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Author Topic: Creativity Wrapped in a Package of Sexy- Opened  (Read 1342 times)

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Creativity Wrapped in a Package of Sexy- Opened
« on: January 17, 2014, 12:13:08 am »

1)Please do not post in this thread.
2) If you are interested send me a PM ^_^
3)Sex is best served...with a thick plot.
4) Wanna stay on my good and sexy side?  don't use the word 'smut' (just a pet peeve )
5) Priority Given to those who are willing to RP via private Messages on this site.

Welcome to my thread! A bit about me-
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

I love role playing and writing in general. I often work by inspiration but I have several original ideas for plots that can be used. I typically write original stories but I am open to other sources of writing ideas.
I do love snow leopards,

my favorite color is ....teal (for now).

I love chocolate

and I cant wait to see if you are interested in role playing with me!

Down below you will find a couple things:
-Qualities that I like to see in a partner (not necessarily hard-and-fast requirements but qualities that make me happy.
-My 5 big rules
- A few other snippets of information you might find special
(I will be posting some more information regarding the characters I play and role play ideas I have  but for now  these three topic areas are all I have. Thanks!)

Qualities that are pretty much required by me:

- Fairly serious writer- capable of posting detailed, luscious posts
- writes with easily-readable grammar and fair spelling
 ( no worries though, no one is perfect including me)

Things that Make me UBER happy:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
-If you are willing to RP with me Via Private message, you will receive priority. Other methods of communication I will  discuss but let me know if you are alright with Private Messages.
- Slightly romantic, but capable of being dominant
(the more dominant you are willing to be the better)
-Is open minded and loves to write
- Is capable of /enjoys playing antagonistic characters

Now for my rules... And I kindly ask, that  if you do not like, or cannot handle my rules, that you do not apply. Please and thanks!


(I'm going to make this as short and simple. If you don't like my rules then I apologize, but I list these rules for a reason. Rules with a * = rules I may be inclined to negotiate on.)

Rule #1 : With Regards to Gender and Roles: Though I find that I more often play with guys....
ANY gender is welcome so long as you can play the dominant character in the rp! =D.

~Though i will ask...that you tell me your gender.
 Not that it matters but I kinda like to know ^_^

Rule #2 : BE LITERATE!-
~I'm not going to haggle for a length but  have good grammar and spelling.
I do my best to keep my spelling and grammar accurate

far be it from me to ask for perfection
 but I want the rp to have good flow and substance.
The more you give me the more I will give back.
But it is important that I don't have to decipher
your post to understand what is going on.

Rule #3 :   Please be flexible, creative, and courteous

~please be willing to throw in your own ideas to the rp, rather than leaving it all up to me.

Rule #4 : Do not ask me to play a dominant role

-I prefer playing a subordinate-ish role (perhaps a subbie character who is hard-headed and fiery but still in the subordinate position none the less)
~It is best if you can play a range of dominant roles form firm and gentle to quite controlling and anywhere in between~

Rule #5 : At least be alright with my playing as a furry OR  anthro.

(*Negotiable, I am just fine with playing a human but the more flexible you are with me the more interesting of an rp we can do! But i will accommodate for dislikes of this rule.)

Other  Information

- Best way to reach me is by PM (private message)

- I do Rps mainly by PM. I like the post sizes I can create and I tend to write best if I role play by private messages.

- I enjoy getting to know my writing partners rather than just skipping straight to rping

-I do have several of my own rp ideas- all originals
 But I am fond of creating original plots, and hearing others ideas.

Special:  -If you have seen BOTH : "Ouran High school Host Club"  AND "Full Metal Panic"... Please let me know.
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Offline snowleopardTopic starter

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Forgive my quirkyness in not wanting to post straight-up plot lines.  I just prefer to do things this way

there will be more rps to come. I Also create original plots so:

Don't See anything you like- try messaging me with some preferences and we can work something out

Here is a bit of a key to some of the more convoluted details:
-   Plot oriented= there is more emphasis on story than on sex
-   sexual content- varies from mild to moderate to heavy to extreme- I think that is pretty self explanatory   
-   Sex timing- sometimes sex is delayed (Some things are worth waiting for) but not always, in some plots its quite immediate

RP snapshots/ideas

Not-so-G-Rated Plots:

More Fantasy Based:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
-“Be Careful What You Wish for”
  If you (would) like:
-    to play a genie,
-   Comic Plot lines
-   Modern day setting
-   Where I play a tender-hearted sort of character with some deeper issues in her past
-   Mild but delayed sexual content
-   Plot oriented rp

Taming The shrewish princess
If you would like (to):
- A wealthy Prince
- A devious, controlling character
-A very dominant character, who is also capable of being slighlty kind.
-For me to play a resistant character
-A fair amount of action
-Slightly delayed sexual content
-Allows for heavy sexual content

“Feline Frenzie!”
   If you (would) like:
-   To play an anthro creature
-   To play a caring, but very firm  and assertive character
-   Comic plot line
-   Where I play a fiery-tempered feline woman
-   Moderate/ (maybe)Heavy
-   More immediate sexual content

"Masquerade"   NEW!
   If you (would) like:
-   To play a royal prince (or other ROYAL)
-   Unknown Betrothed
-  Possible Sibling Rivalry ( between brothers)
- Open ended RP  needing ot be polished
- Lots of opportunity

Scientific/ Science Fiction:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
“Yu Rin”
  If you (would) like:
-   To play a scientist – strong, slightly controlling type, curious, but follows orders
-   Semi serious/comic plot
-   conducting  experiments
-   Where I play an animal/anthro creature
-   chase and capture  stories – you as the hunter
-   To play multiple characters, including human and anthro/animal
-   Moderate/(maybe ) Heavy sexual content
-   Somewhat/slightly delayed sexual content
-   Secrets, and twists in the plot

"The choice":
I have two versions one where I play a feline anthro- a single individual
And one where I play a set of twins -Now Accepting for this version! =)
If you (would) like:
- to play a scientist character - preferably firm and gentle and bit understanding but still good at performing certain task
- to  perform experiments
- for me to play a character - or twins- who is-are- coerced into take a position as a 'lab rat' essentially
- can be comical
- medium to heavy sexual content.
-Fairly immediate sexual content.

Guardian Of the Jade Planet- Now Re-opened!
If you would like (to):
- A minstrel who uses a mix of magic and music
-Be a hired 'hunter'
- an adventurous-toned rp
- me to play a beautiful humanoid female
-Twists and turns in the plot
-long term rp
-Beautiful detail
-Emotional depth, and texture.
-Open to delayed sexual content or can be done without sexual conduct.

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Offline snowleopardTopic starter

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Pretty-Much-PG- Rated Plots:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
"Away From This World"
If you (would) like:
-To play multiple characters
- To play a loving, motherly, female, and a fatherly figure- both extra-terestrial/aliens
-For me to play a very young feline anthro-creature.
- Science fiction
- a lot of 'cute' stuff
-Government Agenda

This rp lies somewhere between G rated and NR, it can contain sexual content, but it will be very delayed:

"Priestess of Innocence"
If you (would) like:
- To play a young emperor who is devoted to his family but easily made angry
-for me to play a young priestess girl who is rescued
-To play multiple characters including the prince, his father, and perhaps extras.
- Ancient Japanese/Chinese setting
-Asian lore and magic
- Long-time spans, where my character and yours grows up
-playing a hero
-rescuing and protecting a young priestess
-innocent, inspirational, adorable rp
- to play non-submissive/non-dominant characters.
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Re: Creativity Found- OPEN
« Reply #3 on: March 21, 2014, 12:45:43 am »
Another RP: Greecian Theife:

Example of My skills

Plot Explaination
 My character is  a lovely woman with no parents. She can’t really remember where she came from or who she is as far as her childhood. But she took on a name and grew up in the small town living out an existence that was not unpleasant. She lived alone and was treated kindly by the town’s people. She was such a lovely child that she managed to survive easily. Some of the adults whispered that the child was a demi-goddess daughter of Aphrodite- which would explain her very lovely features.

As she grew up and entered into an eligible age young men began trying to court her. But she was hesitant. Soon there were pressures on her to be courted. After all...who would not want to be the one to date and have Aphrodite’s daughter?

The pressure is too much...and she runs away. Now she is wandering looking for a place to call home, and this is where our story pretty much starts


The deep azure of the Mediterranean Sea, the cool breeze, bright beaches, and lush-green rolling hills of fertile land which lined the coast- this was a glorious land unlike any other. This was a lovely place, perhaps one of the loveliest in all the worlds. It was the land where the Grecian gods ruled, a haven for scientists and a wonderful lush country filled with riches and spoils of many kinds.

She wore a flowing cape about her shoulders, the soft silken linen flowing about her maidenly form as she walked with a bag over her shoulders. When someone came along down the road she would dart into the thickets that lined the road in order to keep from being spotted. She was still in her country but she had been traveling for days. She had managed to come from one of the Greek isles to the mainland in an attempt to escape capture from someone who had discovered her identity.

Behind the hood that shadowed her petite face, there was a maidenly form so beautiful that it was clear that she was no ordinary human. No … she was lovely and not a normal sort of pretty but the sparkling golden flecks in her brown and blue eyes, the gloss of her gold and ebony-brown hair to the pale-cream color of her lovely flawless skin…she was a daughter of a goddess. Or so went the rumors where ever she dwelled for too long. She would always deny such claims but without a history and without a name…she actually did not know what she was so denying such claims was neither a lie nor the truth.

She had been on her own for years and now she was a lovely maiden, untainted and old enough to bed wed. But...she had no interest the men that had tried to seduce her had put her off for some reason and when one went too far and had tried to entrap her….she ran. And now she was on the mainland, her goal? Survival.

If there had ever been a great and lovely thief- it was her. She had become a self-proclaimed master at the art of theft for survival. But being in this lush paradise made it fairly easy. There were many farms, large enough that a farmer would not notice that any produce had gone missing. During the night all it took was a swift dart in and out of the orchards, vineyards, livestock areas and herb patches before she had enough food to make herself a feast fit for a king. Even if she had been caught once or twice at the start, she had managed to squirm her way out, either by running or by charm and acting like an innocent child.

She ventured from province to province and life had been fair. Given that this area was near the equator, winters were mild – if even existent. But even so, all places that grew produce suffered from the cycle of life and death or dormancy. Soon it came time that produce was a little harder to come by. So she traveled.

But after a few days of traveling and scrounging for bits of food, she came upon a lovely estate, where the vineyards- as far as she could see- bore fruit. She passed by, eyeing the greenery and paused to stare. It was not just fruit but some of the most luscious large, beautiful grapes she had ever seen. Her mouth watered from hunger, it had been two days since she had had a proper meal. Scrounging for bitter nuts and berries in the surrounding wilderness had proved cumbersome and distasteful and she desired to taste the sweet sugar of someone’s care and labor.

It was early morning at this time and the dew on the grape leaves and the fruit glistened in the golden sunlight. Typically she would wait till nightfall but the fruit…it beckoned to her. She could smell the sweet scent of the glistening dew-covered grapes calling to her. It was more than she could resist and after taking a careful look about she darted down off the old and beaten path and into the greenery of the lush vineyard. Little did she know that this particular vineyard was the prized possession of someone whom she would have never crossed had she known the consequences to be had.

But in blissful ignorance she settled herself quietly amidst the grapes and looked them over before taking one into her mouth. ….It burst in her mouth with sweetness like she had never tasted and she gave a soft coo and took several more into her soft pink-lipped maw before pulling several bunches off the vine. But the taste was so heavenly that she found herself lost in the sweetness. She could not help herself and she sat down- for what she intended to be just a single restful moment and began pressing one lovely sweet piece of fruit into her mouth after another. AS she sat the cape about her shoulders drooped and the hood fell back, revealing her lovely form. She wore a strange, unique and beautiful article of clothing- pure white with ribbons and her hair was tied with ribbons to match. The lovely maiden sat there eating the first substantial meal she had had in days, lost in the sensation of the sweet fruit, unaware that her careless indiscretions would cost her far more than she had ever intended.

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Re: Creativity Wrapped in a Package of Sexy
« Reply #4 on: May 15, 2014, 12:15:18 am »

I Have just added a new rp to the list  "Masquerade". The rp is open ended and full of opportunity for mystery, dancing and steamy romance! She does play a human and I am looking for someone to play a prince! This is an open-ended rp with alot of room for development, but I do have some ideas.


NEW! 5-23-15

Egyptian Shadows

This RP entails a story that is inspired by Yu-gi-Oh. This is not a  fan fiction sort of thing but rather takes the idea of shadow monsters and creates a new origin.

Setting: Ancient Egypt
Who will you play: an Egyptian Pharaoh and young Egyptian prince (other psosible that will likely be required form you are guards and other servant type people for interactions)

Who will I play: A young mysterious woman who is not of this world. He story is full of sadness and loneliness and she has ventured out of her realm into this ancient terra as a means to seek a respite from solitude. She is of an ageless race and her beauty is beyond are her unique gifts. (her back-story  is already developed for the most part and I share this in my first post)

Story line- very get details on the plot please message me.

General feeling of this RP: A very emotionally charged story, a great deal of familial-like interactions, a romantic interest, policy and diplomatic tensions, sci-fi edge. and more.

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  • New [05/2014] and keen to explore.
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Re: Creativity Wrapped in a Package of Sexy
« Reply #5 on: May 15, 2014, 06:12:02 am »
I've been role playing online for some time but I'm new to Elliquiy and still finding my way around.
I enjoy fantasy rp and can cope with playing a Prince but think rather grittier Lord of the Rings than Cinderella.
Like you I enjoy getting to know a little bit about the people I play with.
I'd like to try more mythology based rps. How do you feel about playing a mermaid or a Tree Nymph?

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Re: Creativity Wrapped in a Package of Sexy- CLOSED
« Reply #6 on: March 09, 2015, 01:24:21 am »
Please- I ask that you PM me and do not post in this thread


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Re: Creativity Wrapped in a Package of Sexy- Opened
« Reply #7 on: May 24, 2015, 01:55:43 am »
NEW NEW NEW!  I have added a new story to my listing: Check out the general overview of  "Egyptian Shadows"!