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Author Topic: CLOSED  (Read 327 times)

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Offline Old Lady WillowTopic starter

« on: January 12, 2014, 08:15:09 PM »
Note: The M/F option has been taken, only looking for M/M at the moment.

The idea I have centers around a broken, decaying world. Law has been abolished, murder and crime is uncontrolled, everyone is out for themselves and only the strong and ruthless survive. Humans have thinned out, towns and cities either abandoned or ruled by tyrants.

In an abandoned town, amid decaying buildings and intruding wildlife, live our two characters. Mine, an older man(around mid forties) and yours, a younger(must be over eighteen, please) male or female. Your character was born at the start of the fall, and was rescued by mine while still a baby. He raised the young girl/boy as his own, protecting him/her from the horrors the outside world has become.

My character tells yours that there are no more humans, that they are the only ones left. He says that there was an accident that killed everyone, and that outside is dangerous, and never to leave the house so as to not be poisoned or eaten by the wild animals. One day, after a lifetime indoors, your character hears a noise outside, and because they are alone at the moment they investigate.

It's something they thought they'd never see. A human, albeit a very thin, filthy, desperate looking one. Before they can interact, my character returns and chases them off, but the damage is done. Your character knows mine had been lying to them their entire life...

What I want to see in this rp is how your character responds to this new world, and how he/she reacts to mine. Over the years my character has become possessive, knowing that anything not defended is easily lost, and despite your characters urging he refuses to let them leave. What happens next? Does your character resent him? Do they disobey and try to run, make it on their own? Do they survive, or do their secluded upbringing lead to failure? And if they do leave, what happens when my character come looking for them?

I'm looking for a strained relationship. It's not gonna be happy, and it's not gonna be healthy for either of them. My character has become overprotective and obsessive of yours, while yours has just realized their entire life has been a lie. Of course, your character will be of age by the time any attraction appears, over eighteen at the very least. Whether this is light, bondage or non-con will be discussed with my partner once they show interest in playing this out. Remember, this is just a starting point, the story can go in many different directions.

If we do decide on non con, I will say now that my character will not rape yours violently, nor will he do anything knowingly to cause pain, and will focus instead on your characters own pleasure, even if it isn't willing. I am not opposed, however, to roleplaying your character being raped by one of the outside humans, if that is the way you want to go.

The idea is rather loosely based on this song here.

Please PM me with your interest.
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