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Author Topic: Island of Zan'an ( Open )  (Read 426 times)

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Island of Zan'an ( Open )
« on: January 06, 2014, 05:38:58 PM »
Island City Nation of Zan'an
[Light: Human - Free form]

The city created by the players, named by the players, all of the people in it,
and everything about it is created by the players of the C-A-C Group Role Playing Game.

Genre:  Modern Fiction mixture (nothing supernatural or exotic, etc...)

After advertising for the Create-A-City game several people came together and created a city nation of Zan'an piece by piece.

It's a modern city modeled somewhat off of Hong Kong and in the Asian continent area of the world, just off the coasts of China and Japan. It's inhabitants are a multicultural/ethnic grouping.

We are now actively seeking players to join us and participate in several small plots and one shot scene RP's. Your character can be an ongoing character you create or you may create multiple characters to use at your leisure. Either way it will be fun exploring this new world together.

Submit your characters and questions here or send me a PM if you wish.

Here's the code for character creation:
Code: [Select]
<right or left justified, image of character, please try to re-size it so it's no larger then 400px tall>
[b]Creator's Name[/b]:
[b]Playable[/b]:  Y/N   <This tells other players if the character is free to be used by them for their own plots>

[b]Character's Name[/b]: 
[b]Where do they live[/b]:   <in the city center, slums, rich neighborhood, rural part of the island, etc...>
[b]Physical Description[/b]: 
<Whatever major physical attributes or permanent markings that are not visible in the image provided.>

<Short list of very specific personality quirks or important notes.
Ex: licks lips a lot, will run at first sign of trouble, is the step-sibling of the Mayor's wife, etc...>

<List of items that they commonly carry on them>

<Any backstory that you wish to relate or important plots that have been played out by this character. Please contact the character's creator to have tales added when necessary.>

Current Plots (Players may create their own and add to the list)
Name of plot: The price of fame

Plot outline in brief: Lia Tun, rising international tennis star, flies home from winning the French Open, to learn that her mother has been involved in an accident and is in critical condition in hospital. While visiting, Lia meets a really pretty nurse, and begins flirting with her. As the relationship develops, the pair are hounded by paparazzi. Can their tenuous love survive?

Setting: Scene 1: The Henry Lu Memorial Hospital intensive care unit. Other scenes will be the Tun family home, the nurse's home, a posh restaurant in the city, and various other "date" locations

Characters involved: Lia Tun . A pretty female nurse about Lia's age.  An unscrupulous reporter (can be a NPC if required).

Cameo NPC roles: Mr and Mrs Tun, Lia's parents. Lia's coach. The nurse's boss. The nurse's best friend. The reporter's boss. These can be played by the respective players who play the principal characters they are related to and simply included in the main character posts.

Someone to play the Nurse Taken by Angel Fire
Someone to play the reporter Still available

Note: even though the reporter character isn't going to find out about the relationship until a fair way into the story, there is no reason why he/she cannot be active from the beginning, attempting to interview the sports star regarding her sudden withdrawal from the Stella Artois tournament in Eastbourne UK, her mother's illness and anything else....

PM me if interested.
((Please create a character and add them to the [C-A-C] Denizens & Business Directory If you'd like to join me in one of these RP's))

Name of plot: Massage Parlor Happy Endings

Plot outline in brief: Ongoing multiple one-shots. Just brief interludes between clients and the girls or boys of the Cherry Blossoms Escort & Massage Parlor (see directory thread for business info).  These would be very short scenes taking up no more then a handful of posts each. It would consist of introductions, purchasing of service, then getting down to business with the outcome of a happy ending for the clients.

Setting: At the Cherry Blossoms Escort & Massage Parlor

Characters involved: I would play any one of the NPCs listed in the Cherry Blossoms business directory and YOU would play a client of the service. Any sexual orientation welcome.

Quote from: Finn Mackenna
Link *still pending* - Player not yet active -  Finn Mackenna

Might be worth creating some of the major figures in the criminal and law enforcement circles. Those can be used for a variety of plot points. Either straight up crime dramas and gang stories, or simply for plot points in other stories. Need a source of drama or conflict? A debt to an organized crime syndicate is always a good reason to be stressed out. You could even mix it into the hospital plot, to stir in a little extra drama if needed.

Ya know, who's the current commissioner for example? Are there any prominent figures working on anti-gang, anti-piracy or anti-smuggling task forces?

What yakuza, triad, kkangpae, etc. figures are trying to vie for control of the city? Who are the leaders of the various local street gangs? Who are the most wanted smugglers and pirates?

I actually have an idea in mind already for a kkangpae crime boss, to use as a personal character of my own. I'd be willing to work on more open NPCs for the other criminal elements if no one else has any particular ideas for them.

The kkangpae idea I have is a woman, despite the macho nature of organized crime, who kind of pulled an O-Ren Ishii, and just clawed her way to the top and dealt with anyone who tried to get in her way in rather ruthless manners. She's established herself as a legitimate businesswoman in Zan'an, head a South Korean trading company, which is of course a front.

One problem with the kkangpae is that they're a bit more obscure than triad or yakuza. I know they use tattoos for identification, but I cannot find what sort of tattoos they tend to use. I don't know if they're smaller, easily concealed designs, or something like the big, colorful designs the Yakuza wear.

Name of plot: Sakakorn Automotive

Plot outline in brief: Centered around the business of Sakakorn Automotive and the local slums. This could possibly be about a character(YOU) bringing in something to be repaired - maybe you are an affluent american tourist or military person and you broke down in the wrong neighborhood? Then you possibly find yourself attracted to the rough around the edges girl mechanic from the slums?

Or it could be about YOU (and others that want to join the RP) being members of the criminal syndicate that's taken up shop in the back of Sakakorn Automotive (see business and Yui Sakakorn's profile for more info about why they are there.)

I see there being the possibility for a romantic connection between our characters or a possible love/hate relationship.

Setting: Zan'an City Slums and Sakakorn Automotive

Characters involved: I would be playing the role of Yui Sakakorn.

I'm seeking one or more people to fill other roles depending on the plot we choose (see above.)

The Island City nation of Zan'an
  • Where in the world is our city? (can be placed anywhere, it's totally fictional. Include details - coastal, mountain, ocean, rivers, etc...)
    A)  Courtesy of Finn MacKenna.
    The city is on a small mountainous island off the east coast of China, nestled between mainland China, Taiwan, Okinawa, Japan and the Korean Peninsula. There are beaches with great surfing, with the rest of the island being mountains and forest. There are a lot of places to hide away in the wilds. There small streams and ponds in the forests and mountains.
    The city has self-governance like Hong Kong used to and is not affiliated with any other local country. It is a country of it's own.
    • See map of location below, courtesy of Chrystal   
  • What is the name of our city? (unique name)
    A)  Courtesy of Ember Star.
    Zan'an was originally named Dōng'an after a feudal lord who's fishing fleets first discovered it's bountiful reefed harbor back around 220 BC during the Qin Dynasty. Dōng'an also means, "Eastern Peace" which for most of the small communities history is where the name was believed to originate from. It was an accurate description of this formerly sleepy little fishing community until WWII. During it's liberation in 1946 the allied forces renamed it to Zan'an and the new name has stuck. (*See notes on Zan'an's involvement in WWII.)
  • How large is the population?
    A) Courtesy of Tenshinhan
    Population for city 4,756,150   
  • Primary economy that the city was founded on?
    A)  Courtesy of ZephySempai
    Being primarily a coastal island, the city's economy is stimulated by its rich marine market. The city exports its abundant catch all over the world and has become a central hub for the fish market.   
  • Crime level?
    A) Courtesy of Xerial
    Though Zan'an has existed as an autonomous entity for the better part of a century, organized crime has had a hard time getting a foothold in the city. Competition between the Yakuza, Triads, Korean Seoulpa rings and various drug cartels has produced several high profile syndicate wars, but no clear winner has emerged. As such, no one organization has committed enough resources to the city to trouble the average resident.

    More troubling to everyday life, however, are domestically grown street gangs which vie for control of vice in the city. These small street gangs form an ever shifting grit, with their only common factor being a dislike of the sizable ex-patriot population.

    Zan'an's waters, being backed by a less significant naval presence than their neighbors, are host to a slew of smuggling and pirate operations. While these nefarious mariners tend to avoid the city-proper, there are substantial rumors of camps on the other side of the island.
  • Educational Access?  
    A) Courtesy of JackWhite
    The government of the small island believes that education is the key to a better future. A well-educated population would be an important factor for businesses to invest in the country. Although the sea and manual labor are important for the economy nowadays, they do want to encourage the young student to remain in school. That’s why the island spend a reasonable amount of their budget on education and keeping it affordable for the middle class. Most of the schools would be highly subsidized.   
  • Health & Medicine Access?
    A) Courtesy of Chrystal
    There are at present only private medical facilities available, with charitable donations supporting free medical care to the poorest and those outside the city. There is a single big hospital in the city, and a number of free clinics supported by the International Red Cross, Médecin Sans Frontière, and other charities, as well as some being supported and sponsored by local businesses.

    A motion has been placed before parliament to nationalize these free clinics, paying for them using a variation of the Australian health care system. A 1.5% levy on people on middle income and over and 2.5% on people with high incomes with no private insurance.
  • Transportation
    A) Courtesy of Winterborn
    Zan'an has a highly progressive mass-transit system, both within the city and in the surrounding environs. Modern rail and bus lines connect rural communities to the city proper, while trams and buses carry citizens and tourists alike to and fro amid the urban bustle. Private vehicles are largely unnecessary for a daily commute, but neither are they unknown or stigmatized by the general population. Most small vehicles are owned by businesses or the wealthy, so that a majority of the vehicles sharing the roads with mass-transit are small trucks and luxury cars. To fill in the gaps, there is a prosperous trade in taxi services, though these sometimes more resemble private guided tours of the island.  
  • Cultural events (with details) that takes place here?
    A) Courtesy of Tenshinhan
    March 4: National Day, an anniversary of the day in 1946 when the island was liberated from Japan as well as the day in 1990 when they gained their current independence in 1990. A day where people celebrate with parties,fireworks.

    July 24: Xi Qin Day: an anniversary of the discovery of the island as well as the first settlement,as well as the first dynasty which ruled the island for a few hundred years. This day people celebrate with large parties where they cook traditional foods of the island.

    September 13, Junzi a spray where people are encouraged to do acts of public kindness stared off as a Confucianism Holiday

    December 3: Feast Date of St. Xavier,large day for catholic population of island as St.Xavier is the patron saint of the island, a day of celebration (actually a real holiday but figured it would fit as a bigger thing here)
  • Name one major celebrity born here (Unique creation by you. Who are they and what are they famous for?)
    A) Courtesy of Chrystal
    Lia Tun, Professional Tennis Player
    Name: Lia Tun

    Age: 19

    Occupation: Professional Tennis player

    Acheivements: Last year, Australian open, unseeded wild card, Quarter finals, knocking out Venus Williams. French Open, seeded 8th, quarer finals. Stella Artois, seeded 9th, semi finals. Wimbledon, seeded 8th, final, second place. US Open, seeded 8th, final, second place.

    This year so far, Australian open, seeded 4th, win. French open, seeded 2nd, win.

    Lia is a fast rising star in the world of international tennis. Something of a prodigy, she was inspired by watching Wimbledon on the BBC World Service as a tweenager and decided she would do that. She has worked hard and pushed herself, ever since. Her dream is a grand slam and an Olympic gold medal.

    Her parents, who are quite wealthy, have supported her dream, and are so proud of her that they can even forgive her taking after many other female tennis players...
  • What role did the small island nation of Zan'an play during WWII?
    A) Courtesy of Chrystal
    The country was invaded by Japan in 1937, but was mostly a rural economy at the time, being a major fishing port but with no heavy industry.

    The Japanese modernized the harbour and built an airstrip. The harbour was used mostly for small fast patrol craft carrying out ASW operations against American, British and Australian submarines operating in the area. The island was the scene of a failed commando raid against the harbour, during which only one patrol boat was damaged and a team of Australian commandos, led by a British Major were all killed or captured.

    A small POW Camp was established on the island but later abandoned.

    Liberated in 1946, almost a year after the Japanese surrender, the Island was placed under joint Australian/US protection until it could be given full independence.
  • Law Enforcement/Military? (are they the same, is it a local militia, high tech, low tech, ...brief description pls)
    A) Courtesy of Angel Fire
    In the city proper, there is a police force of around 5000 Police officers.  Their methods and technology rank among the one of the best and is modeled by a combination of American and Australian ways of naming.  The list of police officer ranks are as follows:

    Officer, Inspector, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Commissioner

    The military is a small army and coast guard that has technology that is a little outdated (think 2006 technology) but brave people that fight with a lot of heart and patriotism for their small island nation.  The army has around 2500 soldiers and 500 Coast Guard members.  They can barely keep the pirates and smugglers at bay but they try with all of their might.

    Their rankings are modeled from the US ranks of Military.

    The Air Force is handled by the US Navy as there is an American Naval Air station stationed on the south end of the island.
  • Tourism(is there a lot of it, why do people come to the city?)
    A) Courtesy of Tenshinhan
    Tourism is abundant and a thriving business in the small nation of Zan'an.

    People come for a number of reasons. First they Come for the beachfront resorts which are focused on a single strip along the beech.  Secondly, they come cot the physical recreation, surfing the waves, sport fishing, and mountain climbing on the largest of the islands mountains. People come to shop, the cities free trade status enabling goods to be cheaper there than they are in nearby countries.

    The cultural center of the city is the old palace of the monarchs which was built 1000 years before and it's numerous tropical gardens, as well as the historical old town, which dates back before the Japanese invasion.  Xi'Qin Square which is a large square at the center of the area with a statue of the almost mythical founder of the city.

    Cultural areas like the performing arts center, the local tropical aquarium, the tropical areas for bird watching as well, and the large variety of food found in the different sections of the town. Also attract thousands of tourists every year.
  • Government (democracy, communist, monarchy, hybrid?)
    A) Courtesy of Chrystal
    Constitutional Monarchy.

    The monarch to have the power of veto over any laws passed by the parliament, the parliament to be elected by the common people once every five years, with the monarch having a power of veto over the appointment of a prime minister. The Monarch's veto can, in turn, be overturned by referendum. In practice it is envisaged that the monarch's role will be largely ceremonial.

    The first elections were held in 1992, after the interim government were satisfied that the correct mechanism was in place to ensure the elections were , and would be seen to be, "Free and fair".

    There was some violence and some intimidation in outlying villages, but by and large the result was constitutional, and the parliament was formed.

    However, the post of Regent was held by a cousin of the last known heir to the throne.

    The Island was, until the Japanese invaded, an absolute monarchy, ruled by an hereditary dynasty. The last king, Zan'ang XIV, and his wife Cho Lu, were executed by the Japanese for refusing to bow to the Emperor of Japan. Their son Mi'Ting was smuggled out of the country and grew up in Australia, kept in ignorance of who he was in order to protect him, should Japan invade Australia.

    Mi'Ting's cousin Jo'Nan survived the war on a paddy farm, his parents collaborating with the Japanese in order to survive. When the search began for the new Monarch, he was quickly discovered and offered the crown, but being in his seventies with no offspring, he declined and said he would act as regent until the true heir could be found.
  • What year did the Island gain independence and entry into the United Nations? (see #11 for reference)
    A) Courtesy of Angel Fire
    Zan'an gained Independence from the US/Aussie occupation in 1990 after a peaceful argument about what type of government the leaders decided to go with (that government question can be answered by someone else).

    They have not yet gained admission to the UN on the basis of being blocked by several members of the Security Council. A dispute of their territorial claims by China, and positioning by the USA for a strategic alliance with Zan'an post-Independence has the UN Assembly locked down from formally accepting them as a member. Their independence in 1990 from a joint US/Australian occupation is recognized by the Assembly, however. It is a matter of acceptance to the UN itself that is in flux.
  • Demographics (brief description/breakdown of populations nationalities, religions, and languages)
    A) Courtesy of Tenshinhan
    A) Courtesy of Tenshinhan
    30 % mixed race as intermarriage has been common over the years between all of the major groups
    15 % Chinese, this number has grown a lot since 1990 and the immigration of fishermen looking for jobs. 
    15 % Korean mostly those who came to the island over the years for fishing.
    12 % Taiwanese arrived after the Chinese Civil War and the displacement by some by the ROC as well as looking for work.
    10 % American/Aussie businessmen or are connected to the US military outpost on the island. 
    5 % Japanese, part of the group who never went home and used the islands favorable position to gain in trade. 
    5 % Southern Asia Philippines Vietnamese etc who come to the island for work.
    5 % Native
    3 % Indian a group who came like those from Philippines who came in search of work 

    50 % traditional
    20 % non-believers or no certain believe
    20 % Christian of various faiths
    10 % other including Muslim.

    Languages:  A nation of four official languages Japanese, English, Mandarin Chinese, and Korean.
    * A mixed English/Chinese being the most common language

The good thing about this game is that you can RP as much or as little as you like and make your scenes as long or as short as you like. Since the overall plot doesn't really exist until each player begins to help us create the city, the characters lives, etc... It's total flexibility. You can write a bedroom scene, a shopping scene, or give your character a full story arc - Ex: Private Investigator that gets tangled up in an affair with their client and discovers a shady real estate venture involving multiple murders!

It's all up to you and your partners.

Island Map - Courtesy of Chrystal
Maps, courtesy of Chrystal

Approx Size of Zan'an Island
50km x 25km (30 miles x 15 miles)
1250 square km.

Blue is water (obviously).
Brown stipples are mountainous areas.
Green stipples are jungle.
Dark brown blobs are built up areas.
Orange lines are roads.
Yellow lines between sea and land are beaches
Black triangles are mountain peaks.
White areas are farm land, or other open land
The purple area is the Zan'an Naval base, the red area is the US Naval Air Station. Map data is not available for these areas...

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