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Author Topic: A Post Apoc Earth, in need of a female roleplay partner (M for F)  (Read 602 times)

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(This idea was conceived by myself, on another role play site. I do not have permission to post external links, but if you are interested, and want reference pics for the characters, as well as maps, please message me.)

Brave New World

Some many hundreds years after what is known as "The Great War", all technology ceased to exist, and primal, native and simple life prospered. All ethnicities scattered throughout the world, at least, for what was left. "The Great War" left only a few hundred people on the planet. But through the past few hundred years, the population has grown to almost 100,000 people on earth. Along with the inability for technology to exist, the nuclear effects included making Earth a much hotter planet. The average temperature around the earth is about 40 degrees hotter, and in some cases colder than what it was before "The Great War", and due to this, many seas and rivers dried up, and the oceans are smaller than what they used to be. Antarctica is still thawing, but soon regions on that mass of land could be claimed, and livable. Another effect of the nuclear radiation is the effect on human life. A new race of humans was born, and throughout the years, and more and more of this "Amazonian Race" was sustainable. This race, regardless of male or female, was born with an extra piece of a Y Chromosome. Their genetalia are correct in each sex, except with females, bigger clits are a regular occurrence of this race, and male cocks are a bit larger than normal. But the biggest difference is the amount of testosterone that their bodies carry. This increased levels of testosterone results in hyper cells in the skin, muscle and bone tissue. The average height of the "Amazonian Race" is 6'6", and the ability to grow bulging, herculean muscles. There is no difference in the ability to grow between the males and females of the race.

A quick note on aging: maybe as part of the nuclear effects, the aging rate is slowed. From birth to age 16 or 17, people age at the normal rate. But when someone hits about age 20, it severely slows down. This makes it possible for people to live for hundreds of years, while still looking only about 30 or so.


The Regions


Nubanetu, as called by the natives is the region in which the King presides over. This is his traditional attire, if not nude The land boundary is about 500,000 square miles, and is more rectangle shape than anything else. The cultural climate of the area is comparable to the ancient Aztecs. The main village consists of many huts, made from red and sandy clay. There are also fabric-covered tents, which contain smaller families. The population, about 70% consists of mostly Caucasians, who have been tanned by the hot sun.  The other 30% is mostly natives who were already living in the area. The region holds about 3,500 people. Most are found in the main village, located in the eastern central area of the region. There are very few satellite camps in the area, used for defense, or as outposts for hunters and farmers. The whites migrated from the north years after the great nuclear wars. Attire is mostly sparse. But the King does require genitals, and for women, their breasts to be clothed in public. He on the other hand, is almost always in the nude. He stands near 7 feet tall, and weighs near 600 LBs of solid muscle. His thick cock hangs to between his knees. He feels his naked appearance adds to his intimidation of his subordinates. He sometimes wears a large headdress, adorn with many colorful feathers for rituals, such as human sacrifices.

In the main village, the King oversees the town on his temple-like home. Atop the temple, is a deck with his throne, and another for his future Queen. There is a doorway draped with a sheet. Inside is a single room. To the front is the kitchen, consisting of a clay counter, with pots of berries, and a clay oven. Behind that is the large bed, to the right is a large open window, and also a fireplace. To the left is a door to the “bathroom”. Inside is a toilet, and a large clay bowl, with space underneath for a fire to be started to heat the bathwater. Water is brought up in buckets by his slaves, and can easily be drained. Also in the village is a large coliseum, built by his servants. Inside are gladiator battles. The only weapons used between them are spears or logs, but most of the battles are just hand to hand combat. The gladiator battles are normally between criminals, or those who rebel against the King. Often, the King gets involved in the battles. Either going one on one against a gladiator, or a group goes against him. He always wins, and tears his enemies apart. He sees these battles as a morale booster for the residents of his village.

Technology in the area is still pretty primitive. There is very few pieces of evidence of the “old world”. Some of the metal is taken from old airplanes or cars. But the biggest sign that there once was technology is in terms of what they have medically. The cultures tells us that “bigger is better” in Nubanetu. The King is always the biggest in the land. And the Female equivalent is also believed to be huge. She is sometimes muscular like the King, but almost always has big plastic tits. They have been salvaged from ambushed travelers from the north. Some women have them, but only if the King deems them worthy. He always gets a night with the recipient in return for the primitive surgery.

The climate of the area is mostly comparable to south or central America that we know today. It is warm all year round. Many believe it is an effect from the nuclear wars, the sun able to make the earth warmer because of the depleted atmosphere. The average temperature is about 101 degrees, all year round, but is very humid and it rains about once a month.

The geography is also similar to south or central America. If we start from the east, and head west, we start at the coast. The coast is filled with many beautiful sandy beaches. The northern part of the countries coast is strictly for fishing. That area spands about 1,000 miles. It is bordered on both sides by small villages of soldiers for defense purposes. On the south border, after the outpost, is about 100 miles of land where it is restricted to go, and is patrolled by the warriors. To the south of that are private beaches, only allowed to be inhabited by the King. There he relaxes, and normally takes one or multiple women to have sex with. These beaches are ceremonial. The King often takes his new bride there to consummate their marriage. He also takes the women with the new implants to fuck there sometimes. If anyone is found in this area, they are to be put to death immediately.

If we continue south, there is a 20 mile beach for public use, if the King allows them to go. North of that is another 100 mile stretch of land, secured by warriors.

If we continue west, there is a thick forest along the coastline. Most of it is about four or five miles wide. The trees are tall, creating a large canopy over the earth below, but there are so many trees it is quite dense. Again, like the coastline, the northern portion, about 1000 miles long is for hunting, below that is a 500 mile area supervised by warriors. The remaining southern portion has few paths, leading to the various beaches.

To the west, is an area known as the “dark woods”, and is only inhabited by a few, who the  King has banished. He claims that that is where the dead reside.


Damu Jingwa, translated as “Blood Desert” is one of the most ravaged regions on earth. It is low on water, and high on population, inhabited by about 11,000 people.

The region is ruled by King Awiti. King Awiti was born into a peasant family, and went into the military at a young age. There, he moved up the ranks quickly, and eventually, overthrew the former leader of his country.
The Capital City is Majivita , translated as the “City of War”, is located east of Ethiopian Highlands, on the banks of the now shriveled up Nile River. It is more like a stream now. It is surrounded by desert, making it an ideal military fort. The city itself has a barrier of a large clay wall, hardened and cooked under the hot sun. There is no electricity in this region, but the King gets as much clean water as he wants, as a pipeline was installed, all the water left on the Nile runs to his compound, found on the edge of the city. It also has a large clay wall built around it, but the compound itself is made of primitive cement. The cement keeps his complex cool, and many open windows are scattered throughout to ensure that. Inside there is a throne room. A large gray space, with 5 stairs, starting at halfway into the room, stretched from side to side, lead to his large, cement throne. Also on the bottom are the slave quarters, a kitchen, and a theater for him to enjoy live action. Most of this includes sexual performances or torturing. Upstairs is his large bedroom. It is round, and has a fireplace on the opposite side of the large royal bed. A balcony overlooks his small village, connected directly to his bedroom. But there is also a bathroom upstairs, equipped with running warm water, for which he has installed a large shower.

The city itself is full of mostly clay huts of its people. But, in another quarter of the city are the breeding yards. The region is famous for its slaves, usually quite muscular and capable of domestic work, agriculture, gladiators for entertainment, or as studs on other regions breeding grounds. To the south is Lake Hofu. The lake is only about 15 miles around, but it serves, as the regions military is base. The region is well known as one of the finest and largest ground forces, worldwide.

To the south, he has garnered control of the worldwide prison island, Blunkersteed. He applied to take control of it, sending his request to the world council. With the region being known for their military, the world council agreed that he might have exclusive rights to control it. However, secretly the King releases some of the prisoners, replenishing his own military, or to be traded away as slaves.

Up north, on the Mediterranean coast there is a cluster of small villages. Most of them are for military and naval purposes. Almost like a customs check, and defense against intruders. One of the cities, Kubadilishana is a large bazar, for people of the region to come and trade at. The King comes to it every few weeks to look for new products, as well as to acquire promising slaves.

At these coastal cities is where his imports come in. He imports salted animal meat from various regions, timber, and various fruits and vegetables, as most of the region cannot sustain agricultural fields. But their biggest two imports are Military supplies, and bimbos, both from Kerakmuran. To acquire these trade goods, their biggest export is slaves. These slaves are groomed from an early age to be great workers, primarily dealing in agriculture. They are trained at a young age how to plow fields, maintain


Grimvindar translates in to “The Island of fierce winds” is one of the colder regions left on earth. It contains two island continents, the larger one, nicknamed by the locals as Afeyjan, which translates into “Grandfather Island”. It is ruled by Hans Jorgenson

Afeyjan is mostly a vast wilderness of thick brush. The region shelters about 8,000 people, and its army has an enrollment of 2,800 .The best way to describe the of Grimvindar culture is that of the Vikings. It is known for its great naval forces, and as the keepers of the “Central Ocean” (North Atlantic Ocean) and has a very large naval force. It is also known for having one of the only trains that works in the world. The train runs mostly along the coast of the country, with the countries largest cities along its route. It only has one train, used for both passengers and goods, especially timber. To achieve this, the ruler traded whalebones, blubber, timber and ships in exchange for train track pieces from Kerakmuran, as well as a train engine and cars, ran by steam. Another mode of transportation is dogsleds. “Roads” are set up all throughout the region to help people navigate through the large country.

 The upper half of it is mostly a vast desert of Tundra. At the north most tip is a small village called Irkutha (Northtown). Irkutha is a trading hub with regions on the other side of the earth, and a good stopping point for ships in the area. It is also a port for the whale hunters, employed under the Grimvindar government.  Throughout the Ice desert are very few villages, and not much in terms of wildlife. There are some Gulls, Foxes and Beavers, but that is about it.

The southern portion is much more populated, even with its mountainous terrain in the central. In that central part, is a trail of mountains, named
Pucuk  Mountains (Bladed Peaks Mountains). Its highest elevation is Nontung Mountain (Lookout Mountain, blue peak on map), and is where the founding families and royal family meet. This is called the High Council, and they debate about topics all over the region. The cities in this region are villages along the mountains, and its capital city is where the High Council meet, named Pegunkutha (Ridgetown). This area is famous for its timber, and is one of the regions biggest exports. The wildlife here is quite vast, with animals such as grizzly and polar bears, Elk, Bison, Coyote, Huskies, Bobcats, a plethora of different birds. Between the central mountains and the southern coast is a deep forest, called the Bisjiwalas Forest (Whispering Souls Forest).

The southern tip is the economic hotspot of the region. There are many coastal towns that are fishing ports for both private businesses and government fishing boats.  Here are many fish processing plants, some are for the cleaning, and some are packaging for use in the country and worldwide. Another industry in this region is boat building, ranging from small canoes, to large wooden shipping boats, to militarized boats. Perhaps the most populated city is on the southern coast in Fjourinkutha (City of the fjord)

180 miles off the eastern coast is an island that falls under the nation of Grimvindar, called Jarnalda (Iron Keep). The island itself is dedicated to two purposes. Its first is as a military base. Here the soldiers are trained, and sheltered. The navy is also stationed here, and boats are sent out from here to patrol the islands coastline, and to regulate trade. Its other purpose is as the royal palace (red dot on map. On the Western tip is a peninsula, looking back out towards Afeyjan.

The Palace shelters the current Lord over the region, Hans Jorgenson. The Jorgenson family was elected, early in the time after “The Great War” as the leaders of this country. His parents both died a few years ago when he was 17 years old, making him one of the youngest Rulers in the world, currently at 21 years old. The Jorgensons brothers fought in the war over the continent after the events of “The Great War” fighting on the side against a proposed dictatorship. Both his mother and father were massive in stature, and he follows that line of genetics.


What I am looking for in a partner:

I would like my female partner to be literate and adventurous. I quite the planner when it comes to role plays, because I don't want either of us to get "lost" in it. We can discuss her roles in any one of these settings, as well as adjust the setting if needed, as I am very flexible. A few ideas i had for my female partner to play as is:

(1) A female slave
- You are bought by the King, as a chamber maid. We could role play as a simple sexual scene, or perhaps a storyline involving romance, or corruption, in which your character wants to fill the Queens throne.

(2) Female nobility
- Either as a princess or a Queen. We have an arranged marriage to help boost the power of both our regions. Or as nobility within the country. Me, a King or Prince, and you as a daughter in a noble family of the region.

(3) As my Queen
- You start off as my Queen and we go from there. Wether that is both of us touring the country, or accompanying me to war.

(4) Queen of a foreign land
- My forces invade your country. Knowing i will most likely kill you off, you bargain, and offer to be my Queen. Seeing this is a nice way to transition our two countries, as well as keep the allegiance of its countries members, I accept.


These are simply ideas, and I am always willing to brainstorm!

Offline Skyspirit

Re: A Post Apoc Earth, in need of a female roleplay partner (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2014, 01:24:30 AM »
Hello! Bear with me, since I'm still the "new girl" here, but I took a lot of interest in your thread here. I have literally no idea what I'm doing here, but this one sounds like a great idea, and I'd love to get involved. I did send you a PM (I think? :S) as well, so I hope to hear from you!

Offline MuscleMonsterTopic starter

Re: A Post Apoc Earth, in need of a female roleplay partner (M for F)
« Reply #2 on: January 07, 2014, 08:57:41 AM »
Thanks for the interest. I will send you a PM momentarily.