't achieve all he desired or win it in some fashion. She had no idea who she was, where she was from, or where she was going.  He saw the potential in her and the need to find something she was missing. He had plans. He had ideas. She would be his. She really had no choice.

And so she went with him. Promises to help her to find herself and whoever may be looking for her were given. Whether he meant to keep those promises or not, he still spoke them in earnest. She soon became everything he needed and wanted in a woman. An escort to the many functions he attended. The warm body in his bed at night. The lover he desired in moments of stress and tension. She would learn to cook for him, keep his home clean and above all else please him. Be what he needed when he needed her. She was his and she soon learned that without him she was nothing.

She had no life. Only a name. A single given name. 


A Trip of a Lifetime

It was the late train. She never took the late train. Normally she would have taken a cab but she hadn't thought to bring any cash with her. She had nothing but her wallet with her ID, train pass, and a few business cards.  He was a cad. A complete ass and she wasn't going to continue being in the same room as him let alone share a ride home. So the train was the last viable option. She wasn't exactly dressed for the environment and had there been more people around she likely wouldn't have gotten so much attention as she was now. Too frazzled and upset to notice she sat staring out of the window across the aisle from her. She didn't even notice. Normally she would have, but tonight, she didn't. She didn't see the danger. She didn't see him. The stranger. He was handsome and likely charming, and would probably take her places she had never been. Maybe she didn't want to go. Maybe she didn't care. Or maybe.. just maybe.. He didn't care what she thought. It was happening. There was no stopping now. She had no choice in this itinerary. It was going to be a trip of a lifetime. One that changed her forever.


These three men put into a story for me and my own cowgirl romance who needs rescuing from the bank trying to take away her home after her parents die and leave her a load of debts she can't pay and a farm that is failing little by little. Only by the help of three handsome men would she be able to survive the deadlines and keep the collectors at bay.[/spoiler]

*** ONE SHOT ***

It was a hot summer day and she was working long hours as a waitress at the local watering hole. The place was all but empty by now and then he walks in. Was it the heat? Was it the sun? Maybe it was that look in his eyes... the way his hair fell down over his brow... the tautness of muscle and glistening sweat off his body... or maybe there was more there?  It could be the way he holds her.. the way he kisses her... how he takes control and puts her up on that bar top so he can stand between her legs and feel their bodies pressed as close as possible without being naked. However it happened... it did. He was a stranger in town... he came in and left as mysteriously as he arrived. Would she ever see him again? Did it matter?


I have never done one shots. I don't typically do them as I prefer more story and plot but this photo aroused something in me... the entirety of the setting, positioning, and actions just make me squirm. There is a possibility this could develop into a larger story (and I'd squee with delight) but I would not be surprised if it did end at just being a one shot.

(Note: Whoever takes interest must be extremely patient with glacial paced posts... must read over my O/O's and send me a proper PM requesting interest in this. I do admit to being picky on who I want and what I want, no offense meant.)

The Magic Of Time

The story takes place in modern times. The city and country could be anywhere. The story begins with a woman, shes a collector of sorts. She finds an old piece of art at an auction online and upon receiving it, she notices odd things happening around her. Her life was always in seclusion, always a hermit. She was lovely but awkward, clumsy even. She loved her computer and even more so online shopping. When she found the art piece it dated back to Medieval times, where the knights and kings of old roamed the old country. This particular piece was of a Knight. A noble and handsome man, who swooned the 'hearts o' many a lass'  and was poisoned (according to history) to death by a jealous widowed noblewoman who had thought to keep him for herself. The leading lady of this story read the tale of the Knight and wept over the painting. The painting held magical properties of dimensional time travel. The lady would wake up in Medieval England  ((or we could reverse it and the Knight would wake up in Modern times.. either works for me)) and have to face the new trials of a place so unknown and foreign. The story can go many different directions and like all my stories I like to let them go as they will.


She worked everyday. It was her life. It was her joy. The shop had been given to her by her grandfather. He left it filled with books from around the world, books that would pour in once a month ready for the shelves. It was never told who sent them. They just arrived. Old books, new books, books that had not seen daylight in decades and books that were so well loved and used they resonated with the joy they brought. Her shop brought in the most interesting of people.

It was why she did it really. The people. Watching them. Seeing what they chose. Wondering just what they saw. People watching was what gave her the focus to get out of bed those early mornings and open the shop with fresh coffee, tea, and pastries out for those who wanted to wander in. The Old Bookstore. That it was. It had experience in its walls. It had love and mystery. Stories to tell. And never a single home for many of the books as they were always moving from place to place. Person to person. It seemed that she would forever be lost in the wilds of her books. The pages of creation surrounding her, camouflaging her, so that he would never see.

You see, he came into the shop every week. Looking for something specific but never finding it and not having time to spend the day there, only minutes. He'd get coffee and browse. Not speaking. Not glancing at any person who he passed or noticed. Just the stacks of time worn pages met his interest and he had met hers. She didn't think he ever saw her, ever noticed. But maybe he did. Maybe he knew and was waiting for the right moment.

People watching could be dangerous. Be careful of what you leave open, you never know what might crawl in.

She was betrothed to another. A man who was both cruel and selfish. She was to be married in a few months time but before then her mother had planned a trip to London. They had grand balls and wondrous dress shops. It was a getaway that they both needed. Her great aunt would look after her while her mother remained behind to complete the wedding week. It would be a week long celebration with more guests than the estate had seen in decades.

It was in London she ran into him. He was devastatingly handsome and had a charm unmet by any other. Could she resist him? And would she realize he was the brother of her betrothed once she saw him at her own home in the following months?

Secretly she wished he was really hers not the twisted awful man she met just days before her nuptials. Sometimes fate has other plans. Sometimes you make your own fate.

She was a Princess. The youngest of four. One night she was taken by the Kings enemies for ransom or maybe even payback. Sometime during the night the small ship capsized and the crew swam for their lives in the shark infested waters of the Mediterranean. She was washed ashore or found by a fisherman, but either way she was naked save for a single bracelet around her wrist. In a foreign unknown country how could she survive and would her captors come find her?


She waited all night for him to come home. She had gotten the maid to let her in early and she wanted it to be a surprise. A perfect thing for him to come home to. He was late however and she had no idea who or what might come through that door. She just lay there with her legs draped over his favorite chair naked and waiting, watching, and hoping.


When Country Comes Home

Anabeth grew up on a cattle farm in Montana. It was a simple life filled full of adventures and good times.  When things got rough her parents had to sell the farm but stayed on to work there under her mothers Father, who luckily agreed to buy it from them. At the age of 12, Beth was sent to Atlanta to live with her aunt. Keeping the business in the family was important to them all but her grandfather wasn't so nice about things and refused to give out any loans to people who couldn't keep their finances up. He was a distastefully hateful man to say the least.

It's been five years since that day and her grandfather has passed away. She has graduated from high school and was going to go to college but her parents have called her home to help with the farm once again. With the death of her mother's father, being the only child, the farm fell to her as an inheritance. However, it was hard work to keep up such an establishment and they didn't really have the funding to hire more help. Her father was getting older and her mother wasn't quite as spry as she once was either. The years had taken their toll and had not been kind to them. Beth was  more than happy to come home to help but she wasn't so sure she had what it took to handle cattle and ride a horse all day. It was time for another adventure it seemed.

What she didn't bargain for was a handsome foreman who had joined the team not a year after she had left for Atlanta. He was a few years older than her but knew what he was doing. He wasn't afraid to tell her what to do, either. Left under his instruction, she had to follow orders no matter if it meant she had to do the dirtiest jobs in the field. He wasn't going to take it easy on her, no matter if she was a female, and especially not because she was the bosses daughter. He treated all of his workers equally and she'd get it just as hard as the rest.

He had joined the crew in his early twenties and had worked hard the last five years to get to where he was now. He earned his spot as much as the rest of the crew had, so when the former foreman had that fatal accident earlier that year, it was only natural he take up the position. What he didn't see coming was the fiery redhead who would join his team. He had been told of Anabeth Carter, but he didn't know that she would be so beautiful. A southern girl who used to round up cattle with her daddy, he was told. She certainly turned heads and he knew if he didn't keep a tight reign on that girl, his men would see the weakness. She would be a distraction he didn't need, no matter how much he wanted her. Who knows what kind of tension that would be between them.

Either way it goes, they would likely butt heads, fight a bit, and eventually end up entangled in a web of heated desire during a late night on the Montana plains.

additional images


A Hidden Gem

In another dimension of the typical story, the Wizard of Oz and Elphaba had gotten together (either a one night stand or whatever) and she had gotten pregnant. He wasn't there with her after the baby was born because he was ashamed to find out it was his. After all Elphaba turned out to be his daughter, and now his daughter was having his child. He fled Oz soon after he found out. Fiyero was disgusted by Elphaba's pregnancy by the Wizard and left her. She was now alone with only her baby to keep her company, to care for.  Elphaba kept the baby girl trapped in her castle, only allowing her a view of Oz from the highest tower. The baby, Gemma, had never been out in the world or seen anything more than what passed through their castle. Leading a sheltered life she was left with no understanding of anything material or otherwise. Essentially innocent and naive in most things but she still had a stubborn streak and a strong independence for what she wanted. She lashed out many times defying her mothers wishes wanting nothing more than to find adventure and meet others. It was lonely in that castle and she only wanted to see more. See the world. 

After Fiyero left Elphaba he went back to Glinda, who had seemingly changed and became a better person. He ended up marrying her and they had a child. A baby boy. He grew up to be as popular as his mother, with all the fame that came from being her child, and never wanted for anything. That is until he got a glimpse of a beautiful girl from a tower to the west when he was young. He had been practicing his levitating and spotted her there looking out as lonely as ever. He wanted to know why she was so sad and alone and most of all who she was. He was not allowed in that part of the kingdom. No one was. Mostly because of the wicked witch who would harm any who came her way. Years passed but he never forgot the dark haired girl in the tower. He grew up to be a strong wizard, much stronger than his mother ever was and once he was old enough to venture out on his own, he made a vow to seek out the girl he had seen all those years ago.


They came unexpectedly.  It had been a hot summer night, much hotter than the ones before. Typically she didn't sleep in nothing but that night it was unbearable to wear anything at all. She did not see them coming or hear them for that matter. It was dark, darker than it should have been. The moon hid behind the clouds and the land was covered. Her sleep was restless and she had tossed until her sheets were discarded with only the thin veil of the canopy draping to hide her shapely form. Her skin was as pale as moonlight and her hair as dark as the night. She was a beauty just as her sisters were and her mother before them. She was the last one remaining in her family estate. The others had moved on and her mother had passed the winter before. Now it was just herself, her brother and her father. They had no idea what had come that night. No one did.

Now she lay in a low sagging hammock of silk rope. Left alone in a room filled with old furniture and dust. A room obviously unused by any and possibly unseen by most. She could not speak nor move as she lay there seemingly drugged. Her body felt heavy and her mind clouded as she tried to clear her sight and make sense of where she was and how she got there. Would no one realize she was gone? Were they killed or taken as well? Where was she and who brought her there? The moon-kissed lady thought she was alone, but was there someone else there? A dark shape sat in a corner of the room immobile and making no sound. Indiscernible features remained statuesque. Was it just a statue? A bit of old furniture playing tricks on her mind? Or was it someone watching? 

Hidden Intentions

She had a lithe enough body to pass for a boy... she knew she had to join the kings army to find her brother. He had joined the service a year before and no one had heard from him or knew where he was. It was up to her to find him. Their mother had made her swear to it on her death bed. Now she had no obligations, no one to stop her but herself. She cut her hair off short and tied it back to cover it with the uniform. She would find him if it took everything in her to do so. She only had to hope that the General didn't find her out. They didn't take well to females in the military unless they were nurses or some such.. but in her chosen position, it was forbidden. She would be punished severely, if he found out. But would he tell anyone else or keep it to himself and use it against her? For her own good she wouldn't be found out. Maybe she'd fall in love with one of the other men without them knowing it. She'd grow to care and then be stuck not knowing whether she should give herself up for a love that may not be returned or if she should continue on as she was. Either way she had told her "love" the story of finding her brother. He had vowed to help as friends would. After all family meant a lot to him as well and it made him proud to fight beside a "man" with such high family values.

Vikings Captive

True to history, with all the pillaging and raping of villages, akin to something like Erik the red.  A viking Jarl's son, who is next to rule, would take many expeditions along the coasts of western Europe pillaging and claiming land, slaves and treasures for his family. He is betrothed to a young princess in a village along the coasts of the north. He would agree to said betrothal but instead turn against the King when he least expects it, taking over the village as he does with all other villages, capture the Princess for his own slave, and gain the kingdoms wealth in the process. The Princess being one of exceptional beauty of course, a bit of a spitfire, and stubborn to no end. The Viking is a fairly handsome man with great strength and respect. Since I am a hopeless romantic sap, by the end, my hopes would be that they would have fallen in love and she accepted his customs and ways of life, but anything can happen to change that.

The Collector

[N/C-EX-BON]  Bound. Taken-Kidnapped. Kept locked away in a cell with who knows how many other girls. He wanted to keep her as a prize. She was his beauty, the intelligent beauty he always wanted. She completed his array of toys, his ornaments, trophies, that he kept very well.

The story could take place in a modern American setting or in 19th century Europe. This could be a one shot where maybe she does something to make herself seem not so perfect anymore and he ends it all by killing her. Or we could draw it out into a long term story where she grows to love him over time and he keeps her in his "harem" of women, new and old.
I got this idea from a book called Kiss the Girls by James Patterson. It has always appealed to me and I tried it once as a group game but it never went anywhere. I'd prefer to keep it as a one on one this time and just leave the other girls as NPCs who may or may not be played out. This is a non-con story with some possible extreme elements, and if done as a one shot would more than likely end with the death of my character.

A Pirates Booty

It would be something like a pirate styled story something similar but not quite like Pirates of the Caribbean.  A pirate kidnaps a maiden daughter from a wealthy merchant for ransom and payback for destroying a ship of his in the past. The pirate could be the son of an older pirate who died on the ship that was destroyed (a revenge sort of thing) or he could be the one who had it done to him, by the father, meaning he would be older than her by about 15-20 years. You could either play the nasty dread pirate or the man who comes to save heror both if ya want.

A Perfect World

She was a number. One of the many. She remembered she had a name, but none knew her name or that she remembered it. It was a world of the future, a world when the population was so overwhelming most of earth was gone and those who were left were herded into a bubble set in the middle of a rain forest in South America. The population was kept well regulated and the people were happy. Even if some of them were artificially so. Everyone had tracking devices implanted that would show if any one person acted out against another in a criminal fashion. Everyone had a bar code with their DNA interwoven to prove who they were. No identifications were needed. It was permanently etched into your body by a simple computer chip. No one was ever older than 60 and no one was ever sick or poor. It was a Perfect World. If you couldn't remember the bad parts. She was happy until the nightmares came. The dreams that she was another person in another place and another time. She was happy and things weren't so perfect. She loved him and he loved her, and then it was all lost. Now she lives in the Perfect World, and she thought she saw him in the crowd but soon after he disappeared. Do they find each other? Do they know each other from another time or another life? Perfect World is a rendition of Ultraviolet/Equilibrium sort of story.

How about a daughter of Diana.. who knew Wonder Woman could ever meet her demise... now her  daughter, Wonder Girl would take up her place? Would she be able to join the ranks of a Super team? Would she be able to hold up the same standards as her mother? Wonder Girl was not the same as her raven haired mother. She grew up in the world as it was. She knew of the evils that existed, the love to be found and the passion in others eyes. She only hoped she could find such love, lust and adventure as she had always dreamed of. Now she must show the world who she really is, having lived her last 17 years in a secret identity, as a mortal girl who had no power over anything in her life. The bracers she wore were unlike her mothers. These bracers held back her potential power instead of boosting it. Was it time to take them off and replace them with Diana's? She was unsure of how to handle it but she knew that evil lurked and she had to do her part, eventually.

Extra Ideas in List Form

  • ***Zombies!!!!!  Yes please!!!*** (*note* Not having sex with them, more of a world ran over by them and a couple or group must survive)

  • Werewolves. Yes please. Oh yes Please!!!

  • *Fairytales. Hopeless Romance. Happy Endings or unfortunate circumstance. I like it all.*

  • Grimm Fairytales are a good thing, extreme fantasy is always a plus.

Picture Plotbunnies

Everyone does the letters to military men. But what about the women? Anyone penpals with them as well? What if she finds out she has more in common with girls than guys? What if she finds out she is more attracted to this girl than any guy she ever met. This could be a story of self discovery even if its a long distance story based on letters.

I have posted this one before but she just calls to me like nothing else I've seen. I love her. I can't seem to find anything more of her in this same fashion. But I would indulge in this character like nothing else I've encountered. I've tried her for another RP off E and it hasn't taken off anywhere. I can so see her in a romantic triangle love thing of sorts. Maybe she's a model and the photography has wrapped her around his fingers and she doesn't care about his affections for the third in their lives. She only lives for him even if it means getting rid of number three in the end.

A Story Idea -- Romance/Vanilla (possible beginning NC that shifts)


A mechanic who meets someone lost and out of their element. Can she get his engine going again?


An internet relationship.. (yes overdone but still intriguing none the less.. maybe we can find something more out of it)

Plot Pairing

An Extramarital Affair - What happens when she joins a new firm and her assigned partner (a bachelor known for his womanizing ways) has more chemistry with her than her husband?


There's a story here.. Hitchhiker.. car broke down... a man who had been looking for his next "victim" comes along and picks her up... mwhahaha...

She works at the local gym where the boxers practice, both professionally and amateurs. On Boxing nights she'd be a well known ringgirl, on her off nights she was a waitress and a law student. Someone had to pay the bills and when she met him... he was a big hit, undefeated, moving up in the business and rolling in the cash. At first it was the money.. then it soon became more... he was far more complex and ... different than she expected. He could change her life, and she wasn't thinking monetarily any longer...

Running in Shadows: A Shadowrun Adventure


The Lady and the Rake (Van Romance with NonCon/Con tendencies in parts)



Young Love Abandoned and Rekindled in Time

Sleeping Beauty

These three combined for a nice vanilla love story maybe with a little stalkerish non-con turned con >.>


Theres a story inside each of these... I can feel it....


Ares and Venus


Rainbow Writer

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-   A vampire or werewolf (whatever you desire more) finds a young woman (16 or 17yrs old) walking along in the streets of London, her clothing is tattered and her hair in disarray. She is covered in blood and seems to limp with each step. The year is somewhere in the 1200s. What he does with her is really up to you. What I’m looking for: is something long lasting, something that can develop romantically, sexually, or just amicably.

this one isnt a bad idea...

Drake walked through the streets during the night, dressed in his usual attire, a black suit under a black cloak. He sighed and looked at the full moon. Drake licked his lips. Tonight he needed prey, and he wanted it badly. Ever since London had more churches, prey was dreadfully hard to find. He was walking all alone when suddenly, he saw a beautiful woman in a brown dress. she seemed like she was crying, limping through the streets. His vampire instincts fought with his manly instinct... should he help the woman or drink her? His human instinct came through, and he rushed to the woman, grasping her hand. "Are you alright, madam?" he said with a kind voice. She was bleeding so much in the arms. Drake took off his cloak and wrapped it around her arm. "Oh my goodness, we need to get you to a doctor right away!" before i drink u... he thought silently. his instincts swatted at each other, making his head hurt


The Dark Raven

I'll play you a vampire hun.  Ping me with ideas?

Check my A/A | O/O | Patience is begged. Momma to Rainbow Babies and teetering toward the goal of published author. Tentatively taking new stories.


Reformatted. Added the small group game thats in the RPs Wanted area.

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Shifted things around, tried to get more organized. >.<

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Cleaned up and Expanded a few Ideas, added a couple others, and updated my Current Stories List.

(Still not taking on new stories yet, but the Muse just keeps popping out ideas)

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Added  High School- Jock/Nerd, Marine PTSD Story, and "Together".

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The hitchhiker one seems rather interesting. I wouldn't mind indulging in some of that, 
And within this pic I can see a story:

It gave me a Man in the Iron Mask feel. A woman who so intently sees herself as ugly, due to heavy emotional scarring, while in reality behind that mask lies true beauty and someone is trying to help her see that?


Please PM me with any interest.

At current I am not accepting new roleplays however. This thread is an idea holder for future ideas and stories should I have an opening come available.

Right now I have no time or space in my RP listing to add a new one.

Thank you for any and all interest. I am more than willing to discuss something for a later time or just chat. My PM box is always open.

Thank you.

~ Josi

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Did a little clean up and organizing. Updated my current stories table. 

Looking selectively for a couple stories to start. I have a couple openings. PM me if you are interested in anything above or have ideas you may want to play out.

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Story limit has been met.

Not Accepting New RPs at this time.

If you have sent me a PM before this date, then I am considering your RP request and have either PM'd you back and am in discussions with you or I will be doing so soon. Thank you all.

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