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June 22, 2018, 08:12:38 PM

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Author Topic: Guardsmen! To Your Stations! (Only War-system game, interest check/ideas thread)  (Read 3017 times)

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Offline Barenmarder

I did like that idea of the 40K Galloper Gun crew, but I thought Shadowfox said that a Rough Rider wouldn't fit his rapid deployment concept?

Offline Wargtass

Well shit, indeed he did. There goes all my work out the window.

Offline Pumpkin Seeds

Could still take a Heavy Weapons approach though if you wanted that Heavy Bolter.

Offline Barenmarder

*Big zen hugs* I liked the idea, and it certainly looks like there will be ample room for a gunner with two possible vehicles at least (possibly three, depending what ShadowFox thinks of my regiment writeup).

Offline Wargtass

I dunno, all these different vehicles are gonna be a mess to GM. I certainly would have pulled it about now.  :P

He's a braver man than I am.

Offline Barenmarder

To be fair: Shadowfox hasn't actually okayed ANYTHING yet. So it's entirely possible that none of us is going to get a car. His concept was for us to be part of a composite unit made from fragments of  other units.

So it's entirely reasonable for any of our characters not to have some or all of our specialist equipment readily available.

Offline SGTDan

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Hey hey hey!

No one steals Rosie!

Online Ace Flyer

Well everyone, remember, the regiments our character are from aren't truly going to matter. While normally, yes, a character being from (examples here) the Steel Legion would grant the squad a Chimera to roll around in, and the Mordians grant a Leman Russ, I believe...We aren't technically playing as those regiments. Instead, we're the battered remains of a bunch of regiments, limped into one make-shift one. Chances are, a lot of the stuff that made the original regiments special was destroyed when whatever massive defeat reduced the numbers so badly there had to be a massive merge.

Any bonuses we get in terms of vehicles will depend on the regiment Shadowfox makes that we're playing as a part of. At least, this is how I understood what he is doing.

I'll have the Commissar's sheet up soon...I've lost my core rule book and Hammer of the Emperor, so, I have to find those first...

Offline Baalborn87

Do we still need a techpriest? If so I'm happy to go the Omnissian route.

Who can say no to your own servitor (I shall love him, and hug him. And call him George)

Offline Barenmarder

I recall ShadowFox stating that he only wanted to allow 2 support classes and we already have a psyker and a commissar.

I have my medic sheet pretty close to done, just tapping away at the background and details. Waiting to hear back from our GM about the Regiment I hacked together out of my random rolls. I should be able to post her sheet sometime this week.

Offline ShadowFox89Topic starter

 Yeah, I don't want to fill the squad up with psykers, commissars, et al.

 Sorry for the slow replies, it's been a hell of a week...