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Author Topic: Endless Eiselmann M looking for F  (Read 4072 times)

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Offline eiselmannTopic starter

Endless Eiselmann M looking for F
« on: January 13, 2014, 08:38:59 PM »
Hi everyone , thanks for having a wee look at my plot thread.

Now I should add before we get much further a number of these plot ideas are based around my character being as young as 16, the site allows for that and in truth where I live and grew up 16 is the age of consent , however I totally understand that this is an issue for many of you so if the plot sounds interesting but you have issue with my characters age please tell me you'd prefer my character be 18, I can't imagine not jumping my guy from 16 to 18 upon request.

Most of my characters are dominate or certainly have a confidence about them but I do enjoy writing for characters who have more equal relationships...and if you have a good plot I'd be open to getting in touch with my submissive side 

Please PM if interested

Ons and offs


Male on Male now I will add I'm happy to write MFM just no physical interaction between the guys
Vore Gore
Crossdressing and Sissification
Hitting females in a domestic situation.... spanking a naughty slave on the bottom I can do....beat the crap our of a female character I can't even contemplate writing that


Incest ...okay with Mother Son or Auntie Nephew
              brother -sister would need to be a good plot and the sister would need to be a few years older
              Father-daughter if it is a really good plot
               Younger brother in law -sister in law (brothers wife) the incest variant I'm most comfortable with

Older women younger male ... a reoccurring theme not that I won't write for an older male as a principle character but again has to be a good plot.
Multiple women to my single male. . Does not need to happen in a story but I always prefer to have it happen even just once....multiple occurrences and I'm a happy camper
Cockold stories/situations

Everything else....I am at least open to I may say no but I'm more likely to say yes

If you are interested in any of these stories please PM me  I'm happy to discuss variants to the idea and while I don't mind driving the story I do like to collaborate .

Posting frequency: Certainly aim for 1-2 posts a week .

I do prefer quality posts but not novella's, I tend towards the 2-3 paragraphs per post (saying that one of my favourite stories averaged over a thousand words per post...what I don't like is one liners, certainly not as a repeated effort . I'm also not a grammar/spelling Nazi  (I make enough of those errors myself)

So here we go:::::

I'm the face-claim!

Your character is a member of an adult online writing site , looking for a new story or two you click a 'looking for..' link only to see your photo as the preferred face claim for the female character....its a recent photo as well, as you were walking in the park across the road from your home just two days ago. As much as that shocks you , the plot idea and the kinks the mystery writer wants to include tick all of your deepest desires...things you have told no one...not old boyfriends or your closest girl friends.

Against your better judgement you contact the mystery writer expressing interest...over the coming weeks the story you write excites and arouses you like no other story has and the mystery writer posts more shots of you into the story. Asking who the woman is , the other writer admits its a neighbour of his ,who he has a massive crush on , but she's way out of his league, he admits to feeling bad about using her photo but she really is his perfect woman.

Now you really have to know who this guy is and suggest you meet...pretending you'll be in his town for the weekend you agree to catch up...for coffee and no promises beyond that who shows up...who is the mystery male with a massive crush.

I would prefer my character to be 16-18, happy for him to be a shy 20 something or a much older man 50 plus

Looking at your character being mid 20's to late thirties. Looking for at least some of these themes ....multiple female on single male , master slave or at least a dominant male with submissive female and public sex

Welcome to my world

Incest (Sister in law -Brother in law) multiple npc's... threesomes foursomes and moresomes

Your character is happily married (mid to late twenties) to a wonderful guy. Part of why your marriage works so well is that its open. You both visit , at least twice a week, a very exclusive Adult club for couples and single women , where there are no taboo's and any fantasy can be fulfilled. On top of that you belong to a swingers club, again for couples and single women. You also have a number of semi regular lovers and then there are just the random people you both have sex with.

Everything in your life is wonderful....even your husband getting a high paid secondment overseas for six months won't stop your fun and enjoyment of life. What has stopped it, dead in its tracks is the news that your parents in law are heading overseas for a year and leaving behind their younger son (MC) and since they own the house you and your husband live in-rent free- you can't really so 'no' when they ask you to look after him so he can attend the same high school.

Left with a choice of giving up most if not all of the sex you get...because your inlaw's have no idea that you have sex with multiple people every week...or introduce the younger son into your choose the later.

--Variant : this time your husband has no idea what you get up to and thinking you can still keep it secret you get discovered with a lover by your young brother in law....and he blackmails you.

Would prefer my guy to be 16 but happy to make him 18 if that works better for you

The BookTaken

This one is very smut heavy and will require multiple females.

Any guy can get between the legs of any woman, you just have to know what turns a no into a yes, sometimes legs will open if you have to courage to ask, or the strength to demand, sometimes legs will open for money, be it the price of a lunch or the price of a mansion. Time and effort, genuine interest can work as well as blackmail or threats.

The trick is knowing what works on a woman, and what one guy has to do to have sex with a woman is not always what the next guy has to do .

So what if there was a way to know exactly what it takes to enter a woman...any woman.

There is....The Book , its been passed dpwn the generations of the Newhouse family . Open the book and it appears to be full of blank pages. Write a woman's name and think of her, then close the book, upon reopening it the book reveals to easiest way to have sex with that woman......but there are rules.

Rule1, Once you receive directions from the book you can only write another name once you have completed the instructions or 1 year has passed.
Rule2. You can write as many womens names as you wish and the instructions will reflect you having all the women at once, but be aware that the more ladies you add before closing the book , the more complex the instrcutions
Rule3. One day the writing will be Gold rather than black ink. That is the lady you are meant to be have a choice, you can ignore the instrcution and wait a year and she will be your's...or you can ignore the Gold writing and you will have her, she will be the best you ever have but you will never be with her again and never know true happiness.

Would like my character to be 16-25...would prefer him to be as young as you are happy with thou if he is in his twenties I'd want him to be unlucky in love. Happy to discuss each npc and book instructions as we go

Now what

can be a one shot or a longer story...
Your character is a married woman (imagine mid to late twenties) who decides to do the neighbourly thing and walk over with some desert for your next door neighbour who's on his own . (MC) you walk in on him masturbating to an adult film, disgust mixes with now what.

If you want to go a bit darker the porn movie is a film of you with your husband taken in your bedroom without you realising the neighbour has been filming you.....

and even darker with some blackmail...the film is of you with the guy/girl you are having an affair with.

Happy to have my character be any age from 16 to 60(plus) Happy to have an element of slave/master occur as the story develops

Sara's Bedroom Party

A Blackmail story. Sara(YC-name can be changed) lives on the edge of a very conservative town , you have a budding career doing something you love. Your employer has even provided you with a wonderful house that is very private....and ideal for your 'other' career.

Sara's Bedroom Party is one of the top rating privately run porn sites on the net and once a week you upload a new party literally held in your bedroom....sometimes the parties have an even mix of males and females, sometimes your the only woman with a bunch of guys and sometime one lucky guy gets a whole bunch of women all to himself.

The other people are a mix of paid adult stars and friends you have known for years and trust. It was all going so well , no one suspected your cover story that you were hosting bible study was anything other than what it was , united one day the old lady who lived next door took in her young grandson(MC) and the boy had seen Sara's Bedroom Party several times, it didn't take him long to recognise you..... now he wants to fulfill a on Sara's Bedroom Party and he wants so much more.

See my character as being 16-18 your character somewhere in her twenties...lots of npc's happy for this to start blackmail and evolve to romantic or move into a more dom male sub female relationship.

Career in the balanceTaken but open to discuss a second version

Your character has slept her way up the corporate ladder in is now on the verge of becoming the youngest ever VP in one of the biggest companies on the planet. If there is one talent you do have is being able to read people, you know which underlings to yell at, to reason with , to flirt with and which ones you need to fuck. ANd you certainly know which of your superiors you need to get your legs around to move yourself forward.

You have not made a mis-step ...until now.

When you became a head of department the first thing you did was transfer out the guy who had been acting in the job for the previous year, the guy who had missed out on the promotion you got.

 The thing is while your staff know their jobs there was only one person who knew everyone's job and there were parts of his job that no one else but him knew. After 2 months in charge your department is in chaos and over a billion dollars will be lost in contracts if its not sorted out in a month, or they will make sure you would be lucky to get a job selling hedge clippings in 'Bumfuck USA'

Theres only one thing to do , you need to bring back MC...but what price will my character demand?

Ideally this would from non con to master slave , but open to other ideas on that, see your character as mid-late 20's , mine would be 40 plus.
The never-ending debt

150 years ago the town of Silver Springs wanted to expand to take advantages of the railway coming to town, that required money they didn't have. Getting money from the wealthy turned out to be harder than they imaged and ultimeately only one wealthy business was prepared to invest in the town.

A year after the money was aquired the townspeople had the twon they wanted only the railway never arrived. The debt however had to be repayed the old saying goes 'the big print giveth , the small print taketh away' and the small print was brutal.

Today the descendants of those town folk have watched the debt grow from 10000 dollars to five billion , everything in the town belongs to the family of that long dead businessman and all the money the town makes goes towards the debt but can't cover the interest let alone the actual debt and so it grows.

A number of ideas for this story....mostly smut driven , my character is part of the family that owns the town , newly turned sixteen he visits town and while he stays can have sex with any female he wants anywhere he wants....this will involve you playing multiple women.

or...the new heir to the owner family had arrived , you character is part of the debt negotiating team, its a thankless task , the debt arrangements never change ....except maybe this time they will, the new owner (MC) seems to have an obvious interest on yours and might be open to the townsfolk actually being able to pay off the debt....looking at my guy being 16 as a preference or if you prefer ,he can be older, but then I'd want him to be shy (to begin with) . Would prefer your character to be married age is open but late twenties to late thirties works best...definite cockold scene and if she is older would like one  mother- daughter threesome if you are open to that.

No other option

It was a disaster, the worst possible news, how could you possibly tell your parents. They would never understand. being an unmarried mother would be an affront to everything they believed in...finding out that you didn't have a clue who the dad could be because it could be one of at least twenty guys , most of whom you didn't even know their names ...yeah that would kill them off...what you needed was a patsy husband, someone acceptable to your parents who would be desperate enough to be with you that he would happily raise your baby as his own....and allow you to continue to explore a wide variety of sexual experiences under the cover of respectability.

That guy is my character...what you have no idea is that my character is open to almost anything you might want to do...and more so , so much more.

Happy for your character to be 16-25 and mine to be 16 to 20 , while I'm happy to play our character with the same age I would have to be convinced to have my character be older.

Open to most things (see my on's and off's above), the story itself will be about a couple trying to maintain their socially acceptable facade while discovering that their community is in reality just a bunch of perverts ...suppressed but perverts nonetheless. Lots of NPC's in this story


Two variants

The first is your character is 16-18 year old girl who is left abandoned by her boyfriend on the side of the road after an arguement. My character comes along shortly after and offers to give you a lift to the next town. My character is a 40 plus male . Looking for your character to be an innocent that gets corrupted by my guy into porn and or prostitution ....or for your character to be either a slut or a hooker and my character proposes a way to make some serious money from your character body

The second variant is your character is a web cam girl (open to her doing a bit of porn or escort work on the side). You get stranded after an argument with you boyfriend over money he's not sharing. Looking at your character being 20-30. My character is 16-18 and lives on a nearby farm that you go to for help...he's also a nerd (who may know who you are as he's a fan or perhaps he asks for something in return for his help getting you to town and discovers what you do, that way)..ultimately he'll convince his parents to let you stay while he helps boost the amount of money your web cam expects more and more from you in return

Preparing for what will come

This is a time travel story , looking for a writer with a working knowledge of the Regency period also this story will be set in England.

Three hundred years ago the age old question 'Are we alone in the Universe was answered'...we weren't , and those that came weren't friendly. They defeated the armed forces of the world in days...billions died, however millions survived and we fought back.

We lost more times than we won but we learnt quickly, we found ways to hide and ways to win, we took their knowledge and applied it to our own, still we could not stop the extraction of all the planets resources and our victories always came with a price....and then one day that price broke us.

Forced underground we lost community after community until one day there was only one place left in human hands .....then they found us.

My character had been sent back in time by his father, a genius who having utilized alien tech with human theory developed a machine to allow time go back two thousand three hundred years and change the world...slowly, to advance the Roman world so that the dark ages never happens , to set up a permanent institute  of learning that will see humanity gain an additional thousand years of technological know-how so that when the aliens arrive we are ready for them.

Only the machine didn't send my character back the Roman Britain it sent me back to Regency England  and the reality that mankind must progress 1200 years of tech in the next 250 years.....there's only one way to do that....take over the world.

Your main character can be a young Queen Victoria if you want to set this as she takes the throne or the daughter of a landowner who's father is looking to marry you off since you're well past the age you should be wed.

Would prefer my character be 16 but happy to make him up to 20 ...would look at your character being at least 2 years older.

I have a broad idea of how the story progresses however its actually quite open to a lot of plotting

Well there was that one time

Your character is happily married to a wonderful husband who is widely respected in the community (thinking he is a church leader or a politician -I'll play him as an npc) as a couple you have never done anything adventurous and certainly not in the bedroom , where sex is once a week in the same position on the same night and normally for ten minutes....well okay there was that one time, on your honey moon in Europe where you picked up three guys and your husband watched you have sex with all three.

That was the one event in your life you keep hidden one must know...ever.....

Unfortunately someone does know (my character) you see the men made a video of the foursome and many years ago they posted it in a very minor German language porn site where it quickly disappeared into the sites archives.....until my character inadvertently comes across the video and realising who is the star decides to blackmail your character.

While I would prefer my charatcer to be 16-18 if that doesn't work for you happy for him to be up to 25 or over 40. Looking at your character being 25-40....if you do go with late thirties would be looking for an npc daughter and an eventual mother/daughter threesome.

Happy to have the husband be part of the blackmail and have this be a cockold story
Dom Hotwife becomes sub

Your character is a beautiful woman married to a successful husband, most people think you are a dutiful and loving wife. Its a facade.

The truth is you enjoy having sex with a multitude of men , sometimes your husband watches, sometime he gets told after the event and sometimes he's just kept out of the loop all together, you pick complete strangers mostly , but sometimes you go back to the same set of guys on a regular  basis and you're not beyond having sex with men to further your husband's career, because that means more money for you.

And of course the men you have sex with ...well they are just grateful for the chance to be with you...hardly worthy of your consideration beyond what they can do for you.

Until that is you met one guy....a guy who seems to have a hold on you and as much as you don't like it, you can't stop going back to him and the more you go back the more complete his hold over you grows until you are his property.

Will play the husband as an npc , my character is the bull and soon your characters master. I would perfer him to be a lot younger than your character , as in 16-18 and maybe even your characters step son returning from an overseas boarding school....if you would prefer my character to be older I would want him to be very nerdish with a hold over your family(like the guy you needs to approve planning for the extension to your house)...looking for your character to be 25-35

Coming home to the hater's

Your character left the town of Silver Springs the day after high school graduation with the dream of being an A list actress...the next Jennifer Lawrence or Emma Watson....except that didn't happen.

A year is a long time when you get nothing but rejections and have no money had an agent but he turned out to be a total dirtbag who took your money, got you no where and convinced you to fuck him in order to keep your name on his books.

Then one day you got a job, as an extra in a porn movie you only had to watch a couple having sex while you a few other girls pretended to ignore the 'teacher and the student ' banging away on the teachers desk. From there you started doing single scenes and then progressed into one of the biggest porn stars on the planet.

Just after your 27th (can be any age betwee 25-35) your grandmother passes away, she raised you and you inherit the family house....maybe its time to go back to Silver Springs knew some people didn't like what you do...but screw them right?

Except when you arrive back almost everyone hates on you. My character is one of the few that doesn't . And my character knows a part of the town you were oblivious to when going to high school.

Beyond the facade of conservative Silver Springs is a population indulging in every vice.

I would prefer my character to be 16-18 , perhaps an old friends younger brother.....or closer to your characters age in which case I would prefer my character to be the nerd you ignored at high school ...or over 50 in which case I would want my guy to be in control of the towns swinger/sex club.

Happy for this to be light and romantic or a Master Slave story

My Stepmom--my wife?

My character step mom (your character) is the greatest. She's much younger than my dad and only a few years older than me....and yeah I have a crush on her, have had since the day I met her.

Dad's away a lot for business , so my and my stepmom hang out a lot, we have so many similar tastes and sometime's she's like an older sister rather than my dad's wife......of course I never forget that I'm totally in love with her but I have no chance ...right?

What I don't know is that my step mom is falling in love with me and soon a line will be crossed....

Have a few ideas for this one....happy to have it be a light and romantic story with the father eventually divorcing your character to clear the way when he realities  he doesn't really love his wife.

or...your character is not really married to my characters father but rather she's brought and paid for and part of the deal is that she has to seduce my character (except of course she really loves him )

or...the father passes away and its revealed your character is a slave and now has a new owner in my character.

or....if you want to play her darker....she's married the old man for his money only to discover the son (MC) is the actual owner of the corporation since its inherited form his mothers you know have to balance genuine feelings with the lust you have for the wealth the boy has.

In all these I would prefer my character to be 16...happy to make him 17-20 but only if he's shy (to begin with) your character should be 22 or over

Don't tell my Daddy I'm a Porn star

Your character comes from a conservative family, getting your parents , especially your father, to allow you to go to UCLA , on the other side of the country, was a massive effort. For a few months you did everything the way they wanted you to do, and then.....and then you got ripped off by a boyfriend you never told your parents about, all the money your father gave you to support yourself for the next year is can't ask for more so yu have to earn of the girls in your dorm offered a solution...Porn ....and the thing is you really enjoy it and the great thing is no one knows because all the films are behind a paywall and no one you know watch's porn.

Except thats not entirely correct.

When you return home for a couple of weeks between semesters, you find out someone knows your secret.

My character is that person, would perfer him to be 16-18 , a near neighbour with a massive longtime crush...or an older man happy to play him from 40 upwards.

Imagine your character being 19-21....

The price to pay

Your character is happily married....mostly, the one serious dark cloud in your marriage is a lack of money and massive debts, both your families have given up coming to the rescue his family blames you , and your family blames him for all the financial woes, on the verge of being evicted and having your car reprocessed ...again, you find an unlikely savior(My character), however there's a price to pay. The first installment is mc having sex with your's infront of your husband.

Looking for MC to start to bend your character to his will , to have you become so reliant upon his money that you'll do what ever he says.

Looking at your character being early-mid twenties but open to her being older if you prefer.

Would want my character to be 16-18 with access to his trust fund...or in his twenties but socially awkward unable to get a girlfriend  or forty plus.

Lots of cockold scenes, there will be character manipulation and happy to discuss slave master  , also looking to bring in several female npc's ...I'll play the husband as an npc.

Leaving the MC

Your character is an 'Old Lady' in a 1 percenter MC in Florida(could be anywhere if you prefer) your 'man' protects you and provides for you and in return you do what you are told. Except now that protection is gone....its not just gone , its been blown away in an act of betrayal. However you man knew he was being set up , , and had warned you to flee if he didn't ring you as scheduled...he's also given you the contact name and number of the one person in the world he trusts above all others

What you find when you reach this guy , is the most unlikely person you would have expected your man to send you to. You also discover that the MC fucked up , they hit your man BEFORE he passed on funds to a third party and te MC will want that money back....and you discover a letter from your old man with some instructions.

Happy to lay my character as a 16-18 year odl high school student (my preference) , a young brother to your character, or perhaps a man in his late twenties who happens to be your partners oldest friend, however I would want this guy to be very bookish, or a geek--the total opposite of a bier.

This could be a romantic and light story or your character could be instructed to obey mine in every way   , a;; the while the MC are trying to track you down because they believe(correctly) that you have access to several million dollars of their money.....if you are happy to also play a sweetbutt or an actual wife of your man as well as the old lady that would be brilliant

All the men are dead

A great war has been fought tens of millions of men have been killed entire villages have lost all their adult males and many of those soldiers returning are damaged, physically or emotionally and often both...

This story is an old idea , based upon a curiosity about the post WWI years where whole companies formed out of villages and small towns were wiped out in a single action this leaving their wifes and daughters without husbands or prospective husbands. IN a world with strict social constraints how did women react when their choices were extremely limited and getting a husband would have been very competitive.

The idea I had was of a young solider returning to the village having joined the army in response to all the men of the village being killed in action  , he was under age when he joined is now 16-18 , he's come home to a small village in England where he had a childhood crush on a now twenty something widow and mother. As the only male of age the pressure is on to marry so they other women can write to relatives in search of a husband , of course all those other women want a capable husband .....

Or happy to have my character being a boy coming of age in a village where all the men are still fighting the war or have died

Or if you don't want to set this at the end of WW1 happy to have it set at any point in history where social constraints were not so er...contraining.

Obviously the story idea sets up single male on multiple women , happy for this to be romantic and light or move into a harem story or slave-master
Stepmum blackmail

Your character is a trophy wife you married my characters father for the financial support and freedom such a marriage provides, he married you to have someone stunning on his arm and in his bed. However your husband is an old man and always away on business so whats a woman...a beautiful horny woman to do with her time? It should have been so easy , you were discreet, you didn't count on your step son (my character)to show up for the summer holidays from his boarding school three days earlier than planned....and the little bastard videoed your encounter with the pool guy......

Want my character to be 16-18 (prefer 16) your character any age 22 plus...blackmail (of course) looking for at least one male on multiple women ...happy to turn this into a romantic story or into a master slave relationship   


Your character is a beautiful , well dressed female aged 16-24 who's 'boyfriend' looks like a wanna be ganster, he's weedy and looks like he never learnt to dress himself properly, this si a guy who is no hwere near your characters league and yet there you are a couple. My character has seen lots of pairing like this and he doesn't understand why these beautiful females have anything to so with such unappealing day curiosity gets the better of him and he asks you and your boyfriend...'Why are you two together'

I'm happy to play my guy at 16-18 or 40 plus ,( if you are happy with my guy being 16-18 I would prefer your character be 22-24.)

Happy for this to be a light romantic story , perhaps your character works for the boyfriends family or perhaps you owe money and have to work it off a hooker and my character buys your time , to begin with and then seeks to help you escape his control

Or we can go darker move into a slave master relationship or my guy scares the boyfriend off and then becomes your pimp.

Lots of npc's and would be looking for at least one multiple women on single male scene

The Next Queen

The law decrees that when the King dies his Queen must follow him into the afterlife, unless....

When your character was 4 , her father arranged for her to be engaged to the Kings newborn son, the boy who would one day grow up to be King. This secured your families future. Over the years you would visit the Royal Palace to get to know your future husband and as you grew older your grew into a beautiful young woman. Shortly after you turned eighteen , the Kings wife died suddenly, like you she was a few years older than her husband.

The King still only 33 felt compelled to marry again and have more children, something his first wife was unable to do after her firstborn. So having caught his eye with your beauty he approached your father who readily agreed to the marriage. However because you were an adult and legally engaged even the King could not compel to marriage. Under pressure from your family you eventually agreed to the marriage.

My character (the Prince) was devastated , his growing love for you soon became a rage born of betrayal. Two years later , just days after the Prince turns 16 the King dies suddenly. The law is clear you will join him in death unless the next King marries you. Normally this is a marriage between mother and son, and while a marriage in every sense it is rarely consummated. This allows the old Queen to act as an adviser(particularly if the new King is very young) and allows the new King to marry again, once that is done the old Queen may live out her years as the new King allows.

So to save your life you must give the boy who hates reason to keep you pressure.
Happy to make this light and ultimately romantic or a master slave story....lots of NPC's and multiple female on single male encounters preferred.

Variant: The Queen is much older say late twenties, early thirties and never promised to my character, she had been desperately trying to get pregnant to the old king while forcing my character to be sent away to the northern borders which are under constant attack, her clear aim is that my character dies and her 'hoped for' son becomes King one day and not just secure her own life but allow her to rule indirectly.....when her husband dies she is left with one chance throw herself at the feet of her stepson and beg.....this will definitely be a dom/sub story

You think you're blackmailing me...I want this

Your character is a teacher at a school widely regarded as the top Sporting High School in the country, dozens of graduated students become professional athletes every year. students from around the country relocate just to attend the school.

The secret of its success

Most of the female teachers as part of their employment contract have sex with the boys (and girls) in the various athletic programs, you were hired not just for your actual teaching ability , but also for your looks and the pay is great. So five times a week after school you have a booking with one of the students for an hours sex.

My character is not  a sporty type one day he returns to the school at the end of the day having forgot his homework and discovers you having sex with another student...MC video's it and then , intending to blackmail you into having sex with him he returns after school the following day to discover you with a different student...this happens everyday for a week until he confronts you demand s you have sex with him or he'll tell the headmaster and your husband(boyfriend)

What MC doesn't know is that the headmaster is behind all this and YC husband knows what you are doing.....what no one knows is that your deepest fantasy is to be blackmailed and forced into having sex with someone.

Themes Blackmail , multiple women on male and open to cockold being part of the story ...imagine my guy 16-18 your charatcer age open but looking at mid 20's to late 30's

Did I marry the wrong brother?

Your character is married to my characters older brother, everything is great in your marriage except when it comes to're adventurous, bi sexual and love to be dominated....he's boring ..your sex life consists of a once a month, no more than 5 minutes , him on top, quickie and many months you don't even get that. One day my character drops by your house while you are having sex with a girlfriend, In order to keep him silent you invite him to join you and your girlfriend.

A few days pass by and all you can think about is the thrill of having your young brother in law catch you cheating knowing he could tell your husband at any time, the thing is you're almost certain that the kid won't reveal you decide to make a proposition , he can have unlimited access to you , you'll fulfill all his fantasies , he just has to pretend to threaten revealing your ongoing affair with your realise quickly that the younger brother is a much better lover but want happens when you start to fall in love with him?

Imagine my character being aged 16-18 and your character mid20's to early 30's

You do this a week before our wedding

Yc is in her mid 20-to mid 30 one week away from finally marrying your high school sweetheart, neither of you have ever been with anyone else despite a number of offers from various admirers. A month ago you had long talk about each of you having one final fling, your fiancé was keen , you said you'd consider it ,hoping your fiancé would drop the subject.... A week before the wedding he comes home and announces that he's had his final fling mistaking believing you'd given the go ahead. Turns out that the woman was randomly picked and he isn't actually sure what her name is.

Stunned you eventually announce that you'll have sex with the next guy you fate would have it at that moment there is a knock on the front door and its my character.

Looking for him to be (your choice -in order of my preference)
 :1) local neighbour schoolboy fundraising for school age 16-18
2) your future brother in law age 16-20
3) a junior staff member at your work who has brought over some paperwork for you age 18-20

So the thing is sex with my character turns out to be the best you have ever had...instead of a final fling you want more ...will you still get married? if you do will you continue to have sex with your new lover?...or have you finally met the man you were meant to marry when it turns out that its not just the sex that's great about him.

Young and Hung-an escort service for discerning ladies 

Young and Hung ensures that all our escorts are still in high school , their ages range form 16 to 19
Young and Hung require all our escorts to be at least 9.5 inches long.
Young and Hung ensures all our escorts are clean and discreet , they are here to service you , please note condoms are not used so your cleanliness is expected.

Young and hung , can you handle being fucked for hours by the biggest cock you'll ever have?

MC is the escort would prefer that he be 16 but happy to ply him as 17-18. size wise up to you happy to be at 9.5 inches or footlong (or longer). Your character has hired my character for the night, however things are complicated.

Your character can be  my guys new step mum
Or married to my characters older brother
or married to one of my high school teachers
Or the wife of a local politician
or a friends mother
Or maybe someone famous locally with 'high morals'

Looking for YC to either fall in love with mine or fear that he may not be as discreet as you would like and decide to 'pay off' any blackmail before it occurs, even thou my character has no intention of blackmailing.

Dear Editor

Your character is a female in her twenties who is obsessed by Letters to the editor in her favourite adult magazine , she loves to roleplay  the letters with various men and women, my character is in his early 20's and has been obsessing about your character for the last year, He lives in the apartment building opposite and can see into your apartment. When he realises that she's roleplaying letters to the editor he starts to insert himself into the roleplay....the idea being that he progresses to one of her regular lovers and then starts manipulating you with his own stories being published so in the end you're fulfilling his fantasies rather than your own .

This can be smut heavy and light or more story driven and very dark

My master the dork
Multiple npc some mff mfff etc ,some non con

Your character is an 18 year old high school senior , the alpha girl, rich, popular , beautiful..You and your girl friends decide to have a slave auction to raise money for spring break vacation since the olds think staying in a youth hostel is better than 5 star if.

Rather than select males you want to be with , one of your silly girlfriends opens it up to all the senior guys and whats worse the biggest dork(MC) wins because your stupid boyfriend was a tight arse...according to the rules of the auction a slave can choose to have sex but doesn't have to but so does have to let herself be felt up and give one blowjob, and hangs with her 'master' until midnight.

Except when MC starts to order your character around , despite herself your character gets off on being owned so when mid night comes along she's disappointed her 'ownership' is ending....the following morning she finds MC and offers herself as his slave happy to do his bidding in any way.

What happens when the alpha female is owned by the biggest dork in school...a story about turning the high school social ladder upside down.

Possible npcs may or may not become slaves to MC
 happy to discuss

The Pimp next door
Requires multiple female  npc's and some male on multiple females
Your character is a suburban housewife age 25-40 who works form home while hubby works long hours , its been a while since you two had sex and you strongly suspect he's been having sex with other women. Then one day you met MC age 16-18 a grandson of the man who tends to your garden twice a week. Tempted beyond reason you have sex with MC and then realises that so many of your neighbours are not getting laid and just want sex without possibly getting caught so you approach MC and offer him a job servicing the neighbourhood women at YC home. Lots of sex of course but I'd like some story maybe a romance between our characters or some blackmail ...happy to discuss details 

The so call perfect guy -a tale of revenge

YC has met the prefect guy he ticks every box, sadly there is one dark cloud his kid brother (My character aged 17-19) who the one time you meet him warns you that his older brother is not all he makes himself out to be. Of course your boyfriend explained that MC is a troubled kid and jealous of anyone who is happy with their life.

Four months into the relationship he has a big question to ask you, he wants to be sure you love him so he asks you to agree to be gangbanged by his friends and as he asks the question a dozen of his friends walk into the room, naked. If you say no , he'll know you don't truly love him and he'll have no choice but to break up, so you agree to the gangbang.

The following morning having been fucked for 14 hours you lie exhausted , covered in cum only for your boyfriend to break up with you as he doesn't date sluts. In the argument that follows he mocks you for ignoring his kid brothers warnings (thou the boy doesn't know how the breakups occur).

Six months later you track down the last of his girlfriends since he left college they all have the exact same tale , that's when the idea of the perfect revenge is born , you'll all date the younger brother at the same time and make sure 'Mr Prefect' and his friends know, then you start to actually fall in love when you realise MC is YC's  perfect boyfriend.

Imagine your character being 20-24 will require multiple female npc's aged 20-27

52 deaths -Bodyguard

Ten weeks ago a list of 52 actress were sent to the FBI , once a week someone on the list would be killed, there were no demands nothing to indicate why or who . Security of course was tightened by several of the actresses when the FBI contacted them , but for most the list was simply another in a frequent list of threats.

Then one of the actresses was shot, then a second , then a third , then the next three actresses  were all murdered in their beds, that sparked a near panic amongst the actresses and security around them was even tighter, then one got killed on the red carpet and two more killed while on set, with ten down your management team realise they need to add another layer of security around your character (one of the listed actresses) a level of constant close in security.

You need a boyfriend of their choosing, in comes my character he'll be 18-21 an expert in Krav Maga, the idea is that YC endures mine then a couple of weeks into his assignment he takes on and easily defeats a crazed fan...a few weeks later he saves you from an assassins bullet,  then a second attempt on your life , the attacks become more frequent and eventually our characters are isolated and on the run.

The celebrity can be made up however if you want to play a real celebrity I would prefer that.

The Marriage Promise

This one is largely smut driven but a story will develop

YC met the prefect guy when she was in high school, you went to the same college and your love just grew, everyone knew you'd be together forever , then just after college finishes your boyfriend got sick, really sick , by the time the doctors figured out what was wrong it was too late.

With days left you decide that you want to get married, your parents and his parents all agree but he doesn't. He doesn't want you to be a young widow, he does however have a counter request. That when his sixteen year old brother turns eighteen you marry him instead, that way you get the family name and any children will be as close to your boyfriends as is possible.

He won't be swayed from this and makes everyone promise to make it happen.

Six months after his death YC gets the opportunity to travel the world as a F1 promo girl. This opens a whole new world for you and start going to sex clubs at every opportunity taking countless men and women. However you never forget your promise and the wedding is planned for a week after MC turns 18. Now two days before the wedding you return home having completed your promo contract, you're ready to fulfill your promise , the only problem is your not the same woman who made that promise

You need to get MC on board your new life style choice and fast . This will involve multiple female and male npc's.
(happy to play mc as a newly turned 16 year old if that also works for anyone interested in this idea)

Underground fighting Curcuit

YC is in her late 20's , shes the daughter of  a murdered senior figure in the UFC , when he died the wolves took control of his business empire leaving you with almost nothing. You swore revenge , you swore to take your rightful place at the top of a multi billion dollar empire. For ten years you have been quietly rebuilding you have almost all the pieces in place a group of good fighters and a lot fantastic looking women prepared to throw themselves at these fighters for the right price, but what you need is a true elite fighter , what they refer to in the business as a billion dollar fighter.

That's where MC comes into play one night you're walking from your car to your apartment when five guys attack you MC comes to your rescue and takes down the thugs quickly and brutally.

MC will be 16-20 , homeless, no family , no connections . Looking at a large number of npc's I'll play various male roles , the bulk of the female npcs will be used to reward my guy as he progresses. Looking at our characters relationship being strictly business to start with but as he progresses up the ladder and into richer fights you develop feelings for him also have to do whatever you can to keep him as rival players try to give him reasons to swap camp. Figured your character would be late 20's or early thirties.

The tenth Fantasy (requires multiple bi female npc's with ultimately one primary female)

My character is a 45 year old man who has been single all his life , he has dated but nothing serious and nothing for years...he's all but given up on women and then one night he has the most lucid dream of his life...he's told that all his sexual fantasies will be fulfilled in the next 30 days and that while fulfilling those fantasies he will met his future wife.

the fantasies can be done in any order except the tenth fantasy comes last
- .Mother and Daughter
- Bride on her wedding day in her wedding dress just before she walks down the isle or just after saying I do.
-having sex with a woman while he husband watches (he having offered his partner)
-a playboy/penthouse centerfold
-a reverse gangbang (at least 4 women ,up to as many as you can write for )
- Sex with a White woman, Black woman and an Asian woman at the same time.
-sex with a pregnant woman
-to star in a porn movie(have a plot)
- to have sex with a random stranger
-to met the love of his life(the tenth fantasy which of the previous females she is we can discuss)

Year long Servitude -some non con

Your character was the alpha female at High School , dated the quarterback , went to college and life continued to be wonderful, everything good happen to you , coming out of college you met and married your dream man and for a few more years life was great....then it started to unravel. Hubby had a massive gambling problem and borrowed money from less than honest to save everything you had you have to ask for help from the one person who can help you.

My character, was one of your closest friends before high schoolm however once at high school you treated him with distain and ignored him.

His price ...your help for one find him a wife or if you can't then he'll force you to divorce your husband and marry him..(also for each week it takes you have to have sex with my character once)..only problem is my character has almost zero appeal and no social skills when it comes to you have a lot of work.

The idea is that this has a lot of comic elements mixed in with the idea that at some point as you improve my character you begin to fall for him.
Imagine both characters 25-28 open to your character being a mother.

Teen boys

Sex School =part ten

Sex School broke all the records when it was released, the thirty person orgy at the end is still talked about in awe. Sex School 2 and 3 broke all sales records and gathered numerous awards for its stars , writers and production staff. Sex school 4/5 and 6 were rolled out in quick succession and while they sold well and production was of high quality critics weren't kind, the story was considered jaded. , Sex School 7, 8 were quite frankly shit.

Thomas Ryan owner of the production company behind Sex School looked at the ninth version and put his head in his hands , it was absolute rubbish but beyond that there was something he truly hated about the film. In an age where the minimum age to stay in porn had been reduced to 16, the males in the film not only were all in their mid to late twenties ,they looked like it.

He'd back his companies future on being able to produce the Sex school series with massive associated profits, if number ten didn't break sales records his company would go under.

My character is a 16 year old he's the son of a porn star and wants to break into the business his single mother isn't happy about this  but has begrudgingly allowed it. Your character is an establish porn star. You have been given two weeks to get the kid used to having sex in front of people and on film , to have sex with multiple women and work with the camera and to cum on demand, for that you'll be given the role of one of the teachers in Sex School ten and if the movie is a success a multi film- million dollar deal is her's.

The story will have lots of sex in it ranging from 'training' to shooting the actual movie there is the potential for romance as well, this will require multiple NPC's mainly females.

The back story is that their are five 16 year olds vying for four roles and only 3 possible multi film deals at the end of a successful sex school 10, so getting the kid preforming as expected of him is critical.

 Your character is happily married to your high school sweetheart , you have a wonderful daughter and enjoy inviting friends both male and female into your bed from time to time. (I'll play the husband as an npc)

Your next door neighbours kid (my guy age 16-18) has an obvious crush on your character and your husband tells you he'd love to watch you take the kids virginity...which you do , thing is theres something about this kid that makes you want him more and more until he becomes an obsession.....happy to have this become a master /slave thing or even make it romantic as she realises she married the wrong guy or even something darker as your character demands more and more of his time and becomes jealous of the other women....looking to have my guy have a massive penis (as big as you're happy for him to have) also looking for several scenes involving multiple females.

Always happy to do a Mother /Daughter /my character threesome

one rough idea....mother /daughter escorts: my character would be high school student  and decides to have a mother /daughter threesome only to discover mother is a teacher at his school and /or daughter is head cheerleader----blackmail would feature in this story my character 16-18

Catherine (Kate) Middleton-Duchess of Cambridge I have a number of story ideas around her and pretty open to anything if anyone wants to play her , particularly if you are open to my character being a younger male.

Just some fandom pairings(my character first)

Harry Porter

OC(prefer non magical) X Hermione
OC X Hermione and Tonks
Ron x Tonks
Ron x Hermione/Tonks/OC/ Ginny (any 2 or more)


OC x Samantha Carter (with Janice Frazer added if you want a fmf relationship )
Daniel Jackson x Samantha Carter (or with Janice Frazer added if you want a fmf relationship)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Xander x Buffy
OC(normal guy..guy) x Buffy

Xander or OC x Buffy and Cordelia and/or Faith

Tomb Raider

OC x Lana Croft (have a plot idea for this , involving the lost City of Atlantis--Lana discovers a manuscript  that tells her where Atlantis is and how to get in to also leads her to the last surviving descendant of the people of Atlantis (my character) I want him to be 16 happy to play him up to 20 if that helps (figure Lana is in her mid-20's)......she needs him to get into the city....looking for a twist (either to get in with him Lana needs to be pregnant with his child (so his blood is in hers ..... or to have partaken of his seed and continually need to have some of it inside her else the city attack her as an intruder)

Walking Dead

OC X Maggie (post Glenn or without Glenn ever in her life) (can add Beth into the mix if you want)

Sons of Anarchy

OC x Tara (in this AU she gets away from Jax...she's left Charming and trying to build a new life --would want my character to be a teenager and neighbour)

PICTURE PROMPT__________________________________
Have a couple of ideas for these ladies if someone is willing to play multiple npc's

Idea: on a world were men own everything and make up less than one percent of the population . MC on his 18th birthday must chose his bride, several local women have been selected for him to chose from , each women has a selected number of bridesmaids who MC will also marry on that date ...the bridesmaids are subservient to the bride (YC)all the women are subservient to MC. A female who is not chosen for marriage becomes public property available to any man and subservient to any married woman....just a rough idea would need a number of female npc's ...ultimately this is the bride MC chooses.

Speaking of weddings , imagine being a guy outnumber by females at a wedding with these ladies...I can

New step mom and step sister...happy to do this as a one off or develop this into a long term idea is that the father is often away on business and step mom is looking for some fun , but needs to find it without her step son (mC) finding out...your daughter suggests the obvious solution....fuck MC.

Or my character is a shy introverted teen boy who's father is a ladies man...wanting to help his kid get laid he brings home a mother and daughter and asks his son to pick one for the night. Can be a one off or again open to turning it into a long term story.

The advantages of being a wealthy influencial night.

And of course this lady....always open to a story with her as your faceclaim....really open to a story with you writing for her as Catherine Middleton Duchess of Cambridge ...and if you can do that with my character being a teen might love you long time :-)

Grandmother mother and daughter ...happy to play male of any age 16-70 against these three women

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