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December 09, 2019, 03:08:46 PM

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Author Topic: dragon age the blight is now opon us(Female looking for male one on one RP)  (Read 890 times)

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Offline TheScribeVirginTopic starter

I'm looking to role play while waiting to be approved, I haven't ever role played online before so please bear with me

  The game is set in Ferelden, one of several countries that makes up the mythical continent of Thedas. The game opens with an animation which details the origins of demonic creatures called the darkspawn, that dwell within the Deep Roads, an underground highway system created by the dwarfs long ago, deep beneath the surface of Thedas. Every few hundred years, the darkspawn swarm the surface world in a movement known as a Blight. Beginning with the first Blight, Thedas relied on the legendary order of warriors known as the Grey Wardens to drive the darkspawn back. Dragon Age: Origins begins on the eve of Thedas's fifth Blight.



race:( human, elf, or dwarf)

class:( warrior, rogue and mage, Humans and elves can be of any class, dwarfs are unable to be mages)







appearance:( pictures are allowed)

your history:( I like a good back story)

name: Elsa Knight
race: Elf
class: Mage
gender: Female
height: 5" 6'
weapons: Staff
group: N/A
your history: I had got up that morning early so that I could go hunting, I left my parents a note telling them that, it was a hard day for hunting cause there was hardly anything to hunt out in theses parts of the forest but I did mange to get few a squirrels, I was heading back home now, when I got closer I could see smoke coming from my house, I dropped what I was carrying and ran as fast as I could back to my home, the door was open I saw my mother laying there on the ground, she wasn't moving I yelled at her to move but she didn't, I ran inside to get her out and see where my father was, I got in there to see my father hanging from the walls, his arms supporting him as he hang there, he had been beaten to death, i turned to my mother i picked her up off the ground and ran outside just to find out when i laid her on the ground her throat was cut open and i was now covered in my mothers blood, i dropped to my knees in horror just watching my house and family burn, i got up as fast as i could and started running i didn't stop till i couldn't run any more, i ended up at the out skirts of a village before passing out, some kids had found me while they were playing, one of them had tripped over me and started screaming people started running to the kids weapons in hand, they lower there weapons and took me in and i have been here in this village ever since.


Offline TheScribeVirginTopic starter

Okay I changed my mind I don't care how many people play I just want to role play.