Calling for succubus victims. Short-term/one-shot storylines.

Started by djin, August 09, 2008, 08:19:33 PM

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I've recently begun playing a succubus, and really enjoy the theme and the character.  I'm looking for anyone interested in playing short-term/one-shot type scenarios in which their character will, of course, perish during their encounter with the succubus.  I already have a nice storyline going on involving an 'undying' lover for the succubus, so I'm just interested in the 'perishable' ones right now ;)

The succubus, the way I envision it, is a shape-shifter that can see the fantasies of any man she touches (such as through a handshake, etc) then seduces them using their fantasies in order to feed on their sexual energy, to the point of draining them of life.

I've had a few ideas for scenes, such as a Catholic priest who is visited by the succubus in the form of one of his young parishioners that he recently took an erotic confession from, or a married father taking an interest in a cute young mom at his kid's soccer game, who then suddenly seduces him.   Those are just examples, though.  I'd love to hear ideas from anyone interested. 

Feel free to PM me if interested (and taking a peek at my ons and offs might help determine if we're compatible rp partners).  Thanks!