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November 18, 2017, 03:48:07 PM

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Author Topic: Dont Hug Me Im Scared(Humanoid Clock/Notepad, M/F, looking for either character)  (Read 13244 times)

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Offline Old Lady WillowTopic starter

So I posted a thread for this couple before.. but then I realized the idea was way too specific, and I wasn't going to get very far with it. So I closed that one and started on this one. Instead of a set in stone plot, I'm going to post how I would play either character, and whichever one you decide to play, I'll play the other. If you're interested, please PM me, and we can trade ideas and flesh out a story line.

If you don't know what Don't Hug Me I'm Scared is, it is a set of two videos that center first around a female notepad that sings about being creative, and then a male clock that sings about time, both of which end in the other characters imagining gory, traumatizing things or ageing so rapidly they begin to rot where they sit. Yes, they are rather disturbing videos, and could be upsetting to those sensitive to dark imagery.

So, as of late, artists have been drawing humanoid versions of them both, and I would love to do an rp based on those forms. The rp won't necessarily be canon to the original videos, but I'd still like to keep the core of what they both are. Upbeat, and dangerous.

Now here are the character sheets, with information on how I would play them and how they would treat the other.  This is only how I would play them, whichever one you pick to play doesn't necessarily have to follow my interpretation.

Name: Paige, also known as the Notebook

Personality: Bubbly, but also temperamental, she can go from pissed, to happy, to sad in the blink of an eye. She almost never stays in one emotional state for more than a few minutes. She's easily bored, and is constantly looking for creative ways to find entertainment. Few things upset her more than insulting, or worse, damaging, her hair, and the color green, but all is almost always easily forgiven(whether everyone survives her moments of rage is up to chance)

She is often doodling on the white fabric of her dress with the pen she always has with her. When fighting, she can draw things in the air and bring them to life to fight for her. If it comes to it(and, quite often, she will threaten this even outside of battle), the pen is strong enough to be used as a stabbing weapon. It will not break even if it collides full force into bone.

How she treats Clock: I see her becoming attached to him fairly easily, simply because he is like her. Not exactly like her, they both are one of a kind, but he's like her in that he's not human. She'll pretty much do anything to get his attention and hold it, going so far to use whatever annoys him the most should she find out what it is. Angering him to the point of him wanting to stab her, for example, is seen as better than being ignored.

Name: Tony, also known as the Clock

Personality: He's calm and calculated, and is happiest when he's going on rants about time and how important it is. He's normally patient, but will get increasingly agitated if he thinks his time is being wasted, and will pretty much explode if he's thrown off schedule.

He often goes around making sure time is working properly, closing rifts and ending paradoxes. Being a creature of time itself, he can slow it down, speed it up, reverse and stop it if he thinks it absolutely necessary, however as his job is to keep it flowing perfectly he will rarely do this. He's quick on his feet, and his weapon of choice is a sword that looks like the hand of a clock.

How he treats Notepad: He's actually somewhat amused by her antics, though she has a way of getting under his skin. He'll often issue threats, but will only act on them if she pokes the wrong button, or tries to physically attack him first.
He's never come across another inhuman like her, and is interested enough not to end her no matter what she does. Eventually, the fascination becomes affection, and he begins to actively enjoy their interactions, though he keeps it hidden behind a calm, sometimes sarcastic front, just to see how she reacts.

Here are some inspirational pics of them, as well as a video of a dubbed comic under the spoiler. None of them are explicit, but the video might be disturbing as it shows some violence and the death of both characters.

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