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May 25, 2018, 04:18:24 AM

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Author Topic: Crisis of Identity -- (Need GM/Dom) -- (Superhero/Bodyswap/Small group)  (Read 495 times)

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Offline KaediaTopic starter

Greetings everyone!

So not too long ago I posted an idea in my idea thread by the (less-than-original) title of Superhero to Superwhore. Since posting it I've found someone who would be interested in playing in the universe as well but in the same submissive style role as myself. The answer seemed simple enough... find someone else to play with us and being the dominant force in the story, (^_^). Clever, right?

So at present we have...

Superhero 1: Zefie
Superhero 2: Aceflyer

What we need is a...


If you think you'd like to feel the role then just reply or send a message, (^_^). We'll see what we can come up with!

The basic idea is...

     Superhero to Superwhore     

~ Content: 

Modern-ish, Superpowers, Body Swap, ... and more upon discussion

~ Scenario: 

The world is your typical superhero sort of world. The battle between good and evil is constantly raging. Good, in the end, always triumphs!

What if the battle got turned on its head? One villain decides she has had enough of her losing streak and knows just how to turn the battle in her favor and get what she wanted in the process. It all comes down to who the people turn to in times of crisis. With a plan in mind she sets out...

... and our superhero falls face first into the trap. The plan? Take his body. Once she has his body and his power she will have the advantage. Imagine the people when their most trusted hero turns to a life of crime? It would be chaos!

Once the trap is sprung our hero wakes up in the body of the supervillain he has been fight for years. Her supple body is now his and so is her power... a power he would soon learn came at a price...

Pretty kinda basic set up, right? Good turned evil and evil turned good. The hero would have to find a way to balance his/her new power while trying to fix the injustice and fight the urges of his/her new body.

~ Setting: 

Modern superhero

~ My Character: 

The hero who is put into the body of the villain. I'm thinking her power has something to do with sexual energy. We can talk about it.

~ Requirement: 

Since we have someone looking to play another hero who has fallen for the same or similar trap now we need someone who is the one who set the trap and perhaps willing to take on the role of a GM.

~ Other info: 

The other player wants an F/F focus if possible. I don't mind M/F or F/F. 

Offline Roxy Rocket

Re: Crisis of Identity -- (Need GM/Dom) -- (Superhero/Bodyswap/Small group)
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2014, 01:22:40 PM »


      Hiya Zefie... and other person... read-ee read-ee read-ee... Other person being Aceflying, not merely otherperson, which is a name of rudeness.

      Two questions.

      First, have you thought about additional structure in some sense? For example, drawing on a fairly specific hero genre (loser superheroes, flash gordon rocketeer pulp superheroes.) Or, add other elements of misplacement. Like, the middle-age-ish Classy Villain swaps the hero with her Trendy Brat Villain daughter, so that the hero is now dealing with the generation of spandex loonies he's written off as not serious, unprincipled, non-english-speaking etc?

      Second, have you posted over... here...

      Cause their alley might be the one that this is right up.

      Yay syntax!

      *coughs and stops cluttering up the thread*

Offline KaediaTopic starter

Re: Crisis of Identity -- (Need GM/Dom) -- (Superhero/Bodyswap/Small group)
« Reply #2 on: January 29, 2014, 06:25:33 PM »
Normally I flush out stories a lot, lot more if I'm going to be the one in control. Since I'm looking for someone to take the strong-hand position for this story I've tried to keep it light. My goal is for the story to be a balance of what everyone desires. To do that I'm trying not to put in absolutes until someone expresses interest and we can have a back-and-fourth balancing the desires of all parties.

And I just sounded like a politician...

Okay! All of that being said... all of the planning I've done for this story I have listed. It's not a whole lot I admit. The original thought was a direct swap between the superhero and the villain. A swap that the villain in the heros body is looking to cause mayhem while the hero in the villain's body is trying to battle not only against her old body but also the people who are out to get the super villain that she currently is.

I'll have to give that thread a check out, (^_^). Thanks for the link.