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Author Topic: Advanced males needed for story based rps - Original plots (+AC Blackflag)  (Read 306 times)

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Online kingsizedorkTopic starter

Greetings one and all!

I welcome you fellow players of role...
Knights of English...
Wizards of words...
...And also local Furries...

Current Status: Only taking games over Email , PMs and forums. Please PM me if interested.

Now would you kindly*read the rules below. Would be ever so time saving for both of us if you did.   (*Bioshock pun intended)  These rules are for the benefit of us both. Gives you a feel of what Im looking for and it protects you, so if you did not read them and do not live up to my expectations...expect to be lost in limbo. You have been warned.

I will try and reply at least once a day.

Ideal Traits for a partner -

   Someone advanced in rping.
Can write least 2-3 per post with descriptive writing! Have a good grasp of English and grammar

  Creative with Characters, Plot ideas and twists.
Give them an appearance, a background, a past and a life.  No ‘His name is Bill and he wears red shoes’
Images are fine

  Story in our game.
I completely dislike sex based games. Sex is a addition to my stories, not the focus.
Im not the best person to explore kinks with

Write in 3rd person
This is a must. No 1st or 2nd.

Carry the Game with me
  Though I have supplied the plot...please treat it as your own. Do not feel like you cannot introduce other characters or events ect into the play. Some of the best Rps Ive had is when my partner treats the plot has his own. 

  Fluffy Love - Not Mandatory .
I do like it when characters 'fall in love' so to speak, or care alot about each other. I like the thought of something 'sparking' between them. Something that happens like a simple touch, kiss or look that sometimes sudden sparks a passion between them and no matter where they are they must have each other

  For a full list- 


My plots are NOT set in stone 
Please feel free to change, add in or take away details. They are merely a template. If one of my plots inspires an idea of your own using any of my likes, then please feel free to contact me about it

Fantasy is my favorite genre 
Just because it says 'Real Life' on the plot, doesn't mean it cannot have fantasy elements if we want to

Don't message me with 'I want to rp' or the like 
No basic messages of 'Im interested'. What plot are you interested in? Anything you want to change or add? Character ideas for yours? (and not just what he looks like) ect. I dont feel like I need to press you for these details.
How can I tell if we are compatible if you don't give me any information? 

- - - -- -       - - - -- -

Uniting the Clans
Modern - Powers

There are several forgotten clans throughout the world, each with their own unique powers that has faded into legend in our modern life. Though each clan has their own customs and culture, there is two rules among them all that are the same. Each clan must participate in the Decennial Clan Tournament and can enter only one candidate. The other rule, is that clan members cannot enter relations with other clan members. Those without powers is fine, but at no point can two powers mix.

You are the son of your clans highest ranking family and the one chosen to participate in the tournament. You've been trained from a young age to harness your powers to its full and you are ready to win it for your clan this decade. Your parents have bought a house for you to live in for the duration of the tournament, an old guest house.

You've not come alone. The Aura clan lives along side yours. During a clan war many years ago, yours saved the Aura from desolation and since, the Aura Clan has lived with yours. As part of thanks, each main family takes turns in serving the Main family of your Clan. However, this tradition has changed over time and now they only serve the children of the main family, until they are married. Since you are chosen to represent your clan, your Aura servant naturally comes with you. Normally paired in the same gender, this years Aura family to serve has only a daughter, though its not the first to have happened. You're a modern man and cares little for ancient Clan rules, though you are respectful of them but this pairing has caused a major problem. You both carry mutual feelings for each other.

Though you've been sneaking around for a number of years, taking advantage of the rare alone time or sneaking secret kisses behind closed doors in the family home, this will be the first time you have ever been alone together and the tournament can lasts anything from a few weeks to months. As a disguise of who you are and why you've suddenly moved to the city, your parents have enrolled you in college/university though you care little for the studies. Through it, you've made a single friend who you've opened up to about the Clans. Everything isn't smooth sailing as Clan members from around the world are visiting to fight and your arranged marriage is also coming to visit soon to help you prepare with further training.

That Fateful Meeting
Modern Setting

You have wealth (Required by owning a business or gaining it from the family, selling art or writing music or anything else you can think of) and you have some fame, or at least, people know you by name. You've dated around but never committed to anyone for more than a few months for one reason or another. You're a man who has everything, or if not, most things are such a click away but what isn't is a decent girlfriend. For a change of scene, you go to a regular bar for a change a meet a girl you hit it off instantly with. Though you've made some effort not to look so wealthy, you've not made any effort to change your name but she doesn't know who you are. She's just a regular girl who lives alone with a dead end job but you exchange numbers. You invite her out but she doesn't seem to respond well to fancy restaurant and instead you offer to invite her around and everything starts from there. You have quite a heated, intimate relationship and there is sparks between you that cause extreme lust and must have each other where ever they are (car, elevator, public toilets, changing rooms...). Would like to have some drama from ex girlfriends but future prospects - marriage and children maybe.

The Demon's Deal
Modern Setting
Is more story based than sex based

You've done a deal with the demon. Its given you fame and wealth (either via owning a large business, becoming successful in sports, music ect. Up to you) in exchange for your soul. You enjoy every bit of it - you do whatever you want, you pick and choose the women to date out of the many that throw themselves at you but  you've never committed and you have no responsibilities. The demon returns with another offer. He carries a girl in his arms - whom has also made a deal. After losing all of her small family in an accident, she made a deal for someone to take care of her. The demon will spare your soul if you take responsibility for the girl for the foreseeable future. To make sure of her need to be looked after and the deal for you to take responsibility for her - She will become weak at times, so much that she is not able to walk to function properly. She needs your energy to replenish hers. Its at not cost to yourself, but in order to pass it over, you must have sex with her. Wherever you are, if she needs it, you'll need to give it to her.

It's a story with many twists.
Its a story of those wanting to get away from their life to a life they would prefer but at a huge price. Not only their soul but burdens caused by their desires. His would be that, just because he can do whatever he wants or do whomever he wants with his fame and fortune, that anything he does do using those perks...he will never gain satisfaction from it. Could mean that your character loves his free life, doing whatever he wants but seeks that satisfaction or has grown sick or depressed of not having that fill. He can only gain satisfaction by doing things that aren't gained by using his fame or fortune. This includes anything bought or anyone he chooses to engage with.

My character lost her family in an accident and wished to have someone to look after her. That came in the form of someone forced to look after her other wise it causes serious health consequences if not. This comes in the form of sex, the peak of positive emotion. She is told that only your character can gives her the energy she needs, but in truth, it is anyone.

You do not use your fame or fortune to make her interested in you so its possible to gain full satisfaction from her as a person. However, you can feel this with anyone as long as you didn't use your perks. Or perhaps you enjoy your life as it is. Its up to you.

There are several twists to this game, depending on how things go. 

Rich Boy x Maid/Servant- 
Modern - Or can be switched to Medieval for Prince x Maid

You are heir to one of the largest companies owned by your father and his business partner. You study at home mostly, but you are also sent to college a few days a week for classes in business. You are expected to marry your fathers business partners daughter to keep the business within the family. At first, it went well. You actually liked each other and got engaged but it seemed to fall apart after that. She was no longer interested in you sexually and treated you more as an accessory at social gatherings. There is someone you feel for though. She cleans your house on the weekends and attends your college, but on another course. Things are pretty intense between you in the hall ways of your house and at college. You're both aware of the sexual tension between you and it becomes too much.

The Debt
Modern Setting

Since leaving education, you have managed to succeed highly in business. You have gained everything you wish with money, but have not yet gained a long term relationship.
You gained information that a woman you have met resently/or friend of the family/or old friend or girlfriend has been struggling financially even when keeping two jobs. Meeting her in one of her work places, you give her a job offer. You've never married or settled down with anyone. You want her to be whatever you need her to be. A maid to clean your house/apartment, assist you or hang on your arm during events, but this isn't without sex. (They could have a Pepper Potts to Tony Stark relationship) but eventually, his feelings for her become stronger.

I would also like the thought of something 'sparking' between them, something that happens like a simple touch, kiss or look that sometimes sudden sparks a passion between them and no matter where they are (home, his office, at the social functions, his car...anywhere) they must have each other.


You are a business man, you own a large company of whatever you want, and you have a large building which your office is the very top. You are married, but stopped sleeping with your wife about a year ago, and you are looking for a new Personal Assistant for your top floor office. You interview one girl and give her the job. Your relationship with your wife has been going down hill and your new assistant does try to make you happy any time she can. You begin to feel close to her and take her on business trips where your relationship becomes more than professional. 
(Doesnt have to be office based - Could be a shop, hotel (abroad or at home) or even could be your maid or personal assistant. Or can be Tony Stark/Pepper Potts relationship)

Post Nuclear Apocalypse / Fallout

You are a greatly feared Merc with a great bounty on your head. You take shit from no one and do not hesitate to kill a man that look at you the wrong way. You like bars were you often drink yourself into blackouts and find yourself indulging in the local girls, however many are willing. You are a skilled gunman and know how to survive. The only commitment you are used to is the commitment to complete a job to earn your caps…that was one day, you stumble on a woman who will becomes your self proclaimed partner and your life will never be the same again. With her influence, you seem to be doing more good than harm...completely by accident.

Can switch to Modern

You are a feared pirate captain and have been sailing around the Caribbean for several years. You have a ship of loyal crew and a few friends you meet in a small village on an off shore island. Life is good. During a battle at sea to take over a British Frigate, your quartermaster perished in the fight. One of your friends, while drinking on the island, offers to be your quartermaster since he wanted to take a backseat from being captain of his own ship. You accept the offer. After sailing for a few days, you discover that your new quartermaster is actually a woman.

AC- Black Flag
OCs only

No plot. But everyone who has played it has to admit that they have spent hours just sailing around, taking out ships, raiding plantations and exploring island jungles. I know I have! Just wanted to play around with that via rp. All ocs, no cannons. Just with a ship, assassin-like skills (can add that into the story but want it to keep like Edward who was much more a pirate than Assassin) and exploring the Caribbean. Stealing from Smuggler Dens, fights at sea, storms, hunting ect. Would rather play Quartermaster/First mate than Captain
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