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Author Topic: Looking for Plot Based Fandom RP - M/M or M/F  (Read 700 times)

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Looking for Plot Based Fandom RP - M/M or M/F
« on: January 22, 2014, 08:52:25 PM »
Hello everyone, I'm looking for a long term plot driven RP, as the title says. I do more fandoms than original rp ideas so if you find any of the characters below interesting we can talk about plots. I am female in real life but I only play male characters. I may play a female depending on the pairing/plot.

Here's my list of Characters I will play, more characters and plots will be added in future.

++ Currently Craving
+   Have a strong interest

Anything else is up for debate, depending on if we come up with a good plot. I don't mind playing with OC's so long as they are developed characters, but I also play against canon characters. If you are interested in playing against any of these characters please feel free to message me either on here or through PM's. I'm open to discussing any possible ideas for RP.

Jonathan Crane - Batman ++
Loki - Thor/Avengers
Severus Snape - Harry Potter ++
Remus Lupin - Harry Potter
Paxton Fettel - F.E.A.R
Toad - X-Men
Thomas Sharpe - Crimson Peak ((New))

Example of My RP style - A post from an RP on another site.

"Things are looking up?" He asked looking at her as if she'd grown another head. "I just spent eight months in Azkaban, was banished from my home, thrust into a world I don't understand with no friends or family, and you expect that being thrust into a building I hate with a passion and getting a job I never really wanted is going to make that all better? I'd rather be anywhere else than here ... You think this place has good memories for me? It doesn't .... This isn't 'Home' this is 'Hell' .... Hogwarts was my home ... and I'm no longer allowed there ... I haven't been welcome there in a long time. I've noticed you selectively use your magic, you don't like using it, but you can still use it .... and you still have your wand .... Do you have any idea what having your wand snapped feels like?"

He asked angrily. "It feels like loosing a limb .... or a part of your soul ... I don't have much left of my soul to give Lydia ... Everything I have ... and everything I was .... they took from me after I've already given them everything I had to give .... The people who should have been thanking me, despite the fact that I didn't ask for it, have taken what little left I have ... And this just makes it all better?" He asked.

"There is no 'start' to recovery ... I have been stripped bare ... left dangling from a cliff and every passing moment a finger slips ..." He said to her. "So while you stand here trying to pull me back up with feeble attempts at making things right, I'm just slipping all the faster ... Because there is nothing left to build and while I hang here off this cliff all I can think about is letting go! I should have died in that shack .... I shouldn't even be here. I don't WANT to be here. I don't know what part of that you don't understand .... I don't want your help because I'm not someone who needs help ... What I NEED is to be left alone ..." Severus ignored the tears that were starting to pool in his eyes, though from anger or depression he wasn't sure.

"I just wanted it to end ... the pain and suffering and the fight .... I wanted it to stop .... and it had ... for a moment." He said, not elaborating on that further. "But then I was brought back here and it's just new pain mixed with the old. A new suffering and a new fight ..... and I'm done fighting. Just leave ..." He said turning away from her.

Example 2

Severus sat on his floor, staring at the burned down fire. He'd been sleeping on and off on the floor in front of the fire place. An empty bottle of fire whiskey and two bottles of regular whiskey scattered on the floor in front of him. He'd been weak ... he'd caved. He drank until he couldn't see straight, justifying his behavior behind the fact that he had no wife or child to abuse in his drunken state. He listened to the ticking of the clock, each tick making his headache worse and worse. He hoped, in his still semi drunk state, that perhaps if it got bad enough his brain would just rupture and he'd be allowed to die.

He thought back to laying on the floor of the shrieking shack. To the blood pouring from his neck, and despite the pain, how glorious it was. To finally be able to let go. And he had. That cliff he'd been clinging to for nearly twenty years was passing above him as he fell, and as he awoke he saw her again ... No, it wasn't her .... it was a little girl ... a little girl with bright red hair and dark black eyes ... He woke up in bed, the girl looking at him with a smile.

"Daddy, are you awake?" He had smiled at her, despite the tiredness tugging at his eyes.

"Yes." He had answered simply. The little girl jumped up onto the bed, a white cat looking up from where it had been curled up next to him, at the sudden disturbance.

"Mommy says pancakes are ready." He had no doubt in his mind that it was Lily that was downstairs. That he'd reached the place he'd always wanted to be. With her ... and this little girl he had immediately fallen in love with, his daughter ... He knew ....

But just as fast as that world had come to him, it was gone again. He had woken up in St. Mungos, back into the world he'd hoped he'd left behind ... Life really wasn't fair. That small tease of the after life made it all the worse ... They had informed him that he had been dead for five minutes before they managed to bring him back. And Potter had told him later, of meeting Dumbledore ...

That sealed it for him. That was no hallucination .... that was his heaven ... And now he was back here ... at Spinners End with no hope of seeing Lily or that child again ... The one that would never actually exist but he still loved. He picked up a half full whiskey bottle as the clock chimed 9'oclock. Monday. Severus couldn't even bring himself to care. He wasn't even fully dressed, shaved or bathed. Nothing mattered anymore.
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Re: Looking for Plot Based Fandom RP - M/M or M/F
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2014, 12:47:59 PM »
Updated with a new "character"

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Re: Looking for Plot Based Fandom RP - M/M or M/F
« Reply #2 on: January 15, 2016, 09:21:04 PM »
Bumping - made full edits to this with new characters, took some old ones out, and revised a few things.