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April 10, 2021, 07:12:48 pm

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Author Topic: Women Who Know What They Want  (Read 599 times)

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Women Who Know What They Want
« on: January 20, 2014, 09:46:56 pm »
I have been craving in particular to write or be a part of stories involving women who know what they want and aren't afraid to take it.  I'm tired of playing the boring, naive submissive or the shy and quiet type.  What I truly love to do is to write characters who aren't afraid of social mores and rules, who know what they want and aren't afraid to get it.  I know it's not for everyone, a challenge for some, but I figured what the hell and try looking for some stories on here.

Making the Grade
Inspiration:  Various sources
Light, Bondage, or Extreme (Dependent Upon Kinks, Story Direction, Etc.)
MxF Characters
Seeking Male or Female Characters (Male Characters Preferred)

Modern, Female Teacher X Male Student, Grade Manipulation, Taboo Relationship, High School Setting

I had watched some movie (I believe it was 21 Jump Street) and listened to an audio story on Literotica which helped to inspire this story idea.

A lonely teacher begins to find herself attracted to one of her male students.  Whether it's trouble in at home, or just unimaginable bad luck when it comes to dating, she begins to see one of her students in a different light.  Slowly she begins to get what she wants, using her power as teacher to be more strict upon him and his assignments, making him all the more desperate to approach her for extra credit. 

It may sound smutty, but I was seeking a more longer story piece.  A tale of seduction, of breaking away at the barrier between the two of them until she achieves what she wants.

Down The Rabbit Hole
Non-Con/Reluctance, Bondage, or Extreme/i]
MxF Characters

All his life, all he wanted was to be a teacher.  Ever since he was younger, it was all that he wanted.  He loved to teach when the opportunity arose.  Whether it was simple substitute teaching, or the occasional taking over job, he was always there and ready.  When he finally got his chance to be an actual, full time teacher, to follow his own lesson plan rather than someone else's, to actually be the teacher of his own class, he jumped at the opportunity.  Of course, there were sacrifices to be made.  A new town meant a big move for him and his family, but it was the beginning of a new life, a chance to live out his dream and provide for his family.  There was nothing that was going to ruin that for him...

Except for her...

She was a young woman who knew how to get what she wanted.  There was no care in the world for the consequences others would face for it.  It was all just a game to her, to get what she wanted...  Even if it was screwing her teacher.

My Female Character

Name:  Ellen “Ellie” Lynch

Appearance Model:  Annasophia Robb

Age:  17

Personality Traits:  Manipulative.  Analytic.  Sexually Adventurous.  Conniving. 

Background:  Born into a well to do, economically well-off family, Ellie had a childhood most kids would have dreamed of.  Growing up, she almost always got what she wanted from her parents, who were always eager to make up for the time spent away from her on business trips.  Every birthday, every Christmas, she always got what she wanted, and knew just how to do it.  She learned at a young age what to say, how to act, how to behave, to guilt her parents and others around into getting what she wanted.  As she became older, and wiser in the ways of her body, she began to use that too to get what she wanted.

Slut was a name that could have been attributed to her, and for the most part, she would have agreed with that.  Sex was something she enjoyed, something that made her feel complete in a way nothing else could.  It was a drug to her, her drug of choice.  Yet after some time, it all just became too boring for her.  The same old story.  A song on repeat.  She wanted more.  She needed more.  That is why she decided to take a little more risk in her personal life.

It started out as a harmless little thing, a way to pass the excruciatingly boring Health class at school.  A part of her didn’t know what she was doing until later, when she actually caught her Health/P.E. Coach looking up her skirt while the class was forced to sit through some out of date PSA program.  At first, she had to admit she was a little repulsed by the idea, yet the more and more she thought about it, the more and more the idea began to grow in her mind.  A teacher…  It was the kind of thing found in movies or smut stories, and yet, the thought of actually doing it became all the more exciting.

For weeks and weeks and weeks, she tortured him, teasing the bastard with her body.  An extra button unbuttoned on her shirt.  Not wearing a bra.  Hiking up her skirt just a little higher than what was in the rules of the school.  Uncrossing her legs and occasionally forgetting underwear.  It went on and on until finally the two of them could not hold it much longer.

She’d never forget that day, when they were supposed to be doing P.E. exercises outside with the other instructors when she finally made her move.  She could still remember the feel of his nervous, trembling hands through the thin material of her tight shorts over her ass while her hands worked up and down his chest in the darkness of the equipment shed.  It was going perfect, better than she had ever imagined, when it all came crashing down around her.

All it took was one curious, pathetic Teaching Assistant came stumbling in upon the moment she had been building up for and anticipating for so long.  She had never felt or seen a man’s hands move so quickly as she had that moment in the shed.  Over and over she heard him say how sorry he was, but whether that was addressed to her, or the images of his family undoubtedly in his mind, was unclear.  Ellie didn’t bother to try and talk him back into what they had started.  She could see it in the tears in his eyes.  Married men don’t gamble again like that when they lose.

"I shouldn’t have done this…" He kept saying over and over again, knowing the end of his career and family was so close.

Ellen didn’t say anything, but she couldn’t help but to feel the same way.  She shouldn’t have done it either, she thought.  All of the time and effort, all of the dedication she had put into it, had all been for nothing.  A giant waste of time, despite the rush she felt from it.

The story, however, of a high school P.E. and Health Instructor, however, never did get out into the public.  Her father and the school had seen to that.  That was the end of her life in public school.  She was plucked out of there right away, dragged off by her parents, and placed into one of the best private schools money could buy to finish her education.

My Male Character

Name:  Johnathan “John” Brockers

Appearance Model:  Daniel Craig

Age:  45

Personality Traits:  Optimist.  Family-Man.  Independent.  Caring.  Hard Working

Background:  Johnathan was a man who felt as if he were the happiest person on Earth sometimes.  From a relatively normal childhood with hard working parents, he had always striven to do the best he absolutely could for himself and those in his life.  He grew up like any other kid back in the small town in the Midwest, married his high school sweetheart, and started to have a family with her.

Yet he wanted to do something truly great with his life.  Ever since he was younger, he had always wanted to be a teacher.  To inspire others, to help young minds grow and flourish, to reach their true potential.  It was a thought which had never left him, a thought that had drove him in life to take night classes, to work harder than he ever had in his life to become a teacher.

Life to him was always about moving on, about going forward, not staying stuck in the same place.  He didn’t want to be stuck in his hometown forever like so many others he knew.  He didn’t want to work for his Father-in-Law’s business.  He wanted to follow his dreams, to do what he had to do to be his own man.

When he finally got his teaching degree, and after being a substitute teacher in various grade levels, Jonathan finally got the chance he had been waiting for.  With the help of some friends in the city, he was finally able to get the job he had always dreamed of.  A real teaching job.  His own classroom where he made the rules and assignments, rather than following the guidelines of some other teacher.  He leaped at the chance to do it, despite some of the reservations of his wife who was more than comfortable staying in the same old town.

He felt as if the world was right in front of him, that this was his true calling in life, that everything he wanted was right there for the taking.

Bondage OR Extreme

She had always wanted to go there.  Every single day she drove passed the Black Rose Club on her way to work, her mind always filled with thoughts of just went on there.  She had always been curious about it, from the very first time she looked it up online.  It took one night, one night of just wanting to let go, of wanting to experience something different, of wanting to get away from her husband and kids, for her to just let loose and go out to the club she had always wanted to experience first hand.

Her husband just wouldn't understand.  Nor would her friends.  She knew what they would say if she wanted to go to a BDSM Club.  She decided to go alone, to a place where no one knew her, to just get away from it all.

But nothing could have prepared her for what was going to happen.  How was she supposed to know that her brother-in-law was going to be there?  How the hell was she supposed to know he was going to be one of the marquee performers?

This is a rough sketch to say the least, something I've been somewhat craving for a little bit of time now.  I've been wanting to do a sort of betrayal story, a story of a person betraying their family just for a little bit of pleasure and happiness.  Originally I had a Wife X Brother-in-Law pairing, but it could be changed to Brother X Sister or something like that.  It's totally and completely up for debate and discussion.

Corrupting the Good Kid
Light, Bondage, Non-Con OR Extreme
Male or Female

All it took was an arson charge to put her step-brother away behind bars in Juvenal Hall.  Having never met him before, she had no idea what to expect, nor how she would react to him.  She always had a little bit of an attraction for the bad boys, they were always something she wasn't:  bad.  Growing up, she was always the perfect angel, with great grades, never drinking, never over indulging in anything.  That was all until he came home, however.  Will he be her first?
***Can make this an F/F pairing with sisters, or an actual blood-relation siblings pairing.

Inspiration:  Random thoughts in the middle of the night
Light, Bondage, or Extreme (Depending on Preferences)
MxF, or FxF, MxF Preferred
Seeking Male or Female Characters

Modern, Romance, Slow-Building Relationship, Sexually Driven Plot, Casual Encounters

This is more of a shell of a plot idea.  It's the general set up, but missing the heart of the story that we can work on and discuss later through PMs.

For the sake of the story, I envisioned this starting off quickly with a random casual encounter set up through Craigslist.  Two lonely people who just happen to be looking for a no-strings-attached type thing.  When I thought of the story and toyed with it in my mind, I thought of perhaps the guy calling her up a day or two later, asking if she'd like to meet up again sometime for drinks or something like that.  I saw it as more of a slow building romance, with a generous amount of sex and the like put throughout the story.

Strangers turning into a friends with benefits type thing slowly turning into something more than that.

The Empire Business
Inspiration:  Breaking Bad
Light, Bondage OR Extreme
FxF, Possibly FxM
Male or Female Characters Wanted

Modern, Breaking Down of Morals, Sacrificing for Family, Adult Industry, Teacher X Ex-Student

As off the wall as this story idea may sound, I would like to play it in a serious light.  It seems like it could be one of those porn parody films, but I don't want it to be.

It is essentially the story of a female teacher who suddenly finds herself in a rough situation.  Bank close to taking away the house.  Money lenders, credit card companies, repossession people, all calling up and closing in around her and her family.  The walls are closing in, and with a job that pays so very little, with a family needing her so very much, she grudgingly turns to one of the only ways out, and soon finds herself spiralling out of control thanks to the help of an ex-student-turned-cam-model.

Again, I know it sounds off the wall, but I think it could be a really interesting story.  The Walter White character is the teacher, the Jessie Pinkman character is the ex-student turned cam model.  Maybe the ex-student's cam show is so trashy and whatnot, and when the teacher comes and changes a few things, it becomes bigger and bigger.  Perhaps it attracts the attention of a porn kingpin.

Yeah.  I can't stop but to laugh at this, but I honestly thinks it could have a lot of potential with the right person.

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Re: Women Who Know What They Want
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2014, 10:09:38 pm »
Definitely interested in the 'Making the Grade' and 'Down the Rabbit Hole' Ideas, And I'd be up for talking about the 'Corrupting the good kid' Ideas.