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Author Topic: The Fall of LV-593:Aliens Universe Game(Looking For Colonists, Marines, Etc.)  (Read 293 times)

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Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Transmission Received.....

Greetings resident of planetoid LV-593 (Aurora), enclosed are forms for your colony's upcoming census. In accordance with Federal Law, the guidelines of The Colonial Administration, and the policies of The Interstellar Commerce Commission all colonial citizens are required to take part in the census program. Contained within this message are all the forms you will need in order to properly file yourself with the Census Department and avoid the legal consequences of failing to file for the census. Please take your time and review the inclosed information to insure that your files match the colony you are a part of then fill out the attached questionnaire. Should you have any questions please consult your nearest Colonial Administration representative.

This Message Brought To You By:
"Building Better Worlds"

Sector: Outer Rim
Security Priority: Low
Threat Likelihood: Low
Clasification: Moon
Colonization Status: Colonized
Terraformation Status: Incomplete
Primary Financier: Federal Government
Secondary Financier: Weyland-Yutani Corp.
Established Colonies: 1
Military Complexes: 1 (United States Colonial Marine Corps.)
Indigenous Life: None
Atmospheric Status: Breathable Atmosphere Achieved

LV-593, or Aurora as those that call it home have come to know it, is a small moon orbiting a large gas giant. It is located at the far edge of United Americas space from the boarders of both the Chinese/Asian Nations Cooperative and The Three World Empire. As a result LV-593 is considered a low security priority by United Americas' military command. Despite this fact, LV-593's presence at one of the far edges of U.A. territory still mandates that a, small, garrison be present on the moon. All in all LV-593 is a quite, out of the way place in the universe who's only justification for colonization is the moon's large number of subterranean caves which have been slated to eventually become algae farms in order to provide LV-593 with a profitable export.

At present, despite the development of a breathable atmosphere, over 90% of the moon's surface is still barren rock and largely unexplored, incapable of supporting life. The only exception to this state being the small canyon in which the moon's colony was established. Thanks to the efforts of the moon's colonists a small but lush area of vegetation has taken root in the canyon's heavily terraformed soil.

All in all, those who call LV-593 home know that it is currently not much to look at, but with a now self sufficient colony, steadily progressing terraforming, and the foundation of a lucrative export business it may one day grow to become an extremely successful and profitable place to live.

Albert's Venture
Status: Active
Affiliation: Civilian/Weyland-Yutani Corp.
Population: 500
Dependency: Self-Sufficient
Exports: None (Commercial Grade Algae Predicted)
Garrison: Minimal

Albert's Venture is the name of the colony on LV-593. It was named for the colony's founder and has been in existence for 65 years. In accordance with standard colonization procedure, the first 40 years of initial construction, preparation, and 'hard terraforming' were completed by a skeleton crew while the main body of colonists continued to remain suspended in hyper-sleep. After which the remaining colonists were woken from hyper sleep in order to maintain a sustainable population while avoiding gene pool stagnation. In addition to the civilian colony there is also a small USCM barracks which houses the military personnel assigned to garrison duty on LV-593. For the most part living on LV-593 is seen as either a blessing or a curse. Most civilian colonists know that despite the hardships present LV-593 presents them and their future families the opportunity to make fortunes once the moon's exporting business begins. In conjunction with this most corporate representatives on the moon view a post there as somewhat lucrative, primarily due to the opportunities for advancement that a successful colonization process with make available. However those members of the USCM who find themselves on LV-593 could not hold a more opposite opinion. A tour of duty on LV-593 means having to put up with being placed in one of the USCM's many 'dumping grounds.' Though never officially acknowledged to exist such places are, typically, small out of the way locations with outdated equipment and little to no risk of possible threats. They are often used to wet the feet of marines fresh out of basic training, allow longstanding veterans to ride out the last months before retirement in peace, quarantine undesirable or simply incompetent marines, and keep officers who have gained the ire of marine high command well out of the way.


Ok, so this is basically my take/attempt at an idea I saw on here once. The basic premise is that it is a game taking place in the Aliens/Predator Universe on a colony that suffers an outbreak of Xenomorphs and rather than have the game take place after the outbreak and feature whatever characters show up to investigate what happened the game will instead take place just before/during the outbreak and feature/detail the lives of the colonists and others present during the outbreak as they attempt (and in many cases fail) to survive.

My basic idea for the game is a slowly building freeform suspense/horror style of story. As far as game size goes I'll be looking for between 6-10 players interested in taking on the parts of colonists, marines, Weyland-Yutani Corporation reps. etc. Additionally I'm looking for a co-gm but I'm willing to begin the game without one should enough players sing up. If you're interested please feel free to say so below and fill out a character sheet/post up a character. Currently I'll allow players to have up to two characters, one primary and one secondary (differences explained below) Also if you have any questions please feel free to ask. 

Types of Characters
Primary: Primary characters are the story's main players, they are the ones who the tale will focus on, who will receive the most development, and they will also be the ones most likely to survive(though not guaranteed to do so). They will NOT die early on, nor will they die meaninglessly. Basically, in terms of the Aliens movies, they would be characters like Ripley, Hicks, Newt, Burk, etc.

Secondary: Secondary characters are characters who will also receive large amounts of development and focus but will also be capable of being killed off quite early, these are characters who are important but not quite as important as the primary characters when it comes to survivability. Good examples from the Aliens movies would be Hudson, Vasquez, and Kane.

Extras: These are characters who are likely to die easily and for the most part will be limited in their availability to the players to portray, for the most part they are the nameless (or only quickly named) faces that populate the world. Good examples of them in Aliens movies would be Newt's family.

Character Sheet:
Code: [Select]
[floatleft][img]Your character's image link goes here[/img][/floatleft]
[b]Name:[/b] What is their name?
[b]Age:[/b] How old are they?
[b]Gender:[/b] Male? Female?
[b]Profession:[/b] What job do they have? Are the a marine? a doctor? a prospector? An engineer? A company man/woman?
[b]Image Details:[/b] Anything about them that isn't shown in the picture, such as tattoos, scars, piercings, haircut, etc.
[b]Personality:[/b] What are they like?
[b]Bio:[/b] Who are they? What is their history?
[b]Character Status:[/b] Primary or Secondary?

I hope to see some interest in the game ;D
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