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June 21, 2018, 07:45:23 AM

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Author Topic: Still the Best Thief  (Read 512 times)

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Still the Best Thief
« on: January 06, 2014, 10:33:29 PM »
Well I couldn't say no to a challenge so here I am with the first prompt from the sticky written by Beguile's Mistress
1.  Waking to the sound of church bells and finding a note on your pillow.

It was an unfamiliar sound that woke me. A chorus of clanging tones rang through the air and invaded my ears mercilessly, with no regards towards my state of sleeping whatsoever. Truthfully, it was a curious sound harmonious yet a bit soothing to the ear if one just let themselves drift off into it's rhythm. I couldn't quite decide if the noise set my teeth on edge or not. All the same, it was maddening. I attempted to find solace from it by borrowing beneath silken covers and when that didn't work I stuffed a rather fluffy pillow over my head and prayed to the Gods to make it stop. I offered weeks of fasting, herds of animals for sacrificing and even years of celibacy- all for the favor of a quite place of rest, and still the vibrations reached me!

In my befuddled, sleepy drugged mind I compared it to a sword stabbing into me over and over, piercing my vital organs as a frustrated seamstress would a pincushion. Of course the sword was made up of vibrations and the violent slicing only occurred at my eardrums but I found it a fitting comparison none the less.

When the relentless tolling finally ceased I turned over to return to the land of dreams only to stop at the feel of paper against my cheek. Startled, I sat up. There, on the pillow that I had not abused was a envelope that looked as if it were made of heavy stationary, my name written in a flourish of ink upon the surface of it.

I frowned. Who would've put such a thing there? Even more concerning, who had broken into my room?

Patience not being a virtue of mine, I snatched up the item and tore it open with an enthusiasm that surprised me. I gave my nails a curious glance. Perhaps it was time to give them a trim. I shook my head at the wayward thought and tucked a tendril of black behind my ear before unfolding the paper to read it.

Fragile Blossom, it read.

I smoothed out the paper further.

It wounds me deeply that I could not be their when your eyes first fluttered open in the quiet morning light but when duty calls it is an honorable mans' obligation to go forth despite his wants and deepest wishes. I do hope you do not hold such a thing against me. I will be thinking of you throughout the day, I assure you. But in my stead I leave gifts of precious metals so that you will think of me as I shall think of you every time I look upon the tokens you gifted me.

Till next I set eyes on you,

"...P.S. I hope you enjoy the cuffs as much as you did last night, I'm sure the troops would love to get an eyeful?!" I read aloud. My chest constricted as it suddenly hit me that this was not my room and these were definitely not my sheets. I swept my gaze over the room taking in the ornate furnishing and it all came rushing back to me.

"That horrid, slimy, scoundrel!" I shrieked, tossing the covers from my form as I left from the bed. A yelp escaped me and I staggered back, bum hitting the mattress as I attempted to regain my footing. "What in the world--" A shiny bracelet encircled my wrist and I didn't have to follow the chain attached to it to realize it was attached to the bed frame. 'P.S. I hope you enjoy the cuffs as much as you did last night, I'm sure the troops would love to get an eyeful'. The words echoed through my mind as I felt my fury begin to mount. My fists clenched and my cheeks flushed a furious red. "JONATHON YOU RAT!" I roared. My veins were practically burning such was my anger. The jewels were gone- his note had so cleverly said as much-, the scene was contaminated, I was- my face and neck burned crimson- compromised, and the police were on their way here most likely on an 'anonymous tip' courtesy of one Jonathon Brinth.

"Curse the wind a thousand times." I hissed beneath my breath. I reached for a bobby pin buried in my hair when a harsh knock sounded at the door. I froze, gaze shooting that direction.

"Police, open up!"

And now there was another problem: Getting uncuffed, finding all of my clothes and making it out the window all before the nice authorities broke in the door.


"Hey, get back here! Sir, she's on the run!"

I paid no mind to the shouts of the men as I traipsed across the roofs with a gracefulness only ruined by my ruffled appearance and lack of shoes. A blush heated my cheeks, pushing my scorn to greater heights, as I remembered just how much the Force had seen before I had pulled myself onto the roof. That damn Jonathon. The note, neatly tucked away in the envelope, crumpled in my grasp. The initials at the end still mocked me, though it was only now that I realized what they stood for.

'Still the Best Thief'

I ground my teeth together.

'I will get my revenge Brinth, you can count on it.'

Hope you enjoyed ^^