A single Wish (Ex, NC, F/F or Futa/F)

Started by Far eyes, January 09, 2014, 09:16:53 PM

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Far eyes

Taken for now

The idea is kind of straight forward, its likely a one shot kind of a game but if we both like it can go on longer. I am looking for a writing partner who is rather open and interested in the ex part as this might be one of my darker RPs (Not snuff, dismemberment or death though just to be clear). The sorry idea is one I have been toying with for a bit.

My character is a Genie in a bottle (Futa or female) your character discovers it and rubbing it you summon me. I inform you that you have a single wish, what you are not aware of is that Genie`s are known for there love of twisting around wishes and so when you wish to “never have to work again*” she has her opening. Now under normal circumstances maybe she would have done something nasty like have you trip and brake your neck but you’re a cute girl and its been a lonely century so instead she takes you home with her to be her property. You never have to work again, wish fulfilled.

*If you like we could do something different or the wish

The story from there would have probably a lot of bondage, various Ex elements we can talk about those in detail pick out what goes and what not but I am looking for somebody comfortable with a lot of bondage and kink.

The Genie could be kind of classic or more demonic as thats up for debate.

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