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August 20, 2018, 11:35:36 PM

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Author Topic: Firefly's plots (F for M)  (Read 301 times)

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Firefly's plots (F for M)
« on: January 21, 2014, 06:29:31 PM »
So I have been reading a lot lately and have this huge craving for a Harlequin romance....Now before you run off screaming these plots that I have created are skeletal and can be twisted, changed, and reinvented!

Before I introduce the plots some rules and things that I look for in a partner.

Grammar: I am not by any means a Nazi of this, but please try to use correct Grammar and punctuation.

Quantity Vs...Quality: I will take quality over quantity any day! But if you can give me both I will match you piece for piece. As for length PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE no one liners, I understand writer's block, but that doesn't excuse a post that leaves nothing for me to respond to, so please at least a paragraph or two for each post.

Kinks and Fetishes: I am open to try anything once, but there are a few things that are completely off limits....Vore, Gore, self mutilation, water sports, and toilet play. Other than those suggest and we can talk about working it into the roleplay!

Conversation out side roleplay: I love talking so please feel free to message me about the roleplay or just to chat, and don't be afraid to suggest plot twists or even subplots to make it more interesting!

I think I covered everything! Now on to the plots!
(I am craving these equally)

Band of Misfits

A family of misfits outside of society, yet still a part of it. Convention has yet to reach the Phelan family who from a stroke of luck (Good or bad to be determined) they have acquired not only a title.. The oldest sibling lord Ramsey has been doing everything in his power not to survive, leaving the eldest sister to care for the rest of the family and for him. Bent on ruining himself, the brother strays, leaving the family in an uproar and causing the oldest sister to scourer London in search of him. Hell bent on never falling in love again Sophia manages to stumble into a romance that not only captures her wildest passions, but also her heart.
*Side note*
Ruined forever by a past loves betrayal, she has resigned herself to spinsterhood and to see that her family is properly looked after and her sisters married.

It only took one glance for him to become fascinated with miss Phelan and her strange brooding companion. His intrigue only heighten further by her brazen attitude and total disregard for what is proper. Determined to know her in the deepest way possible, He will gamble the highest prize of all, his heart. With a restless spirit and a need for adventure, will he finally find home in Sophia, or will the appearance of a past love put a wrench in a love that envelopes two people so entirely.

Now with this Roleplay I had in mind that the man be either a half breed (Gypsy and gadjo) maybe manager of a gaming club that Sophia has to visit to find her brother...Very connected because of his job....maybe if the Gypsy idea works then he could have a good luck curse or something where he can't help but earn money.

Second Plot

Fairytales are real

What if fairytales were real? That there really was a beast locked away on the family estate? Not a beast in the literal sense, but a beast in the metaphorical. A man shunned from society because of a scandal that not only left him physically scarred, but left him with a hardened heart and a brutish, cynical view of the world. his only salvation from entering into total madness his daughter (The product of the Scandal), a vibrant young girl in need of a governess.

Years have passed since the scandal, rumors have spread about the manor and its host, who never comes out, never has guests, and never except anonymous
money giving does he do anything for the village. The rumors about the man heightened to a fever pitch, about him being a terrible man, that his daughter was in danger, even that he may have murdered someone. So imagine the surprise when a rented hackney lumbered through the village and up the road towards the manor, sending tongues wagging on who could it be......surely no one sane.

A woman running from her past, a man ruined by his, and a love no one could fathom.

This has a little more freedom, I have nothing really concrete for this so it can go in many different directions. Some kinks though would be non-consensual, forcing, tying up, brute strength..I think we could make this interesting!

Please Pm Me with interest!