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Author Topic: Sepik Colony, do you copy? (Recruiting / Game Started)  (Read 4590 times)

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Sepik Colony, do you copy? (Recruiting / Game Started)
« on: January 18, 2014, 12:46:00 PM »

"Sepik Colony, this is the RI Endeavor, do you copy? Over." -static- "Sepik Colony, this is the RI Endeavor, do you copy? Over." -static- "Sepik Colony, this is the RI Endeavor, do you copy? Over." -static-

The Comm-Specialist shook his head. "Nothing but static, Sir. I've tried all local channels and frequencies too. Nothing but static. Their entire comm-array must be fried and we won't be able to pick up personal-comms until we're planet side."

"Keep trying, Specialist. There might be planetary interference until we get closer." Commander Andrew Conner responds, leaning over the display to look down at the planet.

Sepik Colony had been established by Roht Industries, in a previously uninhabited system. It was mostly Scientiests, Biologists, and Engineers. The Bio-Diversity of the planet had quickly established previously undiscovered species of just about everything. There was great hope that studying the flora and fauna along with other research projects would unlock new secrets and medicines and the like - something that could be quite profitable, which is why Roht Industries had invested in a colony ship to set up the colony. To call it a colony would be overkill though - it was more like a research station on the planets surface, complete with bio labs and the like.

Since the System was on the fringes of known-space, a powerful communications array had been set up to relay information and keep the Colony in communication with Roht Industries. It was light years away from the next nearest humans - which was a Space Station that was monitoring signals and gamma rays in the area. Essentially, help was a long way off. A month had been wasted once Sepik Colony went silent, hoping that the Colonists would be able to fix the array with what they had. During that time, a Rescue Team was assembled in the case that Protocol #1 had to be followed - after a months silence from any Roht Industries Colony, a rescue team would be dispatched.

That month had passed and the RI Endeavor had been sent, along with a crew. The crew - beyond the compliment required to fly the ship - consisted of a squad of RI Marines - men and women with previous military experience who were now employed by Roht Industries, where the paygrade was nearly double what the Federation paid its soldiers. They were strictly there to run the mission, to make sure everyone was safe and secure. Sepik Colony was classified as a Planet-1 - no known hostile inhabitants or nearby inhabitants. It was supposed to be a cake walk, which is why there was only one squad.

Along with the Marines were some Communications Specialists and Engineers - meant to fix the complicated array and any other sort of engineering issues the Colonists could not cope with. There was even room for a Doctor and a few other Scientists who would be joining the Colonists in their studies and research.

Sepik Planet was very earth-like as well, though mostly covered in a thick Jungle. It had large bodies of water and very earth-like weather systems and temperatures - mostly like the tropics. There were no known natives to the planet beyond its abundant wildlife and the Solar System it was in was rather unremarkable, the Scanning Probes having found little of anything that was deemed worthy of exploitation.

Available Roles:

Commander - MagicalPen
2IC - Google
Scout - Kythia
Medic - SheWolf
Heavy-Weapons Specialists - Open
Comm-Specialist - Open
4x Riflemen - ArtemisHighmore, Open, Open, Open

Engineer(s) - Open
Medical Doctor - Open
Scientist(s) - Nymphadora, Open

Roht Industries

Roht Industries (RI) is a leader in Federation Technology, producing a wide range of weapons, ships, armor and pharmaceuticals. It sets a high standard in all of its products and only hires the best professionals in their fields. As part of the Corporations Charters, it is allowed to operate and colonize its own planets and research labs, as long as it sticks strictly to Federation Law. RI also owns and controls many subsidiaries, each specializing in a certain field.

RI also employs its own Security Teams and Forces - to safeguard its factories and ensure its shipping lanes are well protected against Space Pirates. Roht Marines - all former military personnel who have been drafted into a much better paygrade by Rohy Industires - is a highly trained force of Marines, many Veterans of the Federations Wars, who famously fought a private war against the Brikor Cartel.
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Re: Sepik Colony, do you copy? (Open / Interest Check)
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2014, 01:53:46 PM »

Code: [Select]
[b]Physical Description:[/b]
[b]Background Information and History:[/b]

Name: Andrew Conner

Rank/Occupation: Captain, Commander of the Roht Marine Detachment

Age: 34

Physical Description: See Attached Image

Personality: Andrew is the tough-as-nails type. He doesn't take shit from anyone and expects everyone to perform at their highest levels. He likes when his orders are followed to the T and he enforces strict discipline on all those that serve under him. He's a risk-assessor and occasional risk-taker but he is fiercely loyal to his crew and wants to ensure everyone makes it home alive from every undertaking and mission they go on.

Background Information and History: Andrew was born and raised in the Federation of the United Countries in an area formerly known as the United States. The Federation is the most powerful Human Power in the universe and controls just about everything. Mars, of course, has its independence and that whole deal is often compared to the American Revolutionary War. But that was long before his time. Andrew's Father served in the Federations Armed Forces as a Grunt, with deployments all over the place and very little action. The action he did see changed the man and he always told Andrew not to follow in his footsteps. But Andrew, even from a young age, wanted to see the Universe and the best way to do that was to enlist.

But Andrew wouldn't be happy just being an Infantry Grunt. It wasn't exotic or thrilling. So he enlisted in the Elite, joining the Space Marines. They were the ones sent into the worst situations, the ones sent in first and the last ones to be pulled out. They saw more combat then anyone else. He made it through boot-camp and was promoted to Squad Leader as his natural leadership qualities began to shine through and men (and women) gravitated towards his command aura.

It wasn't long before he saw his first combat and lost his first soldier, but it only seemed to propel him forward. Always leading from the front and giving sound tactical commands, his unit was soon decorated for bravery and winning campaign medals. A promotion to Platoon Leader soon followed and Andrew was loving life. He had traveled to places far and wide, been to a variety of planets and fought a variety of enemies. But his contract was soon up and the Corporations came knocking.

Andrew was unable to turn down the contract that Roht Industries offered him. The base pay alone was more then he ever could have imagined and they sold him on the idea that they were very interested in acquiring the leadership qualities of a man like him. He would have more freedom to move and act as he saw fit too, Federation laws not quite the same as the rules of engagement Roht Industries took. Before long, Andrew found himself working for the Roht Mercenary Marines - all former Federation Marines seeking higher pay and less risk of life (for the most part) - with the Rank of Captain, his own personal squad and a platoon to command as well.

Andrew has the ability to pick and choose the missions he wants to undertake. Traveling to Sepik Colony will give him a chance to stretch his legs and visit a System he has never been to. He wants to get away from Company politics for a while too, so while many see him as overqualified for the mission, he is more then happy to be partaking in it.

Name: Benjamin Hakka

Rank/Occupation: Rifleman

Age: 24

Physical Description: Tall and muscled, Benjamin is practically made for physical labor. He keeps his brown hair cut short as per military regulation.

Personality: Ben tends to be quiet, keeping to himself when not on a mission. He is loyal to his commander, following any orders that are issued to him with little hesitation on his part, believing that the person in charge would never lead him astray.

Background Information and History: Benjamin was born the fourth son of a farmer on the agricultural world of Hadrian deep in Federation space. His youth was spent working upon family farm, sweating under the hot sun so that masses on the countless other worlds would have food for their tables. When he reached the age of sixteen, he applied for military service, a tradition in his family that had been started with his great grandfather. The first few years were spent training and then serving in various outposts that never really saw much action.

Fours years after joining, nearing his time of discharged, the Federation Wars broke out. Drawn in by a minor corporation, Benjamin would see account on nearly a dozen worlds, playing a series of shadow games where he was deployed to capture minor industries and holdings. Where many might have come to question the purpose of the war, Benjamin served faithfully, accepting his part as a cog in the greater machines of the Federation.

It was on Damnos where Benajmin would first meet the Roht Marines. To this day he is not sure if it was bad intel that led him into the situation or if he had been placed there purposefully. Whatever the reasoning, Benjamin had been sent down with his squad to secure several munitions plants, factories that would turn out to belong to the Brikor Cartel. Outnumbered and outgunned, his squad was doomed were it not for the timely intervention of the Roht Marines. Soon there after he was drafted into their ranks, a position that he has come to find very rewarding for his efforts.

Name: Taryn Landry

Rank/Occupation:  Civilian Scientist

Age: 26

Physical Description: 5’3 slim, athletic build. Dark hair in intricate dreadlocks, brown eyes wearing glasses.  Very earthy style of clothing under her lab coat.

Personality: Eccentric, geek girl with a scientific mind verging on genius. She's dependable, incredibly caring, brave, driven to find answers and, adaptable to extreme circumstances. She also tends to diverge on scientific topics and can talk relatively fast when she gets excited.Quirky and funny in a sarcastic sense. Prone to talking aloud to herself to work through problems and situations

Background Information and History: A geek girl from an early age, Taryn excelled in school, advancing quickly through even accelerated public school and university. A student at the time Sepik Colony was established, Taryn was excited to an opportunity to join Roht Industries current mission to the planet.

Taryn has a degree in Experimental Evolutionary Developmental Biology. She was recruited right out of University by Roht Industries, her thesis on the evolution of feathers, challenging Alan H. Brush and Richard O. Prum’s article published in 2003: Which Came First, the Feather or the Bird? drew the attention of members on the scientific board of RI awarding Taryn a top position in the Evo-Devo research department, as well as substantial funding for the more experimental side of Evolutionary Development to which she has a passion.

Free time is spent running, it helps Taryn think and clear her head at the same time. From an early age her parents, both athletes, had encouraged a lot of physical activity. At times they would put it’s importance above studies, something Taryn rebelled against. She reluctantly agreed to include running in her daily routine to satisfy her parents needs. Now it is a habit that if missed, will vex Taryn to no end as it is a large part of her process. The running has kept her in great health and physical shape and tends to keep her sane. 

Name: Aiden Reaux

Rank/Occupation: Flight Crew -- Pilot

Age: 27

Physical Description: Jet-black hair that pushes the boundaries of military regulation sits above green eyes and a clean shave. Skin the color of a faded tan covers a body that is 5'8 in height and 160 lbs.

Personality: Reaux's approach to most things in life is a laid back one. He considers energy spent on the emotions of anger and angst to be a waste of time. Seeking the silver lining to a disparaging situation is his natural tendency, and he welcomes the rare classification of being the "underdog" with arms wide open. For him, the easy things in life are seldom the things worth investing any real effort in. He shines under stress, while the monotony of mundane tasks can sometimes get the better of him.

Background Information and History: Aiden Reaux is a native of the Martian colonies. He spent his childhood living with his family of a near-privileged status. His marks in school often failed to reflect the actual retention and application of his studies. This would later be attributed to the lack of a challenging and stimulating environment. Boredom would eventually get the better of Aiden, and as a remedy he would follow the advice of a counselor and enlist in the military.

Reaux's military career would help to push the man towards achieving his maximum potential. The allure of flight -- both atmospheric and inter-planetary -- would act as a catalyst in his rapid progression through the ranks. The rating of pilot would serve as the perfect fit. The demand of his total and complete attention paired well with the reward and exhilaration of manning aerial combat craft. He would eventually earn the right to be referred to as an Ace during the war with the Brikor Cartel: a title reserved for those with over five confirmed enemy pilot kills.

Eventually, a sense of over-familiarity with enlisted life, coupled with a thirst to see more of the galaxy, would push Reaux into accepting an offer from the security division of Roht Industries. Whether it was a personnel transport or an escort fighter -- planet side in some distant system or traversing the depths of space -- the notion of being a part of the rapidly expanding company was too tempting to ignore. Aiden's extensive flight background would serve him well in learning to pilot virtually any craft. The challenge was a welcome one. And, while simplicity and stability is the ideal that most strive to achieve, variety -- for Reaux -- is the ultimate spice of life.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Name:Margaret  (Maggie) Dane

Rank/Occupation: Xenopharmacologist

Age: 32

Physical Description: 5’2’’ and 130 lbs, Margaret has a smaller chest and broader hips. She carries herself with a certitude that makes her appear larger than her modest stature. Dark hair and eyes, olive skin, and a smile line etched to the left of her lips from smirking. There is a splatter pattern of pale skin on her left forearm.

Personality: Given that Margaret is a figurehead for one of the more influential pharmaceutical NPOs, most anticipate her to be a warm Mother Teresa-inspired matriarch, radiating kindness and social graces. These individuals are usually off put by the independent and introverted intellectual she truly is. The strong silent type, Maggie turns mute when problem solving, staring through whatever or whoever might wander into her line of sight. She’ll ignore any but the most essential of interjections in this state. Pragmatic, strong, devout, she doesn’t feel the need to wear her bleeding heart on her sleeve.

Background Information and History: Margaret’s earliest memories are of having her face thrust into red dirt, dry and tasting of iron. A struggling student from a backwater Martian outpost, she’d been held back, and after months of miserably enduring taunts in mute pacifism, she snapped. There was a fight, and once the dust had settled, she was battered and bruised, but her aggressor was left with a broken, bloody nose.

Her victory was brief. As bad luck would have it, the kid was the sniveling prodigy of the outpost’s only law enforcer, who was quick to orchestrate legal consequences for the schoolyard brawl. In preparation for trial, Margaret was subjected to psychological testing. It was then she learned she had a nonverbal learning disability. A simple pharmaceutical treatment existed to cure the condition, but the cost was prohibitive. Her family made the difficult decision not to fight the charges laid against Margaret. She became a ward, the responsibility of the state, and as such received the shot free of charge. She was placed in juvenile detention for six months. When the intense migraine induced by the shot cleared, she saw the world as if for the first time, and moved through it with a coordination and balance unlike she’d never experienced. 

Two decades later, very few know of her origins beyond her Martian birth. A far as the rest of universe was concerned, she blipped into existence when she was shipped off to Federation Universities on scholarship. On route to a doctorate in pharmaceutical science, she became an outspoken advocate of business ethics and was rumored to have been involved with the son of one of the senior most researches at Roht Industries. It was an unlikely pairing: he was a self centered narcissist but the only man who had ever challenged her intellectually. It couldn’t last.

Margaret returned to Mars and with a handful of other like minded scientists, co-founded Panacea, a non profit dedicated to providing generic versions of life saving medicines to those most in need. After a few years of reverse engineering medications, Panacea was able to finance research expeditions to discover alien flora and fauna with potential medicinal properties before they could be patented by big pharma. Heading these expeditions was an intense learning curve. After a few close calls and fruitless voyages, Margaret struck gold.  Corradine, a chemical derived from an alien aloe, proved to be tremendously effective in treating Aehops, a neurological disorder that targets the spine.

She would seem to be the most unlikely of candidates to volunteer for the trek to Sepik. It was her former lover’s father who had approached her about the job. His son had been among the researchers on the colony when it fell silent. Though he couldn’t elaborate or mention specifics, he insinuated that he feared for his boy, and that he had reason to believe Roht wasn’t being entirely forthcoming with what they knew of the situation. Paranoid or not, he was able to pull some strings to have Margaret included on the team – provided that she sign an airtight confidentiality agreement.   

Name: Virgil Colix
Rank/Occupation: Lieutenant/2IC
Physical Description: A massive man who stands six and a half feet tall and over two hundred and fifty pounds of muscle Virgil is rarely outside of his armor and tends to wear the helmet even when it is not necessary. The armor is not the standard that was issued but instead a hold over from Provost details that he once held, the handcuffs he often made use of still hang from the belt.
Personality: Needlessly brutal Virgil is the sort who uses aggression as the first response to almost every situation. Several years spent working military law enforcement details only helped to heighten his already high levels of aggression, when he gives an order he will be obeyed or he will make sure you obey. To him chain of command is something that should not be questioned at any time but if he is able to use that chain of command to amass more personal power then he will certainly do that. Though most people will never get a chance to figure it out a rather exceptional brain lurks behind his aggressive demeanor, when he is off duty he often spends his time reading from the classics or working to perfect the still that he has built.
Background Information and History: Born in the Federation Virgil came from a long line of military service and law enforcement. From a young age it was made clear to him that he would follow in the family foot steps and spent a great deal of time training both at home and later in private academies he was sent too. In these academies his exceptional performance in class and in different sporting activities were always held back by his less then stellar behavior records, though he always followed the instructions of the teachers he would often get into fights with the other cadets.

Upon graduation he entered the Commissioning program for the Marines and before long had entered active duty as a Lieutenant, assigned to work at a military prison where he soon gained a reputation as a ferocious beast that the prisoners feared and hated in equal measure. Several riots were prevented just by his appearance on the cell block, shotgun held in one hand and the stun baton he favored in the other. Of course this brutality often earned him censure, accused of going to far on more then one occasion, unable to progress in ranks because of the many remarks in his personnel record. Eventually he saw that he would never be able to move any further, though he enjoyed his job he felt that he should find some way to expand himself and resigned his commission, soon signing on with the Roht Mercenary Marines, retaining his rank, earning better pay, and a chance to see new things.

For his first mission with the Mercenary Corps he was assigned to the Sepik Colony mission, the Corps feeling that his aggression could come in handy should there be any unforeseen circumstances. Of course he was more then excited by the opportunity presented, far away from the prying eyes of the people who sign his pay checks the job will offer him a little more freedom to do things his way and should the Captain prove to be unfit for the duty he would be more then eager to take charge.

In truth he is being sent on this mission by the Mercenary Corps because little action is expected and the higher ups believe that it will be a perfect opportunity for him to mellow a little bit, take some of the edge of of him, they had hired him because of his family connections after all.

Fully Armored

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Name: Arys Iverson
Rank/Occupation: Medic
Age: 27
Physical Description: Arys is (un)fortunate enough to appear a lot younger than she actually is.
Blond, blue eyes.
She’s about 5’8 and 143lbs.
Personality: She’s the adventurous type, always wanting to explore and push the limits on what she can do. However, she will not conduct any bold experiments or take unnecessary risks unless prompted by the situation or when she is ordered to do so. Those orders do have to come from someone high on the Roht- food chain, because she owes them for even having a career in the field that she wanted to practice.
Due to her adventurous nature and the way she has always had to fight for every inch of personal liberty she felt naturally drawn to the field of medical practice under highly stressful circumstances (Emergency Room and such). She gains a deep sense of pleasure when the odds are stacked against her and she comes out winning.
Then again, when she loses she’s not very much fun to be around and needs to bury herself in some medical research or focus on another mission to cope with the failure. This does not happen often, seeing that she would most likely sooner die than throw in the towel.
Arys could be summed up as being loyal, calculating and on a personal note perhaps even a bit selfish.
Her bedside manner is not overly warm, but also not unkind. Attachments to patients are something she’s just not good at, and doesn’t think to be overly important in this line of work.
Losing a patient does feel like a personal failure to her, but that is as far as any attachment goes.

Background Information and History:
- Born into a wealthy family she grew up protected, and in her teens started to rebel against the confined and restricted life that had been imposed on her. Everything was a struggle, and she fought for every single liberty she felt she needed. When she reached adulthood her parents had hoped that she would take on a well suited field of study because of her heritage and did not mind her choice of going to medical school. They deluded themselves into thinking she would perhaps find herself a nice specialized surgeon to marry, only to be abhorred by the news that she had been recruited by the Roht Corporation, who would no doubt encourage her to do all sorts of dangerous nonsense.

- Arys jumped at the chance when Roht offered her a job. Her appearance had often kept her from being taken seriously academically as well as in her personal life. Her photographic memory and keen intellect got her through medical school with above average grades. Though her field of interest was always that of Emergency Medicine, she was not encouraged to pursue it until she caught the eye of a Roht Industries headhunter. They made her an offer to further school and educate her to be a field medic.
Psych evaluations had showed that Arys was a good candidate, having the drive and the temperament to adjust to the situations in which the tasks of a field medic would take her. It also showed that her loyalty would be insured to the one who gave her the tools to achieve her goals and her perceived personal freedom through it.

- With her gaining financial independence, she had a way to put a lot of distance between herself and her smothering family, and an excuse for not being able to contact them frequently. To put it mildly; she couldn’t care less if she never saw them again. She doesn't have very many personal friends and as for relationships; they tend to fail when she comes to the point where she feels she has to give up any of her hard won independence.

- When it comes to brute strength she is not worth a whole lot, but she’s fast on her feet, has got a sharp aim and can cover your ass or keep you from bleeding out, maybe even both.
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Offline BarbaraGordon

Re: Sepik Colony, do you copy? (Open / Recruiting)
« Reply #2 on: January 18, 2014, 06:50:07 PM »
Definitly interested in scout perhaps, assuming it's sort of a sniper/recon type?

Offline MagicalPenTopic starter

Re: Sepik Colony, do you copy? (Open / Recruiting)
« Reply #3 on: January 19, 2014, 01:03:12 AM »
Yeah - Scout Sniper is the best way to view it, complete with lots of stealth.

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Re: Sepik Colony, do you copy? (Open / Recruiting)
« Reply #4 on: January 19, 2014, 10:12:06 PM »
Definitely interested - Comm Specialist or Engineer preferred   :-)  Also open to scientist or flight crew.

Offline ArtemisHighmore

Re: Sepik Colony, do you copy? (Open / Recruiting)
« Reply #5 on: January 19, 2014, 10:22:44 PM »
Gonna leave a little post here for interest. This has a nice 'Aliens' vibe to it.

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Re: Sepik Colony, do you copy? (Open / Recruiting)
« Reply #6 on: January 19, 2014, 11:40:57 PM »
Sounds good to me. Feel free to start sending in the profiles. PM me, don't post them here.

Offline JovenSs

Re: Sepik Colony, do you copy? (Open / Recruiting)
« Reply #7 on: January 19, 2014, 11:47:24 PM »
Sounds like fun, I would like the Heavy Weapons slot.  I will be particularly interested if that slot comes with a nice Gatling cannon.  I do like me some Gatling cannons.

Offline ArtemisHighmore

Re: Sepik Colony, do you copy? (Open / Recruiting)
« Reply #8 on: January 19, 2014, 11:57:26 PM »
I will see about writing something up.

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Re: Sepik Colony, do you copy? (Open / Recruiting)
« Reply #9 on: January 22, 2014, 12:47:24 PM »
Updated first post with roles that have been taken.

Will post Profiles later today.

Offline Lipstick Epitaph

Re: Sepik Colony, do you copy? (Open / Recruiting)
« Reply #10 on: January 22, 2014, 05:42:34 PM »
I would love to play the medic!
Character profile submitted to you!

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Re: Sepik Colony, do you copy? (Open / Recruiting)
« Reply #11 on: January 22, 2014, 05:52:26 PM »
Awesome. Will be posting accepted profiles in the next hour or so.

Offline BarbaraGordon

Re: Sepik Colony, do you copy? (Open / Recruiting)
« Reply #12 on: January 22, 2014, 06:34:17 PM »
If you could hold off on mine, looking back at the profile and character I made, I think I'm going to kind of switch it up and instead go for a Heavy Weapons slot, with a bent on explosives. I'll modify it up a little and resend it.

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Re: Sepik Colony, do you copy? (Open / Recruiting)
« Reply #13 on: January 22, 2014, 07:42:26 PM »
Updated with profiles.

Offline Lipstick Epitaph

Re: Sepik Colony, do you copy? (Open / Recruiting)
« Reply #14 on: January 22, 2014, 07:47:39 PM »
Updated with profiles.

I just finished submitting moments ago.
Hope it works!

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Re: Sepik Colony, do you copy? (Open / Recruiting)
« Reply #15 on: January 23, 2014, 12:26:28 AM »
Interested and my application has been sent.


Offline ArtemisHighmore

Re: Sepik Colony, do you copy? (Open / Recruiting)
« Reply #16 on: January 23, 2014, 01:09:22 AM »
Woohoo cookies!

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Re: Sepik Colony, do you copy? (Open / Recruiting)
« Reply #17 on: January 23, 2014, 02:23:17 PM »
Can't wait to see what happens!  :-D

Offline BarbaraGordon

Re: Sepik Colony, do you copy? (Open / Recruiting)
« Reply #18 on: January 23, 2014, 03:58:17 PM »
Withdrawing at this time due to character concept not approved. Best of luck to all

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Re: Sepik Colony, do you copy? (Open / Recruiting)
« Reply #19 on: January 23, 2014, 04:20:48 PM »
Updated once more with taken roles and profiles.

Offline lore

Re: Sepik Colony, do you copy? (Open / Recruiting)
« Reply #20 on: January 24, 2014, 12:17:38 AM »
Room for another scientist? Someone to chatter in annoyingly dense jargon with Taryn?

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Re: Sepik Colony, do you copy? (Open / Recruiting)
« Reply #21 on: January 24, 2014, 08:34:05 AM »

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Re: Sepik Colony, do you copy? (Open / Recruiting)
« Reply #22 on: January 24, 2014, 11:31:27 AM »
Updated once more.

Offline Google

Re: Sepik Colony, do you copy? (Open / Recruiting)
« Reply #23 on: January 24, 2014, 12:06:07 PM »
The heaviest weapons are always the most fun, from the humble 240B to the beautiful heavy bolter...

Seriously, love warhammer, love sci-fi, love oversized weapons

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Re: Sepik Colony, do you copy? (Open / Recruiting)
« Reply #24 on: January 24, 2014, 01:13:54 PM »
They're good as long as they're practical or depicted in such a way. One thing I hate about Final Fantasy Art...the giant swords twice the size of the person carrying them that weigh no more then a piece of paper >.<