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Author Topic: Here's a story (Female seeking Male)  (Read 1800 times)

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Here's a story (Female seeking Male)
« on: January 09, 2014, 02:26:58 AM »
Greetings, I am Lady Ren, I've been a member on Elliquiy for quite a while now. I in search of fellow storyteller who can meet my particular requirements in terms of roleplay. Mainly, I looking for partner who can write proactively or at the very least with some consistency in style. I'm not demanding he doll out four paragraphs of intrinsic detail on scenery and action (But I'd be impressed if he did). As far as sexual content is concerned, you can discover that in my On and Off's.

And below I've written and accumulated a few story ideas.If you are interesting in one or more stories and would like more info then what I have already provided, send me a message and I'll elaborate the heck out of it (Tis fun for me). If you find a story plot you like but prefer to switch the theme from fantasy to sci-fi, then it will be interesting for me to change things up for me. If you find something in a story plot you want to twist it in, I consider it a challenge and more interesting. If you have something original but can't seem to flesh it out to a proper theme or story, I'd be happy to delve into it and help build something out of it. I happen to love getting creative so if either and or all, please don't be shy about sending me personal messages. World building is one of my hobbies. One more thing, I'm allowing as much creative freedom to male characters AS LONG as they fit within the parameters of the setting, which is also why I'm offering vague suggestions at the end of each story idea. And I'll also listen to any suggestions and plot twist advice.

Ethereal Plains

The story takes place in astral dimension where the only livable surface are floating pieces of black land mass that seem to be stationary. The stars are either far apart in every direction or clustered nearby forming a stream of lights. The floating land masses can hold large pools of water many colors, active volcanic areas where the lava isn't just red, but blue, green, yellow, or white. The only plants are either white vines with purple flowers, tall teal reeds or still gray thorny oak trees with light blue fruits. Each Land mass varied from being berren, cavernous, or appearing to look like a geode with swiss holes.

The only forms of life are small varied colored wisps that wander aimlessly in space. They are also a source of food or energy to the highest intelligent form in the astral plane, Ethereal beings that take up the form of human beings. Only instead, their skin and hair take up analogous shade of one particular color, and give off a faint hue/glow of that particular color, or aura if you will. And their consummation of these wisps allowed them to generate their own powers and even shape their appearances. They look more akin to demons, angles, or any other kind that makes them seemingly humanoid. They could be as small as mice, tall as a mammoth, sickly thin, or built heavily. They can meld areas of their skin to decorative glowing tattoos to a color of their choosing, and use the dead cells of their hair, altering its matter and weaving it into clothing. (The most common fashion in the Etheral planes is either Roman or Egyptian styles)

Originally, they were wisps themselves, but learned that by consuming another, they grew larger, and more intelligent to the point where they become more identified as Ethereals.  As they grew apart from being wisps, they ultimately lost their natural ability to hover in space unless they grew wings beforehand, becoming grounded on the land masses that dotted the never ending realm. Wisps grew a collective wisdom to avoid the large chunks of earth, forcing the Ethereals to tear out pieces of the earth to form floating stepping stones for them in order to get around. Somewhere along the way, their hunger made them collectively competitive. Etherals formed clans or ventured alone, warring with one another. When an Ethereal is killed, their bodies splinter into dozens and dozens of smaller wisps. Granted they aren't consumed right away, a remaining fragment can restart anew and follow and heard of wisps and begin again. Etherals have power over the elements, light and darkness, the power to renew and decay, summon lesser shades, teleport, and shape their own bodies. But that power exhaust energy every time they use it. Continuously using their abilities is terrible idea mainly when they exert themselves completely, their forms give in and evaporate into nothing.

Etherals have two genders, but can't reproduce, alternatively, sex is actually one of the two compromises how Etherals share links. Links are how Etherals are able to share their minds and abilities in two separate bodies. Etherals who formed clans realized that if they all linked their abilities, they were able to rely tactical information, and lessen the fear of exhausting themselves completely... Unless one of them is complete troll and siphons all the energy from everyone and kills the whole clan, or team suicide... Sex, as I mention, is one way of Linking. The second way is sharing blood by ingestion, less personal.

They scenario I was thinking about using for this setting was a turf war between many clans, perhaps an all out fight in one general area and consume all the other clans completely. Maybe two loners who were trying to escape it all and end up in the same hiding place. Or one went rogue and the clan demands retribution. The male could be just flyer overlooking the outcome of a few skirmishes. Or he's vulture, picking up the leftovers.

Shattering of the Pantheon

This world is set up in a fantasy world were magic can only be used by immortals. Immortals who've been blessed by divine being who was only around for part of human history before vanishing without a trace. It's been 500 years since the Divine's absence. Where as, the immortals had plenty of time to be left to their devices. (I gladly welcome more details to this story from another as the possibilities are limitless)

In ages long gone, humans were able to obtain immortality granted that they had followers to believe in them. This was common in the medieval era where these covens and cults could operate peacefully. But times have changed, the one 'god' who accumulated his followers through fear and killing their gods and goddess. Yet, the stragglers remained, but are slowly dying thanks to the creation of a 'secret police' who specialize in exposing their true faith through any means necessary. The stragglers are sometimes reduced to having only one follower to avoid dying of mortal age.

Now the bigger question is, will you play the leading immortal who has everyone living in fear? The Inquisitor who will find his answers through torture or kindness? The straggler who fears death? Maybe yearn for it? Or... something else in mind?

Prototype Fanfiction

In my honesty, the second game made little sense to me, due to the fact I was really REALLY bummed out how they wrote Alex Mercer's fate. And make him the Antagonist. Even if he looked good as an Antagonist, I was still bummed to put him down... Well that's enough fan-girl crying.

Now what if his plan had succeeded, and brought the mutation to the individuals strong enough to survive it's overriding control? What if stragglers of survivors who were unconscious while the remnants of the city split apart and placed into the red zone. Only to wake up to the hell and adapt... literally.

Under the Sands

A world covered in sand, but beneath, a thriving underground city with plenty of ground water, bits of light still managing to pierce into the underground to supply the underground with a tropical grotto with plenty of food and game. The denizens of this world belong to a humanoid race of reptilians that can not only easily traverse the underground, but even swim in the sand above. But very rarely, due to the giant sandworms that can't penetrate solid stone.

Apart from such a harsh environment, they developed a caste and clan system in their society. Where clan came first in minor tribes, caste made its mark in the cities. In tribes, the clan with most sons who became warriors obviously held power because they were the source of protection. Clan prestige relied solely on the number of sons a patriarch had. And since females could produce many eggs, but the growing up process has a high fatality in training for the harsh world. Especially for warrior training. In Cities, warrior caste wasn't as important, they were second. The merchant caste was on top to distribute resources throughout every hub within the city, meeting the needs of warriors, laborers, and crafters. Lush homes were built for esteemed caste members, even luxurious enough to become private homes filled with servants, grand gardens, and exotic pets.

With such a setting, a number of plots could be played. Would you play the male who walks into a city, clanless or exiled based on differences? Who meets a stray female, a thief, or maybe the prized mate of notable male? The star warrior returning to his home in the clan, ready to stake his claim on a female of a lesser clan. Or just out in the city market picking up a pleasure slave? Or maybe an assassin who's just on a job and runs into something more pleasing to his eye.


In life, a mortal must commit the greatest sin, or the greatest deed. But a middle ground? Such a thing is unheard of, but is it completely impossible? In the Immortal plane beyond human life, the souls of the dead are presented to their afterlife, but extraordinary souls are given a mantle by Charron himself, a white mantle that sprouts feathered wings. And Black Mantle for leather wings. Very rarely had he ever presented a gray mantle. Very rarely.

He presents the mantle matching you, and your body transcends to a divine being able to watch the world progress, maybe mingle with your kin, and find yourself in a kindred bound with another. She could match your wings, or she doesn't. Maybe you knew her soul from your previous life. Or maybe something so simple has drawn you to her. But what if fighting between the black and white beings break out. If you were a gray, where do you stand? Do you simply watch? Or do you aim to finish it?

Drain, the Undercity

Think of time like the industrial revolution, mixed in alternate world much akin to own world. Where the cities are built on top of one another in close quarters, cobblestones paved the whole roads in within city limits, the hovels of homes either stained with soot or smog yet the relief of the mason's handiwork merely a shadow of glorious prosperity that touched all the city. The city's peek in economic growth had long but expired and now reduced to shelter the privileged wealthy and crooked families that run their 'unseemly' organizations. Drug dens were plentiful within the harbor districts that even the guards partook. Wealthy establishment like lounges and little cafes harbored them. All the interlacing and expensive silk the people could wear couldn't hide their sinful human nature.

A young man born into fortune can find his family's affairs dull and simply turn to risky gambling for that excitement he never thought he'd experience by watching underground fights in the city's vast sewer networks that may as well be another city home to a forgotten people who can only see in dark places, or the disfigured that have changed due to the pollution or some ungodly experiment for the doctors and scientist who kept searching for the edge of human potential. The undercity's grand stadium beneath the world housed dozens, even thousands to watch the most brutal fights, fixed or not as people will fight to the death by any means necessary.

A young urchin boy could grow up in such a place to finally become a fighter himself, hardened by the cruel ways of the streets, weather by the beatings of gangs, or as simple playthings for the filthy rich just to eat another day. Rage and resentment had helped his endurance for even the hardest fights that would bring certain death. Yet, in the eyes of a hunter who knows nothing but survival, could breed a champion. From nothing, to a well fought winner.

Or, perhaps to a curious sort, a doctor, with a simple apprenticeship who simply got too smart for his own good. From the safety of his own office, venturing into the underground, searching for the cause of the city's disease. Only to find a whole knew world where such questionable scenes of human acts were plentiful. Yet he continues to venture forth as the very essence of the place continued to stain his pure white robes, driven to seek answers to question no one asked but himself.

Or maybe just a silent observer who only ever watched the world around him progress. Eyeing with either amusement or disgust for it's people. And only finally did he decide to act and make the whole city it's new plaything. For what could surely stand in his way? Why... that would be a welcoming challenge wouldn't it?

Whatever the origins of you're character would be, I trust you can adopt or even shape them to your desire.

One Simple Job

You've been summoned for one simple job...

Whatever your history,whatever they have called you, whatever you have done...

The reward was simply too tempting. Some kind of wish, some kind of science, some kind of magic...

You'll be forgotten. You can begin again. You can be free...

Well... in the fullest sense of the word.

The notice that was posted ominously all over the world has lead you to the most forgotten city in the world. However upon arriving, it had all the power to dominate with a single strike. How such an advanced civilization had gone unnoticed was impossible to miss. Yet, beyond it's wards, the world simple could not notice it. And they were willing to share that with you for doing one simple job. Undertake it, and you will be stricken from history of everyone beyond the barrier's of the city. A man no past, no history. But simply is. What drove you to seek such a thing could be many things.

You could have been the most wanted man in the world. A man who needed to start over, or simply a man who knew too much that you're name became a death sentence to anyone who met you.

And because of the history you wrought, destiny sought fit to throw one little temptation to make you reconsider such a gift. The job was to escort a young lady to one location and let her be. Why you wonder? Was a sacrifice? A bargaining chip? A prisoner? A princess plagued by assassins? Who can say? Yet, you felt that there was something about such a job that wouldn't make it easy.


The most dangerous prisoners the realm had to offer was kept in Cullas, the most secure prison with it's cells built into the labyrinth beneath the ziggurat were the prisoners either faced the sun one last time or have their fates sealed in slavery to the High Lords. The High Lords funded Cullas as their own personal prison. No kingdom owned it. No laws, policies or taxes were enforced upon this private institution. The pockets of kings would only go so deep. Justice and Mercy could only hold a man for so long. But Cullas... Cullas would hold them for as long as the Lords said so. Or release into the world to wreck havoc on their foes through a deal. To work for the High Lords willing 'might' grant freedom. And no one, has ever escaped from Cullas due to... The creatures that lurked within. The Evil force that had scared have the prisoners into submission.

As the most accomplished assassin and spellweaver your brotherhood has. They decreed you were the most skilled and deadliest as they came. They were called upon to do the impossible, be sent there, kill every criminal in there, obtain the documents accounting the ongoings of Cullas, and get out. The number of known criminals in Cullas ranges to 263 exactly excluding youself. The number of actual prisoners in Cullas was a thousand and counting.

They were about to refuse the contract, yet you stepped forward. Your ambitious ways have honed you to a fine point. You wanted more. You had to reach higher. You needed this. An ultimate test to see how untouchable you really were. Your shadow alone had fasted a long fear of dread. Half of you brothers admired, hated, feared, and respected you. You showed that anyone could be killed with a sea of dead bodies to prove it. Completing this job would be your legacy.

Course once your in, good luck getting out.

A setting based on infiltration to a ridiculous expectation, I know. But I'm not shy to the flamboyant nature of human beings. Sometimes we want to show off, and in this story, I'm offering a chance for that to excel in my writer's imagination while I balance it in a unfair advantage that the horror perspective will have on it. Granted, I've never really written a horror piece, but there is a first time for everything and if you are a fan of horror I will take all your criticism, cry about it for minute, and improve myself.

You cannot recall when you struck the bargain. Such a deal could be made by your decision alone. You had the chance to refuse but threw it away to pursue your goal. The power to bring down thousands upon thousands of years of glorious kingdom to it's knees. You did not stop with the men who executed harm against you, did not stop at the men who ordered it. You reached out to the very tapestry of offense and tore the whole thing down with your bear hands. Granted, you made the deal when you were just a child, a mere boy. When phantom figure offered you your power he told you "You're gaining this power for vengeance. You will have the tool to reshape the world you live in."

You power had frightened dozens of people to their knees. A testament of their weakness, their cowardice. You rallied some to your cause and you knew they only did so to avoid your wrath. You find yourself standing over the broken body of emperor and his entire court. No government will recovery from this. Everyone has either fled to other countries or dead. With barely any people around the price of your power takes its toll.

Your power had drained you of your sight and the ability to control a violent instinct that calls for blood. You had violent outburst before, but nothing like this. Nothing that forced you blindly kill everything you saw. With your onslaught complete, what was left? Do you sit on that throne with the promise of being better? Do you take on being a leader of small bandits and wander on? Do you seal yourself in a prison in hopes no one would think to release your fury? Do you seek the aids of mystics to help you meditate on your anger? Temper and relieve the hatred from your heart?

In that story, you would pick the kind of powers of your choosing, and the kind of path you would prefer after completing your life goal, taking a whole kingdom down where there is total anarchy in play. How my female comes into play can be discussed and alter to the method you prefer. It's about flexibility.

The Ritual
You were brought blindfolded and on your knees, expecting to be executed. The matter if you were innocent or guilty, you were brought before the circle and have found yourself brought before a women who began bleeding her own wrist into a basin filling with her own blood. With the blindfold off, you discern this is a cultist ritual. Your body already marked. Just when you expect their guts to spilled out by a dagger, the burning sensation under your skin ignites over your whole body, you feel a rage and hunger overwhelm your senses. Just as your heart pounds, you suspect that your heart explodes in your chest and the you black out. You awake to find yourself in a new body.

The ritual is a story of how demons are made in the vessels of humans who must be bond by a summoner. The spirits of demons are mere abstract thoughts raging in the winds of the abyss and only contained within the body of a living mortal. That said living mortal becomes a servant to that summoner doing everything they command, and with their new found powers, are capable of doing far more than they did before.

For as long as you can remember, you were a god among your people. You were the one who can rally a handful of men into a team of champions. So long as they maintain idols dedicated to your image, you maintain power. The more people believe in you, the more far reaching your influence of power. However, lately, you found yourself to new territory and a group of natives who seem oblivious to your presence. To you, this simply cannot do. But you found something even more outrageous, no, you found something insulting; idols to another god living in the area. After smashing enough idols, you draw the attention of this god, but pause to see it was goddess. What she embodies eludes you, but ultimately, you are drawn to the very fact that you cannot ignore that she is a divine being.

Psionic Assessment
A vessel housing around 40 people with an equal number of men and woman as part of a scientific experiment on a private colony founded by a company that calls itself the AutumnTech Foundation. The colony is right on top of a deposit of minerals that interact with humans on a metaphysical level, hence the foundations great interest in studying long term exposure. As one of the volunteers, you're only task is to live on the colony with your fellow colonists and subject yourself to any other tests or check ups they ask. And a heavy reward of credits is given to your family or to you directly. You just can't leave the colony save for designated trips the Foundation approves. While your intentions are you own, you begin to notice that a few of your fellow colonist and yourself have been granted unique powers most bordering near telekinesis. And you begin to suspect that there was a reason why there was an equal amount of men and women as you begin to notice more and more pairings that just seem to be too good, as if the Foundation took out a personality matrix to fit everyone's preference for an ideal mate and set them in the environment accordingly. You eventually found who your pairing was, but just like you, she held a great intrigue as to why the Foundation was studying prolonged exposure to the minerals, or what they even did to them. And you begin to suspect its beginning to manipulate with your ability to control yourself as feelings for her begin to overwhelm your thoughts.

Contract Help
An elite expert in combat, an assassin for hire, a devil mercenary, and the most deadliest special operative are just a few of the names to describe your character. You're no hit man, but your ability to take any kind of punishment, and still come back with the job done has made your resume in the crime world infamous. Your old contractor who helped you build your reputation from nothing has made one final job request on his death bed, which is to be a full time body guard to his sole heir,a young woman with a very blood thirsty drive to take over her father's business, the arms trade. And in a futuristic setting where all kinds of new toys are up for grabs with many different factions going to war, the market for new hardware is ripe. And being that the arms trade is a cutthroat business, a bodyguard or several is exactly what she needs. What she wants is a whole different story.

Literal Dreams
For as long as you can remember, you loved books. At the time when you were young, it was amazing how words made you forget where you were. It made you forget how horrible the fight between your parents got. It took you away from the worst day of school you ever had. It made you feel differently from your last break up. All the while it took you a long time to realize you wish you had a book of your own that really spoke to you. As you are nearing closer to the end of your prime. You realize that you haven't read a decent book in three years. Three years of insufferable complaints from your neighbors who obsesses over how you participate or don't in the association. Three years of never advancing in your work and each feeling like a repeat of the same chore. Three years lacking of any inspiration. The time of your days you look forward to is when you go to the same bar, club, den, or diner you go to where you can watch in silence how explosive people are. You watch as they fight or celebrate themselves in public. And it is that instant you wished for something more.

One day, you bumped into another regular, but you didn't see her face, but could see it was a woman. Who rushed past you and left, leaving behind book on the floor. You pick it up, and try to stop her with her voice, yet as you hold the book, you stop. You look at the cover and see its a brown cover so faded and worn you could have sworn it must have seen twenty or more years. Even the pages were yellow from age. You couldn't say why, but the more you stare at the cover you could swear it was whispering. Opening to the first page, it was blank. You skim to more pages, but it was empty.

Exhausted, you return home with the blank book, leaving it on the coffee table in your living room as you sit down. Tired, you decided to sleep on the sofa. You find yourself walking in place within your dream. But what shocked you more was that you knew you were dreaming. And even calmly come to the conclusion it was nothing more than lucid dreaming. You take it further by living out the kind of life you want; a promotion with better benefits. Your neighbors died horribly because you had secretly wished they had chocked on something, but you smile knowing they aren't going to flag you down the hallway of the apartment building. There no traffic to get in your way. And at the club you celebrate your success with a free round of drinks at your pub, and even meet the girl who had dropped the book. Wanting to correct the time you couldn't return it. But as she turned with an empty face, you become startled and wake up suddenly. Panting and trying to calm your heart, you see its only been five minutes. You pick up the same book. But to your discovery, the book was revitalizing itself before your eyes. You flip the cover warily to see extreme detail of your dreams, written all on its own.

This story is about a clandestine group of people who have unearthed a special brand of books allows people to take full control of their dreams. Essentially the ultimate form of escapism at their beck and call. But the only catch is, that this control comes at a limit. When the entire book is filled, they loose the ability. However, they can always obtain another copy. But if they attempt to dream when the book is full, sections of their dreams begin to interfere with reality. Like if they dreamed that someone would die by their will, the probability circulating it would happen. But if they dreamed the impossible, like say the ocean flooding with gold, they would begin to hallucinate that it did. Sleeping with a filled journal nearby is dangerous, and the only way to get rid of it is to abandon it to another owner. And only the group knows how to get a brand new one. Anyone who also owns a Dream Journal can also cross into one another where they are both sharing each other's dream from their own perspective. But the story would revolve around how this girl meets the new owner of the journal, followed by who gets the opportunity to exploit who first.

Before the great Conquest, the land was rich with fertile soil, lush trees blooming with flowers and fruit. Fields bathed in colors and golden fields. Pounds and rivers so clear that the schools of fish could be seen. And wild game from gentle dears to to proud wolves. And the air filled with song birds, and radiant scent of summer blossoms. Now, the ground was charred and barren, the water leaving only cracked mud, black dead trees, and only crows picking at the skeletons of dying animals. The handiwork of your nation before ruling it completely.

Your nation has only three founding members as it is a nation filled with golem servants birthed from magic. Each founder a specialist in field of magic; working with sorcery, enchantment, and necromancy. From carved statues that breath fire, to metallic smith-work that can transform itself, to the very bodies of the fallen enemy, mostly to terrify their foes. Your first act of war on the world was to conquer the capital city of Elven kind, turning their silver and gold palace into and black and red bastion with spires that pierce the sky. The nobility that defied you, impaled on each one, the nobility that knelled before you, are now your public servants. As each of you set upon your  own thrones, entertained by their feeble attempts to win your favor. But you either easily caste them aside for you minions to rip apart, or you keep a while longer to amuse you further. Being challenged by the other cities is a now a game you play, always coming out on top. Would be bands of heroes would attempt their way towards you. Assassins would try to end you. The Nobility would attempt a coup. The Villagers would either revolt or flee. These attempts are nothing.

And now another sorcerer has begin to unravel your work. Doing so from the shadows, hiding their victories for a while, but enough to win your attention. You hid this report from the other founders to take this matter into your own hands. Wanting to savor the fun of destroying the interloper for yourself. As you followed the trail, you discovered the sorcerer to be a woman. And how you were going to exact revenge. But upon catching her, she admits  that she did this to win the attention of one of the founders.

This story, I would suggest that you would take control of the three founders. The story could lead to something leading up to a conflict between the three, or they would pass her off each other. Or a story of jealousy. The setting I was thinking of is high fantasy.

PM for more details or if any of them catch your fancy.
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Re: Here's a story (Female seeking Male)
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2014, 05:49:46 AM »
Added two more ideas; "Shattering of the Pantheon" and "Prototype Fanfiction"

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Re: Here's a story (Female seeking Male)
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Two more stories are added; Under the Sands, and Elevation.

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Re: Here's a story (Female seeking Male)
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Two more stories have been added; Drain, the Undercity and One Simple Job

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Re: Here's a story (Female seeking Male)
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Two more stories have been added; Imprisoned and Aftermath

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Re: Here's a story (Female seeking Male)
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Two more stories have been added; The Ritual and Opposition

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Re: Here's a story (Female seeking Male)
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Two more stories have been added; Psionic Assessment and Contract Help

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Re: Here's a story (Female seeking Male)
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Two more stories have been added; Literal Dreams and Conquest