getting my feet wet - Brittany's Impatience (VAN and maybe BON & NC-H)

Started by Rhiannon, August 09, 2008, 01:17:14 PM

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Hello!  I just got approved and am excited to get started!  I'd like to ease into things, beginning with something very simple while I get comfortable with the community.  I have an idea.

18 year old woman (Brittany) - played by me
38 year old man (Jackson) - played by a male or female

Brittany has been saving herself for marriage.  She was engaged for a year and her wedding date was only a month away when her fiance, a miner, was in a terrible accident and died while in the mines.  In addition to the pain and heartache, she has felt a terrible sense of regret for not having made love to him before he died.  After about six months of grieving, an old family friend, Jackson, drops by to say hello to the family.  He sets her eyes on her and begins trying to seduce her.  Ultimately, we would see him succeed at the seduction and subsequently teach her all kinds of things.  They would set up secret times to meet...sneaking around.

Additonal details:
VAN and maybe BON & NC-H - depending on character/plot development.
If I am understanding the boards correctly, it would be played in Light Human Solos - unless the BON and NC-H come into play. So, I'm not sure where to start it since I don't know what our characters will want to do.

I'm very open to suggestions and the story is flexible.

Anyone interested?